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  1. When asked if that was HIS Bible, he had to look at it and then he became silent. He;s got the Bible turned backwards... 🤪 I vote for Larry to become President, at least we can get some cool Deals.
  2. Everyone, There is noting wrong with a company who speaks out about injustice. They are simply stating that they are against racism and want to support a group of people who support their products as well. The sad part of this entire post is the initial comment an outsider made to stir up the forum. He has 13 total postings and says something negative and leaves and now folks are scratching their heads. Just like the folks that are among the peaceful protesters. they come in , stir up trouble and then leave and the community is left cleaning up all of the debris. Let's not leave any debris here folks. All Lives Matter ~~> Black Lives Matter ~~> White Lives Matter ~~> Asian Lives Matter ~~> Mexican & Latino Lives Matter ~~> EVERY LIFE MATTERS!
  3. Bapu, click the hamburger in the upper right hand corner of craig's video and then select a new video.
  4. What other way is there to eat Banana Bread?? Myself, I love good Cauliflower, get it ~~> (Collie-flower)
  5. Great video about sound creation
  6. Please always post a link to the information you are sharing with others. See Komplete Update/Upgrade at JJRshop Here is one for Sweetwater as well as Guitar Center You have choices.
  7. Max, If you didn't post a link to the product, then you really didn't beat Larry. He beat you because he posted a link to software. You have to post a link to where folks can get the Deal. NO POINTS FOR YOU!!!
  8. Thanks for the correction Cristian
  9. Yes, these are special prices for Komplete 12 upgrades/ updates
  10. Thanks Greg, The update happened smoothly.
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