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  1. I'd never heard of the Sknote Uni-vibe. Funny how I always discover a bunch of things after I already bought something
  2. ..this may be the point where the ancient guitar-slinging primates get off the boat, and they'll be replaced by a new generation of users. YEAH! WHAT THEY SAID!
  3. Christian - You can't beat the price You can do a lot with it and the chorus and vibrato setting are very good from mono to stereo You will like the tube modulator very much awesome deal!
  4. Oh shure, him in his big “semi“ and me in my little van. it’s just not true 🙁
  5. Tube Modulator is very amazing for $17.50 If you don't have it. Get it!
  6. I didn't see this one when I was looking for a univibe. It list for $799 which is out of my price range
  7. Anyone familiar with the Shin ei univibe Bro Honey or the Vibe 2?
  8. I need a break from all this holiday food soup and sandwiches for next week
  9. Remember that M-1 carbine I bought while “shopping?” Well Xx has laid claim to it I Am not going to argue with her
  10. Just got back from shooting range XX drew a happy face on the target at 100ft. I said “ I’m scared of you “ you said “and you should be “
  11. I have 3 cans of original and 3 bowls of extra creamy I dun’t think I Am going to run out
  12. Getting cherry filling and vanilla ice cream cuz I Amjust not fat enough
  13. Only cuz I secretly rate the breasts that walk by while glancing football scores and the pies are fantastic!!!
  14. I Am off with XX to go to Black Friday leftover sales. she’s a woman and expert money spender so I get to compliment everything while secretly watching football
  15. The Dutch Apple pie I made last year for thanksgiving was my masterpiece it was the best pie I ever made for me it’s one of those freaky things where everything came together perfectly and I want it to remain “ the best I ever had “ in everyone’s memory
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