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  1. this is my suggestion from the $29 list (I am using Leapwing stuff and am very pleased): Ultravox https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/54-Vocal-Processing/8354-UltraVox Various YouTube clips cover it.
  2. I keep reading the title as Healing Bowels.
  3. Just watched Eli Krantzberg’s Groove 3 explanation of each of the UJAM instrument types. Unlocked many mysteries. Well worth taking in if using UJAM items.
  4. If you snooze you lose! I went back to ponder it. Deal is gone already. Bummer!
  5. I've recently discovered I like Leapwing plugins. DynOne lives up to its promise.
  6. Just a thought. If you happen to have a UVI May voucher (which only works if you buy $99 or more), it is possible to combine the Kawai Vintage Legacy (still at $89 for just a bit more time) and one of the flash sale effects (at $29) and get the voucher to work. It is a chance to sweeten the pot across all three (the voucher, the Kawai Legacy, and one of those effects on steep discount).
  7. “It’s Worth Believin’”
  8. Wish I could use it on the new UVI Kawai release, but nope.
  9. When I feel like I want to “listen to something and relax” he’s my often pulled up playlist. His music and songs soothe my nerves. I’ve liked him since the 70s. Lots of groups have come and gone from my listening enjoyment. I still listen to him. He’s had staying power.
  10. I don't have enough time or funds to absorb another synth. But I admit this sounds pretty great. I can't afford to swing it and will let it go by. But I do tip my hat to a good sound.
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