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  1. @Noel Borthwick BINGO! Prior to the 2021.09 update I had notifications set ON. They evidently toggled OFF with the update. No big deal, now that I have it re-checked it. I have had various updates over the last year make some other minor changes to the preferences that took some thought to figure out. That's why I wish there was a way to export a backup of JUST the preferences and global settings for the entire DAW, but... in the words of my friend Steven Tyler... "Dream On"
  2. @Noel Borthwick I was referring to a single export. I haven't experimented with any task list exports yet, I haven't had to export any multiple stems yet since the update.
  3. Not mission critical, but upon export of a single project file on my desktop, I get the toast popup. On my laptop, similar function, I DO NOT get the toast popup. Let me know if there are any specific settings that I've missed
  4. Unless you plan to sell your final product for profit (ie: you're in this for personal enjoyment), then don't bother with the gain knob. Lots of mixes (even back on large format analog consoles) were done with some of the faders in the -40db range and below. Yes, keeping them in the 0db range allows for more finesse for the professional product, especially when automating flying faders, but it's a matter of personal choice. If your initial instrument audio is printing in a healthy manner (not too quiet and not clipping) then just have fun. Always print your final mix with effects, cuz they can't be added later. And generally, a finished mixed audio track cannot be "turned back into MIDI". Also check out the YouTube channel from Creative Sauce, he does really good, simple, detailed tutorials, in plain (well, Aussie 🙂) language. Start here:
  5. I do mostly audio post for video and always cut & print at 48k/24b because all of my video post mixing stages require that as a minimum. So therefore, there is no rendering necessary in any of the audio/dialogue/foley tracks that I send.
  6. Folders are a GUI enhancement only for housekeeping purposes. I use tons of them for grouping instrument voicing in my soundtracks, and then collapse the folder to move on. However, try setting both midi tracks to (your midi control input 'omni') and then highlight the folder which will activate tracks in the folder and both tracks should play/record. Works for me. I have also set a midi split on my keyboard controller and send channel 1 to one instrument and channel 2 to another instrument with simultaneous success as long as both tracks have 'attention' and have midi echo on.
  7. Right click on the freeze icon in track view, adjust the freeze options dialogue to your taste, then freeze. Works for me every time if I don't want track FX bin or PC FX to be applied. Or use a temporary toggle on the master bypass FX.
  8. I've noticed that too, however I rarely re-write my templates anymore. I probably change my key bindings more often than I change any project templates.
  9. I don't know if you ever got an answer, but here it is: To enable MIDI outputs on a synth When inserting a synth from the Insert menu or the Synth Rack, select the Enable MIDI Output check box in the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog box. The soft synth will now appear as an Input option on all MIDI tracks just like any hardware inputs.
  10. More Expansion on subject: I run a 3 monitor setup. MOST of the time, it is only two monitors with the track view on mon1 and PRV on mon2 (both full screen) when composing. I only use minor editing windows in the multidock like Markers, Event Editor. I have built custom Workspace layouts (name PRV Edit for ex.) that have Inspector docked left and Browser docked right and visible on the two screens. I have also modified and then saved the Workspace (name PRV Edit II for ex.) with Inspector and Browser collapsed. When switching to this latter Workspace (or any that has the Browser collapsed) the Workspace always opens with the Browser visible, not collapsed, although the Inspector WILL be collapsed (and the saved visable status of the Multidock as it was created). I have also set up a large session Workspace (custom) for three monitors with Trackview (mon1), PRV (full scrn mon2), and Console (full scrn mon3) which is where I would really like to have the Inspector and Browser collapsed on mon1 and all tracks fit to screen (horiz & vert) but the Browser refuses to comply with the saved collapse mode (because at this point I am done with adding media and instruments, and entering mix to video mode). I like Workspaces better than ScreenSets because they are universal to any session. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: !!! I'm going to experiment with this more later, but I think that if the HELP module is stacked (even if it is collapsed) in the Browser, the Browser will not save in "Collapsed" mode not matter what. If the Help module is set to NOT be available via "Manage Workspaces", then (it seems so far) to allow the collapsed condition of the Browser to be written into a Workspace. More testing to follow. EDIT 2!!! CONFIRMED! in the <Manage Workspaces> Workspace Manager dialog, if I remove the tick from the tree view of <Views/Help Module> and resave the Workspace, the Browser will pay attention to 'visible/collapsed' condition in the Workspace. Just set up Track View with Inspector & Browser collapsed on mon1, PRV on mon2, Console on Mon3, and Video playback with Big Time on mon4 and everything comes back on new project open, or on existing mixing/spotting project session. Eggcellent!
  11. I've had this issue since Sonar 7 and pinned it down to a hang in my ASIO M-Audio driver. Power cycle on my Audio Interface has always freed the application from memory. Or the technique mentioned by Clovis (above) also works, but can raise issues if you have anything else other that Cakewalk running in the background.
  12. OK, just installed the 2021.06 (Build 053) update, and WORKSPACES STILL ignore the visibility toggle of the Browser when saved. Can you guys see if this can be dealt with anytime soon? Example: in Track View, I close the Inspector (I) and the Browser (B) and save workspace. Next time I choose that workspace, the Inspector is hidden at the left, the Browser still shows up on the right. I would like to see the Browser hidden when I toggle it to hide in a workspace, Please! It seems to hide in ScreenSets just fine, but I want something that is Application universal, not just session specific. [EDIT] Actually just tested it on a couple of other sessions, and on my other computer, and it will not hide the Browser in SCREENSETS either. Issue has been in the application since the inclusion of WorkSpaces!
  13. Really nice having Tempo Track grid lines. However, all but the two top-most horizontal grid lines disappear when Alt+T is toggled. And this version seems to have broken something in SCREENSETS; will NOT save the toggle position (open or hidden) for the BROWSER.
  14. Hey guys... absolutely LOVE the tempo track revisions, and a couple of the minor bug fixes are very welcome for my Modus Operandi. However, I notice that the Visible/Hidden status of the Browser (B) is still being ignored by the Screensets Module. Can that be addressed in future? Inspector pane (I), and Dock (D) status are saved in Screensets, but not the Browser.
  15. I have this issue of disappearing dialogs only with the Drum Map view <Map Properties> dialog. in keyboard view of PRV any Note Properties dialog stays focused. My normal operation is for the PRV to be full screen on Monitor 3... when I have a VST window open (and PINNED) it will pass behind the PRV until the next time that I call focus to that VST track or instrument, then it comes forward again. I often have 3 to 6 VST windows pinned behind the PRV and they always come fore when called. Just FYI.
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