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  1. Nice song, I like the strings on the chorus.
  2. KSband


    It sounds good man, nice.
  3. Cool, quite a complicated arrangement, must have been a lot of work.
  4. KSband


    Sounds good Mark, I was wondering how the Biasfx worked out for you. I doubt I could capture my real amps as well, the plugins are just so easy to get great tones out of. The mix is pretty good but I found myself wanting to turn up the distorted guitar just a bit, it feels like it should be in front a little.
  5. KSband

    Bad Credit

    Catchy song and clever lyrics.
  6. Wow that is very impressive good work there. All the orchestra sounds are very authentic and a cool arrangement too.
  7. Very nice song! Beautiful arrangement, good work man.
  8. KSband

    Time to Fly

    Great metal guitar work!
  9. KSband

    Relax Already

    Thanks Wookie and Jim!
  10. KSband

    Relax Already

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments!
  11. KSband

    Relax Already

    Thanks, yes there is an improv in the middle.
  12. Nice groove man.
  13. KSband

    Relax Already

    New original using my Eastar soprano sax recorded with a AT4033 and Shure 57, midi guitar with Sweetcase plugin, Glarry jazz fretless bass and Ezdrummer 3.
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