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  1. OMG! And 2 Pepe Romeros! does this prove the existence of UFO’s?
  2. Here's A recording of a tune I posted on Soundcloud many years ago. I called it Spanish Serenade (Serenata española) for some reason people that heard it thought it was 2 guitars. I love the way Pepe Romero does it
  3. butemus! Looks like the Pual I played back in the late 70's Has the PAF's?
  4. Sweet expressive Guitar tones! It’s a clean and crisp recording kurt. Great choice of percussion that’s busy yet gives the melody plenty of room to breathe. I really enjoyed this song! Thanks for posting
  5. Happy Saturday everyone! I Am putting Becan burgers on the grill dont tell my doctor Nice fall day. Georgia plays Alabama and Lomachenkp beats up Lopez going to be a fun day!!
  6. Am bender. What a great idea and this girl looks way too much like my daughter
  7. BRILLIYANT! Darn this chronic amnesia 😒
  8. And you wonder why I call you Master Bapu
  9. Finally a Fred that makes scents to me
  10. Wow. Great you’re back! It’s been awhile. Dave, I was thinking about you not being around for a while and wondering where you went. Lots has happened. I finally bought a Les Paul. A studio model. Sharon and I are back together and living in Shreveport on Cross Lake. We call her XX I Am still handsome For those that don’t already know Dave was my first boss/ supervisor in the USAF Band. Bandleader of the band I was in. I missed ya Dave! Now that I think about it Dave is solely responsible for making me the the guitar player I Am today. LETS GET HIM!!!!!!!!
  11. Why didn’t I think of that? I could have had Cricket playing cricket a long time ago
  12. Zacty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks craig I feel vindicated I’m the only one in this neighborhood that sees it thant way and I ‘ve been hollering about it for decades
  13. Yesterday I looked and looked for my glasses. I didn’t find them so I gave up looking for them. About that time XX came home. I told her I’d been looking for my glasses and couldn’t find them. She burst out laughing. I asked her what was so funny? She said you’re wearing your glasses. The mind is a terrible thing 😐
  14. Awesome guys! Now I really like monkeys! love the wah wah! love the vocals! Love the bass! I LOVE THE SONG
  15. Yep, it’s almost 10 years ago now. Hard to believe it’s been that long. I lived in Texas back when that photo was taken. Boy have things changed since then
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