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  1. On your Mark, get set, . . .
  2. I have it on good authority that the only musical bone in her body is Bapu's
  3. Larry, what is it like on CPU? I'll likely buy it anyway just to keep the collection complete
  4. Get yourself to a hypnotist and tell them that you want to believe that you are right handed?
  5. Oh they are far more useful than for that, you can get pretty awesome tones out of them, it is a mistake to think that that is all they are good for, a very big mistake. Yes it is a little on the slow side. I usually load up the stand alone version while I'm getting other stuff ready, then when I load it up in the DAW(Studio One Pro for me) it loads fast from then on. Even after the first instance loads in the DAW, without loading the stand alone previously, following instances will load fast and snappy. It's just the first load that is slow. Still would be nice if the first load was fast, but it is what it is.
  6. I must have pushed it to hard on my walk earlier, because I'm feeling . . .
  7. There's no political correctness here, if needs be we'll call it a . . .
  8. Alrighty, I'm just going out . . . and I want the perpetrator to fess up by the time I get back!!!
  9. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to either A5 or A5MAX(Preferably depending on what addons you already own) AT5 is very sweet indeed, and it really is a huge step up for AT. I haven't got MAX, but I own everything available for AT, (so I have MAX in everything but name) Never used it all that much during the AT3 - AT4 years, but AT5 hits home for me, I don't even feel the need to use 3rd party cab IR's, which is a first for me. There has been some good sales, so keep your eye open if it is of interest to you. Go hard, Go MAX 😁
  10. You would have to save said project, not just open it for that to happen. That's always been my experience anyway. That's pretty much how it's been in all versions, part of it is just like CbB or any other, if you get a new feature and use it in your project and save, and then say, nah I don't like this version, when you go back to the previous version which doesn't have said feature, when you try to open it you can expect something. Then there may be other reasons to it IDK, but, you don't go in blind, you are forewarned when you open a project from a prior version in a latter version. Just save a copy first, or save another version from within when and if you save, it's no big deal.
  11. 10 . 9 . 8 . 7 . 6 ........................
  12. There is nothing to fear from WUP, either take it or leave it, your plugs will continue to work as they have done.
  13. Chanting I'm just a simple man With simple needs and following Fleer Will ensure it bleeds Begone from this place Where Evil thoughts feed Care not for your wants Serve only your needs
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