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  1. guys, can we please stay on topic ?
  2. Sheens


    I feel your pain, hope it helps. all the energy you put into raising your son and as a 'thank you' he records a track without 1 Am...
  3. it's nice ? not / stupid ?
  4. had a OCD overdrive but didn't care for the sound. later found I just don't like Mosfet and Germanium overdrives. have a classic 'ACDC' crunch sound in Amplitube Free. tried maybe 10 overdrive pedals, this one was my favorite (but to me/in my setup it's not better than Amplitube's crunch). I no this post make snowcents, what's my point ? why the post / WHO CARES !?!?
  5. Sheens


    Rest In Peace, good she didn't have to be sick for long... Had hoped Mick or Keef would become King now...bummer
  6. for Germans / Liverpool fans
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