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  1. mibby

    Melda BF Sale

    This is a good idea. However, what if you simply made your script just clean out the default 32 bit plugin folders? Then you wouldn't have to worry about telling specific installers to dump them into your "temp" folder?
  2. Anyone use this? It sounds killer!
  3. In case you missed it a couple of months ago: https://reverb.com/software/effects/eventide/82-eventide-omnipressor-compressor?pla=1
  4. I usually use the Czech Mirror 1. It's very dependable and goes right to download without all the extra Google Drive clicks - and is always a decent enough download rate...
  5. mibby

    Sonarworks BF Sale

    Now that is some GREAT info! Thanks. Are you certain ARC doesn't do the system-wide thing? That's a big deal.
  6. They show you the upgrade price right there. No fiddling with putting it in the cart etc. Nice and simple. ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Ah, I have a bunch of plugins and only own the MFreeFXBundle and the MEssentialsFXBundle. ...Doh! Never mind - I just went to verify what I was seeing and now it looks like they have been cleaned up. MLimiterX which is part of MEssentialsFX and a couple of others had been showing up in the "new plugins" list. I was thinking it was because that was a newer bundle and they hadn't handled it properly yet. Unfortunately though, my bundle upgrade pricing didn't go down... ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. You need to add all 4 of them to get trigger the code. It'd e nice to get a discount if you already own some though...
  9. Hey! I didn't even get a reply to mine! ๐Ÿคจ It still looks like some of my plugins I own show up in the Bundle Upgrade list. What as your issue?
  10. Mr. Melda and crew are coding machines. I have never seen another dev even come close to cranking out so many new plugins and updates (free!) so quickly. And for any MCabinet owners, here's a nice bit from the notes! "Added MCabinetMB plugin, included in MCabinet licence." That means all the Melda Multiband functionality has been added to MCabinet - for FREE! And I say "Melda" multiband, because the Melda multiband module lets you do many more things than simply split the frequencies . https://www.meldaproduction.com/tutorials/video/multiband This speaks volumes to the modular design of his plugins, because this functionality can be added to virtually anything: compressors, reverbs, delays, chorus, distortion, saturation, etc. etc. with relative ease. Very cool!
  11. Right?? From my, "I'm not buying any more plugins" perspective, it looks and sounds really tempting!
  12. Another MixbusTV video review.
  13. mibby

    WD 1 TB SSD

    Wow! And thanks - my wife just bought me an Xmas present.
  14. 2 things: 1. I went to download it and it appears only to be a MAC installer, i.e. .PKG. 2. When I went to save the installer, it seems that I downloaded it 2 years ago... ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
  15. I took the plunge last night... 1. I upgraded my Waves Central to v11. That looked like it took care of my v10 plugins too. 2. Then I downloaded the v9 installer but did NOT run it. Instead I used the "Offline Installer" from the v11 Waves Central and pointed to where I unzipped the v9 stuff which is like 1.3GB IIRC. But my v9 plugins still weren't showing up in my DAW. 3. Next was the "Plugin Organizer" in the settings of the new Waves Central. I ran that, and that took care of it! 4. So I am now running Waves with 1 v11 plugin, a handful of v10 and a pile of v9 and all working. Thanks LAGinz and Grem! The Plugin Organizer ultimately got me through the v10 update too. (whew!)
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