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  1. All this makes the upgrade “deal” price to the next MPS seem even less attractive than it already was. Unless they cut in half for BF, I’m a definite “no”.
  2. Steering clear of all of this until the smoke clears.
  3. If only major Waves Central updates were this smooth😁
  4. Updates had been working smoothly for me on this in 2020. Not this one. Tried updating on app. No go. Tried deleting, reinstalling new version, and appeared to work. But then wouldn’t re-open.😖 Glad Studio One is my main DAW these days.
  5. Is there a new Cakewalk update with this too?
  6. Concur with bitflipper on Melodyne, but I don’t feel silly about holding out for a sale at all. It’s not just Melodyne. When you consider the number of companies these days expecting substantial bucks for really minimal changes to their products, it really adds up. PS: My view may be substantially affected, of course, by the fact that I do love sushi.😁
  7. I’ve downloaded the freebies over the years, and there are number of them I really like. Nevertheless, I’ve resisted going down the full rabbit hole, and will probably continue to resist. For me, it is really creatively liberating that I don’t have to worry about CPU issues with my current setup. To reintroduce some of those problems is just not worth it for me.
  8. LAGinz

    APD Dexed FREE!

    This has been my favorite FM style synth for quite awhile now. Just a tremendous freebie.
  9. Will this work in Reason Lite 11?
  10. LAGinz

    XLN updates

    Yeah, I do these XLN Updates, from time to time, but have never quite figured out what they do or don’t do to my Addictive Keys. They do seem to do a pretty good job, though, at scattering pieces of Addictive Drums over my hard disk ...even though I don’t have Addictive Drums.
  11. Agree with both you guys. A very good sounding compressor.
  12. Doesn’t the Youlean Loudness Meter do the same thing?
  13. Yup. They made it right by me. Excellent customer service!😁
  14. Support wasn’t trying to tell me anything. They never responded. There are a number of reasons for wanting the individual modules, even if you have the channel. (Yes, I realize you can choose to not use a module within the channel if you desire)
  15. Great news! Did they say whether they were making an exception or just following their normal practice? Wondering because I was thinking of buying the three individual modules with my voucher. I posed this question to PA, but haven’t gotten an answer back yet.
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