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  1. Being discussed over here already, scroll down the page, I also added a video on the matter there:
  2. Once you have a track done in Bandlab mix editor online and its saved it should appear as a project in your Bandlab Assistant app. Open this and in the library tab you should see your project. On right of project name once you mouse over it is 3 dots, click these and then Download stems. It then creates a folder under your Documents\BandLab\Downloads\ .. inside the project folder is a .blx file. Open cakewalk and then IMPORT and BANDLAB PROJECT .. then choose this .BLX File. It now opens inside CW. A bit flakey though. Some of the imported wavs in the audio folder of that BLX project wont open in CW. In my case one of the wavs would not open, I looked in the project folder and saw that the file was around 300KB in size only .. so something to do with the way Bandlab Assistant downloads the .BLX stem file. I also tried the download mix opetion, its opens your page on Bandlab in your browser and chucks up an error. So it looks like WAVS exported at the moment track per track until the mess above is sorted
  3. Hi Guys, For anyone interested this guy does ( I think ) some really good matter of fact and technical reviews of many Audio I/Fs. Check out his Youtube Channel and then VIDEOS for all his reviews on various I/Fs etc - https://www.youtube.com/c/JulianKrause/videos : I am actually looking at the Komplete Audio 1 or 2. Others on short list are: - Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen - Presonus AudioBox USB 96 - Presonus Studio 24c This guy reviews them all, verdicts at end of reviews. I had a real think about what I need and TBH even the 1 x XLR and 1 x full jack on the Komplete Audio 1 would be OK with me because to be honest my main input from the real world into my DAW is guitar. At some point and at most I would need the XLR for a vocalist I work with using my AKG C 300B. The Komplete Audio 1 has RCA out puts at the back vs full jack. Again this is OK for me as i have my current M-Audio profire 610 rigged to my Sony Amp where I have to use full jacks converted to RCA anyway. About the presonus audiobox unit .. it seems to be well aging at this stage, it appears the better bet is the Studio 24 in that range which is newer. An advantage is they have MIDI ports BUT I am not using them these days. Only thing maybe at some point is I might dust off my old roland guitar synth / pickup unit BUT thats not a priority. Another reason now for demoting my M-Audio firewire is because I have a newer Core i5 system procured recently which is a mini tower that uses low profile cards, so no go for firewire card unless I buy a decent one which on average are all costing about €56+ .. better put that cash into a new I/F tbh. Having the I/F as USB also allows me to move it around from my new Desktop to my laptop and occasionally for travelling with .. the Komplete is small and light. So there ye go. And just in case .. has anyone tried the Komplete Audio 1 or 2? Thoughts?
  4. So a Q? The workflow I have discovered is this. We start with a 2 bar SEQUENCE ( essentially a PATTERN, can be nore than 2 bars, thats up to you, it defaults at 2 ). You can add up to 128 Sequences ( top left under MIDI / AUDIO tabs ) Each SEQUENCE has up to 8 Midi Tracks + 2 Audio. Each track has a PROGRAM or a VST or a SAMPLE etc. Then to finish the workflow idea for anyone interested, to create your full track/song you go to SONG MODE ( this is under the downarrow to the right of all the modes listed up top left starting with that HOUSE Icon ) and arrange your sequences accordingly. Same idea as FL Studio with its Patterns and Song modes. SO the Q - just wondering as I have not looked at this yet. Does this mean each SEQUENCE has 8 midi tracks + 2 audio .. separately so to speak? So for each SEQUENCE you could load 8 different vsts, programs etc? OR is it 8 midi and 2 audio tracks in total? If its the former, then happy days .. this is not a huge limit then ..
  5. How To Use MPC Beats in Cakewalk | Tutorial | What You Can And Cant Do Does a bit on the subject but also does a general tute on MPC while inside CW At 9.50 on .. he shows us how to crash CW and Beats
  6. Back on page two I mentioned a SONG MODE. There is such a mode under FILE MENU, VIEW, then Mode and SONG. This is also available via a drop DOWN arrow at the end of the mode icons at the top left of the GUI ( Starting with the House Icon ). A song is an arrangement of sequences you create which are listed under MIDI top left of GUI under the mode icons. Another way of arranging a song is using the TRACK MUTE Mode. Here you can record the muting and unmuting of specific tracks into a complete song. If you have a keyboard with pads ( like the MPK Mini ), each track is assigned to a pad that you can tab to toggle track on / off.
  7. OK Im going to say it .. this thing is the DOGS PROVERBIALs
  8. @Wibbles That Ave McRee vid is very good .. Some real nice quick tools in MPC Beats to get drums and chords and sequences up fast especially if you have an AKAI Board like the MPK Mini. The PADS can be setup to play whole chords with just one pad pressed for a whole chord.
  9. I see over at CAKEWALK for Bandlab Group on Facebook people having difficulty with MPC Beats in CW as a plugin: https://www.facebook.com/groups/333570523387557/ Posted by Jon Piro: "Does anyone use MPC Beats with Cakewalk? I just can`t make it load kits. It hangs forever and i have to force it to quit which crushes the daw, of course..." A response: "Same issue here.. I can get it to pull up but cant load anything.. It does work stand alone and in my FL and Reaper.. But cakewalk freezes then crashes.. I even loaded the 2020.7 version that just released same issue.."
  10. Actually THIS Video pretty much answers my Qs above One Q remains though. It says making a house track BUT it seems to be similar to Fruity Loops and here he just creates a pattern looped. Does not explain about going on to making a WHOLE track Sort of answered here I was looking for a SONG MODE ( similar to Fruity and Reason )
  11. What can this AKAI beats do that Cakewalk or similar cannot? Its effectively another DAW? I will grant you this .. obviously it integrates very well with may MPC Mini 2.
  12. I always wonder about the use of these construction Kits and how anyone gets any use from them? Even how one could do anything original with them? In fact i am never sure what you could do with them / use them?
  13. Absolutely. Has to be a scam, look at other products. I think there is an AKAI rep posting here so at least an ALERT to them BEWARE me thinks
  14. https://www.simplelyfe.store/products/promotion-mini-mkii-25-key-usb-midi-keyboard-controller-with-8-drum-pads-8-assignable-q-link-knobs-and-pro-software-suite-included How legit is this one wonders? HAS to be a scam? Popped up as a sponsored post on my FB timeline .. Also PA Speaker set for 19 Dolla .....
  15. Arrived FINALLY .. after 3 goes over a period of a week or so
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