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  1. I lied again. The final 20 files are a half gig each. That's gotta be TVBO. Taking the fast train...to nowhere.
  2. Cwapola. I clicked on the link without really looking at it, thinking it would take my to your live stream review of these pianos. Fooled me! 😋
  3. I tried running it overnight, but failed to notice the stupid little popup message in the URL bar blocking multiple downloads. Something turned it on around the 22nd file. Had to disable that "feature". 😠 Just finished and installed Black Grand MkII. D/l'ing the second piano now.
  4. Great pianos, but a pain in the patootie to download. Sheesh. SLOOOOOW download. 82 stinking files to d/l. 190 MB each. .RAR files.
  5. Lucky guy. Buy me a lottery ticket. 😄
  6. Once you install it using the Product Manager, you have to authorize it. After I installed it, it showed up in the left Instrument column with a LOCK icon on it. Once I registered it with the Authorization Manager using the serial number from the My Products section on their website, it became available for play. NOTE: If your watch the video on YouTube, there are a couple of useful links in its description.
  7. I installed the Auth Manager. That worked. Thanks for the tip.
  8. I hate trying to get new IKM stuff to run. I downloaded and installed the Art Deco Piano (supposed to auto-register, but I "registered" the serial number twice anyway), but it still shows up as LOCKED in Sample Tank 4. When I click on the ADP logo, it just reloads the IKM product manager. I'm at a loss. Never have this kind of problem with Kontakt.
  9. I don't know anything about this VST, but "Devious Duck" would be a cool band name. Not to be confused with "Howard the Duck".
  10. +1 for Scaler 2. Of all the MIDI chord/progression tools I've purchased, Scaler 2 is Top 3. Captain Plugins and Cthulhu are the remaining two.
  11. The last time I remember this happening, we got the UNO synth. So, this has gotta be the new DUE synth (as in: uno, due, tre)!
  12. Now? Gotta be better ones available. But for a VI that's at least 10 years old? Really good! CoreBass Pear was a go-to AUB VI for a long time. Nice review here. EDIT: Just checked. All of the CoreBass Pear files I have are dated 5/26/2011.
  13. I enjoyed it! Now I'm off to YT to listen to the live version of "My Name is Ruin". Both versions...studio and live. EDIT: Now TWO live versions!
  14. Just got that email. I thought they were releasing some sound packs for Multiphonics. Nope. Just trying to sell me a second license. Too bad. nothing for me.
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