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  1. Larry, Welcome back buddy, we missed you. How did everything go with the family.
  2. This is a great way to sway people on the fence about purchasing Maschine to to buy it. 😁 I love using my Mikro MK3.
  3. Run the XLN online installer to get the update.
  4. Hey Folks, There is a new Bandlab Assistant update available It went through successfully, although I had to run it twice for the green update sign to go away.
  5. Maybe folks started buying them as a result of this post, so they pushed up the price. 😁
  6. jesse g

    ;khpi 3

    His link works, I just tested it. I am using Firefox and Google Chrome.
  7. jesse g

    ;khpi 3

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Funny, I like the response.
  8. jesse g

    ;khpi 3

    Wookie, You've confused me with Jesse Screed, but I like the song.
  9. There is a check box to check off, I am not in the studio now, but it the timeline . Try pressing your keyboard scroll lock to see if that will engage it.
  10. Feel Better Marc and watch that GAS, 😷 when you are home in the bed, the GAS can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you're on Sweetwater.
  11. Go to the main website. https://www.soundonsound.com/
  12. These Presets are available from Waves, so go to the Waves Website Here ~~> Vocal Bender and Studio Rack Presets Check out the website for full instructions on h ow to uses these preset. Enjoy.
  13. This is an old article from Sound on Sound Magazine that was done by the wonderful Craig Anderton, who is much respected in the Cakewalk Community. Reading this made me want to change the way I use my CbB meters. Cakewalk Metering
  14. DITTO !!!!!!! Like, uhmm. Me too 😎
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