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  1. Just did an audible export of a HUGE project with no glitches at all. Makes me think it's a certain plugin I'm using in that glitchy project. Will investigate further.
  2. Sorry for the late reply...and thanks for all the suggestions...I've got some time this weekend to investigate...will keep you posted. (and try your suggestions) 🙂 PS: I gotta start remembering to get notified when somebody replies...I'm such a dunce.
  3. On the voiceover suite DAW I'm getting these bright red pop-ups when opening Cake that I have "12 days to sign in and activate" And even when I try to sign in I get the "invalid name or password" thingy. I've never had this...and don't have it now...on my music production DAW. What gives?? (I even tried updating Cake using the BL Assistant...no love)
  4. I finished a mix of a clients project and tried to export it to the desktop using, as I always do, audible bounce but could never get it to play more than a 1/4 way through before the program locked up and started generating loud digital hash...forcing me to ctrl/alt/delete and end Cakewalk in the the task manager. I tried replacing some more power hungry plugs...that I use all the time...to no avail. My buffers were set to 4096 which should be way more than enough headroom to handle the project. While mixing I played back the project multiple times with no issues at all...only failed when trying to export. Any clues???
  5. Yup...I tried that when it first started happening...no love.
  6. Hey Noel, ol pal...I use an Audient ID14, asio, everything set to 44.1...I'm usually buffering at 64 or 128 when tracking and 2048 or higher when mixing/mastering. And, yes, I have Cake set to share the audio device with other apps. It's a puzzler as I've never had any trouble minimizing Cake to check the news or watch a quick video before. Just started happening the other day.
  7. The plot thickens... Turns out if no project is loaded in Sonar I CAN minimize it and hear YouTube...BUT...if I load a project all non-cake audio goes away...and yes, everything (win & cake) is set to 44.1 Hmmm...
  8. Well hello fellers...I've been away for far too long. Thanks for thinking about my old self. I do miss you all and will try to get back here more often. You're much better off checking out my Bandcamp site www.doghouseriley1.bandcamp.com More later... yorolpal, Doghouse
  9. Or any other audio on any other site...what changed?? And, yes, it's me again, Margaret... DR
  10. I only do real time export on my music projects...so it was happening for me in "real time". But I agree with Noel...this is plugin problem.
  11. Tee Hee...Noel said capture a dump...( I know...I'm so juvenile). @ Bapsi...It's still just SPLAT to me:-)
  12. Yup...that's what I'm using now in both suites...the latest version ( I think)
  13. Recently I had a large project I was mixing (tons of plugs, etc...) and every time I tried to export it to the desktop SPLAT would freeze and my speakers would start squealing and the only way (or so I thought) to get it to stop was to use the task manager to end SPLAT. After several attempts I just started turning things off one at a time on the master and other busses to see if I could locate the culprit...which I did. It was Nimbus from exponential audio, a recent cheap acquirement. Nimbus replaced I had no more problem exporting the mix. Too bad as it's a nice verb...but, of course, I've got eleventy jillion others so no prob. Anyone else had problems with this little jewel??
  14. Yup...that was it. The update had set all the default Windows audio settings back and the sample rates were miss-matched...plus, and probably just as important...the "exclusive" settings were turned on which can lock the audio to a single device. I re-set the sample rates in both the EVO and Windows and un-clicked the exclusive settings and I'm running hot straight and normal again. Thanks for all the info!
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