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  1. https://www.discodsp.com/obxd/ Customers who purchased OB-Xd 2.14 after November 1st receive a free license update to 3.0. Others can upgrade for just $9.99 in the Members Area. 3.0 Linux build will be available soon
  2. Check out the deal: KickDrum (50% off during launch sale – €22) And OScope is (FREE) https://audija.com/plugins https://bedroomproducersblog.com/2023/11/30/audja-oscope/
  3. but this is a Relic , a collectors item
  4. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/relic-waves/id6472637691 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nightradio.relicwaves Alexander Zolotov has released Relic Waves, a lo-fi sound generator, available for $1.99 (iOS) and $1.59 (Android). Four billion unique lo-fi pads and effects from the depths of the Mathematical Universe. +AU Relic Waves is a generator of Lo-Fi noises, pads and effects based on unique synthesis algorithms from NightRadio. More than 4 billion samples from the depths of the Mathematical Universe!
  5. Only those who purchased Icarus2 through our own website (www.tone2.com) after November the 1st 2023 will get the upgrade to Icarus3 for free. The upgrade will not be free for licenses purchased from 3rd party resellers or those who got Icarus1 for free with CM magazine . -FROM KVR
  6. U know too much insider information
  7. https://www.psytranceplugins.com/samplurFX.htm VST And AU
  8. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/life-field-recorder/id1617249527 Desktop heavy hitters XLN Audio have released their first iOS app, Life Field Recorder, available as a FREE download. Capture moments from your life on the go with the Life Field Recorder that instantly syncs recorded audio to the Life by XLN Audio Plugin (sold separately). It's a companion app
  9. Punk Labs have released OneTrick Urchin, a hybrid drum synth, available for $79.00. https://punklabs.com/ot-urchin OneTrick Urchin is a hybrid drum synth that models the gritty lo-fi sound of beats from vintage records without sampling. It takes spectral and physically modeled drums, running them through simulated studio reverb, a vinyl or tape player, and finally a digital sampler. The result is a fat and saturated drum machine that creates a vibe of sampling with the control of a synthesizer. OneTrick Urchin is available to PC, Mac and Linux users (VST3, AU and CLAP).
  10. Also Zampler expansion Viral Injection is free inside . Mag is now available for subscribers
  11. MIDI Klowd have released Urban Funk, available as a FREE download. https://midiklowd.com/nu-soul-rnb-sample-packs Urban Funk marries the soulful groove of the 70s with the timeless beats of classic RnB. Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of yesteryear’s charm and nostalgic vibrancy with 22 meticulously crafted Construction Kits comprising a grand total of 161 loops and phrases.
  12. Pluginomat are offering 70% off Audioblast’s Breadslicer Pro, a creative glitch random effect, now only $29.00, (usually $99.00) available for €99.00. The offer emds December 4th. https://pluginomat.com/product/breadslicer-pro-by-audio-blast/ When Breadslicer Pro is active on any track as an effect or even on a return track, it takes the audio input signal in real time, record it, cut it on slices as set with the fader “Slice Size” and rearrange the slices play order synchronized on tempo with effects randomly added on triggered slices by our random algorithm.
  13. satya

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    Have a great trip larry
  14. Are really all sales over 🥺
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