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  1. Shirley the waiting will be worth it. In the meantime here's a short preview of the new bass. 'pom pom pom' (copywrite Paulo)
  2. Well, at least they didn't send you a beard female.
  3. those were nice pigs/vids leds now it's nap time here.
  4. Brilliant vid !!! Lars getting belly rubbs
  5. Who band smash guitar in speakah was a really Rock & Roll show
  6. I haves 83 plugins of which half I probably will never use. regret buying some Addictive Drums stuff and a mayger PITA to install. Oh almost forgot regret buying a complete analog pro level studio gear. There went a 2 years workpay down the toilet. who or what is a Bapu ?
  7. Shanye B, the Peavey Delta Blues 115 Tweed is a 15 inch combo
  8. loud amp with the sonah crash speakah !
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