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  1. Fun tune I like it, great playing!
  2. Wow, this is so good. Great lyrics, fun groove with lots of things going on, great work!
  3. KSband

    Bump it up

    @hsmusic and @Wookiee thank you very much!
  4. KSband

    Sentimental Mind

    Nice smooth song, mix sounds good.
  5. KSband

    Bump it up

    Thanks very much @Makke and @Bajan Blue!
  6. KSband

    Bump it up

    Thanks @jack c. and @Old Joad appreciate the listen and comments!
  7. KSband

    Shiny Thangs

    Crazy song man, interesting sounds going on, cool.
  8. Nice job, great tone on your strat. I love my whammy too!
  9. KSband

    Bump it up

    Latest original track of fusion featuring my tenor and soprano saxes, es135 guitar with Biasfx2 and Fishman midi guitar.
  10. I had a hard time choosing between AD and EZ but went with EZ3. I really like it, it is quite easy to make a track super quick and very easy to edit the play to what I want, I usually change the kick pattern to suit.
  11. Jeez, what a cool track, brilliant stuff.
  12. Thanks so much for the comments @Wookieeand @Ross Smithe!
  13. Beautiful music and pictures, you are a talented guy! You should be doing soundtracks for Hollywood.
  14. Very nice, she has a beautiful voice.
  15. KSband

    T-here t' T-here

    I used to jam with a guy in the late 70's that had a Moog (I think) it had a bunch of sliders. It amazed me that he could do a repeatable sound on it, he was a weird dude and didn't seem super smart. Turns out he became a professor of theoretical math and I'm the simple one.
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