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  1. mibby

    TDR Kotelnikov GE - $11

    Tokyo Dawn plugins are top notch!
  2. mibby

    AuroraDSP $40 Voucher

    This is a new dev for me. They have some freebies too here: https://auroradsp.com/free-plugins
  3. Have a great time Lars! Putting all that $$ you saved on deals to good use!
  4. +1! Great add-on for S1!
  5. Hornet plugins are always on sale and cheap to start with. (Not to say they are low quality!)
  6. Chalk me up as a fan. I used it on my last production. I don't really know much about synths. I scrolled through the presets and found some that worked great. I think I used it on 3 tracks. The simplicity worked great for me. And I bought in before almost everything went FREE. 🙂
  7. * Powered by the Free Kontakt Player!
  8. I only own a couple of things from them so don't go into the UVI Product Portal much, but that is one of the nicer installers I've seen in a long while. Very straightforward, clean and efficient. Nice job UVI!
  9. Anyone know if the new "590 Dynamic EQ" is included in the bundle? It's not in the list on the web page. (I emailed them but never heard back.)
  10. YES! But I they updated it. I emailed support after I had the same experience with the freebie and got back a very "meh" and unimpressive response from them about it saying "well it's using neural routing" or something useless crap like that - which took them off my "developers to watch list" immediately. Then I tried NeuralQ again a few months ago out of curiosity and it didn't immediately gobble up my CPU cycles like it did the first time around. I didn't run it through its paces in a mix, but I'm hopeful they updated it. I own Lochness, OptoRed and Model 5000 and like them all pretty well. ... @tom And NOW I'm re-curious about the Firechild again too. Good to have alternatives. (edit - I just watched the SnakeOil guy pan the Firechild but MixbusTV seems to like it.) PS. @Jan Schmitz I remember reading a while ago that the Dev of Beatskill wanted to create a top tier plugin brand with Tone Empire, but can't seem to find it now.
  11. -- OR -- You can buy Michael Brauer's unit for $8500! (I was unfamiliar with the style of compressor and Google came up with this!) https://reverb.com/item/64236080-michael-brauer-gates-sta-level-tube-compressor-limiter
  12. Euro to Dollar exchange rate...
  13. True, it's not exact. But you can approximate the range to duck with the Q on the equalizer and dynamically duck when the vocal/kick or whatever triggers it with the side-chain. It's not as "exact" as doing it with a spectral plugin, but honestly, I doubt many of us could hear the difference. I don't think I could.
  14. @Simeon Amburgey Wow! That thing is HUMONGOUS!
  15. Thanks for all of the input guys! I ended up springing for a 48'' LG UHD OLED monitor on a huge sale at lg.com and rationalized that this is one purchase I don't want to and probably won't be able to make again. Once I get my studio all put together I'll figure out if it was the right choice. 🙃
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