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  1. getting old here too, probably leave after the bass solo
  2. If Milo needs someone to calculate delay times, I know just the guy.. and for Hammond parts..
  3. roger that, still have some / my go-2 for visiting other planets outside our solar system.
  4. starting to really sink in after 15mins listening. tried to upload a copy on my YT channel but got 2 copyright claims by users 'Waldorf' and 'Statler' oh, any type of mushroom you recommend please for this one ?
  5. full 2008 Berkeley California sold out show :
  6. So far could only get few words translated 'Cakewalk lifetime updates' and 'Burning bassguitar'. Any idea what he's saying ? What did Milo make of this ?
  7. thanks Birera ! Some files got encrypted when I copied them I think (where I bought them, they probably had a safety built in to prevent illegal copying....that also prevented me to make a backup unfortunatly). Somehow a whole folder got encrypted too, making a backup.. Tried administrator/properties/security etc...changing but didn't work. It's not something I would hire proffesional help for, but I'll try to find some 'decrypter' software I guess. Thanks for your time and effort Birera !
  8. Chubby still going strong. For this I have respect, almost 80 in below vid. Fack Hugh Kiss,Muttley Crews, Bon Jovis and all them money hogs
  9. didn't Chubby bring fat boys ? Have no pics, but here some simular
  10. I like blonde horse, and brunettes and redheads ...love 'm all giggity
  11. my motto is : liquor and horse I like my massages with happy endings
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