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  1. Unless it will make me a better Beano player, I’m not interested
  2. LAGinz

    AAS All That Jazz

    I’m assuming only the guitar parts come with the pack ….but for two of the samples the other instruments totally drown out the guitar!
  3. LAGinz

    Relab sale

    Anyone running this on Studio One? After download and ilock machine activation it’s causing S1 to buzz and crash on two different computers.
  4. Will Izotope ever offer a good deal on RX8 Advanced? Given past performance, I suspect not. I do wonder why, though.
  5. LAGinz

    Relab sale

    I know they use ilock. Anyone know if I can use machine-based ilock on two computers with their plugins?
  6. 👍 I never quite mastered the Dewey Decimal System.😆
  7. Looking at my account. Is this 1.10.0?
  8. LAGinz

    Relab sale

    These guys are clearly web-site challenged. The GEARSPACE35 code is now working. But….I had a question about licensing and when I looked at a FAQ about licensing, there was NO content…after which they asked whether the article was helpful.🤪
  9. LAGinz

    Relab sale

    Can’t figure out where this code gets entered before sale finalized.
  10. Any other takes on Sparkverb out there?
  11. Is MI compatibility the only change in the ..2 update?
  12. LAGinz

    PA Mega Sale

    Thanks for the advice guys on Friedman amps. Tipping point for me was listening to Mick from the Pedal Show play a Strat through a real BE-100 on an Anderton’s vid. Some absolutely great tones.
  13. LAGinz

    PA Mega Sale

    Yeah, I’ve got the Chandler, and it’s great. Hadn’t considered Train II, since I have the IK Dr Z Z-Wreck.
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