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  1. It’s really time to bring back that best UVI freebie of all time…..that unforgettable 3gb cowbell:)
  2. Any you guys ever played an acoustic with urban ash tonewoods? Closer to mahogany …rosewood …or just different?
  3. Actually, when I looked at the download tab, a lot of my Eventide / Newfangled stuff had updates. I really like their stuff, but they are not so hot with update notifications.
  4. I think I’ll play it safe and stay in 🍿 status for the next week or so. Nothing like potential authorization/installation angst to ruin a good Thanksgiving dinner. The only angst I want to feel on Thursday is wondering when that darn bird is going to be ready!
  5. Just one request….please….pretty please…do not sell to InMusic!!
  6. Couldn’t open an account on their site.
  7. So do I WUP my SSL Collection for $40.50 or pay $29.95 to add this? Ahh…these are the issues that trouble men’s souls. Possibly irrelevant but, gee, I wonder how this thing sounds?🤪
  8. I don’t have Pro Sphere and can’t figure out how to install this guy. I download and click on the installer, which then opens my Studio One Pro 5-shortly after which I get an error message saying it’s incompatible with Studio One! Never Mind- I already had this somehow, even though I don’t have Pro Sphere. Good thing it was free!!
  9. I knew that was coming😁….but does it do anything the non-freebie can’t do?
  10. If I already own Masterdesk, is there any reason for me to download this freebie?
  11. What’s the difference between classic and non-classic?
  12. Very nice freebie from PA. Kudos guys😁
  13. This was my experience, as well.
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