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  1. Hey Jesse...yup I've installed the new 1.5 sounds and all the old ones as well. Modo won't see any of them. This is not due to IK changing the default directory path in 1.5 but to some other software problem in the new 1.5 version. Many folks are having this issue and the only solution some have found is to unauthorize, uninstall 1.5 and reinstall 1.1.3 I suppose I might take that route, but really this an issue IK needs to fix. And now it's been over two weeks and I haven't heard word one from IK except the automated response to my initial support ticket. Sheesh.
  2. Sorry for posting here but as per usual I figured several of you geniuses might know what the heck is going on. It seems that after the giant group buy thingy from IK where I got everything from them I didn't already have that the new 1.5 version of Modo Drums no longer sees your kits. From my sleuthing it looks like this is happening to many, many folks and to me as well. I've read many of the threads at IK and it seems they still don't have a working fix for the problem they created. Anybody here have this problem and found a way to fix it?? I started a ticket with IK a couple of weeks ago and have not heard a peep out of them yet.
  3. Turns out that somehow all the midi instruments in my startup template got changed to "Digital Piano" Midi Omni. And the P125 needs to have a specific midi channel and it and Cake do not like its omni setting one little bit. I can either set all the instrument channels to be set to "Digital Piano" midi channel one OR just set them all to All External Devices Midi Omni. Which I did. Good Doggie.
  4. Cake sees the piano and it's listed in the midi devices and assigned to the midi tracks of my various instruments but now if I play any notes trying to trigger a synth or drum Cake crashes. Help!!
  5. I've been trying to import a video into Cake for a forensics job and (this has happened before) no matter what format I convert the video into, when it gets into Cake the audio is super chipmunks. I know this is a sample rate mis-match and that the original rate was 1600 (!) but other similar videos import and play just fine. This is a police interrogation session and was sent to me as a .dav file. I've converted it to both MP4 and MV4...no love. I'll also try AVI. But just wondering if the brain trust here in the CH can help me out.
  6. Question... I've got about half of the synths already with my Syntronik 1...I've downloaded all the ones I didn't already have but still have many more freebies left. Are the Syntronik 2 synth versions different or enhanced than the version 1 series? Do I need to go ahead and download the eleventy jillion gigs of the v2 synths to replace my v1 synths???
  7. Hey...I know I'm very late to the party...but I own Syntronik and Syntronik 2 CS...will all these extra synths work in either or both of these??
  8. Yup...and, as per usual, it looks like I posted in the wrong forum. I meant to put this in deals. 🙂
  9. I've got Syntronik and Syntronk 2CS...anybody know if all the IK group buy synths will work with one or both of these???
  10. Thanks much John, ol pal! Turns out it was a sample rate mismatch in the advanced properties dialog. Back to running hot, straight and normal.
  11. Nope...and for what it's worth...I can't even find that dialogue. Plus all "speakers" are disabled as my monitors are controlled by my interface. I don't use the computers speakers at all.
  12. No sound at all if Cake is minimized on any other program. Have "open all devices" and "suspend audio engine when cake not in focus" checked. No love. Also, still can't load a template that contains Superior Drummer 3 or EZ Bass...haven't checked EZ Drummer as yet.
  13. Now...even though I've built a new "Default" template and loaded it in the proper folder and applied all changes, and checked on startup load the Default template...several times...Cake loads a "blank project" on startup instead of my template. When it does crash on opening...always when loading "synth data for Superior Drummer 3" the screen strobes many times between Cake's track view and the desktop before finally just hanging with the spinning blue circle until I have to shut it down. Guess I'll just get used to loading up my "Default" cwp everytime.
  14. Will try and get you a dump file if and when it happens again. This is a template I've had for years and this has never happened before. What should I change in the ExceptionHandlingSeverity and what does that do?
  15. I have a default template setup with my usual starting point of instruments and tracks for projects. Recently Cake has been crashing when trying to load Superior Drummer three during loading the Default template. If I start up in safe mode and don't load SD3 I can then load any project that does have SD3 and it loads up fine. But not from the template. I've recreated the template and saved it as cwp file and can load that so I'm still able to have a workaround but even when I re-save the cwp as a template in the proper folder Cake still crashes on startup when it hits SD3. Anyone else seeing this or can offer me a clue??
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