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  1. I apparently Am I looked at my moobs and I Am close to being a grandma
  2. It’s just random I eventually come to my senses
  3. I've had a random thought! After many years in the CH I have come to the conclusion that due to my chronic amnesia I have forgotten more than most people here know aboot music
  4. Say baby Wha's up? Any plans for this weekend? 😍
  5. Did you know virgin wool is almost exclusively from ugly sheep!
  6. I say smile so everyone knows what your intentions are
  7. may you receive as many humps as you give. I know I try to maintain balance. And as you wish everyone a "HAPPY HUMP DAY" greeting. Make sure you smile when you say that
  8. Check out any of his videos. Click the link below. Just listening to the material he presents in helpful and good ear training for future reference https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqimxUbWsE26KSpx2_OcmmA I almost forgot PLEASE check out the John Coltrane Pentatonic video! I've charted out the scale before long ago but he gives examples on what it sounds like etc
  9. My bad I have a guitar in the front bedroom for when I use my nebulizer
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