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  1. July 26, 2020 Hello, dear Voxengo users! Voxengo is looking for creative YouTubers that work in audio production field producing tutorial videos, in any genres that demonstrate use of audio plugins. At least 5000 subscribers required. Please contact us via info@voxengo.com. This is not a usual work-for-hire: the YouTuber will retain all rights to their video. We will provide an NFR product license, and make a reasonable monetary donation. The video will be used by us as a standard embedded YouTube frame on our product pages, with the link to author's YouTube channel (so, this will also provide additional viewers to the author). Professional video content creators may also contact us for work-for-hire arrangement, if the video content is to be hosted on our own YouTube channel. With best regards, Respond on Twitter or on Facebook
  2. No, however, I may just get the TSAR 1R since it's $45.00 right now.
  3. Sorry, I meant the TSAR-1 Reverb, which I know it's on sell for 119.00 but I am cheap, I want more money off. Does anyone have a coupon code ? 😝
  4. I want the TSAR-1R Reverb !!!
  5. Hey Folks, If you are a student at a University, or if you have a child who is a University student , you can get 10 percent off of the price of each Adam Monitor by having them show their student ID during the purchase. This discount is valid for selected products from the ADAM Audio - Pro Audio range (T5V, T7V, A3X, A5X, A7X, A8X, A77X, Sub7, Sub8, Sub10 MkII) and can only be applied with this filled form and a copy of a valid student ID. See the form HERE
  6. WOW Indeed. Thanks Larry, 149.00 From 499.00 , plus Reason lite all at check out. WHHEEEEWWWWEEEEEE, This makes up for disappearing Larry, but we missed you buddy. (More like missed your deals) 😄ðŸĪŠðŸ™ƒ
  7. I'm getting two emails a day from them now I am going to have to unsubscribe from Waves, this is getting ridiculous.
  8. jesse g

    NI Cloud Supply

    Knock, Knock..... who's there? Your uncle. Uncle Who? No, Uncle Knock!! That wasn't back I may get it for $49.00
  9. jesse g

    Boom $25 voucher

    The first thing I saw was, ... The Complete BOOM Ultimate From: $9,772.00 From: $5,863.00 ... I closed the page and went running to the hills.
  10. jesse g

    I have returned!!!

    Glad to have you back Larry, Sorry to hear about you having a family emergency and the lack of internet access.
  11. Starise, A DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation, therefore a computer is not a DAW. It is the software used in the computer to mix and create music like Cakewalk, Pro Tools or Cubase. Just letting you know.
  12. Forget the Intel Core i9-9900K processor, I just want the Free Funko BB-8 robot being offered. 🙃
  13. I don't see a deal posted ðŸ˜Ģ
  14. My son was using Stripe to collect payments for his photography business and their system kept refusing people's credit cards, It's a terrible system.
  15. But we have to save Larry, what,... what if he is being held captive by those over burdensome emails containing all of those discount codes. Why our poor Lars could be stuck in an endless void of opening emails while suffering and crying out for our help to rescue him. ðŸ˜ĩ
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