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  1. I had the chance to play a Bösendorfer 290 once. I'll never in my life play a better piano. But... Would I give $250K for a 7' baby grand? Nope. Unless it was your money! 😂
  2. What a great-sounding demo! https://youtu.be/JG9ky7cuthQ
  3. This is the best way to acquire their bundle (and get the Effect Rack). I bought whichever plugin was at a stupid price, and then one Black Friday, with the plugins I had, I was able to upgrade to the bundle for half off my upgrade price. I wound up paying less than $200 for the bundle in total. A bargain. Their current BF price is $329 ($499 list). 35% off the bundle. 50% off upgrades. If you're interested in the bundle, this is a great way to go, as long as you have a bit of patience.
  4. One place where I've seen the sluggishness you described is when Windows audio is set for one sample rate (say: 44.1 KHz) and another app (using the SAME sound card) is set for a different sample rate (say: 48 KHz). That's one of the reasons I leave my motherboard audio enabled (for Windows audio), and run ASIO exclusively on my AudioBox 44 VSL for my music apps.
  5. I just installed Reaper 6 and the first test project I pulled into it happened to have the hi-res version (thanks again!) of another pickled cover, this one easily better than the original!
  6. You have no idea! I got hooked on them as a kid. The movie theater in my town in the late '50s sold them at the candy counter for 10¢ each. Big ones! Really tasty!
  7. You beat me to this one. The dev is the DSP coding genius behind a lot of the Brainworx plugins. Now $29 from $79. Several are free, so you can try them first. Nembrini Analog Rack bundle His Plugin Rig Host lets you build FX chains and save them. Now $9 from $39. Plugin Rig Host Alternatively, any audio FX stomp-box-like plugin that does what you want should work.
  8. I did not know how much I needed some
  9. My final BF purchase. BIAB 2019 Mega ==> BIAB 2020 Ultra. 🤗
  10. Actually, he updated all of his plugins. I just d/l'd MJUC, VUMT, VUMT Deluxe, DC8C3 and SDDR2. No slowness encountered.
  11. I have a feeling that there are some caching issues that account for the different user experiences.
  12. 1909 was more of Service Pack-type of release. It didn't even trash AD2 and AK authorizations.
  13. Good tunez! I also have his System 7 and earlier 777 CDs (before they were forced to change the name). If I had to pick one, I'd take Ozric Tentacles over System 7. Glad I don't have to pick just one! I'm definitely going to have to stream that show through my main system!
  14. Odd. This morning, the download link on the Union web page was for v1.01, which I already had installed. When I went to check the versions of the other plugins of theirs that I own (under My Account), I noticed a v1.02 download for Union. Downloaded and installed.
  15. Gong (and Amon Düül II (playing around Munich when I was stationed there) and others) are/were excellent. How I found Steve Hillage! Have all of his, too!
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