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  1. Toontrack can pretty much do as they want. They are the big whale in the drum plug-in market, and don’t really have a major competitor. It’s a shame that over the years those running BFD have fumbled the ball so many times. Not speaking here one way or the other about the Player, but in my view a lot of the old BFD2 and 3 libraries sounded a little more real and a little less slick than the Toontrack ones.
  2. Thx for that feedback on Custom & Vintage. I always felt that the sound on the EZX version as well could have been better. I think it was one of the earlier libraries, and Toontrack has upped their game noticeably on more recent ones.
  3. Independent is a great library. If I didn’t already have it, that would be a no-brainer for me. As it is , I’m struggling a bit over whether Custom & Vintage is worth it for me, especially since I’ve got the EZX version. Leaning to the negative side right now.
  4. LAGinz

    oeksound BF

    Has anyone out there ever compared in use Soothe 2 to the TDL De-edger?
  5. Great price. If this were a true single-sided model (with no additional bump on the second side) , and you guys weren’t scaring me with this other stuff, I’d grab it in a minute for my Lenovo laptop. Unfortunately there are reports out there that you really have to jam it in to single sided slots.
  6. Fantastic quality reverbs. If I had the scratch, and could justify one more reverb, I’d definitely get the 7th Heaven. Reverberate has been my go-to non-algo verb forever. Also dev is a super nice guy-very responsive.
  7. Very sad news, indeed. Almost everyone I know has been affected in some way by some type of mental illness within their circle of family and friends. We need to do better.
  8. LAGinz


    If you get the chance, check out The Drifters Bar on Negril beach. Chill place with house band- other local musicians sit in too.
  9. Activation code that appeared was “not accepted” when I tried to activate. Must be the ghosts and ghouls out today. EDIT: Worked on 3d try…I.e third code.
  10. Will this also be the case if I don’t do the update ?
  11. I’m a few chapters behind in the ongoing Cakewalk odyssey. If I first utilized Cakewalk under the free Bandlab version, is this update still free?
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