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  1. This reminds me of XronoMorph. https://www.dynamictonality.com/xronomorph.htm
  2. Love it! All kinds of goodness in it (song and video). Wallflower, you're not. 😎 Can relate. Drive across a Mississippi River bridge up around La Crosse, WI in May. The June Bugs (they should be called May Bugs) can be so bad, that your windshield becomes completely obliterated in a single crossing, requiring a stop on the other side to clean things up enough to see. Sorta. You have my sympathy.
  3. I bought the recently released reMIDI plugin (the dev pronounces it "remedy") for $19. Would have bought it without the freebie, but thanks anyway! Now, I've just got to remember that it's online only via the PB website. I have two other courses in my account. I'd forgotten about both of them. Check reMIDI out. It's a MIDI sampler! reMIDI @ Plugin Boutique reMIDI Review and Tutorial
  4. Welp, Spring has a ribbon. I'm now out $25. All I have to do now is remember how to automate that ribbon. Haven't used Blackhole in awhile.
  5. v3.1.6 finally showed up! Run the Toontrack Product Manager to update.
  6. I really like the Eventide plugins I have, but since I already have Springbox by PSP Audioware, I'm not sure if this buys me anything I don't already have. Does anyone have both and can compare the two? TIA.
  7. Notice that they don't say a thing about drivers? Especially for Win10. What's the round-trip latency through a DAW when tracking? I don't care how good the hardware is, it's the drivers that make or break an audio i/f. And I really dislike the physical design. Putting all of the controls on the top of the box instead of the front was not wise, IMO.
  8. I'll bet that this explains why my 8-Track version refuses to update anymore. They want $100 for something that came with my Panorama P6 years ago. I found it unusable in practice, given the numerous limitations. I wouldn't pay a nickel for the 16-track version.
  9. What is the Win10 file extension of the video file? I'm hesitant to recommend a solution until I know that, but in the meantime, take a look at Corel's VideoStudio. I spent several years trying to get along with Cyberlink, but never did. And they're too expensive. And they try to rope you in to an annual subscription. Bah humbug. I did a pretty thorough review of several consumer-level video apps, and bought a license to VideoStudio. Decent ease of use. Decent interface. Paid license; no subscription. Both the Pro and Ultimate versions are currently on sale, with the Ultimate version being $4 CHEAPER (at $59.99) than the Pro version at the moment. The primary difference is the additional add-ons with Ultimate, plus some very cool masking capability (which I suspect you'll never use; but it's way cool!). https://www.videostudiopro.com/en/products/videostudio/ultimate/ Let's make sure it can deal with the Samsung video file before you spend any money.
  10. You're being most helpful. Thanks so much! EDIT: That may be enough info. I'll post again if that changes. Vielen Dank!
  11. Many thanks! I'll pass this on.
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