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  1. Your lucky, your wife works at your "private area" . . . 24 hr serviceπŸ˜‡
  2. Like Tina Turner once said "Whats need got to do with it?" hmmm, something like that anyway πŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
  3. All the best to you Mr bayoubill. You seem to have had a rough time for a good while, I'm sure I can recall you having to deal with various issues back in the old forum era. The wheel has to turn eventually, when it does grab on to it with all your might and don't waste a second.
  4. Does "Shut the *uck up you long haired lay about or we'll call the cops" count?
  5. They were talking about that today, and they said they will be having a rest on expansions, I think they are going to concentrate on building up the supported Head Phones for a while.
  6. Well I've jumped in , the penny finally dropped last night, even more so today with Vol C. I already own SW Reference 4, Waves NX, Waves Abbey Road Studio 3, Waves Ocean Way Nashville, Tone Boosters Morphit, and Realphones, and to me Sienna would be worth it for just the reference part alone(at least at intro pricing). It's as good if not better in that department than the others IMO, seems more detail can be heard, helps translate better to other systems just in my limited availability, phone, Laptop speakers, iPod, car, 2 different stereo systems, TV speakers, particularly in the low end, I've known this before and just allowed for it in a hit or miss way. But with Sienna it seems to be hit without the need to 'allow' 'guess'. Then the 'Rooms' plugin, which has of course the 'Rooms' simulation and also contains the reference part. It's quite nice and different rooms can reveal stuff. The flatter more natural rooms like the Spitfire stuff and various other 'Anechoic' rooms are really good for getting it right (So can be the other rooms) there is some really rocking rooms in there (vol A or B it's all Good). Then Guru, after messing around for a while in one of the spitfire rooms, fixing things up a bit, I started trying it out in other rooms, all sounded good, then I hit this one, and I just started laughing, it was just full on rockin', man it was awesome. Then today Vol C came out, tried it out on various types of speakers, all good. Then the truth, real world, iPod, car, stereos, TV laptop, all seem fine to me, in a better state than it was before. But I'll go back an change a lot of stuff around because there was a lot of ideas flying 'round in my head as I tinkered. Apart from Sienna, I don't think I will using any of the other correction plugs again, except maybe the Waves ones now and then when wanted/required, maybe with the HP stuff turned off and Sienna Reference after it, maybe not. I'm glad I waited on upgrading Sonarworks Reference 4. All IMO, ymmv
  7. I'm off the fence now, in knee deep, Vol A, B &C are mine.
  8. Vol C is very good, a good selection of speakers to test out on, I purchased without even demoing, no regrets, excellent IMO πŸ‘
  9. This Maintenance Update affects a big subset of Plugin Alliance products and brings many bug fixes and improvements. Simply use the Installation Manager to download and (re-)install the products to update and benefit from the improvements. Brands / Products that have been updated ACME Audio A/DA Amek Ampeg Black Box Analog Design Brainworx Audio Chandler Limited Dangerous Music Diezel Amps elysia (except for Phil's Cascade) ENGL Friedman Fuchs Gallien Krueger Knif Audio Maag Audio Millennia Noveltech Audio Pro Audio DSP Purple Audio Shadow Hills Industries SPL (except for Hawkeye) Vertigo Sound Support changes Compatibility with Logic on Apple Silicon devices via the Rosetta-2 layer General Fixes and Improvements Fixed possible artifacts when freezing or bouncing tracks in Pro Tools Fixed automation highlighting disappearing in Studio One Improved license dialog visibility in dark mode Product list Ampeg SVT-3 Pro Fixed AAX DSP stereo processing Black Box Analog Design HG-2 Fixed artifacts at render start when freezing or bouncing Added scalable UI feature Improved metering behavior Black Box Analog Design HG-2 MS Fixed artifacts at render start when freezing or bouncing bx_console Focusrite SC Fixed artifacts at render start when freezing or bouncing bx_digital V3 Added scalable UI feature bx_dynEQ V2 Fixed possible crash especially on Windows in VST3 format Fixed no sound and meters stopping in Live Fixed product installer to contain mono plugin as well bx_oberhausen Fixed crash with engaged Arp and duplicating a track in Reaper in VST2 format Fixed last Arp "Note Off" does not trigger release Fixed memory leaking bx_rooMS Fixed possible crash bx_stereomaker Fixed fade in at render start when freezing or bouncing bx_townhouse Improved metering behavior Knif Audio Knifonium Fixed possible sound vanishing upon reloading a session Fixed crash with engaged Arp and duplicating a track in Reaper in VST2 format Fixed memory leaking Maag EQ2 / EQ4 Improved metering behavior Pro Audio DSP DSM V3 Fixed inconsistent rendering / freezing results SPL Attacker Plus Improved metering behavior SPL De-Verb Plus Improved metering behavior SPL EQ Ranger Plus Fixed fade in at render start when freezing or bouncing SPL Mo-Verb Plus Improved metering behavior SPL Transient Designer Plus Improved metering behavior
  10. Now this man was well ahead of his time, and he wouldn't have even known what a thread or a post was back then. Dedicated to Bapu's, S.L.I.P's, Shane_B's, craigb's and all the others who's posts and threads go in to the Bermuda Triangle of wayward posts here on the Cakewalk by Bandlab forums. May they rest in Peace.
  11. I think that is an air compressor connector, how else could you explain that massive bulge, it's a bit high for a baby bump πŸ˜‡ I'll be off then . . .
  12. You mean like . . . Discussion of music related subjects. Off-topic posts will be deleted without warning. No politics. No religion. No obscenity. All love. Enjoy! This is an inclusive discussion area, intended to promote music-related discussions that do not pertain specifically to Cakewalk software. Users of all experience levels and backgrounds can ask questions and share knowledge. By making your posts music-related, you help preserve the quality of these discussions. As with all of our communities, we encourage mutual respect and uphold a zero tolerance policy for insensitivity to race, gender and cultural background. Abusive content, as well as off-topic posts and discussions containing politics, religion or obscenity, will be deleted, with possible termination of user account. Please see our community guidelines for more information. Off topic stuff? 😁 I think that's the problem, some of those that rule may not fall under that description. That may be because they think the average demographic is 5 year olds. Governments are usually full of dickwads . . . hmmm . . . maybe you are on to something there. I totaly agree, but as I see it, the problem with BMD, was that a majority of people kept coming back here, old friends, familiarity, not being seen by others to have left the Cakewalk family etc. I think to make a go of it, everyone would have to make a determined effort to cut this place off altogether, and build the new. Also I think BMD had way to many sub forums for it's own good. But there you go.
  13. Volume C in about a week, and they are going to be adding something to the original pack according to zaphod.
  14. @Michael Vogel, just so you know, I, anyone is not laughing at you, there is kind of a double entendre type deal going on (at least in my head) with Thank you for sharing the contents of your folder. Not everyone would have done that. that you may or may not be aware of or remember, if you are aware, carry on, if not, well I thought I should let you know.
  15. Cool, this is my first time with AA, I'll check it out, thanks.
  16. I wish you could demo it, the more I use Sienna the more I like it. I like how you can just use the Correction/Reference part separately, then follow with the Rooms if you want, or just go for the big daddy Guru. Guru is pretty cool I must say. But I am still on the fence, going to take my time all the way to April 5 to decide, let me and my ears get use to it.
  17. Damn, I always miss out on the fun😑
  18. No more red cordial for you πŸ˜‡
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