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  1. Any way to have Product Manager install content in a custom location on your hard drive? I know you can move the content (and signal paths) after downloaded and installed, but I find that to be a somewhat PIA.
  2. Very disturbing to read this thread. I’ve done various BIOS and other system-type updates to my laptops and not yet encountered a problem like this with machine based ilock. OTOH I have had such issues with Melodyne licensing, which fortunately are easily fixable.
  3. Does Syn2 , after installed, overwrite Syn1 or do I retain the option of still using the Syn1 framework if I wish (for Syn1 instruments, of course)?
  4. LAGinz

    Syncro Arts Sale

    I would have picked up Revoice Pro, but I believe the only two methods of licensing available for it are ilock dongle or ilock cloud…neither of which float my boat. Why they can’t also offer ilock machine-based licensing is beyond me, as they do so for Vocalign Ultra. Sonnox does this same thing- offering machine based licensing on some of its plugins, but not all. Perplexing.
  5. Had it about a month ago. I was pretty aggressive in seeking out Paxlovid after I developed cold-like symptoms (and positive test). Worked out well for me. I see in the news today they are relaxing the guidelines for dispensing it. YMMV
  6. I’ m on my way down tomorrow, after a couple years of Covid-based cancellations for this event. For those of you, who’ve never been, it’s always a grand time—and even the weather predictions are with us this year! Multiple stages playing multiple types of jazz, blues, rock, funk, country, reggae and more (with big headliners and local talent) over the next two extended weekends. Couple that with tremendous food options, and the gothic funkiness of New Orleans…..I am psyched!!
  7. Not seeing an update here
  8. Might be up for another soundbank here. Hard to choose….love Chromophone!!
  9. Didn’t Musicians Friend or someone else have an accidental $19.99 sale on this a few years back?
  10. Amazing. In a time of inflation, the deflationary pressures on audio plugins are just staggering.
  11. Might wanna demo first if you have layout like mine. It crashes S1 on two different Lenovo laptops I have running Windows 10 Pro.
  12. Excellent service .They are quick to provide serials, and when there is an occasional glitch they are very responsive.
  13. This is a very nice reverb. One of the ones I have that I actually use.😆
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