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  1. On your Mark, get set, . . .
  2. I have it on good authority that the only musical bone in her body is Bapu's
  3. Larry, what is it like on CPU? I'll likely buy it anyway just to keep the collection complete
  4. Get yourself to a hypnotist and tell them that you want to believe that you are right handed?
  5. Oh they are far more useful than for that, you can get pretty awesome tones out of them, it is a mistake to think that that is all they are good for, a very big mistake. Yes it is a little on the slow side. I usually load up the stand alone version while I'm getting other stuff ready, then when I load it up in the DAW(Studio One Pro for me) it loads fast from then on. Even after the first instance loads in the DAW, without loading the stand alone previously, following instances will load fast and snappy. It's just the first load that is slow. Still would be nice if the first load was fast, but it is what it is.
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