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  1. I'm quite fond of my M-Audio BX8 monitors. They also have the BX5. Worth a check. As in check out, not write a check! Black Friday's coming! https://www.m-audio.com/bx5d3 (list: $149/each) https://www.m-audio.com/bx8d3 (list: $249/each)
  2. John Maar

    PSP L’otary2 $20

    L'otary2 is a decent emulation of a Leslie, but it's CPU-heavy. And I bought it on sale some years ago. But I just picked up the AmpliTube Leslie package on sale, and that's just plain sweet.
  3. John Maar

    Amplitube Leslie

    Awesome! Finally able to add this to MAX. I've already added the SVX2 package, so I feel good to go now.
  4. Love it! But why not go all digital with UVI's $399 Toy Suite library? 😅
  5. Now playing in the background. Very good! Rerouted from my PC speakers to my main monitors!
  6. Fantastic deal. I got this when they ran it before. All 3 pianos sound and play great, and are quite different from each other. Is there a downside? Yes! You'll become VERY impatient waiting for their Ravenswood 275 library to go on sale. I had to wait a LONG time, but it was worth it!
  7. Nothing for me, but I wanted to use the $10 off coupon I got for shopping at Whole Paycheck a couple of weeks ago, so I picked up a couple of SanDisk 128GB USB 3.0 sticks. That's a lot of backup storage for the $30 I paid.
  8. The only thing I want is an updated Fire TV Stick 4K. I get occasional audio dropouts, and after a bit of time, audio loses sync with video and I have to restart the stick. Pain in the butt, but the audio dropouts are a real nuisance. Happens with YouTube TV, Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ on both my Sony 4K and Samsung HD sets, so the problem is definitely the stick. And they're not releasing an updated 4K stick at this time, so I'll wait for BF.
  9. Latest v5. How I tested was I opened a song with reMIDI, Scaler and a Presence XT Orchestra VI. I opened the Scaler UI, then doubleclicked on each of the 3 track names, all of which entered edit mode. I was using the VST3 version.
  10. No problem missing doubleclicks in Studio One, so I'll stick with 2.1.1.
  11. In ChordPulse File | Export As MIDI File then tick the option for "All instruments in one track (format 0)", the second from the bottom options. That will give you a MIDI Type 0 file. Type 1 splits out the instruments to individual tracks.
  12. The Smooth theme dev is back posting in the thread, so it's not dead. He hasn't finished v2.5 yet (with full 1080p support). With the current v2.1 4K version, it ONLY supports 100% and 200%. If you pick 125 or 150, it'll be all wonky.
  13. I just noticed that they have broken out Captain Beat and charge extra for it. Sheesh. Guess I was fortunate to have the bundle before Beat was released. It got added to my existing bundle at no additional cost.
  14. +1 for Captain Plugins, especially now with v5. -100,000 for Odesi. Please, please don't waste your money or time.
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