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  1. John Maar

    Melodyne Expired? Download fix.

    Celemony create the zip file on demand, so that it includes your current license file. They were under heavy load when I went to download the update. It's possible that that backend zip-build borked. Have you tried to d/l it again, with the same result? You got a bad zip file.
  2. John Maar

    APD Offer: 80% Off Cinematic Bundle by unEarthed Sampling

    Or, if you have Arturia's Analog Lab, get the Vangelis preset pack ($7.99) for all of the BR presets, not just the CS-80 preset.
  3. That's amazing! I've got a Gretsch concert uke with a tenor neck on it, and a Fishman piezo pickup system. But it NEVER occurred to me to try to play it like that. I am humbled, nay, crushed by his superiority.😎
  4. When I lived in Pacific Grove in 1970-71 (while attending the Defense Language Institute), we had 3 seasons, 4 months each: Sunny, Rainy, Foggy. I'm afraid yours are far more accurate now.
  5. John Maar

    Using a MIDI controller with a VST (e.g. Guitar Rig)

    Thanks! Love your blog name. My first band in high school (late '60s) was the Prodigal Sons. Ha!
  6. Thanks! I was on v1.5.7, so I missed 1.5.9 and 1.5.11.
  7. John Maar

    My Favorite Drummer

    https://www.seventhrecords.com/achat/cat-magma-19.html Magma have taken many high quality bootlegs and publish them as AKT Dokuments. The product number (SKU) of the bootlegs (and other oddities) is AKT # (with # being a number, not the hash sign; e.g., AKT 7). I think there are a couple of DVDs in the series, too. I don't know if you have them or not, but the Retrospectiw vol. 1-3 disks (from 3 nights in 1980) are really good. It looks like a bunch of stuff is sold out, including the Retrospectiw v1-2 double CD. The online shop, like much of the rest of France, is on vacation for the next 3 weeks.
  8. John Maar

    Get rid of your sussudio

    I hear a sus4 coming.
  9. John Maar

    .midi Extension

    A great app for doing renaming is Advanced Renamer. It's free (there's a Donate button somewhere) and is regularly updated. Current version is v3.85 from 23 July. I've been using it for years. Lots of different renaming methods. Very handy. https://www.advancedrenamer.com/
  10. John Maar

    Reverb Software Flash Sale - up to 50% Off

    Be careful. I just downloaded v3.0.1. The 3 products shown state v2.4. Make sure a free upgrade to v3 is included, if this really is for v2.4!
  11. John Maar

    Riff Plugin App

    Here's a link to download the latest (final) version. Riffstation v1.6.3 Download
  12. John Maar

    Does anyone use win10 Version 1903 ?

    I'm on 1903, and Expose is still working just fine here.
  13. The Germans have a word for that kind of viewing experience...schadenfreude.
  14. You mean like this one? EDIT: After posting this, I scrolled up to the video, thinking I might watch the train wreck again. Before clicking on it, I came to my senses and thought "No. I. Can. Not. Watch. That. Ever. Again." Whew. That was close.
  15. This is SO much better than the original!