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  1. Oh, sorry, I misread your post! 🤪
  2. I don't qualify for the upgrade and it worked in my shopping cart. $99
  3. mibby

    Melodyne 5 released!

    And what GREAT customer service!
  4. I was going to ask and verify this very question: because I don't WUP, I have no plugins I can use in SOC. When I first got it, I could. I wonder if I can roll back to a previous version? Yes, excellent concept, but useless in practice for us WUPless schmucks - same with the Scheps....
  5. What is this "budget" thing you speak of?
  6. mibby

    Front DAW 60% off

    Sadly, just the original. I've been wanting to pick those up so badly, but they never go on sale! At least not on a no-brainer sale which is more my speed. 🤪
  7. mibby

    Front DAW 60% off

    Agree. If the US is still too "dirty", I like Studio One's built in Console Shaper. That's pretty much "ON" on all of my mixes to varying degrees too. Also, after the demo runs out, knobs fall off leaving you with just the British style saturation and no hi-pass or Mojo....
  8. mibby

    Front DAW 60% off

    I use Studio One. Just like they suggest, FrontDaw is the first plugin insert. Just dial in the amount of saturation you want with the input, then Hi-Pass to taste, then cycle through the flavors of saturation. I find British darker, US more clean and open, and German more gritty. Then play with the Mojo until you like it. It doesn't work for every track, but darn near. Really a great plugin! * * It just needs an Output Level knob!
  9. mibby

    Front DAW 60% off

    So glad I got this when it first came out! I just wish they'd go to the trouble to add an Output Level knob to this for gain staging. That would make it just about perfect! I've been using this one and Hyperspace on just about every mix these days. Great plugins - and totally worth $19 if you don't have it!
  10. You can add another Jam Point to bring it down to $125.99 - know, because that's MY price! 😛 As big a nussance as I find the IK universe to deal with, they are still top quality products. And THIS kind of 🤯 my mind. Now, if ARC 3 was a part of the package... 🤔
  11. Is it a bad sign that I had to log in to my account there to see if I owned it already? 🤔
  12. Last Day Of Summer from Bloodflowers - The Cure
  13. When it says "Kontakt 5.8 or above", does it work with the latest Kontakt Player? 🤔
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