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  1. It happened on the last 4 projects that I opened and worked on after the 2020.09 update. I have since reverted (as stated in OP) to 2020.08 and not had the issue at all. I had to keep working because the soundtrack cues were on deadline. If no one else has experienced this, then when workflow slows a bit I will try again... could have been a fluke?
  2. I must be crazy. The 2020.09 release seems to be having very odd behavior relating to frozen tracks. When I try to freeze a VSTi from the Synth rack, it requires me to select the actual synth track in the track view first before it will freeze to audio. When I UNfreeze a VSTi from either the Synth rack or from the Track View, it fails to reload the VSTi and sample pool. (ie: Kontakt or Komplete Kontrol will open but no instrument is loaded). This is a problem because I don't always remember the exact patch and/or tweeks that I made to the instrument before freezing. I reverted to 2020.08 and do not have this issue at all. Anyone else?
  3. re: Promidi "I do, and for all of the ones I use, I deselect the option "Keyboard Shortcuts" under "load from Workspace" in Workspace Manager." Thanks, I'll try that. Seems that the 1800+ page PDF manual (that was fairly well done BTW, IMHO) doesn't contain that info, or at least that I could find using a multitude of search parameters. I've been with CW since ProAudio 2.0 [1992-94?] (even tho I was forced to use ProTools in my professional studio for 18 years), and this product just keeps improving! But with increased complexity, flexibility, and feeble mind, things get lost from time to time.
  4. I've noticed that ever since the 2020-5 (May) update, that I have to re-import my preference default Keyboard Binding Set file into the preferences EVERY TIME that I start CbB. This is really annoying, as I have deeply customized my bindings, and having to reload them every time is a PITA. Why did you break this preference, and WHEN are you going to fix it?
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