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  1. I have been seeing EZD MIDI pack updates for the last couple of weeks. Today, it was just two: Basic Rock and Basic Rock Fills. Whatever they're doing, it looks like they're releasing them as the work through the entire catalog of packs.
  2. This is a case where I finished ahead of the Mighty Fleer. 👍 When I replaced my desktop with a laptop before I moved, I did NOT install any of my many Waves plugins. The primary reason was the cost of WUP. The secondary reason with the proliferation of Waves shells (you get a new one each time you install a new Waves plugins, so you have multiple shells for the same general Waves version). Plus, some plugin scanners had trouble scanning the shells. And then came the proliferation of new versions, trying to force you to WUP your existing plugins to stay compatible with the most recent version. I have been Waves WUP free for over two years now. Many of their plugins are actually quite good, but I don't miss them. I have survived four divorces: three wives and one plugin developer. EDIT: Oops. Make that five divorces: three wives and two plugin developers. I forgot about Slate.
  3. Sub'd your channel so I make sure to go back and listed to all of your videos. Really enjoyed this one!
  4. I've got to remember to do that next time. I've always just clicked on the "Authorize" link. In Gig Performer, I've got to remember to deauthorize before updating, and then reauthorize. I admit to having forgotten to do that, too. Good thing they also have excellent customer service.
  5. Does Microsoft have to change the machine ID when it updates Windows? I mentioned Melodyne, but I have a couple of others that lose their authorization status too. I prefer soft-licensing to dongle licensing. Peeps have differing opinions on iLok. I hate them as a company, going back to their Centronics parallel port dongles that were app specific (I had two, but only the one directly connected to the computer worked; I was swapping them all the time), but I have to admit that their soft-licensing works well. Their USB dongle was never reliable for me, so I wrote off my Slate plugins as money down the drain. And I would NEVER go near their cloud licensing. Even Steinberg has migrated away from dongle use. How do the new Steinberg apps that use soft licensing respond to Windows updates that change the machine ID?
  6. I had audio driver failures when I upgraded from Win7 to Win10, but none from Win10 to Win11. The one main ongoing issue I have is not with Win 11 per se, but with MS's major updates every six months. They change the machine ID and blow up some of my software authorizations. Melodyne is a good example of that. I have to reauthorize Melodyne after every major update. After the last one, Melodyne wouldn't allow any more reauthorizations, telling me I had authorized it to too many different machines. A review of my account showed that the PC name was always the same. Celemony tech support were very nice and quick to resolve the issue, acknowledging the problem and resetting my authorization count to 0. Melodyne Studio is back up!
  7. Great price for an excellent master buss compressor. Will be nice to move up to the GE version from the free one. I also have Limiter 6 GE. Also excellent.
  8. SkipPy mentioned that he recorded all of the samples on his iPhone at 24 bit, 48K (or 96K?). But how good is the mic input? From what I've heard so far, pretty good. He did mention that he'd considered rerecording using a good mic, but didn't have the time or feel the need (or maybe both; can't remember which).
  9. Thanks! I also missed the AX73 v1.2.0 and AX Chorus v1.1.0 updates. Downloaded them as well.
  10. Welp, I do have to admit that it's highly likely for me to misremember something. 🤪
  11. The app update for me was for EZMix 2 to v2.2.4 from v2.1.5, the first update in almost 3 years. v1.1.2 of the PM is the latest. I think I got that update a couple of weeks ago.
  12. No PM update for me, but EZMix 2 and four drum MIDI packs had updates.
  13. This entire thread reminds of the the Vikings Valhalla episodes I watched on Netflix last night. 😱
  14. That's why I'm still on Komplete Ultimate v9, but have updated Kontakt over the years to v6 and now v7.
  15. Father? More like grandfather for me. 🤪
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