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  1. I gave up on OneNote. Way more than I need. Didn't like working with the Android version. Or the desktop version. Switched to Evernote. Easy to use Android and Windows apps. One word of caution. I have the Plus Plan ($34.99/year). That seems to not be available anymore. It's either Free, or Premium ($7.99/mo) or Business ($14.99/user/mo (min. 2)). The Free plan is limited to 60MB of uploads per month. If you're using it to just capture lyric ideas, the Free plan should be fine. Now I know why I've been getting regular UPGRADE emails. Ha! I'm going to hang on to that Plus plan.
  2. Purchased from Koby. Anyone remember the hell you had to go through to automate the ribbon on the early Blackhole releases? They figured that one out pretty quick. Ribbons everywhere now!
  3. Oops. My SL6 uninstall seemed to also remove the VST2 plugin. The good news, however, is that both are available in the SpectraLayers 7 app folder...the VST3 version under C:\Program Files\Steinberg\SpectraLayers 7\ARA\VST3 and the VST2 version under C:\Program Files\Steinberg\SpectraLayers 7\Win64. I just copied them to my VST2 and VST3 folders. Thanks for the heads-up!
  4. Any clue re what changed, other than the plugin names (installs in parallel with v1.5)?
  5. Cthulhu by Xfer Records has a good arpeggiator module. https://xferrecords.com/products/cthulhu Thesys by Sugar Bytes adds more manipulation. https://sugar-bytes.de/en/thesys If you have a spare $200 (but now 15% off), check out Divisimate. I've not tried it, but it may suit your needs best. https://divisimate.com/
  6. Yes, upgrades also go on sale. Around Black Friday. Occasionally at other times. That's how I worked it. Bought Pro. Upgraded to Mega. Then upgraded to Ultra. Then all of the add-on packs. One of the biggest new features is the VST version of BiaB (regularly updated). Also, BiaB was updated to a 64-bit app. Note that Real Band 2020 is still 32-bit. I don't use it, and will probably uninstall it at some point. Here's a video on the initial release of the BiaB VST in 2019. There have been major improvements since then.
  7. This is a TERRIBLE deal. $59 + $79 to upgrade to BiaB 2020 Pro. That's $138 total. You can buy a license for BiaB 2020 Pro on the PG Music site for $129. And that's full price. You can do better waiting for a sale.
  8. I bought the natural finish version (looks like they don't offer that finish anymore) a couple of years ago. The guitar is well-made. My only real complaint is the sharp fret ends. On sale, they're hard to beat.
  9. Or Quicklime Girl! A harvest of life, or harvest of death One body of life, one body of death And when you've gone and choked to death With laughter and a little step I'll prepare the quicklime, friend For you're ripe and ready…
  10. Recommended! I bought the pair (Modnetic & Diffuse = Dub Machines) back in 2017. €49 is a good deal for them. https://www.surrealmachines.com/product/dub-machines-vstau/
  11. I bought this the last time it was $99 via APD. Usual sales price is $199. These are fantastic pianos. The only drawback is that you'll then want the Ravenscroft 275, and it doesn't go on sale often. But it's sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.
  12. John Maar


    Nice little ditty, Bob! You and your wife do good work. Ah, the old Route 66! I was born on it, just down the road apiece in Elk City. Living on it again in Flagstaff.
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