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  1. It's running rampant is exactly what they told me. The one dr said everyone is going to get it. Just a matter of time. They also said it's very very mild and they haven't admitted anyone out of thousands so far. I've been sleep deprived lately and I think that's why it hit me so hard. Barely slept in days . . .
  2. Thanks. I'm glad you are being so careful. It was too soon for me to get my 2nd booster before I left. From.what 3 doctors have told me, people who are vaxxed and boosted are the ones getting it now. So please be careful. I started out as neck pain then manifested in to a cold. It spread down in to my chest like bronchitis. Never lost my sense of taste or smell. Have a killer sore throat and cough now. I have been very careful too. I must have gotten this before I left. My wife wanted to go see a play at an outdoor theatre in KC called Starlight the day before I left. It's the only place I was near a large group of people but it is outdoor. --------- I just got my test results. Positive. Those Jersey girls are always right about everything damn it. Lesson here is ... Don't waste your time with the home tests or the tests at pharmacies where they give you the kit to do there then send it out to get results. You have to do the one at a doctor where they ram the stick 3 inches up your nose. So now I'm stuck here 5 minutes from my family and can't see them. I told her I didn't want to risk going to that f'ing play even though it was outdoors. She probably did it on purpose.
  3. They said the new strain is so weak and spreads so fast they haven't admitted anyone out of 1000s of new cases and just send them.home and tell them to eat a lot and have lots of salty foods like soup and sleep. It is odd. If I eat a lot I do feel a lot better but then it comes back.
  4. Sorry to take this back on topic. Hah. Well, it finally got me. The big C. Arrived in NJ Friday, got sick Saturday night, been getting progressively worse. Long (× 1K) story short . . . I ended up near someone who had it and by association and identical symptoms the hospital said I had it too but didn't test me but did the other person and confirmed. They are an anti-you knownwhater. I've gotten the main jab and a nitro boost. They were over it in 2 days .... Its spreading in me like a slow death. It's hitting my lungs now. The ER and Dr. said the current one is hitting ppl who have had the big V hard. So much for that b.s. eh? Been isolated since sunday. Had to go to urgent care today. Told them 1 home test and 1 drug store test sent out said negative. They laughed in their Jersey drone and said, "Naaawwww sweetie, you's got the kawvid. We'll have the REAL test results tomawwow and it'll be pazitive.". Told me to go home because there is nothing you can do with the current one except wait it out. If you start to get short of breath get to an ER before you get short of life. Other than that hunker down and have fun. It's right about in that chest area now. Having some trouble but not bad. Im gonna take a few shots of fireball, a couple sleeping pills, slap on the ol bipap, and hit the sac. My eyeballs feel like someone has been tapping them with a ballpeen hammer. Hehe ... Ballpeen. That's a fun word. Eh heh.hehheh hehehe. I'm here all alone in this cabin I rented right along the delaware in my home town. Its nice and quiet. I can think of worse ways to go. Btw I don't believe that's going to happen. Hoping it does, but nah. If I want it then it won't happen. LOL Been real dudes. Ya know, just in case.
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    Oh what a tangled web we weave . . . But hey. It's been one hell of a *****ing ride so ***** it. It's 4am and I haven't slept since I got here. I have no idea how I'm still alive. Thank God I rowed those 60 miles on the row machine last week and got in great shape . . . Edit: btw I got here Friday . . .
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    Already got my electric percolator pot set. Just have to plug it in tomorrow morning. Best coffee you ever had in a percolator. My sister still has her 60 year old glass percolator pot she uses every day on her stove.
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    Thanks! I'm really looking forward to it. Packing my amp and guitars right now actually. Going to leave really early in the morning.
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    As tempting as it has been at times I can't say I ever have. I got married very young. Haven't been around much at all actually. I tend to be loyal to a fault.
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    Officially 20 years today with Mrs B. Or should I say Mrs S. She refused to take my last name. Women these days. 24 all totaled. It was my 51st birthday a few days ago, her 45th yesterday, and our 20th anny today. Time flies when you're having fun. And on that note, I'm packing my bags for the misty mountain. (AKA New Jersey) and she's staying here. I leave at 5am tomorrow morning. I'll be there almost a month. I had two bands I was sitting in with and an open mic night scheduled but things changed. I was also going to take my PC and record with friends at the place I'm staying but unfortunately they rented out the other side of the cabin that was vacant so now I can't make any noise. The reason I paid them a enormous amount of money was because of the complete and total privacy. Didn't know until after I booked this time that it wasn't private anymore like it was the last time I stayed there. I'm also building a porch for my sister and doing a lot of work on her house for her while I'm out there. Her husband and son both passed away and she's all alone and needs help. So I guess some good will come from my trip home. Some . I have no friends or family here (other than you guys virtually) and this is only the 3rd time I've been home in 25 years so I'm looking forward to it. Well, a 4th when my other sister died, but that was a quick in and out trip. Really disappointed about the change of plans with the music. I was really looking forward to it. Maybe it will change again. Wishing I would have gotten that Fender Acoustisonic modelling guitar moths ago so I wouldn't have to take my Strat, Martin, and an amp .... grrr.
  10. Of course you're not. It was my ex and it was only married to me. Yes Jersey. A tiny little town up north right on the Delaware. Beautiful old Victorian town. All my family is from that NJ/PA area.
  11. I was thinking more along the lines of ... "Hold my Alembic"
  12. There is some really good stuff that has come out in the last 4 ~ 5 years. AI is going to change everything. I couldn't live without Ozone 9 Advanced now. Although, my interest in recording is really waning especially as my audience grows smaller with each passing day while also trying to protect the damaged hearing I have left. I can't imagine ever buying another new plugin. If I do it will probably be to upgrade to an even more advanced version of O9A to rehash past bad mixes and masters. The events of the last couple of years have sucked whatever spark I had left right out of me. And besides, how many compressors, EQ's, chorus, delay, reverb, can you have? To this day Sonitus is still one of my favorite suite of plugins. And some of the really old DX stuff that used to come with Cakewalk. I'd like to see the GUI's updated to be modern and work well, but that would come at the cost of revamping them all and losing what makes them sound good to begin with probably. The Sonitus Reverb and Comp are excellent IMO. The only thing that worked better than the Sonitus EQ in my opinion didn't come along until Melda's Auto Dynamic EQ. I could do anything I ever needed with S-EQ. S-Reverb is still to this day my favorite, but it's very unstable now and can't be used outside of CbB. At least not stably IME.
  13. My upcoming trip back home will make me temporarily happy ... until I have to come back here.
  14. It doesn't say what strings you put on it?
  15. A friend of mine was in a punk rock band in NYC called The Vomiteers back in the 90's. He said he doesn't remember a thing about it. And I believe him. He was and still is certifiably nuts.
  16. That's so sad actually. It's a messed up world we live in. I've been getting emails from my last employer asking me to come back. They even offered to let me run as many or as few service calls as I wanted. Come and go as I please. There is no amount of money they could pay me to do that job again. Mike Rowe should pay a visit to some of the places I've been. Laying on my back in wet moldy basements replacing motors underneath a 1970's washing machine some poor sole got duped in to putting a maintenance agreement on that we had to fix. Cockroaches crawling all over you. I have some heavy duty decision to make here soon and I'm scared to death. I have no idea what I'm going to do. I'm terrified.
  17. I've been hitting the gym hard the last month. I hadn't gone in almost a year iirc. I was just telling Craig in another thread that I did 15 .11 miles on the rowing machine Friday. I rowed 11.25 Thursday, and 7.25 Wed. I freaking gained a pound. Stuck at 256. I weighed myself this afternoon after getting out of the shower after mowing . . . 251. My goal is 250 by the time I go home to NJ next Friday. Had a huge steak for my cheat meal today and could barely finish it. It's hot here and I lose my apatite when it's hot. Good job getting back to the gym. It's always very hard for me to get started once I've stopped for a while. But then it almost becomes an addiction again and I feel guilty if I don't go.
  18. I always liked The Mucking Fourons. Could never get the other 3 guys on board with the name change though.
  19. All I can hear in my head when I see this pic is, "NOT THE BEARD!!". 😁(From The Hobbit iirc).
  20. I wonder if you can get a Chia Guitar? Hmmm.
  21. Been there, heard that. All of it. After I had an interview at Union Pacific one time. After the interview the guy yelled down the hall and called me back in and apologized for saying I was too clean cut for this job and said he was sorry and shouldn't have said it. It was a job picking up train engineers and taking them home when their shifts changed. You were on call 24/7 even holidays. Apparently they are a rather rough group of individuals. It's a shame because I know some really good "There once was a lady from France who hopped a train by chance ..." jokes. I just noticed this post was from March only a couple pages back. Slow thread guys. Jeez. Has this shituation changed for you? Fingers crossed it did.
  22. Reminds me of the episode of the Simpsons where Homer was laughing at something Lisa said and replied something to the effect of, "Oh, so I'm supposed to believe ham, pork chops, and bacon all come from the same magical animal." or something like that. It was funnier when he said it and you could see her reaction.
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