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  1. While logged in I just put it in my cart. It was discounted to $0. It’s a new purchase, not a .5 update download from your previous purchase.
  2. I had that happen. As I had Zero Downtime and a spare new iLok dongle in a drawer I was back up and running right away. A week or so later I received another new blank iLok dongle in the mail from PACE. Which I put in the drawer in case I ever have an incident with my now current dongle.
  3. @heath row yes that option is what allows you to refresh the list of your licenses with the backup system.
  4. Starship Krupa’s recovery saga seems to be going quite well! But look at all the steps and dependencies. I have many more licenses than the 20 or so from this scenario. With more licenses involved the zero downtime concept becomes a no brainer.
  5. I have the zero downtime. I did have an iLok dongle go bad at one point. I had a spare new iLok in a drawer. I was up and running quickly because of the zero downtime. I have a lot of licenses on iLok. I couldn’t imagine having to track down all those. The zero downtime is the only way that makes sense for my case. It’s a small annual charge. As long as on the topic, I had a hard disk crash once as well that wiped out everything. Glad I had Acronis backing everything up. I restored from that backup with no issues once I bought a new hard drive.
  6. I have a Waves USB (serves as a dongle) and an iLok dongle - both for my laptop. Happy camper. Years ago I had a similar experience with Waves when turning off my wireless card or some such thing because I was trying to eliminate crackles and pops and there were suggestions to turn off the wireless card. When I did so I messed up my Waves licenses on my machine. Learned at that time if I added a USB drive and associated my Waves licenses to that I would not have an issue with doing anything to my PC (such as the wireless card) or changing my PC altogether. Just seemed prudent. Never looked back. By the way, I’ve had great support anytime I’ve needed it from Waves. I remember in that incident they worked with me to get things back and running.
  7. Zo - I just export a MIDI clip from Studio One (to a Midi Exports folder) in my Sudio One song folder. Then import the Midi into Toontrack. Slightly extra step but still quick.
  8. This is the pretty interesting clip I was referring to above.
  9. I just watched a YouTube clip that indicated (I think) that is possible. To import tabs and start editing them. I was just fooling around on the AmpleSound site testing putting items in the cart. It seemed adding more than one bass and then even adding a guitar to the cart kept making the price more attractive. The more you buy the more you save kind of thing.
  10. The Mega Pak came out to $135.00 with extra discount applied. That's 34 midi drum packs for $135.00 - about $4.00 a piece. With the Blue Bass midi pack added that works with EZBass the total comes out to $144.00
  11. That suggests this deal is very attractive since Toontrack Midi packs even on sale are far more per pack than this.
  12. Saturator truly is nice. Using it quite a bit.
  13. This clip demos how to add Groove Monkee midi to EZDrummer 3. And points out Groove Monkee has a 50% sale on until May 16. For example they list their whole collection pack on sale for $150.00 - which contains 34 Midi packs. And in this clip he has a link for a one-time discount code that can be added on top of that discount price. He doesn’t specify how much that discount is but usually those are 10%. Here’s his clip: And here’s the Groove Monkee pricing (without following his one-time code link). https://groovemonkee.com I have just come across this. Thinking I might go for it. I might also look for the EZBass pack he mentions.
  14. Regular price is $199. 50% Off sale at Native Instruments for a limited time. It’s included of course in Komplete 13. I have a prior version of Komplete. When I put Guitar Rig 6 Pro in the cart my price was reduced to $49 or so. The sale on this is advertised on the Native Instruments home page. I thought $49 made Guitar Rig Pro 6 compelling.
  15. Have any of you checked the Dream Pop kit in EZD3 ? I did. It looks beautiful! Nicely done!
  16. Looks like it almost has enough knobs to satisfy.
  17. I was entertained by Rikk. And the intro to the features was well organized. Great features!
  18. Interesting. I have no updates in UVI Portal - but have had some updates in preceding weeks. Maybe they just reached a state of completion overall..
  19. I have been completely befuddled by all things Korg installer related. This is more befuddlement. More than I am inclined to absorb.
  20. Not related to this EQ but… this past weekend I added the PSP Saturator to an acoustic guitar. It really sounds good! PSP does make some quality effects.
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