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  1. Scaler 2.7 has made my scoring & trailer work twice as fast.
  2. Also, in the same vein, check out this short tutorial on time correcting Audio in CbB: If you are going to be trying to stretch the entire song, be patient, it may take a while.
  3. Search in the online help system for "Stretching and shrinking events"
  4. I have a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk1 and love it! Mk2 has more features, but is slightly crippled as a straight MIDI controller.
  5. REMatrix Solo is built in to the CbB ProChannel and is a convolution reverb. You can load any IR response in Wave or AIFF (IIRC) format. I have a ton of IRs collected in person over the years.
  6. Try to increase your latency buffers just a bit. "Edit > Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings" Also, try freezing some VSTi's into audio. "Freeze Synth. Audio from a soft synth is bounced and placed on the synth’s track. Output from the synth is disabled, as is the FX Rack on the synth track."
  7. You can change the Start Screen to a text file name list, and then scroll down.
  8. Try exporting without latin characters in the file path. I've had numerous issues with carat, acute, tilde, dieresis and other diacriticals in OMF.
  9. Kontakt 7 has locked out 'under the hood' editing on most libraries because of proprietary coding for HDPI scalability. Many other bugs have arisen as well, so maybe wait until the dust settles before upgrading. Just MHO.
  10. I have several of Tracy's VST instruments and they are VERY playable and sound really good. I've been waiting for the banjo for a year and will buy it momentarily.
  11. Make sure that you are in automation read mode.
  12. Mechanical transmission through the chassis from the fan to the onboard mic is difficult to eliminate. Maybe try a small, cheap plugin lavalier or desktop mic? <$10 on Amazon
  13. For purely CC/MIDI control (no notes played) try Korg nanoKONTROL2 MIDI Control Surface, $80 USD.
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