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  1. Yes, around the end of the year it has the biggest one (after Black Friday). I think it's great!
  2. I've always enjoyed the Pet Shop Boys so this is a pleasant surprise.
  3. The Studio One chord track feature seems like a win!
  4. For anyone who has PodFarm and can only use it when connected to a Line 6 audio interface, this is a good chance to get the iLok version. In my case I had some older songs that used PodFarm and they still sound great. Very nice to be able to freely use PodFarm. It still has some great sounds.
  5. Yes, all working after the upgrade. I had both Excalibur and Phoenix. They are both still working, as is Nimbus.
  6. $36 to go from 10 to 10.5 for Pro. I guess that's worth it!
  7. Thanks all. I thought with several hundred reverbs I had enough. Maybe at this price one more. Breaks my motto of "I will never, ever, ever buy another compressor! Or reverb or EQ..."
  8. This goes under my “cat wait!” category. Oops, typo, meant “Can’t Wait!!!”
  9. To top it off - now someone has worked with Skippy to enable this synth to work really well in Plugin Guru’s Unify. Last Saturday’s Plugin Guru Livestream went covered this new capability. Sounds nice! See page 2 of this thread for more info on the combo:
  10. Super cool! $20 for a year of Groove3. Nothing else included in the bundles interests me at all, but that price for a year with Groove3 included is a no brainer.
  11. lawajava

    New PA $20 Voucher

    You want the ChannelX - brings them all together. All of them combined can effect the sound really nicely.
  12. lawajava

    ChordPotion 2

    In that case Fleer wouldn’t have to wait all the way to No 9
  13. If you don’t already have it this is quite good and a great deal!
  14. lawajava

    Output Thermal

    Precious $$$ saved!
  15. lawajava

    XLN Summer Sale

    I’m an XO fan!
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