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  1. Could you explain how? Which colors need to be set? Or are you referring to Colin's recipe in TYLIP?
  2. I haven't tried Dubstation 2 but I looked at the ad copy and the controls complement. Dubstation, according to the ad "....brings the mojo of yesteryears hardware delays to your DAW." So it looks like they're trying to recreate a retro experience and workflow. Sandman Pro, on the other hand....yeah, they're not looking to the past, and it's so versatile and deep that it's possible that it could do whatever Dubstation does if you spent enough time with the sections and modulation modules. Sandman Pro very much looks to the future. But the thing is, I can always find something for $5-10 at PluginBoutique to qualify for the freebie. Testing new FX inspires me to come up with new musical ideas often enough that it's well worth it. YMMV I have Driveshaper, and it veers into the territory that Amplitube and others do, where it comes with a ton of presets that turn out to use other modules that you need to buy. You can filter it to show only the Driveshaper-specific ones, but then the list gets kinda short. I got Trash 2 as a freebie and I have no doubt that I will go to my grave without exhausting anything beyond a small percentage of its capacity. Ident is an Unfiltered Audio product, and as such I expect that it's quite deep and capable. I have so many distortion FX, rhythmic, bit crush, amp tone, you name it, that I can't own any more.
  3. Cakewalk'd. Audacity is often the first DAW that people start working with. In my second go-round, that was the case with me. I went as far as successfully compiling the ASIO build on my home Windows system. People who have easy, free access to music-making software and are therefore encouraged to go further with making music will spend money on a company's other products. Witness my own experience with the Meldaproduction FreeFXBundle. Years ago I downloaded the bundle and used MCompressor and MEqualizer to learn how to mix. At this point I own licenses for 56 of their plug-ins and continue to recommend them to people. The idea is that significant enough percentage of Audacity users will become MuseScore users to make the project worthwhile. As with Cakewalk, there may eventually be builds with greater integration with MuseScore and their other products. MuseScore for notation and MIDI, Audacity for audio. It's probable that Audacity will become a download option when someone buys MuseScore. My .02.
  4. Running it on 3 systems here, same BandLab user account.
  5. I wonder if their forum is now going to blow up with people freaking out that Muse may at some point make it payware. 'Cause, y'know, companies aren't in business to lose money and those "dedicated designers and developers" don't work for free.
  6. For any given value of "nice." Which is of course in the eye of the beholder. I've taken great inspiration from their no-nonsense "all go and no show" UI's, which I have modified from the stock skin and created my own color palette. However, I do think these look nice, and appropriate to these members of the "Turbo" product line, where the idea is the user will spend less time "under the hood" and rather dial it in by feel and "trust your ears." All the extra parameters Meldaproduction give the user control over in the rest of the line can end up being distracting and confusing. It brings together a couple of things that Vojtech says he doesn't really care for, sonic approximations of physical vintage hardware and skeumorphic UI's. MTurboReverble and especially MTurbodelay are really powerhouses. These new device UI's on the compressor and EQ will likely get me to use them more than I might have otherwise. Now my decision is what sub $20 item do I buy from ADSR to get the hundred+ dollar EQ? I was thinking maybe Boom for $15. Anyone use this? InMusic, I know, but that's not the plug-in's fault.
  7. I followed the link and created an account. I don't see a banner ad or anything indicating the MTurboEQ giveaway. What am I missing? (edited) What I was missing was that I needed to drop my Brave browser shields to get the ad for this to slide out.
  8. I would like to have the option to log the plug-in exceptions (assuming that this isn't already being done). I don't want to keep running buggy plug-ins, and this information would allow me to either avoid them or report the bad behavior to the plug-in developer. Also, it would be great if there could be a mode where Cakewalk pops a message indicating that a plug-in has misbehaved and allowing me to click through it and save and exit immediately or keep going if I know the issue to be benign.
  9. @Michael Fogarty, nice studio shots! I especially like the Apple subwoofer. I can't bring myself to dump mine and would love to find a way to power it up and get audio in. I also have the little spherical satellites. All sitting in a box in the basement awaiting some effort on my part. You seem to be of similar mind to me, can't have too many speakers for referencing. The tatami mats as reflection deadening really look nice.
  10. I just added a .clr color preset file to the Racing Green folder. This allows further "greening" of the theme, most notably including greater contrast for grid lines in the Track View. A corresponding change to grid lines in Piano Roll View has been added to the theme, along with blue segmented meters for MIDI tracks. The default Cakewalk colors for grid lines have always been too faint for me, so I turned them green and made them brighter.
  11. There are some plug-ins in that collection that are crazy good. Unfiltered Audio G8 CM, JST/Boz Sidewidener, OverTone PTH2A-CM, HY-FX CM, Audiorealism ADM CM are my favorites. There's also quite a treasure chest of sample packs.
  12. I consider iZotope/Exponential Audio Phoenix Stereo Reverb to be the last reverb I'll need for a long while. It goes on sale from time to time for $10. Meldaproduction MTurboReverbLE is also great (I got it in a bundle). Wait for it to come around in one of their half off sales, sign up for their newsletter, and use a referral coupon (mine is MELDA1923165) and you can get it for about €50.
  13. You may also acquire a more modern, capable, and less crash-prone ROMpler for next to nothing: AIR Music Technology XPand!2 for $9.99 at PluginBoutique.
  14. Though you tried and you tried and you try-try-try-try-try-try-tried. You can't get it back and forth, no no no. Hey hey hey.
  15. An Evans man then. My favorite heads are Aquarian. Especially the Super Kick II and coated snare batter (just the best for brushes). The built-in damping ring on the SK II makes it so I don't have to stick laundry inside the bass drum. Bass reso is an Aquarian Vintage. I use a felt strip on the bass reso head. Single chain on the DW. That's my other favorite configuration, with the round "Turbo" sprocket. I found out early on that the standard heavy double chain and standard heavy footboard don't allow fast enough rebound for me to do heel-toe doubles. Too much inertia. I think they changed the footboard in the late '90's because the stompers were breaking too many of them. The "Accelerator" sprocket is also troublesome, I think they designed it for more leverage so that the aforementioned stompers could hit harder. As you might guess from my handle, I'm a fan of jazz drumming styles, where you need to be able to "feather" your bass hits. The standard present day DW5000 with the double chain, Accelerator sprocket and heavier footboard doesn't seem to be built for that. A few years back, DW issued the 6000 series, which is a return to the earlier style, with the radius rod and no baseplate. I like the baseplate for lateral stability, so the only way I could get the combination of features I wanted was to Frankenstein it together from parts. Modern DW5000 baseplate, Delta II hinge, and goalposts for stability and adjustability, Camco footboard and strap cam for finesse. Re: tuning. I don't know what your method is, but from the start, I've relied on iDrumTune Pro. The lug tuning feature is fantastic for getting rid of unwanted overtones. The creator's philosophy of tuning tends toward more sustain and resonance, but I've found that I can go the other direction if I want to get less ring. In this way, I don't feel the need to put gels on my toms.
  16. Oh I like that idea. There are BandLab versions for Android, IOS and browser, why not a BandLab VST? I don't know if it would even need to have the full BandLab Mix Editor UI, It could do something similar to what the Cakewalk BandLab integration does.
  17. Firefox hasn't used RealPlayer in at least a decade. They too decided it was best to dump it. If you are "punishing" Firefox for having once used RealPlayer, you are fighting a battle long since won. Tip: since you are using Chromium-derived Edge, and concerned about security, I recommend Brave, which is a Chromium-derived browser oriented toward privacy, security, and speed. I've been using it as my default browser for a couple of months and like it lot. It delivers on the speed for sure.
  18. In an amazing move, Ocean Swift's entire line of synths is now freeware. If you do ambient textures and sound design, there are a couple there that will surely become go-to's. There are also a couple of more standard type synths and one that does nothing but drone. Really, nothing not to like. They are pad machines. They remind me a bit of the late great HG Fortune, if you like that stuff, you should check these out. Download them, save the installers, because who knows how long they'll keep their servers up.
  19. (Uh-oh, drum geekery. A topic I can't stay quiet about, to say the least) Nice looking kits there! Ain't it great to be able to leave it all mic'd up and ready to go? What are your rack tom diameters? They look a notch smaller than mine. I am a vintage drum nut. I'll see if I can find a presentable photo of my 1970 Slingerland New Rock (12, 13, 16, 20) outfit. Cymbals are all vintage A Zildjian save for one Sabian AA Thin Crash on the right side over the floor tom (I love my backhanded crash). Gotta have lightweight hats, I foot splash and "pssht" a lot. I bought up a few old A Zildjian sets on CL and picked out the 2 lightest. The ideal cymbal sound for me is Ed Shaughnessy. I have a small collection of vintage snares, my desert island one is (ohhhh, ohhhh) me Acrolite. Rotated in and out are a COB Gene Krupa Sound King (original to the kit), an 80's 6.5" Ludwig Rocker, and a WFL Barrett Deems (later known as the Ludwig Jazz Festival, the Ringo snare). Wrap on the Slingies is Blue Agate, the WFL is gold on black duco. Sometimes I rack up an old Rogers COB timbale to the left of my snare. This was easier when I was using my Rogers Supreme big R hi hat stand, I could mount it on that. It's fun for little latin or ska accents. Cymbal stands are flat-based DW, with a Slingerland hi-hat stand. I, too, rock the DW5000 kick pedal. Mine is a strap drive frankenpedal, started as a 2000's DW, modded with earlier DW and Camco components. Strap is Gibraltar's kevlar. Sticks are Vic Firth American Jazz AJ4's. The tips really flatter a ride cymbal. Tony: whoa, got those rack toms cranked. I tune lower. My first drum idol was Ringo, then Moon and Graeme Edge, thud tuners all. If I can get my snare to sound like the legendary "Nights in White Satin" THWACK, that's when I know I've done well. Pinstripes on the tom batters, sometimes even damping rings. Ambassador with gel on the snare. Boom we like, ring, not so much. Re-rings and vintage round-ish bearing edges on the shells help further this goal. Ed: I think your set of kick drum mics exceeds my entire mic locker. I mic mine with a single dynamic pointed at an angle to the beater impact spot (reso head intactica). I'm kinda "less is more" with my drum mic setup. Single mics pointed at batters of snare and kick, matched overheads in "Recorderman" configuration. I've tried tom tom mics and reso head mics on snare and kick, but found they are more trouble than they're worth. It turns into a Gatey Watey rabbit hole and I find myself spending twice as long mixing, to pretty much the same result.
  20. What do you mean by "pre-roll?" There is a metronome setting that allows for any number of count-in measures. It's also easy to insert empty measures at the beginning of your project using Project>Insert Time/Measures.
  21. Which means you have the only version of Cakewalk that's on the market. 😀 There are many Cakewalk users who have Scarlett 2i2's and get great results. It's a fine interface, wish I had one myself.
  22. I'm on EAP (Build 125), just like you. This is weird with a beard. There must be some condition or other that I've set that's triggering this. It's this way on both of my systems, so it has to be one of my settings. Thanks for checking it out.
  23. Did you raise it via official Cakewalk by BandLab support ticket or did you raise it in a peer support forum where the vast majority of the people reading it are powerless to address the underlying issue? This forum is not the best way to get the attention of official BandLab support. If you look at the descriptions of the forums, none of them say "official Cakewalk by BandLab support." They're forums for user discussion. Sometimes the developers chime in, but that's not guaranteed. You may, if you wish, bump it every day and continue a pointless and increasingly hostile discussion about web browsers and security settings with a bunch of people for whom it's not an issue or you can take it to those who have the power to see that it gets addressed (if it is possible to address it): https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us I will second Collin's suggestion regarding the Cakewalk Reference Guide. It's much more comprehensive. I'm not saying that the issue with the broken images shouldn't be repaired, but for your personal use, the Ref Guide is a better tool. Drawback: not context sensitive.
  24. I'm glad it sorted itself out, but it strikes me that you tried 5 different things and were on the verge of giving up without having contacted Cakewalk by BandLab support to see if they had a solution in their database. From time to time I see similar "I've tried everything to get CbB to install and I'm just going to give up" posts where the person having the distress hasn't contacted support. Is it because the program has a free license and people think that therefore there is no support? There is official free support and by all reports they are helpful and attentive.
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