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  1. Karanyi has driven me away with their confusing product versions.
  2. Was The Stutter free previously? Hm. Here I was thinking $9 almost sounds good.
  3. There actually is a Lavajava coffee chain - in Hawaii. My lawa is an abbreviation for Lake Washington - la wa, I'm on the north shore of that lake in Seattle. And of course we like java in Seattle!
  4. Bacon - now there’s an idea!
  5. So is @Grem ! older and wiser (maybe)
  6. I have some useful Vengeance tools (not speaking of Avenger) that still use the eLicenser. Well, hope for the best in the life of the USB stick.
  7. Definitely will grab it when it comes down to $29. Someday…
  8. For a while there I was thinking only interns were working on the updates. With the latest Kontakt release maybe they called the intern crew back in. I’ve had a pretty good experience with the updates over the last several months, but definitely it was rough from the time they switched over to Native Access 2.0 up to several months ago.
  9. Because it’s not over automated. It has on par sounds with those two but it’s not over complicated to select choice sounds. I have a good number of the main synth offerings out there. Spire is my first choice to reach to when adding a sound to a song. Also, the preset packs are very affordable to expand the libraries!
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