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  1. The great thing about CLAP is there's nobody to shut it down. VST can send a letter to everyone to stop creating new plugs, but with CLAP there's no agreement to sign! CLAP is open source, released under the MIT license: No fees, memberships or proprietary license agreements are required before developing or distributing a CLAP capable host or plug-in, and the license never expires. - https://u-he.com/community/clap/ https://cleveraudio.org/ https://github.com/free-audio/clap Anyone else interested?
  2. Did you change your photo or is there another user with a similar name?
  3. East West Opus engine is too power hungery for my ASUS i7 32gb RAM 2TB M.2 $4000 laptop from 2015. I've done tried using thier software a month ago and it was hogging so much CPU. You'll need a really powerful computer to handle Opus! I had to uninstall it. It was useless. I couldn't even use it with all the tracks frozen!
  4. I would buy it, but my union bank in Las Vegas NV keeps rejecting Plug-in Boutique for payment.
  5. Flame Painter image of flying fire woman is a direct copyright violation of Magic the Gathering's software!
  6. That's sad.. I have Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 8. I still use Absynth.
  7. Time is money. Sounds like Trackspacer would be a 1 instance plug-in that even if I wanted to buy it I can't. I spent my last bit of overseas money a few hours ago. The rest of my money I can only use in America.
  8. One of my banks is very picky and won't let me buy stuff from oversea vendors. Most of these vendors have been overseas and I've used up all my overseas account monies and won't be replaced until after most of these sells end. The bank has rejected Plugin Boutique and a few others. Although, it has no issues with US transactions. PayPal doesn't act like a barrier for the issue either! So... Is there an American vendor selling RESO?
  9. I was thinking of getting this, but I realized I was already using a product that can do this (if you use multiple plugins, you can get the number of EQ bands Trackspacer claims) with much better control and very low latency. I have never needed more than 5 bands to pop out a voice thru the music. I was using a dynamic EQ from Waves Audio called F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ, but Total EQ can do dynamics too. So Total EQ I use instead of Waves Audio F6 plug-in. TotalEQ by Hornet Plugins for much less (currently on sell for $7.00). https://www.hornetplugins.com/plugins/hornet-total-eq/ White Sea Studio "Better than Fabfilter" YouTube link You can side chain Total EQ. I am able to carve out EQ also without side chain by creating one Total EQ (setup that with EQ band settings) copy it to another track and tell Total EQ to "MUTE" those EQ bands.. which carves out the EQ bands for my mix to go thru. You can copy that to multiple tracks to carve it out of multiple tracks if you want.
  10. So, I downloaded a demo. Within an hour I found it to be a really good Plug-in. It beats Waves WLM Plus! So, I bought it. It's now in my plug-in collection!
  11. Are these components CPU hogs? How do they compare to the CPU hog SONIBLE Smart:Limiter?
  12. Hi, What's the lowest price you've seen SONIBLE Smart:limit?
  13. I love their Total EQ and MultiFreqs.
  14. I've not found a Christmas sale for Metric AB anywhere on the Internet that I could find using Bing and Google. Seems they love Summer sales. I might have to actually get Reference 2 as it's more in my budget range than Metric AB. OR, Ill wait to the end of the year and see if either has a sale. If Mastering the Mix lowers their price on Reference 2 for Christmas, I might get that instead. Depends on whom beats whom to my wallet.
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    What does "ooops" do?
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