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  1. Yip .. I had 3 installs of Live 11 when I looked under Programs and Features, uninstalled older 2, thanks. What I find annoying is it does the VST search on load, I dont think this can be disabled now? Plus, relatively, its a resource hog .. CPU/FAN
  2. @Jeremy Oakes Do not discount the BL App on your phone as I described above ( read post above this ). You still dont need the BL utility installed on your system for this process. Think of the BL app on your phone as an extension to your CW on your Puter. Not alone an easy way of getting found sounds while out and about on your phone but also a nice way of recording ideas that cross your mind, even humming a melody line. This as well as the Collab possibilities ( PS - you a lizzy fan )
  3. My thoughts on that ( sampler ) are this Bandlab app on phone or tablet could become a great FOUND SOUND sample tool when you are out and about, to use in your tracks. Record directly into the Bandlab app DAW on your phone to one of the tracks in a project there and then when you get home, open CW and import that project ( downloads from your a/c in the cloud used by the app ) and work away on it as a regular CW project file Works a treat: Opened BL app on phone. Pressed the + symbol to add new project, pressed RECORD and did so. Then saved it ( went to cloud ). Opened CW .. File Menu, Browse bandlab Projects, opened that window: Choose the TEST project and it opens in CW as normal. Hassle Free It would tempt me to get a decent USB Mic for my phone
  4. Here is a short text tute on integration back and forth. Updated yesterday https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022218453-Integration-between-BandLab-and-Cakewalk- Keep in mind, you'll need to keep your export under the current limits of 12 tracks and 6 minutes of duration to successfully move your tracks to a BandLab project. OK, that might be an issue, BUT where it could work in collab is to temp mixdown the project to a WAV without the instrument / vocal your collab partner might be contributing. Then when they finished you can import the new track from BL back into your CW project and add as track
  5. https://blog.bandlab.com/introducing-bandlab-10-0/ Along with the obvious massive visual overhaul, BandLab 10.0 brings major improvements to both the social and creation experience. On top of general fixed and quality-of-life improvements, here’s an overview of some of the biggest changes and new features: Your all-new profile page A reworked Replies feature Private accounts A next-generation update to our Mix Editor A brand new Project Page A game-changing new instrument – Sampler A refreshed and remastered Mastering feature Dark mode – coming soon! Over the last few CW updates we have also seen BL integration additions inside CW. And also in the BK app on our puters. This new v10 seems to be the app on our phones/tablets BUT with the integration in CW and this new SAMPLER it has maybe some interesting possibilities for us all? I have not looked into the integration too much yet, nor the sharing of CW projects between CW itself and the BL Cloud. This could be a thing for collaboration, used as an ideas audio pad & for found sounds while out and about EDIT - Post below goes through simple process when I tried it this afternoon
  6. Bought .. good to have in the toolbox. You also end up with 3 other FREE plugs - Canary, Cypress TT-15 and VHL-3C
  7. Lets see how much at Plugin Boutique and Everyplugin $39 at CA
  8. Cannot have too many COMPRESSORS If only this offer was out 2 or 3 weeks ago when I bought the 2 WAVES plugins - Scheps Omni Channel & CLA Mixhub .. I dont regret though https://vstbuzz.com/deals/85-off-the-vla-bundle-by-black-rooster-audio/ 85% off the greatest Vintage Leveling Amplifier Bundle by Black Rooster Audio! The most legendary, classic and versatile compression plug-ins you’ll ever get at this price! Renowned for their masterful vintage plug-ins for the modern user, Black Rooster Audio presents the VLA Bundle – consisting of the VLA-2A, VLA-3A and the VLA-FET – the trifecta of exceptional compressors to take your productions to the next level. €32 instead of €220
  9. Looks like 7 is completely updated also .. or maybe I had not looked in a while. I also noticed all my 7 activations were dumped and have to reactivate again EDIT - my activations back again
  10. Linkeeee https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/bx_digital_v3.html Use your voucher code - BXD-V3-3999 - to drop to the $39.99 price
  11. Also works in INTRO And again if you have INTRO or i think at this stage LITE you can use in Cakewalk via the Reason Synth Rack plugin ( no need to have Reason open )
  12. Interesting .. here in Ireland, I get This site can’t be reached - dmgaudio.com refused to connect.
  13. Waves Scheps Omni Channel is $32.37 at everyplugin: https://everyplugin.com/scheps-omni-channel.html
  14. Absolutely. A steal at that price. $30ish instead of $199 and better if you have codes for everyplugin etc https://everyplugin.com/cla-mixhub.html This is a quick BIO so to speak: "Plugins normally work on only one channel at a time. CLA MixHub is the first plugin to work in buckets – groupings of up to 8 channels, in up to 8 buckets in total. In other words, you can mix up to 64 channels from one CLA MixHub plugin window. By mixing tracks side by side in the MixHub’s buckets, you’ll gain a mixing perspective that lets you immediately hear how one track’s processing affects others within a song." Have a look at this vid on its usage/review:
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