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  1. Yes, but did you get your license?? 🤔
  2. Yes. I have enough to want tot do updates, but enough to NOT want to do updates and sort through them all. I've even resorted to creating a document so I can go down the entire T-Racks plugins in my DAW and check/uncheck the ones I don't have. Looking real forward to this new installer that @Fleer mentioned! I hope IK got some user input and have been taking notes on forum complainers.
  3. And a HUGE deterrent to "updating" what you've already got, because you have to go through the whole mess all over again! @Peter - IK Multimedia * said on some thread somewhere (paraphrasing) that IK does this to make it easier for users to demo other products (??), but it has the opposite effect - at least for me. I barely even look at IK stuff now because it's too much of a hassle. *Tagging you here is case you want to weigh in and set us straight. Nothing at all "personal" intended!
  4. For all of my complaining about the IK universe and the unnecessary complexity and annoyances, YES! Black 76 is fantastic and also one of my go-tos! Out of the whole line-up, well, the ones I own, this one has got to be my favorite so far. +1000!!
  5. A lot of them certainly seem redundant. I was wondering about the quality of them though? i.e. I've seen Lo-Fi in a few tutorials which looks pretty decent, but I've got lots of alternatives...
  6. Any previous (or current) ProTools users who wish they could get the PT plugins in their current DAW? I had no idea that AIR Music Technology was the manufacturer and that the plugins were available. Are they any good?? http://store.dontcrack.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=119&products_id=2557 (Currently $20 - no idea how long they're on sale.)
  7. Anybody else having trouble finding this $19 Upgrade deal at PB? https://email.pluginboutique.com/6D39-28NC-67A24268E85A19091001GBF51EB1209F0CCDE2/cr.aspx
  8. First time subscribers only... 🤔
  9. Huh. It doesn't seem to allow coupons at AudioDeluxe anymore either!
  10. This is what I saw this morning. @ZincT - I swear I checked that this morning too!
  11. I think you have to use either the "group" or "forum" code -- OR -- "the newpassword." I'm pretty sure it was working for me when I was looking earlier - on Izotope too.
  12. mibby

    Xchange Collections

    Been there, done that. No longer a customer because of that - which is sad to me, because I was a customer since back in the 80's with their paper catalogue.
  13. This is a really nice gesture! Public relations-wise, he could have saved his customers a lot of concern, and I'm certain himself a LOT of headaches, if he had just sent out an email to his customers! Still, a very nice gesture and an informative note to put his customers at ease... Thanks JRR!
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