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  1. The only Kontakt library on my list is an upgrade from Session Horns that came with K9U to Session Horns Pro.
  2. I bought a Tascam US-16x08 when Win10 was released and the drivers for my PreSonus AudioBox 441VSL never worked properly. It was a good piece of hardware, and I had high hopes for driver support since Tascam took driver support for their newer interfaces back in house. The fly in that ointment was that the in-house developer(s) wasn't all that good. I eventually dumped the Tascam and went back to the 44VSL after PreSonus finally got it working on Win10 (but had to drop the VSL functionality). I replaced the 44VSL with an 1810c that I love. Point being, check the interwebs for comments of that unit's drivers for Win10/Win11.
  3. John Maar

    Arobas Guitar Pro

    The v7.6 update was recently released if you're still on v7.5.
  4. I tried to purchase M-Tron Pro, but they only offer the price in British pounds. The exchange rate offered by PayPal is TERRIBLE. I refuse to pay it.
  5. That's the Mellotron VI used by one of Gig Performer's developers when he tours. He's used it for years and speaks highly of it. Pricey, though, with all of the expansion packs, 11.3 GB worth. It's got a lot of features not available on UVI's Mello, like dual layers with independent controls for each layer.
  6. Didn't yet have Mello and had the enormous sum of $0.95 Deluxe Bucks, so $18.05 for me. Will be nice to have a Mellotron VI.
  7. I have BBCSO Discover latest version v1.2.0 (v1.2.1 plugin), but haven't used it yet. Does anyone know if this version exhibits the same error? Should I wait to use it?
  8. If only my investments in gear were moderate. 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸 , 4 basses and 1 guitar, plus an NI S61 MK2 MIDI controller...and that's just the physical instruments)
  9. Guitar Pro 7.5.5 has been updated to 7.6.0. Free for owners of GP7. Run GP and check for updates. The release notes disappeared before I could grab them.
  10. OK, so $123.71 WAS beatable. Maxima mea culpa. πŸ˜‹
  11. I didn't bother logging in and checking. Unbeatable price! RX9 Standard, now with a spectral editor, lists for $399. That's expensive! No thanks. Non merci. Nein danke.
  12. See my comments on Acoustica Premium in the JRR Shop post. My comment in the JRR Shop post
  13. Acoustica Premium edition is $139 vs $199 regular price (still full price on Acon Digital's website). This time of year is the only time I've seen it on sale anywhere. Once I upgraded to the Premium version, I happily uninstalled SpectraLayers. Acoustica is FAST. I believe that the Premium edition comes with all of their additional plugins except Deverberate. It's a great audio editor, and the included plugins make it a bargain. You can check out the Premium edition here: Acoustica Audio Editor. For those who own Acoustica (either version), I just noticed that there's an update available from v7.3.10 to v7.3.22.
  14. When was the last time XLN released a new expansion instrument for Addictive Keys? Just after the end of the War of 1812? j/k Almost. AK is truly abandonware.
  15. Thanks for the heads-up. Updating now.
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