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  1. Another good one, sounds great!
  2. That's a pretty wild track, great playing! I think it's interesting enough as an instrumental.
  3. Great stuff, fun song. A lot of changes in there, very cool.
  4. KSband

    -track 3

    Another great one! Dig the horns and arrangement. Very nice bluesy guitar too, like the sound you're getting there.
  5. Great stuff, nice arrangement, liked all the details in there.
  6. KSband

    Man Alive

    Good song, I enjoyed the listen.
  7. Good sounding song as is.
  8. KSband


    It's a beautiful track!
  9. Sounds fantastic, fiddle is great, guitar playing is great!
  10. KSband


    I'm going to do the trial download and check it out. I've been wanting the EZ keys too.
  11. KSband


    It's a cool song. Was the piano the midi guitar? Jam Origin, how do you like it? I found the transition from the distorted guitar back to piano kind of jarring, maybe that's what you were going for.
  12. That's quite an ambitious song, a bit of Bohemian Rhapsody in there. Is that you playing piano? It's really good.
  13. Yes really nice. I love the sound of the backing vocals when they come in.
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