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  1. I wood but I Am too busy looking at covered parts
  2. I only look at the covered parts of a woman in a bikini
  3. Don't you find it unnerving all the doctors you have to see have a practice? They should have it down by now Can't you invent mouse flavored cat food? Someone in the CH may have already When you opened that bag of cotton balls why couldn't you figure out which one you were supposed to throw away? If you were a sign maker and went on strike would you be able to write anything on your sign? If you said something in the woods and no women were there , especially XX , would you still be wrong?
  4. Since I like lady GaGa Does that make me a metamorphodite?
  5. Let’s think about this. If you know what I mean then you can’t be like me because you know what I mean
  6. which reminds me I decided to get another vehicle. One I've always wanted
  7. I panicked for a split second I thought this fred was deleted I'ts my out'let for intllegance after all life is harder if you're stupid! stupider? stupidish ..... you know what I mean
  8. I don't remember depends on what's going on under the water
  9. well this is certainly the best cover tune I have ever heard
  10. US US Us us us us THEM THem Them them
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