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  1. Here's the full change log. For a "dot" update (from x.x.0 to x.x.1), this is pretty major. Really happy they added ASIO support to the Windows standalone version. EDIT: Also loving the reduced CPU hit! Version 1.6.1 Added a visible menu for polarity to the expression envelopes. Was only accessible via right click Menu before. Added an MPE visual keyboard for when Sektor is in MPE Mode. Added support for ASIO drivers on Windows in the standalone app. Added support for bluetooth midi devices on Windows in the standalone app. Improved point deleting behaviour in the Modulation envelopes. Reduced CPU of the oscillators by ~50% when not modulating the wavetable position or pitch. With a reduction of ~40% when modulating. Reduced the CPU use of the LFOs by ~50% When reloading a project if a destination wasn’t enabled, enabling it didn’t work. Fixed bluetooth midi not working in standalone on Mac OS 11 Fixed MPE Mode not working correctly. Fixed the delay mix reseting to full mix in certain situations. Fixed right click delete points in the expression envelopes deleting the wrong point. Stability fixes.
  2. This is a really good deal. With the extra discount, I paid 130,46 €. 6-7 years ago, I purchased a couple of their drum MIDI packs to go with the bass MIDI packs I wanted, but nothing since, so almost no duplication. I don't anticipate much use of the Heavy MIDI, but the MEGA pack seemed like the best way to go. I'll be using these MIDI grooves with Superior Drummer 3. EDIT 1: Installing now. Groove Monkee gets points for providing a MEGA pack installer, instead of just including the installers for the individual packs included. Very easy. I'm assuming that SD3 has the same file linking feature as EZD3 as shown it the video. We shall see. EDIT 2: Now I remember how convoluted Groove Monkee's directory structure and naming is. In spite of the fact that I disabled (unchecked) everything but Toontrack in the installer, it installed everything anyway. I had to delete all of that "noise", plus I unburied the EZDrummer mapped files (moved them up to the base folder and deleted the EZDrummer folder and subfolder). EDIT 3: OK, SD3 linked to the Groove Monkee MIDI just fine. Glad I cleaned up the directory structure. Much easier to navigate in the SD3 Grooves browser.
  3. Pigments, Matrix-12 and Wurli also show updates. I don't have the full synth collection. I suspect that more synths have updates.
  4. Thanks for the heads-up. Update emails from FeelYourSound go to an old address, so I didn't see the update email until I saw this notice.
  5. From the bottom of the "What's New" page: The accuracy and dynamics of the soundbanks have been corrected and improved.
  6. Upgraded from v7.6 to v8.0. A couple of notes: 1) v8 installed in the 64-bit directory (c:/program files/). v7 was installed in the 32-bit directory (c:/program files (x86)). So, v7 remained installed with its own sound library. 2) v8 loads a LOT faster. Could be its 64-bit code. Don't know, but it's a lot faster. 3) v8 did not pick up my login credentials to MySongBook, so I had to log in again from v8. No biggie. 4) Uninstalling v7 had no negative impact on the v8 installation. 5) FWIW, v8 has an updated icon in the newer flat style. I haven't had a chance to play with v8 yet, so that's about it for now.
  7. John Maar

    IK Amplitube Sale

    Same here. The only collection I didn't already own. Been waiting for a sale like this. The upgrade price from AT4 Max to AT5 Max made ZERO sense, given what I already have licenses for. Now that I have the equivalent of AT5 Max, I can ignore all future sales ads until a new AT collection is released.
  8. Good thing for Toontrack that their products can stand on their own. That guy is full of himself. Really off-putting. Unable to make it all the way to the end.
  9. My forum handle before I switched to TheMaartian/LeMaartien (US/France; my last name is Maar), was Ozric. I own all of their releases. 👍🎸 I've got some Eloy. My favorite is the sort-of recent double live Reincarnation On Stage. It's a banger. Don't know Djam Karet. Will have to check them out. And let's not forget Gong and Amon Düül II (saw them live in Munich a couple of times in '71; I was stationed in Augsburg). But you're right. Today needs to be a T.D. day. There's a lot of live TD on YouTube. I picked this one from the Alter Oper (Old Opera House) in Frankfurt because I've been to shows there. I know, I know, no Klaus Schulze (only Edgar Froese), but I like this one.
  10. That's so sad. I've purchased a LOT of his music over the years. I've got most of Tangerine Dream's catalog and some Ash Ra Tempel. Going to have to pick up his latest (Deus Arrakis) when it drops on 10 June just because. What a talent! RIP Klaus. Time to build a TD playlist on Amazon Music.
  11. Guilty as charged. That's why I didn't install Reaper on my new DAW and went back to Studio One Pro full time. The SO Pro UI is tweakable, but I've never felt the need.
  12. I have 38, so $111.99 isn't bad, either. My problem is the place I'm renting while my house is being built has ADSL internet only. I can't even run my streaming TV at the same time as my laptop. Even then, I have problems. Netflix buffers better than Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Canal+, but it can still be dodgy. I'll have to download Syn2 Max over night...for how many nights, I don't know. We'll see. Probably will never see Syn 2 Max for less, so I should just pull the trigger and cry once. EDIT: Money gone. I'll post how many DAYS/NIGHTS the d/l process takes, unless my house turns into the Bates Motel and things don't go well. 🤪
  13. Now that I understand that I need to repurchase v1 synths to get v2 capabilities, and that reaching the max via the Group Buy seems unlikely, it seems to me that I'd be better off buying v2 MAX for $149 (the cost of 3 synths).
  14. Is this going to be included with EZBass 2? If so, why buy it separately, if I've already paid the pre-release price for EZB2?
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