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  1. So it must be something to do with maybe location/Public IP that it changes the page number and word
  2. That would seem to be it @ZincT .. however I just tried the link in another 2 browsers and on a different machine. All show me Im just clicking the SHORTCUT link above https://bit.ly/BeatDL174 ( thats also in the PDF Mag ) which results in the proper link here: https://www.plugins-samples.com/downloads/?x=JGHRXDUH So @ZincT I wonder if you click on that proper link do you get the page 20 .. and the word is 5 letters starting with V
  3. the message says PAGE 20 not 66 .. from your link above AND it worked for me, in English, the 2nd word, on page 20 top left, first "headline"
  4. For those in Europe etc the price is €39 + VAT ( sales tax ) Thats what bugs me about VSTBUZZ, the Vat doesnt turn up until you go to checkout on any of there deals. They should say this at the product page in my opinion
  5. Day 2 of the 7 day trial. I decided to look at AAS Strum GS 2 ... in about 15 mins ( first few vids ) I learned a huge amount about how this VST works and the way to think about it .. from a guitarist perspective ( me, Im guitar background ). Very good tute this: https://www.groove3.com/tutorials/AAS-Strum-GS-2-Explained
  6. @scook Yes it does. Actually got it working now in the DX7 but a bit intermittent. Some of the knobs seem pre assigned ( like transpose ) and I cannot unassign as the learn box is greyed out for the knob. I think part of my issue was I didnt have AKAI MPK Mini 2 selected as omni in the track input drop down as you suggested
  7. Hi Guys, Anybody here got the mapping working on arturia vsts inside Cakewalk or any other DAW? That midi button top right of all the instruments. The mapping/learn panel seems greyed out all the time when it pops up. I have an AKAI MPK Mini 2 Cheers Aidan
  8. Well .. I have spent a bit of the avo here going through the ARTURIA DX7 V Explained by Tyler Coffin. Have to say I really like it. Even in that 2 hours I have picked up alot. Really enjoying the lessons where he construct some presets having earlier explained the various parts in the plugin: https://www.groove3.com/tutorials/Arturia-DX7-V-Explained So far so good .. on the 7 day trial
  9. I was thinking pretty much the same thing. I plumped for the 7 days trial to have a look at the ARTURIA vids. Will see after next week whether to do the $15 a month for a few months here and there OR the $100 for a year.
  10. I just emailed GROOVE3 to ask about how long the $100 vs $150 per annum deal was going on for AND about taking up the 7 day trial. Then if one likes the trial covert it to the year sub for the $100. I also asked how long the reduced year sub was going on for. Here is the reply I got back for those interested:
  11. Hi Guys, Anyone use GROOVE3 for training? At the moment they have an offer for a year sub at $100 instead of $150 Just wondering have others used GROOVE3 and are they worth a punt? I am interested in the ARTURIA training they have ..
  12. Some DE LA SOUL from 89 with some HALL & OATES ..
  13. Could ye try go to the home URL for MIXCLOUD and try search "thomas Dolby is 60 minutes" from there: https://www.mixcloud.com/ @emeraldsoul Im from IRELAND ( republic of ) .. so there
  14. A MIXCLOUD mix - 60 mins of the master himself starting with EUROPA and also lots of ALIENS ATE MY BUICK tracks etc etc all mixed together Loving it
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