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  1. I’ve been using the AMEK plugins since they were on steep discount a while back and I picked them up. They are really good.
  2. Appears to me like they are in a hot air balloon and they are throwing out discounts like sandbags.
  3. In addition to the above-mentioned Dopamine I use Echoson on some tracks with nice results
  4. I am a shoe in to buy Kontakt 7 when that is offered.
  5. lawajava

    PA - SPL PQ

    Agreed. If it’s from PA the more knobs the better.
  6. Bump on this one as the sale ends Oct 2. ($199 instead of $299). Augmented Orchestra is really pretty great. if you haven’t listened to a clip on it yet this is a reminder. Some presets: And for a tour Venus Theory has one:
  7. I agree! I use a combination of many of the UJAM virtual drummers and EZDrummer 3. The sound from the UJAM drums, whichever one I pick for a song, always works and sounds great.
  8. Wiping a tear. Missing cclarry !
  9. I always used Gulfoss within Ozone in the stand-alone version as part of the final icing. Puzzling why they did not continue the stand-alone.
  10. Bapu - you beat me to it but I’m close behind on this one.
  11. I just thought of my new workaround for not having a stand-alone. Still export my song file. Have another song file with nothing in it except Ozone. Then bring in the exported file. Amounts to the same thing. Why not just have Ozone in the original file? I suppose that’s fine for lots of producers - unless the song file is chock full of effects that are pretty much maxing out the CPU. (That’s a description of my usual song file situation at the final mix point.) Having Ozone separate allows for a final mastering cycle with no CPU considerations. That’s why for me anyway. Also, I’m going to write iZotope with an objection to their decision.
  12. I installed Ozone 10 Advanced this morning - first thing I looked for is the stand-alone app. Re-installed trying to see if I missed a step. Then came here to see if others had the same issue. I can't believe it. The stand-alone was the natural place for it in the process for me anyway. Bummer. I like what they have updated for version 10, but this one aspect is very disappointing.
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