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  1. Following the postponement of YOU ME & OMD, we are pleased to bring you Live From Your Sofa 2 8pm - Footage from Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra gig 2018 8.45pm - Multi-cam footage from Hammersmith gig 2019
  2. Specific to Cakewalk only though, it seems
  3. Today i came across a recent addition to YOUTUBE ( last night ) .. Miley Cyrus covering a much loved song from Irish Singer DELORES O RIORDAN ( Who left us in 2018 ) & her band THE CRANBERRIES. This song, Delores the band cranberries mean alot to Irish people so anticipating the cover was initially sort of mmmm, I dont know. BUT hats off Miley has done Delores justice here. Below Mileys cover is a live version in the 90s from Delores. It is about an IRA bombing and those killed, to get the context here is the wikipedia post on the song: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombie_(song) Then about Delores and the cranberries: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolores_O'Riordan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cranberries Here is Mileys version: Here is Delores at her prime in the 90s with same track written by her and the cranberries:
  4. Looks like the same stuff TBH. Subscribed again, got the email:
  5. As we are on the subject of Uilleann pipes and Irish music .. CHECK OUT THESE GUYS - AFRO CELT SOUNDSYSTEM. Concert from 2014, unreal musicians
  6. Bought this .. but of course I would, being from Ireland, living near Cork City at heart of a trad area One of the top UILLEANN Pipe players here is DAVY SPILLANE. Here are some vids .. watch closely for tips This one is Beautiful, really nice ariel camera work of Ireland with davy on Uilleann .. that starts around 3.14min in This one then is him with the most amazing band MOVING HEARTS, i advice you go look for these guys on Spotify, Youtube .. what musicians
  7. While one can also upload DX7 sysx patches to Arturia DX7 via import .. The pain in ***** is its individual import per patch and no ability I could find to upload banks
  8. Lots more here where that one came from: https://xtant-audio.com/ Look under Products /virtual-instruments/world-ethnic/
  9. BTW .. In general what does Prime Membership have for Kindle users? You do have Kindle Unlimited. Prime seems to have: https://www.amazon.com/amazonprime Prime members read FREE - Prime members can now read as much as they want from over a thousand books, magazines, comics, Kindle Singles, and more Technically could you go for Prime membership and not bother with Kindle unlimited. As in is there enough free reading in the prime membership?
  10. I know it is obvious But to avail you do need to be a PRIME member ... I have had a few messages on soc media from people saying Amazon Prime sale, great must look at that .. then wind out of sales when I tell them you need to be an amazon prime member to benefit And i know, you can join for 30 days ...
  11. @ZincT Ended up with 2 x €25 vouchers with my €100 update from K11 to K13 .. Bought 2 more expansions with same: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/expansions/artist-expansion-sasha/ https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/expansions/black-arc/
  12. Eddie Van Halen -- the legendary guitarist and co-founder of Van Halen -- has died after a long battle with throat cancer ... TMZ has learned.
  13. Yes .. I was thinking it might be that but as you said, needle in hay stack almost
  14. Thansk @ZincT ... Im still having it scanning all the vsts each time its loaded. I see via google search others have same issue. No big deal anyway, was only checking it out. Probably wont use much. Have not installed NOIRE yet, getting to it
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