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  1. How is the delay? Almost bagged it when it was on sale recently but I’ve got sooo many delays .
  2. LAGinz

    TDR Kotelnikov GE - $11

    Very nice piece.
  3. Speaking of Waveshells (albeit a bit reluctantly) I assume it’s ok to delete any Waveshells that no longer support the version of the plug-ins that you’re running?
  4. Nice freebie. Yeah, it’s subject to WUP, but just don’t WUP. It’s not gonna stop working if you don’t WUP (hopefully 😆)
  5. Incredible guitar player. Jeff Beck was the Truth. His passing leaves a gaping hole in the guitar community. If ever anyone was deserving of the “we are not worthy” salute, it was Jeff.. RIP, Jeff.
  6. I’m not as involved on this forum as some others here, but why are people so down on Dirk? While PA’s constant sale mode (as in the case of Waves) can be pretty annoying, they’ve also released some pretty good plugins, at prices that would have been regarded as steals 5-10 years ago.
  7. I still have copies of the great Farfisa and Vox organ freebies he developed and then sold to Arturia several years back. Just used em the other day.
  8. LAGinz

    Love the SG Lars

    Sweet:), but man, if you could only go back to the future and stick some P90s in that sucker!😁
  9. Still struggling over whether S1 Pro 5-6 is worth it for me.
  10. Has anyone thoroughly checked this thing out yet?
  11. Sent them an inquiry. They had confirmed I was on the list previously, and provided an order number. Assume they will fix this.
  12. No serial here. Hmm…
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