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  1. Not the most straightforward download, installation and authorization process, but it was worth it, IMO. This is a great sounding orchestral library.
  2. 287,40 €, including French VAT, the exact same price as on Sonuscore's website. Better to buy direct.
  3. I am not surprised by the number of updates after the release of a new major version. Reaper has a large, active user community that provides useful feedback. The devs get props for responding so quickly to (not unexpected) issues and fixing them. There are almost daily "current version + current date development version" updates posted. I don't install any of those, since they tend to include functionality that is still under development and won't be included in the next minor release. Then there tends to be one or two "current version + 0.01 rc1/rc2" releases that have the development stuff stripped out. I don't install those either. I wait for the next dot release and install that.
  4. I felt the same, even though there have been minor updates to his other plugins over the last few years. When I purchased TENS using PayPal, his website automatically created a user account with a temporary password using the email account from PayPal. Since I moved to France, I had to set up a new email. All of my previous purchases were in a user account under my U.S. email address. So, I sent an email to his help address asking if it was possible to consolidate the two user accounts under my new email. He replied in less that TWO MINUTES, saying that he'd done that and deleted the previous user account. Absolutely SUPERIOR service!
  5. I have all of Klanghelm's excellent, inexpensive plugins. Just added TENS to my arsenal.
  6. What feels super-sluggish to me is the amount of time needed to "install" an update, almost as bad, or maybe even worse, than Arturia's Software Center.
  7. Yup. SoL SE is excellent. Amazing what you can do with a handheld recorder when out in nature. I love living in Arcachon, but what I do miss from the U.S. are my daily dog walks in the Coconino National Forest in Flagstaff. The trailhead was 100 meters from my front door. My 3 dogs and I would routinely walk 4-6 km, with my poodle/Jack Russell choosing the route.
  8. Hey, Fleer! I also just picked up Vocalesque V1 today. Small world. Kathie Talbot, the voice of Vocalesque is one heck of a talented lady.
  9. Agree. My needs are pretty simple and the free version covers all of those bases. But after several years of using the free version, I bought the Pro version just to support the dev. It sat on v2.4.3 for a long time, and I started t wonder if it had run its course, but the dev is still clearly working on it, so I remain happy that I went Pro (with the plugin, not myself 😉). The dev has to pay rent and put food on the table like the rest of us.
  10. There was also an update for Kontakt to v7.7.1.
  11. Same here. I can almost see where Arbiter might fit in, but if I didn't know how good and serious the dev is, I'd have guessed that this "bundle" was released on 1 April. 😋
  12. Really good emulation. I bought this when it was released a few years ago. It includes a standalone version, as well, which is convenient for a practice session, without having to load either Gig Performer or Studio One.
  13. Nice! Picked up the SM ONE crossgrade from SM2 for $9, plus $5 for the one expansion I was interested in. 👍
  14. Rumble.com is blocked here in France. EDIT: Just saw @Jeremy Oakes post, so nevermind.
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