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  1. It would be $24.36 to get a full version with the $100 coupon. I had Monofilter Elements from some previous freebie - PluginCollective I think - and I upgraded that through Nugen (Koby couldn't do an upgrade) and added StereoPlacer Elements for $18.
  2. I upgraded to the full version of Monofilter4 after watching this video.
  3. Nevermind, they already fixed the price... $64. 🤨
  4. I just saw that this is only $49 $64 over on RecordingSoftware.com. Plus you get 10% back for future purchases and also $5 Credit for signing up for their Newsletter - that's a pretty good deal! This is a great plugin! https://recordingsoftware.com/product/unitedplugins-hyperspace/ --- edit --- Still, 10% isn't bad...
  6. Yep, same here. I just did the Password Recovery thing and got back in that way...
  7. A different site than Slate Digital? I see I've got SSD 5.5 FREE in there too though, so thanks!
  8. Oh! I forgot about that one, thanks! Isn't "chuffed" an Auzzie saying?
  9. +1 Good sounding, versatile and unique reverb!
  10. I can upgrade to MonoFilter $69 (from elements - a giveaway) and pick up StereoPlacer Elements $49 ($118 - $100) = $18! 🤔
  11. I got Stereoizer last time (I think) and highly recommend it. It is really fantastic for getting that final 3D polish/widening (if you want it) on your mix bus. It's soooo good I'm excited to see how Aligner stacks up to MAutoAlign.
  12. Up at Audio Deluxe now for $25.98... It looks like they got rid of the freebie. (?) https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plugins/psp-fetpressor
  13. mibby

    8dio.com hacked

    I created and maintained a WordPress website for my kids' school organization a few years back. One of the security plugins I used was called WordFence IIRC, and it would report the number of login attempts by unknown IP addresses among other things. I spent many weekend mornings blocking specific IP's and chunks of IP addresses that were trying to access the site by logging in as an "admin" user. It was alarming. I suspect plugin devs are juicy targets since they are setup to deliver and download executable files.
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