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  1. Sure could have used those extra JAM points when I bought Miroslav 2 last week. I only had 10 left at the time. At least I have a few in the bank again.
  2. WAY too much fun for a Friday morning Premiere!
  3. In Session Audio show very good attention to detail. For example, when you use the Shaker in Shimmer, Shake, Strike and render the audio, you get the authentic pre-shake sound before the beat that a human would create moving the shaker into place getting ready for the beat. That little thing sold me on the company.
  4. Shimmer, Shake, Strike is so good that I added Fluid Strike as the 4 for 3 freebie to the Creator trio. Got all 4 for under $340. Excellent price.
  5. John Maar

    Video Fun

    I gave up on CyberLink and Corel. They NEVER stop pushing ads, and I never used much of the bloatware crap (ex-squeeze me; premium add-ons) they install. Tried VideoPad from NCH. It's kind of a joke. I looked at Resolve, but it's way more complex than I want to deal with. And I'm never going to need/buy DaVinci's hardware (the whole purpose of making the entry-level Resolve free). I wanted a permanent license, not a subscription, so I shrugged, decided to dance with the devil and bought a license to Adobe Premiere Elements. I need to make YouTube videos. That's all. It works great for that. It's fast. And no bloatware.
  6. Good drives! Good price! I've got 2 x 2TB T7's and 1 x 2TB X5 (Thunderbolt 3) for my samples drive. Here's a tip. BEFORE you write anything to one of these drives, reformat it from exFAT to NTFS. I can't locate the article explaining why, but there's a significant performance hit if you leave it as exFAT.
  7. I paid $56.72 after the conversion of pounds to dollars by PayPal and using 10 pounds loyalty points. Thanks for the heads up! EDIT: The current exchange rate is .7164 pounds/dollar. PayPal gave me .6964, a good rate.
  8. Thanks for taking the time! [wipes brow and feels better about purchase!] Once I get moved to France, I'm going to help my niece get a YouTube channel going. It will have a Tour de France focus. I can handle all of the audio processing, but needed a video editor I could live with. High Hopes! [apologies to the Floyd 😇]
  9. Your video has already paid for itself! Not in a million years would I have thought to double-click on the magnifying glass icon. That link you posted that includes the search criteria is the one I bookmarked. I'm not going to count on remembering the double-click trick.
  10. Excellent Reid! Thanks. I too just purchased Adobe Premiere Elements. I've burned through several video editors (CyberLink, Corel, a couple of lower-end ones). Never happy for one reason or another. I'm hoping Premiere will do what I need, without installing all of the bloat and product advertising. I've been happy with Affinity's trio (Designer, Photo, Publisher; $25/each when on sale; best software deal going), so I only need a video editor. And I want one with a perpetual license, not a subscription. I'd be interested in your feedback on the changes you had to make to your workflow.
  11. Certainly not going to rival Shimmer, Shake, Strike, but still nice to have. One note on Pulse. The download and install directory needs to be set to the target, not your download directory (which it defaults to). I had to move the installed folder to my Kontakt Instruments folder. I'm used to separately specified download and install paths. I over-complicate darn near everything. 😝
  12. Gig Performer is terrific. I've been using it for a couple of years now. One thing to be aware of with the Plugin Alliance version is that it hasn't been and won't be updated on the same schedule as a licensed version direct from Deskew (who have never had a sale; like Subaru). I've never regretted paying full price ($149). I was SO happy to move on from Cantabile. Dual licenses (Windows and Mac) are $199 for both. Great if you work with Windows in the studio and Apple live. https://gigperformer.com/
  13. That's what happens when you don't pay attention to the release notes. And I'm on v2.3. Doh. Watching and learning now.
  14. I hadn't thought about Scaler 2 for bass lines. It's a terrific plugin. I installed it, along with the Captain plugins, on my new laptop. Auto Theory, InstaChord, InstaScale and others of that type that I tried out, did not make the cut. Didn't get used on my old desktop, so why bother? Scaler 2 is less expensive, but I like all of the different Rhythms available in Captain Deep. That said, I need to go back I look at Scaler from a bass line perspective. 👍
  15. No one else has mentioned them yet, so... Captain plugins from Mixed In Key. Captain Chords. Captain Beat. Captain Melody. Captain Deep (for basslines). Captain Play. https://mixedinkey.com/captain-plugins/ Not on sale at the moment, but it does happen. Solid plugins. There are lots of YouTube videos on the v5 version. Here's Mixed In Key's video for Captain Deep.
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