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  1. Thanks Kevin for helpful info. I’ve never run a VM so know nothing of the vagaries involved. Thanks Jack, Clearly there’s more suitable places than here for in-depth information , however I saw it as a simple Yes or no type answer. Also it was just convenient to ask as I was on the forum here, saw the Computer section and noted that the rules for posting here didn’t expressly forbid such a question even though not music or Cakewalk related.
  2. So did anyone follow up on Noel’s request to send in a project so that they can look at it because what’s being reported is not the expected behaviour.
  3. My Music PC (Win 10 Pro Latest version) has 6 HDD 1 x M.2 NvME and 2 SSD. I want to setup a Virtual Machine to run Home Assistant as a trial along with some other home automation programs.. Will all the programs setup to be running on the VM continue to run when I switch back to Win 10 Pro side of things. Assume the PC will be on 24/7. Suggestions/advice welcome. Thanks in advance of being overwhelmed by positive and useful responses.
  4. Look I’m sorry to have to say this, as a cat owner, I mean as one owned by cats, please stop the distasteful cat pics. If you don’t desist I’ll just have to report the posts to my cats. 🙀😽
  5. Nothing quite like spending hours diagnosing a fault, thinking you’ve found and fixed it, only to release the magic smoke; again. Acquainted well with magic smoke I am.
  6. Now don’t you feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. I’m sure your past clients will appreciate your contrition. 🙂 Now how long did you dither over making this confession?
  7. You need to be sure what source you are actually monitoring/hearing. You may be moving a fader but not really monitoring/listening to that buss. If you’re new to this then check out the Reference Guide for a picture that shows how audio is routed throughout Cakewalk. See the section on Signal Flow starting on page 943. That will give you a general overview. You can download the most recent Cakewalk Reference Guide from May 2021 https://bandlab.github.io/cakewalk/docs/Cakewalk Reference Guide.pdf Links to updates are posted in the main Cakewalk by Bandlab page in the pinned threads above.
  8. Audio benefits more from processor clock speed than it does in the number of processing threads/cores. Thats just the way it is and theres no setting to change that. You maybe referring to the meter that Cakewalk displays showing how the various cores are utilised. You’ll notice that there’s at least one that seems like it is being over utilised at the expense of the others. Thats natural though as audio is a really a single threaded process not spread across a number of cores. It’s just not something that can be manipulated in multiple parallel streams. Just the nature of the beast. While there are numerous processes involved that will be handled by other threads, the bulk of the processing power goes to the audio which will be handled by one thread. Now I’m just a layman and trying to keep it simple as I understand it. I’m sure that someone may come along and do a much better job of explaining it but that wont make a difference to the bottom line which is as I stated in my opening comment. You’d be much better off with a processor at 5.0 GHz with 8 cores than one at 4.0 GHz with 16 cores. Hope that helps even though its not what you’d like to hear.
  9. Just wandering; are you using it in Sonar or CbB? It has some quirks and those who continue to use it find small single clips and render them promptly.
  10. Oh man I needed that laugh at the expense of the Beetles of course.
  11. It’s a book I bought not long after the MIDI 1.0 spec was released. Not only did Craig Anderson write that book I’m pretty sure he was involved with the group who originally setup the MIDI 1.0 spec. He knows what he’s on about pretty much in most things musical. While it’s a great book for the absolute basics MIDI has evolved to become much more expansive over the decades.
  12. Bear in mind that like playing any musical instrument there are the mechanics of playing and then the extra bits that add feel/emotion into the music. That is the real art in writing music as MIDI. It’s important to have an appreciation for how an instrument is played, and how good the MIDI synth can replicate the sound of the chosen instrument and how well the composer can manipulate the MIDI to play like a real performance of that instrument. Example. You can write the notes (with MIDI) for a saxophone synth to play but how close to a real saxophone being played will it sound.
  13. I thought CAL was deprecated quite a while ago and Cakewalk would only support the few scripts that came in the installer.
  14. You could try Notion. It’s now owned by Presonus and part of Studio One.Not sure if a standalone version is still available but its a simple matter over going to the Presonus site and have a look around.
  15. See The Cakewalk Reference Guide pg 1093 for tips on why and how to use the console emulator. if you don’t have the reference guide see thread in the main Cakewalk page just a few threads above yours for a link
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