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  1. TEKNO KEYZ IS A VIRTUAL INSTRUMENT BASED ON THE FAMOUS SOUNDS OF TECHNO-POP FROM THE 90S! This plugin brings the sounds inspired by the works of famous acts such as Technotronic, 2 Unlimited, Snap, La Boutche, Dr. Alban, KLF, and others. https://www.beatskillz.com/shop/tekno-keyz
  2. Mike from CREATIVE SAUCE just reviewed this. He also - in the video below discloses the PRICE when it goes on sale .. and WOW. I wont spoil it, will let you find out yourself - he says it at 6m 35s in
  3. What's so dope about Serato Sample? From May 26th - 30th, you’ll be able to get your hands on the full version for 50% off the normal price (only USD 49.50, usually USD 99). With the full version of Sample, you’ll be able to access: • The fastest sampling workflow on the market • Flawless key detection & pitch shifting • Keyboard mode • Fast, MPC-style chopping • 32 pads
  4. Nice and simple. Its got that RUSH + early 80s movie sound eg The Thing and The Fog Of course more up to date - Stranger Things
  5. If you are a subscriber ( like me ) you will get an email about this with a coupon code for a direct link at PB in the email also. I got this, already installed
  6. Its software thats doing its best to hide itself from finding it So looks like you need Synthesizer V to run the Solaria files linked in the op?
  7. Changed to Requires ilok SOFTWARE. I only mentioned this as I have noticed some here have issue with Ilok, even the software
  8. REQUIRES ILOK SOFTWARE Also free are: BIG BANG ORCHESTRA - https://www.vsl.co.at/en/BBO_Map/BBO Fujara Flute - https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Free_Instruments/Fujara_Flute
  9. Sorry for being dumb How does this work? Is it if you buy THE ONE at any stage you initially get 3 Free and thereafter FREE ones are added as more people join even after you complete the purchase?
  10. It is very heavy on resources I have found ( Core i5, 16GB Ram, Audient Evo 4, 2TB Samsung SSD )
  11. @Philip G Hunt Nope not at all. I could ask back at you do you work for Wacom ( just joking same ) I just mentioned Huion as a credible cheaper alternative to Wacom for those who cannot afford a Wacom + after me doing lots of research pre purchase of many tablets
  12. Yes .. all i am saying is it aint black and white as dont buy "cheap" AND it isnt just about Wacom only. Yes there is plenty of cheap crap on Amazon and elsewhere as is the case with many products BUT anyone buying an item like this should do there homework first, looking at the reviews, best of etc. One is looking for trouble if you just buy based on price. However its not all JUST Wacom. After a small bit of research you will find Wacom is at the top + costs most BUT there are others just as good at a fraction of the cost like Huion. I want to stress the following about Huion. This is ONLY my experience of there stuff after research at the time. Others here might have had different experience with Huion.
  13. Would have to disagree somewhat. I wouldnt bundle all cheaper than wacom graphics tablets the AVOID bracket. I have an A4 HUION tablet + Pen that are far better value than wacom and in my view just as good. I have had both https://www.huion.com/pen_tablet/Huion/H610PRO_V2.html
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