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  1. I have two of them - both used by me a lot during the time I used Sonar. Now just decoration and paper weights since so many sounds are available through software. But I did use the JV-1080 on many of my previous songs. oh, agreed the TX816 as a free addition with Unify is welcome indeed. Sounded great in the demo on Sat.
  2. I have the Model 5000. I can’t say I’m an expert in comparing it with other possibilities. But on the few songs where I used it I ended leaving it in the places I put it because I liked what it was doing.
  3. 14TB and a lotta lost data…
  4. You can add your own mappings as usual. The Art Conductor set (all of these) are neatly grouped under their menu under Sound Variations.
  5. This group (Babylonwaves) has been working on mappings of articulations for years. For one purchase of about $97 - Version 8 just released - you get Sound Variations in Studio One 5+ mapped for more than 600 libraries or instruments. A whole package of 600+ library articulations specifically mapped to Studio One 5+ Sound Variations. So instead of manually typing in these mappings you can get all of these in one quick install. It’s pretty cool! Time is money - so it’s a fantastic deal even if not on discount. Example software and instruments are too many to list. Okay, here’s one. The Orange tree libraries - all of those guitars and their many articulations. All wired up and ready to go in Studio One. The list goes on and on - Heavyocity, Spitfire, Native Instruments… https://www.babylonwaves.com/studio-one/ If you click on the 9,000 Templates link on that page you get the full list of the many products it has included. Admittedly it leans very much into orchestral libraries but it also covers a good number of non-orchestral products - like guitar libraries and some key libraries. Forgot to mention they strive hard to make this as easy to use as possible. One thing to point out is that visiting the Babylonwaves site on first visit asks you to accept cookies just to see their website. It’s well worth the visit.
  6. I hope there’s a long tail to the phase out. In other words if you have a VST 2 for an old product I hope that works in hosts outside of Steinberg for far more than the two year horizon they suggest. It could be a big cost for us if we have to pay the active software developers for a VST 3 only upgrade. Of course they need to cover their nickel, but added up across a lot of products for us could be tragic.
  7. I have the other Mosaics so I can anticipate I’ll like this one as well. Heavyocity is pretty consistent with coming up with interesting and quality sound tools.
  8. Saw this in the summer on a visit in Maui. (Sorry, digressing from the skull conversation).
  9. I once bought a pack of 3,000 Serum presets from ADSR for like $9. I poked around a little in the pack but came away very unenthused. Perhaps jumbo packs without having a chance to listen to examples may be dicey.
  10. I appreciate what they are doing and feel glad to support them - but when they change the price to $9 which is usually fairly quick.
  11. Yeah, I grabbed a boatload as well.
  12. Finally had a chance to check the link and start listening to the long list of demos. This discount offer is a treasure trove!
  13. Melodyne Essentials included in DAWs led me to Melodyne Studio.
  14. Are they junk? I might be able to afford these if they are solid offerings..
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