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  1. Did anyone else see the Les Paul hidden in the cliffs around 10 sec's in?
  2. Maybe I could swap my MODO Drums for it? The spinning thing at the end of the vid does look Vish, and could be taken as a partial Guitar pick shape. With those 2 links above I get exactly the same thing. I hope it is Amp5, they have been trying to push out as many Amp4's as they could in the last few months.
  3. Excellent, looking forward to taking it for a spin after I get back from the Doc's . . . DINO!!!
  4. Done, easy breezy, sqeezy peazy Shows up fine in Studio One Pro 5 👍
  5. I thought it was common knowledge that Cakewalk was loosing money, and had been loosing money from back in Roland years? There are plenty of threads about it on the old forums, one even has a link to a document on Rolands own official web site showing that Cakewalk was loosing money year in year out. I also recall Craig Anderton making a comment in one or more of the threads on the old forums saying something like that under Gibson Cakewalk was loosing money year after year, and you couldn't expect them to continue. http://forum.cakewalk.com/Blame-HIM-for-Cakewalks-Demise-m3729414.aspx#3729569 http://forum.cakewalk.com/Hard-Honesty-Mixed-Feelings-on-the-Fate-of-SONAR-m3736571-p5.aspx#3738533
  6. Fret Flintstone

    JRR Shop

    If it's of any help. I just logged int o JRR and made a purchase whilst eating an Apple Everything went fine
  7. For me, there ain't nothing like gellato on a Tuesday, and everyday is Tuesday around here, love it 🍦🍨
  8. One would assume that being the "best free overdrive pedal plugin" would indeed be partly because it was free? 😇🍻
  9. hmmm, that sounds eerily similar, but not quite the same, to your problem in the Nembrini thread.
  10. Works fine here in Studio One 5 Pro, are you using the demo or the full deal?, if demo it may be a restriction. However I recall in my 8 years of using REAPER that it could be/was a little funky when it came to using 3rd party vst/vsti's, in my case BFD2/3, BIAS, ReValver, Amplitube and a few others. Haven't used REAPER for around 6 years now. PA's sound like shit, this one sounds a whole lot better, just use better IR's . That's just my personal take on it.
  11. There's nothing 'only' about 50. I use to be 'only' 50, now I'm 'only' 56. Yes, it's hideous, if you have it, see if you can give it back. The only good thing about it is it has no associated pain, apart from mental anguish, but no physical pain.
  12. Fret Flintstone

    JRR Shop

  13. Fret Flintstone

    iZotope MPS 4

    $169.15 in cart at JRR, was hoping for $149 then discount, but that's close enough, gets me RX8 up from 7, the new reverb, Nectar 3 Plus (who doesn't want a 'Plus') from Nectar 3, another year of Groove 3, any additions and updates made to existing plugs, not to bad, that will do me anyway. If they release something like Ozone 10 in the near future I guess they will also release a MPS 4.1 at a discount to MPS 4 owners like they did with MPS 2 - MPS2.1, that would be ok with me, even if they didn't, just getting Ozone 10 Advanced individually at a discounted upgrade price from Ozone 9 Advanced would be fine with me. I'm in!!!
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