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  1. The 500 FX case can spaciously accommodate the Be Quiet Dark Rock 4Pro cooler. I thought it wasn’t going to fit myself, but It went in without a problem with room left over to spare.
  2. Over 20 years ago I downloaded something called Sonar 2.0 from Bear Share and fell in love with it, When version 2.2 XL was realeased I purchased it and have purchaed every version I've owned until BandLab took over. Sonar set me on a straight path. 😭 Cakewalk Sonar changed my life for the better. 👍
  3. Yes, I already purchaed an AD2 Bundle and lots of ADPAKS and MIDIPAKS, so I said why not give it away to someone who may need it.
  4. I was informed that the install went well and they were thankful for the software. 😎
  5. Royal Caribbean's Grandeur Of The Seas Pool party!! Have Fun Larry
  6. Ok, I bit the bullet on the Be Quiet PURE BASE 500 FX case. WOW mom, look at all of those lights. I got over $50.00 off buying it from B&H Photo.
  7. Satyabrata, Don't be sad, you have to just be quicker than the person who messaged me next time... LOL 😁😅
  8. Will the winner of the XLN Addictive Drums 2 and Studio Rock ADPak let us know how the install went. I'm not saying any names in case he/she wants to remain anonymous
  9. Hello, Read the title of the post and message me, "I want to be a drummer". The first one to message me is the first one to get served. Sorry, The software AD2 has been given away. 😁😁
  10. Thanks Jim, However, I am sticking with air cooling for now. I just need a find the right case to house this monster. I am looking at the Be Quiet PURE BASE 500 FX case
  11. I am putting this in with an i9 12900K processor. The case size has to measure over 220 mm in width to take account for the Fan Cooler being on top of the motherboard. I am also adding a third be quiet fan to go on the rear for a total of 3 fans. I have a fear that liquid cooling will one day accidentally cool my motherboard and processor. LOL 🥶
  12. Hello All, Here are a few goodies, if interested, from the focusrite B-Stock shop on Reverb. Focusrite ISA One - $559.99 Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen $439.99
  13. Hello All, Has anyone used this CPU cooler before? The videos for it look very promising and I do not want to build a new unit using liquid coolers to cool my processor. Also, if you are a user of this CPU Cooler, will this fit in a mid size case or must you buy a full size ATX case. I think the total height of the Cooler on the motherboard is about 175 mm, so I have been sizing up computer cases to fit it. Which case are you using with this beast? Thanks
  14. Hockeyjx, I hope you enjoy it, mine is the Mikro MK3 it's smaller but I am happy with it.
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