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  1. If you stick to default track names (Track 1 etc) which I sometimes do early in a project, if I reorder the tracks then the names change to reflect the track position. Is there any way to stop this happening?
  2. Thanks the video was a big help. It's still a bit more complicated when you are not working with partial overdubs but I'm getting there!
  3. Hello again. So I spent some time trying to use the comping feature. Can I ask your advice on one specific difficulty I am having. Let's say I record a first take of the whole performance. It's all fine except for one mistake part way through the take. So I record a second take which starts a few bars before the mistake and ends a few bars after the mistake. I then choose exactly where I want to changeover to the second take and where I want to revert back to the original take. On T2, it's fairly easy to use the isolate function and drag to make the time selection of the part of T2 I want to use. However now (I think!) I need to use the isolate and drag function on T1 from time zero to exactly the same time index as the start of isolate for T2. This is not easy! Is there a better way to do this and perhaps a Cakewalk video which shows how to do it?
  4. Thanks for the further info. Really helpful. I tried comping but I found the editing and crossfading of the clips more difficult than working with separate tracks. This might be lack of practice on my part so I'll have another going with the comping facility. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks! Yes I wanted the Bus FX and Automation switched out so that worked just fine. What do you use the source category of tracks for? You seem to get an exact copy of what you already have?
  6. I am struggling to get the bounce to tracks working as I want. I have four mono bass guitar tracks which together make up the entire bass performance. I used fader automation to decide which parts of which track I want. I tried the following settings: Destination: New Track Channel Format: Mono Source Category: Tracks (with the four desired tracks ticked) Mix and Render: set as defaults When I press okay, the result is four new tracks with exactly the same audio as the four source tracks. I don't get a mix of the four tracks down to one new track as expected. What am I doing wrong?
  7. I'm using Session Drummer 3 with Cakewalk's Step Sequencer. When I create a new instance of Session Drummer 3 and open Step Sequencer it always defaults to a limited number of rows which I then have to edit to get the drums sounds I want to work with. Is there anyway to store a Step Sequencer template so the rows I want to work can be recalled quickly?
  8. Yes that makes sense. I was logged out from my BL account for many months.
  9. I just installed the latest Build 13 and on starting Cakewalk I'm getting the old 'Activation required' request. This takes you to the Bandlab login. After a couple of attempts I was able to get logged in to my Bandlab account and reactivate Cakewalk. So far this seems to have stopped the message reappearing but I will keep testing.
  10. I have tested the cached Routing and track/bus ordering with AZ Controller and a large compliment of physical I/O Ports. It seems to be working correctly as per the interim release which you provide to me in March for testing. Thanks for taking care of this.
  11. Hi Mark, yes that works but it's a bit clunky. Anyway to make that into a macro so I can do it as a single keyboard shortcut?
  12. I tried this: Ctrl+Shift+Page Down takes you to the next marker Ctrl+Shift+Page Up takes you to the previous marker I'm looking for a keyboard shortcut to take me to the first marker in the project timeline. Anyway to do this?
  13. Does anyone know if there is a way to make a keyboard shortcut which would take you to the first marker in a project's timeline?
  14. I add my vote to having some way to have longer faders.
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