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  1. On preliminary review, nothing in 6 that looks all that compelling to me….same way I felt about the last round of Izotope updates. YMMV
  2. Man, with my internet speeds, this is a LONG download !
  3. I just emailed Synchro Arts on this and they said “the main” difference would be that Re-voice Pro can also be used as a Standalone. I would submit that at least one other difference is that Revoice Pro requires a physical ilock dongle, whereas the two others can use machine-based ilock licensing.
  4. I was wondering about this too. Anyone?
  5. I don’t think it was presented that way. World Traditions, on just a purely technical basis, was an extremely poorly sampled library eg, noisy, sounds cut off in the wrong place, etc. That was pretty much the consensus of those who tried it at the time. I think World Suite was UVI’s attempt to go in a different direction, given that Traditions was so poorly received.
  6. Would be nice if they some day updated their World Traditions library, easily the worst library I’ve ever purchased. A truly unprofessional effort.
  7. LAGinz

    $29 🎸 Guitar Pro 8

    Can I license this on two computers ?
  8. Thx! to helpful forum denizens…but very frustrating. Why is it that Eventide never sends their customers (or at least me) notice of available updates? Isn’t that like Customer Service 101?
  9. Yeah but that applies to cross grading a RX post-production suite to an everything bundle, not updating a previous everything bundle to get the new Neutron, Ozone and RX,…. right?
  10. What up with that?
  11. So does this mean that any Everything bundle deal I buy from this point on, will include the latest Neutron, RX and Ozone (all advanced versions)?
  12. Years ago, Arturia gave theirs away briefly as a freebie, also with tons of presets….one of my favorite freebies of all time. This one is still tempting, though.
  13. Good on vocals too, especially in combination with an LA-2A type compressor.
  14. I got what you were saying the first time. Of course we’d all like Larry back, for many reasons.
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