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  1. https://www.martinic.com/en/products/ax73-plus In 1986, the synth skies were studded with digital technology. That’s why the original AX73, with its proudly all-analog signal path ended up flying under the radar. Martinic has taken what was great about the original AX73 and elevated it into a powerful, flexible software instrument that fits right into the modern producer’s lineup of go-to synths.
  2. Great to get that 2nd license of both .. as far as I know these are single use licenses? They were anyway
  3. No prob @abacab I always aim to over please
  4. Here you go - Click image for larger version
  5. Although I do not mind replies at the deals post / SAME POST ONLY from people who purchased same and may have run into trouble. Rather than starting a new thread elsewhere its useful to have this kind of info in the one place for all perspective buyers?
  6. I get the drift also .. NOT to frighten people away from posting here regardless. To @Ted Haber I did & would say ( hoping to be helpful ) with such a specific Q about Insta INSIDE Studio 1 issues I imagine the Presonus forums this time around is probably best place to go. While we might have a few Studio 1 / CW users here I would say that number drops significantly for those who might have Studio 1 AND insta ( besides @Grem of course )
  7. Put it to you this way @Doug Rintoul .. I really dont mind in general what is asked BUT in this case it was very specifically a Q about something not working in STUDIO 1 .. completely unrelated to Cakewalk which is what these forums are generally about ( by that I mean its Cakewalk Forums ), so unless some here also use Studio 1 AND Insta composer then his Q was never going to be answered So I am having an issue with the woocommerce plugin in Wordpress .. I cannot figure out how to sort a multi size garment product
  8. Yip I think I made mistake. It was showing current version 3.0.25 .. it has now completed update to 3.1.3 on PC
  9. Yes there is an update on PC but you always have to do so via the UVI Portal app not the UVI Workstation App. On PC for me anyway its updating to ver 3.0.25
  10. Ok all that being said. Teds Q was specifically about Presonus Studio 1 DAW. The best place for such a Q .. purely to gain more response from actual Studio 1 users .. is surely over at a Studio 1 forum? Unless we have a huge Studio 1 userbase here? Asking here in a subset section of another DAWs forum definitely guarantees a far lower Studio 1 userbase seeing the question? BTW I dont see any preamble for the deals sub section? I do see one for the Coffee House section: This is an inclusive discussion area, intended to promote music-related discussions that do not pertain specifically to Cakewalk software. Users of all experience levels and backgrounds can ask questions and share knowledge. By making your posts music-related, you help preserve the quality of these discussions. I am assuming and maybe wrong that Music related for Coffee house is about Music in general rather than troubleshooting specific software?
  11. Have ye tried it yet? I have and it works great TBH. Record to phone app, saved to cloud, open CW and import .. visa versa also Loads of EFX also BTW
  12. One could argue .. with regards to an Android / Iphone app ... similar could be done using an app we all have already ... The BANDLAB App on your phone/tablet that is integrated into CW?
  13. @Ted Haber You do realise this is CAKEWALK by BANDLAB DAW forum and not Studio One??? In CW the drag and drop works just fine
  14. @John Vere DONE. Updated image in OP with Insta Composer open also. A sample track with midi data in that ( track 5 ) that you drag and drop to the tracks in the CW workspace. I dont play any of this inside the Insta Comp plugin. Purely generate and then drag drop the midi data to CW workspace VSTi instrument tracks
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