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  1. My friend asked her in a live stream, and she said she used CuBase DAW's internal sampler to chop the sound from her voice, then played it across MIDI notes.
  2. I took a stab at asking. We'll see if she responses.. Not sure if I should go as far as email or not. Hate to over do it, especially when I've got y'all Smart guys and gals 🥰
  3. Listen to the sound effect starting at 2:03 for please let me know, if you know, how to re-create that sound effect. Thanks! If there's a plugin that does this or you know up to create it. Many thanks in advance!
  4. Ahhh... I've got Waves Audio Studio Rack that lets me turn any plugin into both parallel processing and multi-band selection. With Melda Production free plugins, I can use Waves Audio Studio Rack to make them multi-band which defeats the purpose of thier MB line of plugins. The free plugins bundle is much cheaper than thier MB counter parts too, $27 during the black Friday sale.
  5. Thanks! I have Waves Audio SSL G-Master Buss Compressor. Liked it enough to consider maybe getting a Solid State Logic's version of thier own stuff?? Or am I perceiving this wrong? I hate iZotope Ozone Standard making it's strip only for plugins and if you want to use any of them as separate plugins you got to buy advance, otherwise, Ozone has a compressor. I am trying to get away from iZotope due to them having "levels" of plugins, instead of just making the same plugin for everyone. I have HorNet HA2A which I was amazed how good it sounds. I use it too. I will save my $20 for something I need! Thanks!
  6. Hate to install something from a company I never installed from before unless I'm almost dead sure I plan to buy it after a demo test, if it works for my system and if they have a windows certification.
  7. 16 hours left. Anyone know anything good or bad about this plugin? I'm also curious if this is a deal or not?? Have you seen it for less?
  8. I agree. I've done that too. Once you get your desired plugin... Now you've gotta spend hours trying to find the perfect preset. 😒 After finding that preset, your so exhausted, you'll go back to searching for a new plugin again 🤣
  9. I want to learn more about this .. Any video or location to dive into that?
  10. It's better than RX Music Rebalance!
  11. Wow... Reaper is on Fast tracking for updates? It wasn't but two weeks ago I was looking at the 7.03 update.
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