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  1. If they r going subscribtion they should at least give 3 months free trail to all , and one year free sub who got 200 plugins , along with backward compatibility, i don't think they had thst feature
  2. https://hackmusictheory.com/latest Lydian Melody free for 24 hr
  3. satya

    Mixbus V8 for 19

    Then why not buy 32C V9 for 149 Link Use code 32CV9-CG-32023 during checkout
  4. satya

    Mixbus V8 for 19

    Link Get Mixbus v8 Includes 19 pre-installed ACE plugins! Just $19 Save 85% (Limited Time Offer) New in V8 Clip Launching Bundled Content The Cue Grid EQ and Sends Hiding Mixer Scenes Improved Stems / Bouncing More Ripple Editing Modes Improved MIDI Editing The "Test Session"
  5. Fleer taking likes being sweet . That's ILLEGAL Bro
  6. https://www.zinio.com/gb/computer-music-m3730
  7. https://www.rolandcloud.com/news/introducing-the-new-and-improved-zenology For a start, there are now 500 additional presets, while the refined user interface promises a new structure view, click-and-drag resizing, visual feedback and more. Zenology Pro’s rather dated-looking and inflexible GUI was one of the things we criticised in our review, so here’s hoping that this redesign will help to improve the software’s workflow. Other enhancements include a fully integrated browser view and a new reverb section with eight distinct algorithms. https://www.musicradar.com/news/roland-zenology-pro-2
  8. https://www.musicradar.com/news/issue-320-of-computer-music-is-on-sale-now
  9. HERES THE COUPON CODE U GET mqepnhzt if anyone not interested in filling form
  10. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/25-Spectral-Analysis/9301-VISION-4X USE CODE - Sanjay4X Code Expires in one week Features 4 real-time, high-definition visual analysers Customisable and resizeable layout 10 Colour Maps designed for maximum information density Customisable Frequency Range and dB Range for spectral analysis Freeze Display and Zoom-In functionality provides even deeper visualisation Focus the colour map on specific frequencies with Map Curve/Tone Bias Sync the analysis timeframe to your DAW 2 Display Modes - Continuous visualisation or Overlay for visualisation that loops a timeframe and redraws the analysis. MIDI retriggering - Restarts the analysis whenever a MIDI signal is received Information Bar shows pitch, note, dB and timing information on hover (A3 +7ct, -3.2db, bar 2.1.1) Stereo/Left/Right/Mid/Side modes Presets designed by Noisia Help Text M1 Native Standalone mode Spectrogram High definition visualiser designed with enhanced low-end resolution 3 FFT sizes for Transient, Harmonic and All-round analysis Freeze, Zoom, Scroll functionality Customisable Frequency Range and db Range Bar Graph Reference curves made by Noisia (including average and maximum values) Spectrum Highlight shows sustained and resonant frequencies Adjustable Bar Number (from 4 bars to a Line graph) Peak dB values with adjustable Peak Hold time. Freeze, Zoom, Scroll functionality Waveform Detailed waveform analysis Frequency detection with pitch colour mapping Overshoot highlighting above 0dB VU and RMS meters Phase Correlation Meter Stereo width and phase alignment metering Gain Highlight
  11. satya

    Yum Audio Grater

    https://yum-audio.com/TheGrater Extra 5 percent off - Use code SANJAY35
  12. satya

    Beatskillz Bolly X

    https://www.beatskillz.com/shop/bollyx/ Use code - BOLLYBEAT for 10% off Regular price - 99 Get for 44 50 Kits and 50 Patterns included Drag and drop your own samples 32 Step Sequencer Multiout Save your own kits / patterns Built-in EQ, Compressor and Reverb Library Relocate Vol, Pitch, Pan, Release, Reverse, Low pass / High pass Filters, Sample Trim per Pad All sounds / patterns designed by GAURAV DAYAL and SENTURY STATUS
  13. N i nab at at last moment
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