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  1. You see they thought I was playing......................never mind
  2. While in another Fred I realized I could have just bought trophies when I was in high school. It’s like the time I finally told my wife “ok, I’ll play charades “ only to hane a heart attack when it was my turn
  3. I just realized that I could have just bought trophies when I was in high school
  4. That’s what I was thinking!!! coicidendse? oar arrr it?
  5. antique? actual size? What flavor? magical powers?
  6. It’s true it’s true! 😪 but not in my state
  7. How can I find out where Willie Nelson is? I’d like to interview him
  8. I just used my mouse on my guitar and it sounded fine. Thanks to my Boney Fingers
  9. I’m having problems running a video at the same time I run software such as AD2 stand alone. I tweaked windows 10 for best performance when I upgraded my system. Before I could run a tutorial video while using AD2 and follow along. Now the video just freezes up Thanks for any help on this in advance
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