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  1. I was going to get a second MixBox license for the voiceover suite but I'm not able to select it as another freebie. My mouse won't go to it...even the up down keys don't work...it looks like I can't pick anything I already own...is this correct???
  2. Welp...just to join in...It takes my super duper hot computer (built by Jim Roseberry) about 2 or 3 minutes to open Amp5 either standalone or in Cake. But it also takes a good bit to open Guitar Rig 6...tho not as long as Amp5.
  3. Hey...anyone know if we can gift someone our free picks?? I'd like to shoot my best bud (and phenomenal guitarist) Amp5.
  4. Well hecky dern. I hate bein right all the dang time.
  5. I'm pretty sure they are not...BUT...are the new x-gear plugin pedals available as choice for your freebies???
  6. Still not a peep from nathan@soundspot.audio Was able to actually leave a support request finally at the site and did actually get an email acknowledgement of same. But nothing from that as well. Hello darkness my old friend....
  7. Still no word from "nathan@soundspot.audio" yet...and no products...and when I try to enter my account on their site it says I'm not activated yet and to "click here" to have an activation link emailed to me...which I've done several times now but never received any emails. Plus, when you click on the customer support tab on the site you get a message saying that it's "down for maintenance until June 2nd" ????? So, I got my receipt from PayPal saying I've paid...but have no products or download instructions or links...can't get in to my account...and there's no customer support. The only thing I do have is nathan@soundspot.audio which was on my PayPal receipt. I've sent two emails to him and have only received the sound of crickets in return. Sheesh.
  8. Sound Spot is having a massive Summer Sale. I've got a couple of their plugs and find them useful. I tried to purchase two more yesterday...and think I succeeded as PayPal said the transaction went through but it was a weird buying experience. They might have been being slammed but the site was running EXTREMELY slow and just getting from page to page was taking an eternity. After paying, PayPal attempted to return me to the Sound Spot web page but I just got their blank page with a spinning "S". This went on for about 5-10 minutes (I minimized it and kept checking back). Finally I just shut it down and figured I'd get an email soon regarding purchase and download/installation instructions. It's now Monday afternoon and still no love. I've emailed Nathan but haven't heard a peep. Hope this turns out OK...but it was only $9 bucks. I'm just worried about my PayPal account. Anybody else bought anything from them during the sale??
  9. There's just a handful of their software titles I don't already have but I think I could think of 5 or 6 to get. I see that you can use jam points for your initial purchase...does this lower the value of what your freebies can be. I mean if I buy something that's $199 but use jam points...can I still get other freebies that are $199?? Curious minds want to know!!!
  10. Just did an audible export of a HUGE project with no glitches at all. Makes me think it's a certain plugin I'm using in that glitchy project. Will investigate further.
  11. Sorry for the late reply...and thanks for all the suggestions...I've got some time this weekend to investigate...will keep you posted. (and try your suggestions) 🙂 PS: I gotta start remembering to get notified when somebody replies...I'm such a dunce.
  12. On the voiceover suite DAW I'm getting these bright red pop-ups when opening Cake that I have "12 days to sign in and activate" And even when I try to sign in I get the "invalid name or password" thingy. I've never had this...and don't have it now...on my music production DAW. What gives?? (I even tried updating Cake using the BL Assistant...no love)
  13. I finished a mix of a clients project and tried to export it to the desktop using, as I always do, audible bounce but could never get it to play more than a 1/4 way through before the program locked up and started generating loud digital hash...forcing me to ctrl/alt/delete and end Cakewalk in the the task manager. I tried replacing some more power hungry plugs...that I use all the time...to no avail. My buffers were set to 4096 which should be way more than enough headroom to handle the project. While mixing I played back the project multiple times with no issues at all...only failed when trying to export. Any clues???
  14. Yup...I tried that when it first started happening...no love.
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