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  1. Dexed may well be my favorite free synth. Sounds great, loads a zillion of those old presets and ......a veritable tear 😥comes to my eye when I think of that DX7 I owned seemingly several lifetimes ago.
  2. LAGinz

    PA Black Box HG-2

    Thanks Fwrend!
  3. LAGinz

    PA Black Box HG-2

    PM’d you😁
  4. LAGinz

    PA Black Box HG-2

    I think it might be a losing battle. I only spent $15 last month to get the $50 for this month. Possibly they use the $25 for those that haven’t bought and/or used a voucher for x period of time. OTOH there may be more factors at play.
  5. LAGinz

    PA Black Box HG-2

    I may ultimately bite the bullet anyway, since when I combine the two months purchases it means I got Black Box and Lindell 254 for a total of $65—not great, but not bad.
  6. Hmm. The concept of vocal libraries has never been of much interest to me, but about 1/3 of those sound pretty sweet to me.
  7. LAGinz

    PA Black Box HG-2

    Wanted this but used $25 voucher last month......and perhaps not so surprisingly got a $50 voucher this month, for which I need a $75 min. purchase. Nuts!😔
  8. LAGinz

    Melodyne BF Sale

    I have Studio and waiting for BF.....on principle. Still annoyed that Essential owners get new features for free , and the loyal customers who have Studio have to pay through the nose for these same features.
  9. Peter Green was , without doubt, one of the great blues guitar players of all time. It is unfortunate that the prime of his career was cut so short for reasons having nothing to do with his truly inspired playing. I’ve probably seen over 1,000 concerts in my life, with only a handful that still stand out in my mind. Fleetwood Mac’s 1970 concert at the Boston Tea Party was one of those. RIP, Greeny.
  10. I’ve got to admit, whenever I’m hankering for some new cool plugin with new fangled features.....I look in my Ozone 9 and Neutron 3....and it’s almost always already there.:)
  11. It says $49.99 at the top, but as you scroll all the way down, the $7 offer comes up.
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