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  1. I just got the new MOJO 2 Horns library and loaded it on one of my external ssd drives. I registered my serial in Native Access with no problem but Native Access refuses to "locate" it no matter where I put it on any drive in my DAW. It looks like it wants to put content in C:Users\Public Documents but I have zilch in there and eleventy jillion libraries on multiple drives. Have emails in to all concerned but have only heard crickets so far. So...I'm turning to the brain trust here. Or am I???
  2. My long time gripe with power supplies is that 99 % of the time they bear no marks/info or relation to the unit they go with. So if you don't label them...and who does??... you can end up a dozen or more power supply units that you have no idea which processor they go with when you're re-arranging your studio.
  3. Agree with Jim, as per usual. But as an addition...if you want the best inexpensive, bang-for-the-buck mic check out the Aston Element. We use them here at the studio for voice over AND the occasional background sing sessions. Usually $149 but sometimes on sale for $99.
  4. I recently received an email promo from the folks at Sonible that, for me, was too good to pass up. I currently own their smart gate and smart reverb and have been mightily impressed with both. And after watching myriad videos on the other three plugs in the bundle (smart eq3, smart comp & smart limiter) I'm sold on their system and performance. The promo was: as an owner of one or more of the bundle I could purchase the plugs I didn't yet own for $39 each. Just go to my account at Sonible, put them into my cart and purchase. There was no promo/discount code in the email so I figured it would just happen automatically once I logged in. No such love. No matter how I tried adding them to my cart and no matter how far I got in the purchase process they rang up at $65 each. Dern! I removed them from my cart and sent an email to support. Since they are in Austria it took a day for a reply but then they started by asking if I owned any of the bundle plugins. Since I already gave them my email this amused me. In any case they verified that it was a valid offer but did not tell me how to avail myself of it. I emailed back stating that I indeed owned two of the plugs already (and they could check in my account...duh) so would they please send instructions on how to get the deal and purchase the remaining plugs. But so far....crickets. Anyone else take advantage of this great deal??
  5. I recently picked up a pair initially to replace my "B" monitors (Equator D-5s). My main monitors are an aging set of KRK V6 system 5s and I love them dearly. To say I was gobsmacked by the MTMs would be an understatement. Right out of the box, running flat they beat my KRKs hands down. And...after calibration with the included ARC mike and built in system they are simply amazing. How they get that much tight accurate bass response out of such small monitors is beyond me but I'm not complaining. And totally phase coherent. Wow. Highly recommended!
  6. Thanks ol pal! Yup there was a 4/4 bar stuck in there from my default template. Fixed!
  7. I started a new project today in 6/8. Opened my default template and set the time sig to 6/8 beginning at measure 1 and all the bar lines shifted accordingly. BUT the 6/8 only persists for 10 measures and then reverts back to 4/4. What gives?
  8. Once again I'm needing to mix a song that was basically done in Garage Band. This time they were able to port out both the midi tracks and audio tracks but using multiple steps as Garage Band apparently doesn't want you exporting anything. The midi tracks all imported to Cake fine and were synced to each other. And the audio tracks seemed to import fine and be synced to each other. However...they were out of sync with the midi tracks and, worse, sped up as the song progressed. The original was at 93 BPM and the tracks were cut to a click. But the audio tracks start out right at 92 BPM and speed up to almost 93 BPM by the end of the song. Anyone know what might be causing this or have any info on how best to export out of Garage Band for importation to Cake?? Thanks for any info.
  9. That's probably the reason...and thanks for the tip...as my keyboard controller is in a drawer under my workspace and I'm constantly forgetting to turn it on before firing up Cake to work on something. Then, when I need to use it to record something I turn it on and get prompted to add it back to the midi devices by Cake.
  10. Well whatever it was I did or it did...it's working again. So, there's that.
  11. Now Cake won't show the last project I was working on in the recent project pop up during scanning and loading. Is this a "Workspace" thing also???
  12. Welp...I guess I need to be hipped to "Workspace" as I have no clue what that is...although I do see that word in the upper right hand corner. This also probably explains why my default template quit working and I had to go to a regular cwt project file. What's Workspace? (EDIT...I meant, of course "cwp" file)
  13. I have a basic .cwt that is my default setup when starting a new project. But the last 6 months or so most every time I load it up all the midi tracks have been reset from All External Inputs Midi Omni or None to one of the available midi devices in the system. I have to physically change every midi track back to "None" to get them to work again. Why is this happening?? Thanks.
  14. Yup...I think most folks don't know the difference between profiling and modeling. A profile just captures a certain state of the amp/cab where a model is a complete working clone of the original amp/cab. As a profiler...Tonex is quite something. Especially at it's price point. But to me the modelers are much more useful.
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