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  1. The Soothe 2 sale is on now - just for a couple days.
  2. I’ve had Captain Chords since 1.0. Frequent updates, always getting better. Sounds musical, as in music I would like to hear. Easy to use. Easy to work with in the DAW. Never been requested since the beginning to ever pay for an update. A long list of very helpful and clear support YouTubes. Examples of using it with creating real songs. Oh, I also have Orb and the others. Can’t say the same about them.
  3. It’s a good deal and quite powerful. Lots of creativity possible from it. The supporting material, like YouTube explanations, are pretty haphazard. It’s intuitive enough to get how it works by clicking around. As mentioned, there are alternatives that equal or have similar capabilities to what it offers. If you look at those you might evaluate which one suits your preference.
  4. Some very positive and illustrative reviews of the Tonespot series in here (and also MixChecker) https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUgBsRWKssve3NNSIMeRVGk7mBzlC3Vxk
  5. Done! Did just as you spelled it out Larry. Thanks!
  6. lawajava

    Black Friday Help

    Bump! This post was 12 pages deep when I searched for it this morning. I think Larry's fingers are about to fall off after posting all the deals he's been finding this last week or two leading into Black Friday. Super THANKS to the King!!! Larry, you're outdoing yourself!
  7. This is a deal no matter how you slice it! Hadn’t even looked at these before. All that for around $9?
  8. Their plugins sound good to my ear. Goliath has been a secret sauce helper on some recent songs I’ve worked on. Thinking about their latest one. Not yet compelled on it although their other plugs are quite good.
  9. Agreed the interface is very stylistic, but doesn’t appeal. Regardless, great functionality and easy to get results quickly.
  10. DeCoda is a handy tool. If you hear some song and you wonder what the progression is you can get an answer quickly with this.
  11. lawajava

    Izotope Ozone Sale

    I have a hunch Music Production Suite 4 Advanced will include Ozone 10 Advanced. Loyal iZotope customers who have bought into Music Production Suite 4 will get $50 off full price to get the Advanced version, which will be at a goodly higher intro price than now. Maybe I’m being cynical.
  12. lawajava

    Izotope Ozone Sale

    That’s very possible!
  13. Carbon Electra is a good mention. Has some very compelling sounds not available elsewhere.
  14. New Zealand for one place.
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