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  1. Does anyone know if the main content material of BFD3 (not just the program and dls )has been updated as part of this?
  2. Ok, this is clearly a case of me trying to post before being fully caffeinated.🤪 I’ve already got BFD3! and have now figured out how to get the free expansion pack. Hopefully by the time the second cup of Java has been disposed of, I’ll figure out how to update BFD3:)
  3. Not working for me at all. After migrating, couldn’t find any cart. Couldn’t find Eco deal. And when I start anew and click on the Inmusic site, the BFD button does not even work!!! although the other brands do. Grrrr.....
  4. Yeah, these are the previously issued ones. No new Mesa presets to be found😖
  5. I’ve already got the Mesa Collection, but I don’t see the new presets where they say they are. I see the previous ones provided over the last few months, but don’t see these new ones.
  6. Just bagged this for the deal minus $75 voucher they sent me 2 minutes before. The stars must have been aligned.
  7. The only way I could get the VST3 presets to automatically come up in Studio One (in Windows), was to grab the entire Plugin Alliance preset folder and drag it to "user-(name)-appdata-roaming- vst3presets". After doing that I hit refresh presets in S1, and all was good.
  8. Any news yet on whether updates are only Mac related?
  9. And will the sale end before the new voucher comes out? Venture a guess:)
  10. Ok, now I know. Thx😄
  11. I received an email from them today, telling me to run the installation manager for all of my plug-ins, for Mac compatibility and other assorted fixes. Ran it, but have no idea what it really fixed. But at least it didn’t break anything😁
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