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  1. I suppose there’s no harm in re-installing the Player as well ... (other than having to delete the multiple duplicates that are ordinarily spread over your hard drive😀) EDIT: Actually, looking at my hard drive, it appears that the Chromophone 3 installer also installed a new AAS Player along with it.
  2. Yeah, I have 3, so I assume he was referring to a new install of 3.
  3. I emailed Eric about this and he said only the Chromophone packs had been updated and that if you had the full Chromophone you could just do a new install of it.
  4. I think I take a slightly different view here. I despise WUP as well. But I’m gonna keep my Abbey Road plug-ins because I think they sound pretty damn good and work just fine. Just not gonna WUP em.
  5. I guess it depends how you look at it. If you’d jump at the chance to get Carbon Electra for $5, why not buy something you won’t use for $5 to get Carbon Elektra for free?
  6. So Celemony....wouldn’t this be a good time for a 50 % off sale on the Studio 4-5 upgrade?😀
  7. Close to pulling the trigger on this. I’ve never seen SynchroArts do less than 30 or 33% off sales, although they do have those from time to time. Since Celemony never gave me a good price to update my Studio 4 to 5, this might just be a better niche to fill.
  8. I like Project a lot. Was never interested in Pro because, 1) for my purposes at least, it didn’t offer that much more; 2) price was too much for difference to me; and 3) dongle required. It looks like they’ve pretty much addressed these, but not sure if they’ve addressed 1 and 2 enough for me.
  9. I like the Project version a lot. Last time I thought about getting the full version it was dongle only—a nonstarter for me.
  10. I love this thing, but have stopped using it because it’s GUI is so tiny on my screen.
  11. Luckily I had already gone through that process for ST3, do didn’t have to do it again.
  12. I still use the various mellotron sounds from ST2.5. Part of their charm is that they are so clearly lo-fi.
  13. It makes little sense that ST4 does not allow you to convert these into ST4 ready files, but ST3 does. I understand why it happened historically, but it's not very consumer-friendly.
  14. Nothing here.....
  15. Watched the new video of this, including update, and was immediately struck by how much sharper the YouTube image was than that of the v12 version of the plugin itself.
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