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  1. If you were ever subjected to the Sunday morning polka and bowling-for-dollars shows on Milwaukee TV, you know just how accurate this is!
  2. I provided my TruePianos SONAR serial number to their tech support, and was given a 30% discount, so I paid $48.30 for the full (use anywhere) license.
  3. Found it! Thanks. Bought via KV331 website and got download links via email. But...my email and serial number logged me into your system, so all good there!
  4. I've purchased a few. May have to pick up a couple/few more. Too bad the sale doesn't show up when entering the store through the standalone app. Will have to see what redemption/authorization looks like.
  5. And I paid for this! Oh, well. It was worth the money to me then. Still no complaints. Tons of great sounds.
  6. Note that this was NOT included with the full FX bundle. 5 stomp boxes are free. The full set has 13. I've liked having the Soundtoys FX rack that comes with their bundle, but I'm not sure I want to pay additional money after paying for the full bundle. Hopefully, it'll get added at no cost for current bundle owners.
  7. Magma are pure joy to me. I didn't get into them until 1980. Sure was hard to find their LPs in the States.
  8. Old topic, but I'll just note that I had noticeable latency when playing through LoopMIDI. I did not experience that latency with LoopBe. So... I purchased LoopBe30, which lets me instantiate from 1-30 virtual MIDI channels, as needed. Also note that LoopBe (1 and 30) can be configured to provide shortcut detection (feedback loops). https://nerds.de/en/loopbe30.html
  9. Worked fine for me (Win10 Home 1903). Note that it installs all four of their plugins, but you only get the free license file for the mastering EQ.
  10. This is an f'ing bargain! I own the older D2 version. LOVE them! Very clean. I paid a LOT more than this.
  11. And Key Suite Acoustic was also upgraded. Again! After having to d/l that 12 GB file a couple of days ago. Had to do it again. Plus the 9 GB for Digital Synsations. I've got a 400 MB download internet connection, but I'm lucky to get 1 MB/sec from UVI. They REALLY ought to move their download servers to AWS or similar.
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