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  1. I see $13.80 also. Who needs glasses for Christmas 🎅 + 👓 = 🤓
  2. jesse g

    Waves Top 20 Sale

    Scheps Omni Channel was recently on sale, Where were you? It will be back on sale soon.
  3. OHHHHHH???? Thanks Larry for that bit of information 😀
  4. Fwrend, YUP!! 😁 😁 😁 HEY All, the code works on everything on the website. USE THE CODE FOR EVERYTHING!!!
  5. I'll be the first one to tell them all the code but first you have to listen to episode 19 at time 55:00 .... 😎 He He He
  6. For those of you who have Native Instruments Native Access, there are 2 updates to Maschine. Maschine 2 Factory Library Maschine 2 Essentials
  7. Thanks Larry, You Rock Man!!! $49.00 after entering the code...
  8. I just want a puppy, that's all !! 🙂
  9. jesse g

    XLN Updates

    Thanks for the update on the update.... 😁
  10. Waves Abbey Road bundle is only $153.92 at everyplugin.com using the code FEST40
  11. Fleer, I got a million of them , but I might get arrested for how Corney they are.
  12. Neither does my wife S.L.I.P. She says, "Why is that cclarry always posting plugins for sale. I tell her, "Hes less fortunate and we need to help him." She sucks that up and says, well buy the plugin, and maybe we'll have better lighting in the house.... LOL 🤣
  13. Whooo Hoo Thanks Larry. Come to PAPA Aphex 😎
  14. Fleer, You read my mind, I too am looking to get Aphex I just got if from Everyplugin.com, what a great price!! OOOPS ! I think I just experienced a bit of Soft GAS LOL He He He 😁
  15. Thanks ChazEd, I love the Free Offer and the free upgrade to version 9 when it is released. I was listening to some of the presets and they are rather nice fur a great starting point. YEA, I think I will use this plugin !!
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