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  1. I never maked such mistake also never buyed stuff I don't need.
  2. Just for anyone who's tired of Windows Update or Microsoft/other software issues. Years ago I took my music desktop pc offline, removed Windows Update and virus software etc. I can really recommend it, not 1 prob/error in 5 years or so. Downside is you need a dedicated computer, probably also not all plugins etc can be used on offline computers.
  3. Shirley Craig's pies could be used by the army to make any enemy surrender. Just sending a sample of the odor would do.
  4. perhaps Craig is enigma coding to Bapu (and his new horse), I'll Bring The Liquor
  5. notta clew......International Bacon The Lulz ?
  6. Hey PwalPwal, thanks that would be great. much appreciated !
  7. tanks Kenny, we get a glimps of Bapu's rack. Criags hair is lookin good
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