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  1. I’ve been using this on all my songs when mixing. I like what it does as I apply it.
  2. lawajava

    FabFilter incoming

    I struggled to use Timeless 2. This one is a home run. I may largely phase out using any of my other delays and now primarily use Timeless 3.
  3. I’ll be looking at it Simeon. Went through other YTs on it yesterday and was not inclined to like it based on those. At least for my purposes, which is songs (not movie soundtracks).
  4. Simeon - I'm looking forward to your tour through. I have the other Mosaic libraries and they are great. I listened to a couple of the Heavyocity YouTube clips on this new Pluck library and so far I'm very hesitant to consider this one. When I think plucks, I think pop music, or EDM dance music. The clips I've seen from Heavyocity so far seem to emphasize using this library for slow, creepy horror movie background music.
  5. Seems with each of these recent updates that Blue Cat is especially focusing on multi core processing - which is great!
  6. lawajava


    I have several of his items and had downloaded his YouTube videos demonstrating them.
  7. It’s always a deal! So much value and fun.
  8. would assume so! But for now it’s priced reasonably. Looks good!
  9. It reads as an All Access user message. I’m not an All Access customer. I get these messages as well and have been downloading these free sample packs as they get released. Not complaining!
  10. As I recall existing customers get a bit more discount added on top of that by an email to the blue cat customer base. I think they do this as a pattern just once a year.
  11. Example end of year discount: https://rekkerd.org/blue-cat-audio-updates-free-plugins-and-launches-40-off-sale/
  12. Buy one product from Blue Cat. Get on their mailing list as a customer. End of year, generally just once a year, they offer customers a generous discount. They have some great products. I use them a lot.
  13. Shining example of Larry!
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