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  1. The best Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container, Black Cap & Body by Tightpac America, Inc. TIGHTPAC
  2. My Krups Burr Coffee Grinder, i love using it!!
  3. I'm here grinding my teeth because I wanted to buy 12 Ultimate but I was told to wait for 13 Ultimate. UUUUGGGGGGGG!!!!! 😣
  4. I will settle for a Keurig myself. However, I must have freshly grounded coffee to place in my K-cup pod filter. Kona makes great Coffee Beans for grinding.
  5. It all depends on if he has "Massive" hair or not 😁
  6. Yes, the Abbey Road Saturator is a great plugin to provide presence and sheen to the higher frequency
  7. I love the Aphex Exciter on vocals and some instruments to bring out their presence.
  8. Thanks Noel, I appreciate you explaining this further. I didn't have any workspaces set up, however, with the help of Heather Haze, I was able to get the matter resolved using Workspace. Keep up the good work you do for CbB !! 😎
  9. Sorry, but if you didn't purchase on Cyber Monday, the price is starting to go back up.
  10. Thanks Hazel, It worked like a charm. Although I like the old way better, it's works.
  12. Hello All, The Lewitt LCT-240 Pro Condenser Microphone is on sale at B&H Video for only $119.00.
  13. Hello All, The JBL LSR305 5" Two-Way Powered Studio Monitor Kit (Pair) This is selling for only $159.00. So Visit ~~~> B&H Video To get this sale.
  14. Hello All, bhphotovideo.com is having a sale on certain monitors check out the sale. Sales on: JBL 305P MkII Only $89.10 each JBL 306P MkII Only $134.10 each JBL 308P MkII Only $179.10 each
  15. Darn that Larry !! Foiled again 😣
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