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  1. Have you ever heard of "backups"? If your HD dies, CW will be the least of your issues. A good & recent backup image to an external drive will solve that. There are many free applications that will work.
  2. I heard some soundtrack stuff that was generated by UDIO over 18 months ago and immediately saw the beginning of the end for producers like myself. Time to grab my hat and shuffle on down the road to full retirement. It's been a great journey...
  3. Luna has potential but it (currently) doesn't support Kontakt or VSL instruments. I'm watching it for updates.
  4. Remove the dot/extension from the directory name in Windows Explorer & rescan.
  5. Who am I to know where and what the Guardians of the Software Vault may penalize.😆 It just seems logical that the progression of a waveform/data stream from left to right may be a natural thing (except in Arabian locales where right to left may be more so, or east Asia where too to bottom prevails). I do know that the plasma displays on Harrison Series12 & MPC consoles actually could display signal waveforms from bottom to top, which required some acclimatization. As for the Inspector/Browser locations... whatever works is fine with me. "Mine is not to question why... mine is just to... mix!"
  6. It probably stems from the logic that written sheet music has horizontal staves, preceded by (most) 'western' languages that have been written in a horizontal form. I'm not going to lose any sleep pondering a question that relates to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" paradigm. Followed closely by the "curiosity killed the cat" idiom. 😁
  7. He had just called me the last week of May and we had a long conversation about designing and installing a new & updated A/V system in his house. Kind of a good thing that I hadn't invested a lot in research, but sad that he expired. Altho, I'm pretty sure that the way he would have preferred to exit.
  8. With the advent of the S MkIII series hardware, NA 2.x, and Kontakt 7, I had stopped updating from Kontakt 6 because, nearly two years later, they [NI] still don't have many of the really show-stopping bugs worked out of the system. Komplete Kontrol was originally developed to specifically port the NKS plugin data to the keyboard controls, screen, and light guide, and I have only ever used it for single instruments. However, I have orchestration templates that have more than 60 instances of KK inserted {the footprint is miniscule} without any issues (other than the CbB/NI refusal to auto-focus), and prefer to work that way. I have only rarely used Kontakt multi's because, unless I specifically want to layer sounds, there is no easy way to control more than one instrument conveniently. That being said... THIS is an article that leads one to believe that Kontakt 7 now has direct connect NKS interoperability, but I have many colleagues that have too many issues with it crashing or not functioning as prescribed for me to risk downtime in my studio schedule. YMMV.
  9. Troubleshooting 101: Cold reboot computer Open DAW & create new empty project with only Master bus to HW output, fader @ unity. Add one audio track (empty), bus to Master, fader @ unity. Input echo & record arm track. What results?
  10. A few of y'all seriously have ur panties in a bunch over something which you have no control. Let it go. Que Sera, Sera.
  11. Export track stems as Broadcast Wav & they will be timestamped for exact location in the new project. I used to do large track count, long multiple-movement projects that way, but the last 8 years, I've had enough horsepower to do it all in one project, mostly by freezing (or section bounces) as much as possible during the process. [Up to 75+ tracks, over 30 minutes duration]
  12. CbB & Komplete Kontrol don't (yet) have GUI focus features built-in. In the top bar of KK GUI towards the right end is an icon that will manually focus the open Plug-in GUI to the keyboard.
  13. Is this what you're referring to? Pg 215 in the manual;
  14. IIRC Workspaces are saved with project templates and therefore can be different per project depending on where you start and will recall every time you open the session. [Depending on the preference setting] I have a Workspace built for a band combo template that is different from an orchestration template.
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