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  1. I know it sounds like heresy, but I experimented and have for a while now been using the UJAM drums for recording my e-drum MIDI performances. It sounds great, and is plug and play. And I'm able to make easy adjustments to the sounds. I'd been using other drum synths, but found that UJAM's drums actually work really well to capture live drum performances and sound great while tracking. Then, to top it off, the mixing after the fact is straightforward, lots of different kit and piece sounds, and as needed I can drag and drop in different patterns as additional ideas. Going for the virtual bass 2.0 packs are an easy decision for me. I've already been using the 1.0, now with drag and drop MIDI that's a big plus.
  2. At that price, I give. Thanks Larry! Also, because it is at that price with the code (which worked for me and puts the price at $48), I checked out some YouTubes on the sounds from it. Has some nice presets.
  3. Thanks Matthew for your early tests with it. I downloaded the demo last night and threw together a new song in about an hour using it in Studio One. I have Orb Composer as well. This is easier. Limited, but easier. And convenient. I also have other similar tools. Seems like a helpful add. It was pretty fast and fun to put something together that sounded good. The interface is kind of fun. I didn't need the manual to get rolling with it. I'm glad they made it! I pushed the buy button this evening.
  4. I’m fond of spring reverbs and I have these as well as others. I was thinking at this price I might be inclined to add it. Listening to the Eventide walk through demo of this one, however, I didn’t hear anything I liked. A lot of setting variables to be sure. I didn’t hear anything that interests me. So an easy pass. I have several Eventide plugins and like them all especially Blackhole.
  5. I bought the Orbit for $2. Thanks Larry! I went through the first couple of modules of the training. I think it’s going to be good material - things I’ve wanted confirmed or more insight into. Very glad I have this training available.
  6. These are fantastic headphones. I feel I get a very accurate sound that translates well to speakers/monitors. They are also very comfortable with no pressure on the ears. I can wear them for hours with no ear fatigue. I can’t speak to whether this site and price are trustworthy, but the headphones are.
  7. There was a special in Aug to get the Legacy collection which I happened to get. To get the Triton addition, I used the link which has been provided earlier (on the first page of this thread): https://korg.shop/software/korg-collection-series/upgrade-products.html That got me to start putting the item (for $149) into the cart. I then had to go into Korg ID, which is located at: https://id.korg.com/users/sign_in I used the email and pw I had from when I registered the legacy Korg collection to get into that Korg ID site. Once in there I was presented right away with the individual discount code that you use in the shopping cart to enable the successful Triton order at $149. Straightforward from that point. But agreed, one of the more confusing paths to obtaining a product.
  8. I received 15%. But I guess I can try again tomorrow!
  9. I have had a really good experience monkeying around with Blue Cat Axiom since I picked it up in the Winter Sale. Actually, I picked up the Axe Pack which includes Axiom. This morning I had Positive Grid Bias FX2 in the right amp slot and Positive Grid Bias Amp 2 in the left slot, with Late Replies and Fabfilter stuff in various slots. It sounded absolutely terrific. I could change settings of course. And save various combinations of settings as presets in Blue Cat Axiom. The preset recall was quick when loading all that stuff back up. A real remarkable tool to have available. With the current (and recent) Positive Grid sales I was able to get those tools (which sound super and are very easy to get good sounds from). With the Blue Cat Winter Sale I was able to add Blue Cat to my bag of tricks for the first time. Blue Cat allows you to combine any of that stuff together. The potential is easily realized by just experimenting around. It's fantastic.
  10. Me too. I keep checking. Nothin' yet...
  11. What I see huge value in is the Axe Pack - with this Winter discount - as it contains Axiom, Re-Guitar, Late Replies, and Patchwork all in one go. Each one of them have great points. Axiom, Late Replies, and Patchwork all have that special capability of being able to bring together non Blue Cat tools and plugins so that you can capture a combined sound from different vendors that can be easily recalled as a preset. Axiom and Late Replies are already loaded with great features and presets of their own. So many tools can be assembled and layered together. I've been using it in demo mode and have been really impressed. And it's intuitive.
  12. I'd been in demo mode with Axiom since around Black Friday time and experimenting with it quite a bit. It is great! I've also been wanting the stand-alone of Re-Guitar and Late Replies so I'm glad I finally have them now. Patchwork is becoming apparent to me as super useful. For example, I've looked at some recent tools from Audified which are like channel strips for specific purposes like acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, vocals. With Patchwork I can replicate those ideas (saved as presets), and also have the flexibility to move around and add various other effects as needed - and save as a preset for a recall on another song. For example, if I get a really good vocal chain for my voice I could use my DAW's tool for creating an effects chain (Studio One in my case). Or, with Patchwork, I can do it that way perhaps with more flexibility and with an enhanced method for saving presets. Overall, this particular pack is pretty powerful. I actually use other amp sims and have great sounds from them. I really like the idea of being able to combine those with any other effect, or even any other amp sim in this Axiom platform - and to save a good one as a preset.
  13. Axe Pack - that's the one I've been waiting for through all of this Black Friday / end of year sales period. Thanks!
  14. Piotr - I actually contacted support about the issue sort of to investigate your issue. The answer that came back: try starting your DAW as Run as Administrator. How about trying that?
  15. Piotr - have you connected with their support? I don’t see that at all. Logged in once. Never asked again no matter how many instances or tracks I’m using it on. Understand that would be awful. But not seeing it here - so seems specific as an issue for your install.
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