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  1. Anyone have a $25 voucher they’d trade for a $50 voucher?
  2. Anyone want to trade their $25 voucher today for my $50 voucher?
  3. Echoing that. If anyone has one to spare please PM me.
  4. It's a great product in the first place. This will make working with it that much easier for us in Studio One.
  5. I've had this for a long time. It has some great sounds. I'd recommend taking a look at this.
  6. lawajava

    AAS Objeq Delay FREE

    Never came around to getting it before. Now’s the month to do it!
  7. Sergio - agreed. My practice as well.
  8. Lots of different ways to add different elements of character as we all know! DAW Cassette is one more. And free at the moment if you happen to have a Focusrite unit. One more way to add character, a different way, released today. Looks/sounds pretty interesting at a low price.
  9. I’ve had it for a while direct from Klevgrand. Sure it’s one more way to add artistry and character to a tone.
  10. It’s like a Venn diagram. Overlap, but different unique areas as well. Melodyne offers all its goodness (won’t go into all that, with an extra characteristic that you can readily extract MIDI from the audio. Gotta have it! Vocalign easily (very easily) allows loose or tight timing line up between multiple tracks (and now even allows some pitch and formant trickery to add enhanced variation). Super slick! Revoice Pro (like Melodyne) has a multitude of features that takes a lot of typing to highlight. And it is also ARA integrated. One easy highlight is that you can start with one track from your song, bring it up in Revoice Pro and readily generate a whole series of harmony tracks even if you haven’t sung them. And set them as loose or tight or in variation as you prefer.
  11. I’ve been using it this evening. Definitely an improvement! A noticeable step up from VocAlign Pro and easy to use in Studio One. I’m glad I have it and it’s a joy. That said, it’s not anywhere near as capable as Revoice Pro which I also have. I’ll still use that even on the song I’m working on this evening with VocAlign Ultra. Revoice Pro has more things I also find very helpful.
  12. This is stunning stuff! And the value for what you pay is off the charts.
  13. lawajava

    Sotube Heartbeat

    Yeah I’ve been watching clips on it with this special price available. When I compare it to XLN XO I feel zero pulse to get Heartbeat. It appears good if you really want to spend time sculpting a particular set of drum kit sounds. It’s missing the rhythm though!
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