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  1. @Kevin Perry Thanking you good sir. So far, that appears to have sorted this issue. ASIO working the way it should. Will try on my other system tomorrow and see if same. I move the EVO tween 2 systems
  2. Reinstalled on top of whats there BUT still getting these errors. Next up a complete uninstall/reinstall
  3. Interesting you are getting the same kind of issues with a different I/F ..
  4. What I/F do you have @Bruno de Souza Lino .... The EVO??
  5. When installing whats with the Microsoft Edge Webview2 runtime install thing that pops up?
  6. Thanks @Noel Borthwick .. much appreciated .. Same crew who gave us the ID4 I/F https://audient.com/products/audio-interfaces/id4/overview/
  7. For last and this update I have been getting these Type 0 dropouts .. at this stage I am getting these with my older Cakewalk project files. Only time I dont get these dropouts is with brand new file, though I have not tested that enough yet. The error I get as file loads is below, consistently. Plus it takes a while to load the files, longer than I would expect. System is Core i5, 16GB Ram, 1TB HD sata. And if they play, they do so with crackles eventually crashing with this dropout error 0 again. So I decided to try something. I have an AUDIENT EVO 4 audio I/F ( latest Drivers ). I decided to switch the AUDIO in CW Prefs to WASAPI so I could change over to the built in Realtek soundcard. BODA BING ... not alone did any of the "trouble" files load up without this dropout error, they also loaded super fast, no crackles. So do i have to conclude that CW doesnt like the AUDIENT EVO 4 ASIO Driver? I just also tested the following .. I switched the AUDIENT over to WASAPI and once again BODA BING .. all seems to be well, fast file load, no crackles, no dropouts .. so far Seems to be ( in my case ) the Audient Asio driver is the issue???
  8. So keep your X3 installed alongside so as to have access to the extras that came with that at the time. CbB install then picks up all the extra instruments etc installed by X3. Leave X3 installed .. doesnt take up much room, you wont be using it, just there to give you access in CbB to the stuff you got with X3 that was not be licenced by or wasnt bought out by Bandlab in 2018. BUT you still own legit because you bought X3 at pre that time and have a right to use still
  9. How is it up against the UJAM stuff?
  10. Hi @Noel Borthwick ... I would need to recreate but Im sure it was 1. As i think I solved it by replacing one of the 2 incidents of Cherry Audio DCO-106 with an Arturia 2600 VSTi playing the same line. So as mentioned by @chris.r it looks like its a DCO issue rather than CW? However out of interest I will try 2 separate DCO incidents in Ableton and Reason, see if same issues. For the giggle by all means download the Cherry Audio DCO106 demo and try it and see? https://cherryaudio.com/instruments/dco-106 It seems to be related to this in DCO106 actually. The number of voices, so happens for certain patches: When DCO tracks frozen still glitches a bit the odd time, but would need to solidly verify that. OK, I deleted the 2 incidences of the DCO from the track, glitch free ( when i say glitch I mean track while playing would crackle and/or momentarily lag, start/stop while playing with other tracks )
  11. After much investigation I have narrowed down my issue to this. Take lanes causing Audio engine drop out. I have a small few tracks though. 2 Audio tracks with wav loops and then 2 tracks with Cherry Audio DCO-106 VSTi synth, ONE of the DCO-106 tracks has 2 take lanes with midi. If I play the track soloed, after 2 loop arounds the audio engine drops, while playing its glitching. If I delete the 2 take lanes, rest of project plays seamlessly. I have an AUDIENT EVO 4 I/F .. latest drivers and firmware. I have increased the ASIO Buffer size to 2048, still glitching but not dropping out. Its a core i5 Dell Inspiron with 16GB ram, nvidia card with own memory, 2TB Hybrid Drive. Any ideas? EDIT .. Im beginning to wonder is it a Cherry Audio issue. I just moved the track contents inc take lanes over to an Arturia 2600 V3 track, no problems here, no dropouts, no glitchy sounds. On the DCO I was using the TAKE ME ON patch. I have another DCO track using AMBIENT KEYS patch. Once I moved the errant track from the DCO to the 2600, all other tracks play fine at 512 buffer size SO maybe its the PATCH & a setting there in??
  12. @David Grammerstorf I am encountering the same issue on my Core i5 laptop ( 16gb ram, nvidia card, 2tb hybrid drive ). My audio I/F is a new Audient EVO 4. I cannot play through a whole track without hearing distorted sounds, drop outs ( Audio Engine Dropout 18 ) even if I solo each track. Like you I have the latest updated drivers for evo, messed around with both sample rate and asio buffer sizes. No avail, same problem. I posted about this here a few weeks back, no real solution. I do reckon it seems to be under the latest CW update that this is happening. I am going to try the same vstis in Ableton and Reason now just to see if I get similar BUT I think I did that previously and it seems to be definitely particular to CW. I am using a wav bass drum audio track + 3 Cherry Audio DCO-106 synth track lines. I am now at a point that I cannot work with CW .. Actually can you downgrade CW to previous version?
  13. I assume being modelled the Arturia is alot more editable/tweakable?
  14. As far as I know Arturia are actual coded Synth VSTi's and not relying on samples which the Syntronik does, a rompler?
  15. Of course what some SOFTWARE companies could do and ARE doing is opening an EU office in the EU. Many are doing so in Dublin across the Irish Sea. Plus on mainland Europe.
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