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  1. I received the survey then voucher. Purchased Bias Amp 2 Elite as a result as the price with the 50% discount plus extra survey voucher made it too tempting. After install it did not load. I did a quick Google search and there’s a top result that comes back where someone else had the same issue. He pasted the Positive Grid support response into his posting. The steps (deleting a file in a folder) were all that was needed. It worked right away for me after I did that. No reinstall or anything necessary. The sound is great! I was like “whoa! Glad I bought this!” after starting to try it out.
  2. Steven - I've had Bias FX 2 Elite for a couple days now and have been experimenting. One thing I've done is create a variety of tracks with different guitars and different pickup settings and playing styles - and then per track flipped between different amp sims and different presets and settings for some comparisons. What I'm coming away with as a fresh conclusion is that it's not as much as what does this one have that another doesn't. Each have some amazing sounds and/or presets that can apply. Without going overboard in choices (which can happen with having even one amp sim), I'm glad I have all of these amp sims - including Bias FX 2. Clicking each one on its own I get something special that I can't wait to use on a real song. Each amp sim has a wealth of excellent sounds. I do really like the Bias FX 2 clean look and ease of use and again the sounds are great. As a side note, PodFarm 2 still has some great sounds even though the UI is a few years behind the times. The kicker for me is that while I did this experimentation I've been also trying out the demo of Blue Cat Audio's Axiom. Axiom allows in its single amp sim interface to combine other effects (including other amp sims) into one effect and save it as a preset. It's super deep. I've been experimenting with blending stuff from Amplitube 4 and Bias FX 2, or with Blue Cat's amps, or with Guitar Rig or PodFarm This gets into overboard fun possibilities. That said, I've easily come up with some super high quality "wow!" sounds by being able to use more than one of these tools in one place (Axiom). It seems very handy once I have a good sound to save that as an Axiom preset and it restores all those settings in an instant when I recall it. (I'm waiting for a Blue Cat sale to actually get Axiom). Looking at keyboard sounds - I have a bunch of synths and patches to those synths. Blending those synth patches can make some killer and unexpected sounds. I think for guitars - amp sims actually can potentially used in a similar way - not as silo tools, but somewhat like synths and patches. Some really inspiring amp sounds can be achieved when you put an A channel and blend it with a B channel. In short, Bias FX 2 is a good add especially at the discount price. Not a substitute for something - an add.
  3. Piotr - I'm new to Bias FX 2 Elite. I've installed it. Sounds great. I do not see that pop up. I've selected many amps, choices. Is it a surprise pop up that occurs randomly, or are you somehow stuck in that pop up cycle, while others are not? At least for me as of now I have not encountered it.
  4. I received my code back in just a couple hours after the purchase. I guess based on their business hours.
  5. Thank you to all! I had not reviewed these before as they'd been out of price range at times I had thought about looking. This is a great deal! Especially for the FX 2 Elite which is my starting point now with Positive Grid. Great stuff!
  6. These sound pretty good. I tried a few and liked them - at that price I'm satisfied.
  7. Thanks to you all on this thread I followed a similar inquiry. My purchase date for 2.1 was Aug 3. A couple hours after my inquiry I received the serial numbers and Groove 3 code. I echo the sentiment. Very impressed and grateful! I have plenty of good will now toward iZotope as a result.
  8. This one I have had my eye on, and did grab it. But if you haven't seen the intro clip on it, it might be interesting to you: http://www.cableguys.com/shaperbox.html
  9. Michael - thanks for this. I had everything from Hollow Sun and Hideaway Studios up until the time Stephen Howell passed. Since Dan had worked closely with Stephen I had the impression the momentum sort of slowed from that point. Apparently he had kept going and adding after all! I hadn't revisited Hideaway Studios for a while, and see that Dan has put out some nice stuff over the past several years. This discount allowed me to catch up on a few items that Dan had subsequently released. They sound great, and even though they are a bargain in general, this discount put the bargain over the top. And, not to miss the point - these sound fantastic.
  10. lawajava

    Aquiver $4.95

    I've had it quite a while and used weird stuff from it as spice on occasion. I can freeze the track and not worry about CPU impact once I have something interesting to capture and incorporate in a song. It's odd but somewhat interesting.
  11. The message was in my junk mail. I never would have seen it without this post. Thanks for pointing this out! Got it installed / updated now.
  12. Just reiterating - for anyone who has a passing interest in the MKII Phaser - once you hear it you'll hear the vibe of some of Led Zeppelin's songs / techniques. It's interesting!
  13. Yeah, it was automatic. About the Phaser - the YouTube tutorial on it demonstrates how the original hardware version of that effect was an element of the Led Zeppelin sound. It's a nice add!
  14. On the favorite recent discount topic there were many. But favorite for me this summer was the Vengeance sale. One example was that normally the Avenger expansion packs are around $70 each. With the short-term 50% off sale, those became affordable. But Sweetwater had 5 packs that were already at a bundle price as a discount, and at 50% off, the expansion packs became ridiculously affordable so I picked up 10. But that just pulled me into looking more at the Vengeance products I didn't have yet, and there were several that I am super glad I could get due to that sale.
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