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  1. I subscribe to CM when ever the annual offers come about. Lately I am finding the filesilo.co.uk either slow OR not working here in Ireland anyway .. today
  2. Im not sure there is a VSTi version of the VM2500 ( the arp 2500 ). They do have the CA2600 as a VSTi which is the ARP 2600. The ARP 2600 back in the day was a scaled back, cheaper version of the ARP2500 thats the VM2500 is based on.
  3. Yip tried it and i got the demos inside my Voltage Modular @scook & @User 905133 Thanks for that, I should have thought of that. Opened my Voltage Modular and there was the VM2500 Module demos. I would be a modular novice, however would it be still ok to get this to initially just use the presets, I have to say I like the sound of many .. Im afraid I am a retro sound Tangerine Dream, Jarre etc type person
  4. Thanks ... BTW I have also tried the DEMO route for this at the site and not understanding the concept to get it. Anyone tried demo button on CA before?
  5. I have all the stand alone VSTs so far .. Is this a modular repeat for a few of these and if one has all the vsts does one need it I wonder?
  6. AHHHHHHH ... can .... I ... Resist Demo first i think ..
  7. That swung it for me Guys - €33 when converted
  8. impOSCar2 also reduced to $65 https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/gforce-software-imposcar-2-virtual-analog-synthesizer/ Havent used nor tried this .. An 80s UK synth it seems
  9. Probably cheaper on ADSR as there its $44 + you get the Diginoiz TrapDrive distortion plug chucked into the deal: https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/gforce-software-virtual-string-machine-highly-powerful-string-machine/
  10. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/5-Sampler/4345-Palindrome Here is a review - https://andrulianblog.wordpress.com/2018/04/30/review-of-palindrome-a-granular-morph-plotting-sampler-vst-au-by-glitchmachines/ Anyone got this? Is it in general worth a punt for sound design etc?
  11. @Bruno de Souza Lino Finding an audience is one thing, BUT finding an audience thats willing to pay for what they can get free elsewhere is the real biggy in my view
  12. This http://donbodin.com who also runs this https://www.samplelibraryreview.com
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