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  1. Me too! Thanks for the heads up!
  2. I don't have many Kilohearts plugins, mostly the free ones. But one thing that is impressive to me, is their installer. Seriously. No fuss and very slick. It sounds kind of stupid, but I think is indicative of the quality of the programming...
  3. mibby

    Wusik MSTR FREE

    It was all the emails that made me stop looking...
  4. I like the idea. Would be great if we could somehow get it to his family...
  5. Oh hey, while I'm at it. Is there a way to separate the WET vs the DRY signal coming out of the Live Rig for recording? I didn't check for this last night but woke up wondering about it...
  6. I'm glad because I couldn't find it... Not even a FREE one to put in stand alone "Live Rig". Seems like an oversight to me. I had to resort to my old "analog" tuner... The horror! 😱
  7. Can any Nembrini users please tell me where to find the tuner? i couldn't find a built-in tuner on this thing last night...
  8. You don't have to buy a sound card in this case! 🙂
  9. Here's another reply from another user who tried it out over on the Indie Recording Depot. I don't think he'd mind me posting here...
  10. Yep! You don't own any Plugin Alliance stuff??
  11. Add it to your cart then use the code at checkout? I haven't done it yet, but I assume that's how it would work.
  12. A guy on another forum reported back that it seemed to install OK, but he couldn't get his two machines to connect and left it at that. He was on a Mac and a PC, so that might have been a problem. Also, you have to install the plugin you want to offload onto the other machine, so licensing might be an issue....
  13. Interesting, that's exactly what the real Larry might say... 🤔
  14. https://audiogridder.com/ From the website: I know nothing about this, but it sounds like a pretty great idea to offload your resource hogging plugins and virtual instruments to another machine! Of course my immediate questions are “what about latency” and “how difficult is it too set up and maintain”?
  15. I like this idea! I'll be installing my new-to-me DAW PC soon and will do the same. 👍
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