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  1. BTW - MAGIX MUSIC MAKER 2022 PREMIUM is also included. I will have to fess up and say I have never used it and have not heard of anyone else using/trying it. Anyone here had a go at it? I realise its starter type thing, but even at that, any good??
  2. A few thoughts @PavlovsCat .. this bundle has the relatively latest versions of the excellent Soundforge Pro + Vegas Pro 19 ( newest is 21 ). For €23 it would be a thing of nothing and a sound biz investment to at least buy these licenses which means: 1. You can use them at a future stage if not now 2. You will always then have the ability to upgrade cheaper going forward rather than buying new 3. €23 will not break your businesses bank, still can buy other more expensive software if you like. To find one that suits YOU means you will still need to try out the various software apps, no way around that. Everyone has different tastes Sound Forge is a Pro audacity and really has been around the longest of most Audio editors. As others said Vegas started as an Audio DAW back in the 90s and them mushroomed into a full fledged Video editing app but has that DAW feel to it that most of us here come from. I dont gthink it would take you too long to get a handle on this & from a biz perspective €23 for what uaually would be a far more expensive app is not a bad decision
  3. The BF Sale prices still there so Vegas Pro edit 21 ( which is just Vegas pro w/o extras ) is €149 to buy out right https://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/ie/sale/ Looks like the upgr prices are the same as full price at mo for BF period https://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/ie/upgrades-for-vegas-pro-and-vegas-movie-studio/
  4. I use and have been using Soundforge and Vegas pro from the 90s I would say. So good deal for me .. def better than 4 pints which I get from the offy any way rather than pub .. craft beers and IPAs etc
  5. Excellent .. waiting patiently for this. I have SF Pro 13 and Vegas Pro 18 Edit .. so a decent upgrade on both for price of about 3-4 pints
  6. Musk on AGI - artificial general intelligence - video at link below https://twitter.com/krassenstein/status/1730001789137633281 Elon Musk has just stated at the DealBook summit that artificial general intelligence (AGI) is only about three years away. He also stated that he thinks that Open AI discovered something possibly dangerous or alarming and that is why Sam Altman was fired.
  7. Maybe THIS is the reason we NEED AI? Up to now I was thinking AI would make us this way taking away our faculties but maybe not, maybe AI is needed to support us because idiocracy is already here ..
  8. Net result of that is you can never believe in anything going forward, even your own beliefs should be questioned and potentially unbelieved / a lie in that case?
  9. Interesting read - BIG BROTHER made real "Facial recognition firm Clearview AI says it will soon have 100 BILLION photos in its database to ensure 'almost everyone in the world will be identifiable' and wants to expand beyond law enforcement" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10523739/Clearview-AI-seeking-100-billion-photos-facial-recognition-database.html This is where the problems start: "Clearview fills its database by scouring sources like Facebook, YouTube, Venmo and millions of other sites, according to the company." Further down article they go into the privacy issues in all this and many countries / agencies not at all happy with this. BUT my first thought is even if demands are made at Clearview AI to remove these images who knows if they would, the database of 100 billion images is already created it seems, just go under ground. I know the saying where social media is concerned - "YOU ARE THE PRODUCT" - but i dont think legally that extends to companies scraping data from soc media to use without any form of permission
  10. Nothing and proud of it .. biggest BF savings I ever had
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