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  1. You are a lifesaver, thank you so much. So easy and painless!! Regards.
  2. Good day all, Some advice please. I'm trying to use these drum presets in a project but have difficulty in adjusting the timing after recording. Tried to open it in piano roll but doesn't work. Some help will be much appreciated. Regards,
  3. Good day all, I recently got hold of this (Free) version from Spitfire and I must say it's worth it in every sense of the word. It sounds amazing, so much so that I deleted most of the other "free" VST's that I was using. The only problem I've encountered so far is that it's not easy to adjust the attack and release time. I asked their helpdesk for advice and this is the answer I received from them: 'On the interface is a control called Dynamics. This is mapped to modulation automation in your DAW, or your controller mod wheel. Fade this up and down to gain further realism. At the start of the notes, push this up, and at the end fade it down. Further, different velocities on legatos create different transitions. If you play a note above Velocity 19, you will trigger a more aggressive change. Further over lapping the notes will provide a portamento transition at low velocities. Combing these will give you greater realism than an adsr. ' The problem is my controller doesn't have a mod wheel (old model Casio). But then also, why adjust the dynamics manually, while it's much easier done with ADSR? There the settings are done once, no need to redo after every chord or note. I have tried using the Sonitus delay in Cakewalk to achieve this which works in a sense, The problem is that there is an 'echo' at the end of the chord that I don't know how to rectify. This may work for other music genres but not for me. Any advice on what to do? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the list, just what I need. Still going through it and already know a lot more than last week! Have you covered arps in your videos? I know that there are some inbuilt arps in Cakewalk but not really what I am looking for. What I need to know is how to create arps (ala Zimmer) that can play in any key once stored. Any advice? Regards.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I de-selected the "USB Selective Suspend" and it seems to be working fine now.
  6. Good day all, I need some advice please. I've been having this problem with Cakewalk for a while now and don't know how to fix it. The problem is that my Midi keyboard keeps on shutting down while playing. Once I've selected the instruments and start playing it works fine for a few minutes. Then it goes silent and after a while gives me a message that the keyboard has been disconnected. Then I have to log out and start from scratch again. Any advice please, this is very frustrating. Thanks.
  7. Now I've had enough of this crap!!!!!!!!!!!! After months of trying to work with Cakewalk I've finally given up. Now i'm done with this rubbish, rather work with FL studio or Cantabile or similar but cannot work like this. Seems every time a so-called "update" is made. the worse it becomes. Lately every time I make a change to the VST setup I have to reboot everything before it registers and then only for that one session. Next time I log in everything crashes, gives me a fatal error message, CbB closes on it's own, and I have to start from scratch. I have even tried re-installing CbB on several occasions but to no avail, still same problem. Now I'm done, hope you have better luck!!
  8. Hi, re: DSK VST's. I have a problem with ALL of them; Synthopia, Ethereal Pads, Choir etc. I even went back to Cakewalk filing structure and created a "VST plugin" subfolder with these vst's in it. Same problem. All of my 32 bit VST's are in this folder in Cakewalk under the Program files. As you can see, some of them plays well, it's just DSK that won't open Maybe something with my operating system? Intelcore i3 5005u CPU@ 2.00 GHz; 4Gb Ram. Maybe time to change to 64 bit Vst's but cannot find any free out there like the Ethereal pads and Synthopia. Which is a pity, sounds quite nice (to me anyway). Regards Bertus
  9. Hi, I downloaded it from here, hope this is what you are looking for. The only problem I have with it is that the strings have a pulsating sound which is quite annoying, If you experience the same problem please let me know. Regards Bertus https://www.scribd.com/document/322491256/Edirol-HQ-Orchestral-VSTi-v1-03-TEAM-TALIO-PC-90-MB-rtf
  10. Hi all, PLEASE HELP!! I'm becoming very desperate and don't know what to do anymore. My problem still lies with the 32 bit VST's that I use. Cannot get Cakewalk to read all of them. What I don't understand is that some of the 32 bit VST's work well in Cakewalk (like Edirol and Sonatina) but DSK instrument VST's just don't open. I have even tried to install other effects (Like JBridge and minihost) but to no avail, problem still persists . PLEASE HELP!! Regards Bertus.
  11. Good day again, Thanks for all the advice. There are quite a lot of free VST's that are made for Kontakt. Have looked at some of them but most of the really free (decent sounding) one's are only compatible with the full Kontakt version, not the trial. So I cannot use them. I still have the problem with some of my VST's that's making the awful "whooshing" (or pulsating) sound that I don't know how to fix. They are all 32-bit versions so I can only assume that that's the problem. I have downloaded JBridge (as per some advice on a previous query) but it doesn't seem to work. Maybe I'm using it incorrectly, as I cannot find any installation guide. Any suggestions please? Another problem I have with Cakewalk is the TTS-1 synth. Every time I try to use it it crashes and dumps the file. Then I have to start all over. What I have found is that, when I delete this TTS-1 file and reinstall it again it works again, but only for that one session. Next time the same thing happens. Any and all help will be appreciated. Regards Bertus.
  12. Thank you everyone for the input. Much appreciated. @Robert Bone; Tried your suggestion, works great. @ Jim Fogle; Thanks for the advice. Used to have Plogue Alter ego but not what I really wanted ( Marie Ork). Also used the Garritan Vst but the free sounds are really terrible. The others on offer at the site are paid for Vst's which I cannot afford. But thanks for the suggestion. At the moment I use free Vst's, some fair to reasonable. others really unrealistic. But the SI strings in Cakewalk are nice enough to work with if you tweak it a bit. Same with Spitfire LABS. I also use Edirol from time to time but it has a very irritating problem: it's got a "whooshing" sound. ie the sound comes and goes and is not constant. I tried everything I could think of; EQ, LP, HP, Wet/Dry, etc but the problem still persists. Which is a pity because the orchestral sounds are very nice. Also use Sonatina VST but mainly for the percussion and Timpani sounds. Would like to have the better VST's out there like ReFx, Hollywood strings, Voices of Opera etc but for now I am content with what I have. Love the big orchestral sounds ala Has Zimmer (Mozart of the 21st century!) By the way, the inspiration for me deciding to start playing keyboard comes from a you tube site which I discovered a while ago;- Telmo Gama. Check it out. Regards.
  13. Thank you all for the positive input into my request. After weeks of frustration I finally got what I needed. You have made an old man very grateful and happy! Tried the midi event filter and it works well enough for me to use, @scook and @Robert Bone, thank you for the suggestions. I have looked at Cantabile, basically same as FL studio but only a trial version. I will rather stay with Cakewalk, as I cannot afford any paid for DAW. (Unemployed and NO source of income). I will definitely pick your brains again in the future. Next question: How to I change the octave? I tried the transpose FX (as per another user on Youtube), but this only changes the pitch and ends up being another key altogether. Any suggestions? Regards.
  14. I really hope someone can give me advice. I recently started working with CbB and find it very useful although confusing. I have worked with Fruity Loops demo up to now but now need to record. I used the layering tool in FL Studio for live playing multi VST instruments. I have asked around if there is a similar function in CbB but nobody seems to know if this is possible.. All I want to know is if this can be done and how? My question is: If I want to play for instance an orchestra Vst from key C3 to C5 and single viola from C5 to C8 how do I set it up? Please forgive the mumbo jumbo, I have no music background or knowledge of the terminology and only started playing keyboard a few months ago. If someone can give me advice, step by step, on how to do this I would appreciate it a lot. To make it clear what I need to do please refer to the attached screenshot. Regards.
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