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  1. This morning I tried to play back my tracks and I get an audio dropout window. I've checked everything I can think of but nothing has worked. I ever did a system restore still the same problem. I can't think of anything that may be causing this problem Please help!
  2. So sorry to hear about it Kenny. My dog is going on 16 in September and I tear up looking at her now days. My best to you and Duke.
  3. Tonight i Am making old fashioned chicken and dumplings. yummy
  4. there's no need for a bass p There's no need for a bass player to ever change a light bulb as long as keyboard players do it withy their left hand
  5. I Am not bassist really! ALL Live Bass Matters
  6. Please forgive me for the posts I have recently made. They by no means resemble you in any way
  7. Three Bassists are walking through the woods, and they come across a set of tracks. The first bassist says "Those are Deer tracks" The second bassist says "No...those are Bear tracks" The third bassist says "You're both wrong...I know my tracks, and those are Moose tracks" ...then the train hit them.
  8. An anthropologist and his assistant were researching a small tribe on a remote South Pacific island and noticed a constant drumbeat coming from a distant mountain. They asked the tribal chief if the constant drumming bothered them. "Drum beat, good", said the chief. "Drum stops, bad". "Why? What happens?" asked the anthropoligist. "Bass solo", the chief replied.
  9. the strings are bigger so they are easier to see and find!
  10. how can I tell if I have a left handed pick or a right handed pick?
  11. random thoughts I just took a shower thinking it was Sunday but did I take one on Sunday as usual? .......hmmm...... carry on
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