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  1. Nope. Not at all. I just saw a post and responded. Actually, I wasn't even around when all that went down. I just remember reading about it and something in that thread triggered my memory about it. It wouldn't even effect me as I never bought in to that offer. I simply saw a post in a thread that kept showing up in my notifications for some unknown reason and I spoke my mind. Nuttin' more, nuttin' less, and certainly no apologies. I will say I was a hell of a lot more civil about my opinion than the rest of the replies. But that comes with the territory and it's ok.
  2. Well a strange thing happened since the recent forum updates. I keep getting random notifications about threads. I never go up there but for some reason that thread popped up in my notifications multiple times and I replied. Silly me. That'll teach me to try and participate in the forums that they ask me to. 😁 I see the drooling fanboy attitude still hasn't changed. Same ol' same ol'. Heaven forbid someone suggests that a corporation with 30 plus million users might have a little heart and take the loyal user base in to consideration. You would have thought I pewpew'd the pope for whatshisnames sake. Sheesh.
  3. Pete and Repeat went out in a boat. Pete fell in. Who was left?
  4. Thanks B.D.. I can always count on you for your honest opinion. That's why I like you. 😁
  5. I dunno. I thought that one kinda fell flat.
  6. ... I go upstairs, one of you hop a flight to NJ, kick me in the balls, and throw me back down the stairs. LOL. I'll reimburse your travelling expenses. That said, I do have a question I'm afraid to ask anywhere else .... Does CbB look right on 4K monitors now? The last time I tried it, it did not. That is really the only thing keeping me from using it. I ask because I don't have my DAW set up right now but will in the future. Just wanted to know out of curiosity, how others are 'seeing' it. Thanks.
  7. I can understand both sides. It's a business decision though. They could honor that if they wished to. Again, not trying to stir the pot or argue. Just giving my thoughts on it in hopes that maybe someone with the authority to make that calls sees all the discussions about it and considers what happened. I have nothing bad to say at all about the current state of CbB or the people behind it all now. I've always felt it was worth paying for now that they have taken over and have absolutely no problem with that at all. I put it right up there equal with S1 in terms of stability now, and above in a lot of other ways. I'm glad it's still going strong and hope it continues to do so for a very long time. P.s. Good to see you here. I haven't been on the S1 forum in years. Haven't had time to even touch my DAW in about 2 years. I'm getting the itch again though.
  8. Didn't a lot of people get screwed out of 'lifetime upgrades' that paid for them? I doubt they would agree with you. It would be one thing if the product totally went away, but it didn't. In my opinion the new owners should honor that commitment. They honor the fact that we can still access and use everything else we paid for with the old company, why not that? Please don't answer. That was a rhetorical question. It's just food for thought/thinking out loud/other side of the coin ... you know what I mean.
  9. If you are referring to load time, yeah, it's happening here too. I thought it was just my cell. I'm on the east coast of what used to be The United States.
  10. Why, yes. Yes I Am. You have to make sure you buff the rim and get rid of any residue first before going to town on it. Gives you better grip strength without any marring or scratching. That's when the WD-40 comes in to play. DuPont makes a nice silicone based spray for certain circumstances as well. It's called 'plate lube' for when you are just concentrating on surface friction. WD-40 is more for penatrive situations but it will work too.
  11. Don't forget the WD-40. You know, to keep your clamp operating smoothly on your rim. A little dab'll do'ya.
  12. Has anyone contacted the insane asylum to let Ed know the forum is back up?
  13. I just made a pic with text saying I couldn't post any text at all since the forum came back up. Been trying for an hour. I come back to post the pic and poof ... I can reply via text again. I guess it's totally ficksed now. Ain't technology grrrrrrrrr-rate!
  14. 100% correct. I lost almost 50% of my body weight and have kept it off now for years, without even going to the gym like I had to in the beginning to lose it. I'm embarrassed to say how much weight I lost but it was more than the average person weighs. Had to have corrective surgery afterwards. But fat was not one of the things I avoided. Sugar was, and not totally. There are new natural sugar substitutes that do not spike your insulin like most substitutes and I can barely tell the difference. I think it's called Swerve iirc. It's used 1 to 1 like cane sugar. I also should have pointed out before that I have had zero problems, that I'm aware of, from having my GB removed. I've read horror stories about people having the runs when eating fatty food after GB removal. That never happened to me. I never changed my diet. It was like nothing had happened except the excruciating pain was gone. Lol. Now I worry about my Appendix and have heard that it's not uncommon for doctors to take the GB and Appendix out at the same time even if there are no signs of trouble with the Appendix. But that's all stuff a real doctor should be asked. Do not take my advice. It's just something I read somewhere.
  15. I had mine removed in my 20s. 52 now. I've also had kidney stones. The GB was horrible. I drove myself to the ER. At the time I didn't know what it was. I would get an attack once a week and thought it was just something I ate so never went to the doctor. Then one friday night it hit and wouldnt stop. The surgeon was gone for the weekend and they wouldn't let me leave in case it ruptured. Only then would they call him in for an emergency operation. I think I had 30 bags of Morphin that weekend. It was a living hell. He took a picture of it and showed me. Said he'd never seen anything like it. It was black from gangrene setting in and packed solid with these round bumpy nodules. That was when I was on my first weight loss kick and I lost a lot all at once with the help of meds a wholistic doctor put me on. It was caused by the meds. My kidney stones were caused by dehydration. One of my dogs died and depression set in. I couldnt eat and barely drank for over 2 weeks. I walked for hours every day and lost over 50lbs in those 2 weeks. And yet another trip to the ER ... by myself. That was another hell but it wasn't constant. They gave me meds to widen the duct from the kidneys to the bladder and made me drink enormous amounts of water. They said the worst part would be when I tinkled them out but I never felt that part. I guess they had a large enough passage to get through at that point. (Blowing my breath on my fingernails and rubbing them on my chest. Lol). The pain was equal but not constant like the GB stones. Drink plenty of water or milk. Milk hydrates you better than water so I've read. Eat the small meals throughout the day. They also say you shouldn't drink anything at least an hour before, or after you eat, or during. It neutralizes your stomach acid and you don't digest properly. Anyway, good luck with it. It sure can be miserable. Ask about your appendix too if you need to have the GB removed.
  16. It really doesn't bother me. I lived in a place smaller than this till I was 13. I know what having nothing is. 26 years down the drain, but it was my decision. Actually I'm going back and forth between a friend and family. Technically I'm homeless at the moment but that will change. It's been going on well over a year now waiting for things to "finalize". Anyhoo ... Material things never mattered to me. That's why I was happy with my old i5 and SD cards. When my main drive died I initially dug out my old Tascam 8 track. That was a blast and I have a lot of great recordings I made just switching back to the basics. I know it's not high end analog but it still does 'something' to the sound that I have never been able to replicate in the full digital realm.
  17. I recently moved from a 4400 square foot house with a studio to a 700 square foot apartment. I give up on everything. Lol.
  18. I wouldn't say "stole", it's more like they "listened", to their customers. S1 won me over when I was able to run it flawlessly with low latency, low enough to track guitar and vocals with vsts with no noticeable latency, on an i5 650 iirc using SD cards after my audio drive died. I did that for years until I eventually built a new DAW. I still miss the look of SPE 8.5 and how you can customize the look but I got past it and moved on. That said, I'm pretty much done with music so I really don't care one way or the other about Avid or any of them anymore. It's all turned in to a money grab. My DAW has been boxed up for quite a while now and my gear is in storage.
  19. Nevrmind. It's ficksed now. It's right there in plane sight again.
  20. How do you get in to your messages on the forum from a cell? I can't seem to figure it out.
  21. Lol. Not to drag it further off topic, all I can say is, I read about all these tips and tricks for setting up guitars. I've tried a lot of them. In the end the best setup techniques I have ever done were the setup instructions readily available from the manufacturer. By the book. Did that to my beloved MIJ Strat after years of frustration having tuning problems. It played better than it ever did before with the manufacturers setup specs. The guitar is a beauty. Happy for you and it's great you got a deal on it! Let's hear a nice recording or three. 😁
  22. Last I heard he still lives in Woodstock NY. I was a few miles from there working last summer for a week. I really wanted to go there and seek him out but didn't have time. I would love to meet him before it's too late.
  23. I saw a short video last night that said it was Prostate Cancer, but it wasn't from an official news source. I highly recommend the documentary Once Were Brothers. It will change how you look at him, for the better. He wasn't the bad guy ...
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