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  1. KSband

    Scrapbook Sky

    It's a beautiful track!
  2. Sounds fantastic, fiddle is great, guitar playing is great!
  3. KSband


    I'm going to do the trial download and check it out. I've been wanting the EZ keys too.
  4. KSband


    It's a cool song. Was the piano the midi guitar? Jam Origin, how do you like it? I found the transition from the distorted guitar back to piano kind of jarring, maybe that's what you were going for.
  5. That's quite an ambitious song, a bit of Bohemian Rhapsody in there. Is that you playing piano? It's really good.
  6. Yes really nice. I love the sound of the backing vocals when they come in.
  7. I hear the Floyd too but it's definitely your own thing. Very cool song, arrangement and guitar playing.
  8. i really like the simple arrangement, it puts a focus on the beautiful vocals. Great song.
  9. That's a cool fade in.
  10. Good song l like it. The beginning is pretty abrupt, sounds almost like the intro was cut off, was this on purpose?
  11. Very nice interplay between the guitars and piano, nice relaxing groove. The discordant stuff thrown in kind of makse it un relax a bit, obviously an artist choice. Great work Mark.
  12. KSband

    New Orleans

    Like the piano playing, very nice.
  13. KSband

    Snow Angels

    Pretty song, great job with the vocals.
  14. Very nice song. Good job on the vocals.
  15. Sounds good, I've been waiting for Ezkeys to go on sale.
  16. Thank you for the detailed reply @msmcleod ! I'm not super techy so pulling all that off would be a big assignment so I have some googling to do.
  17. I updated my main internet computer yesterday that was not supposed to work with 11 and it went without a hitch, works fine. Now thinking of doing my better computer with Cakewalk on it, it is eligible for the upgrade. Looking for advice for things to do before upgrading. Will I have to do a new install of Cakewalk? Will it keep all the plugins where they are or would I have to save them somewhere and reinstall?
  18. KSband


    Good song freddy j!
  19. That is very cool Larry! So much going on, lot's of details and an arrangement that keeps you listening. Great stuff.
  20. KSband

    Don't Say That

    Thanks for the listen and comments @Wookiee and @Herky Acuff very kind!
  21. KSband

    Don't Say That

    Thanks so much @Terry Carroll, @steve@baselines.com, @Ross Smithe and @DeeringAmps!
  22. Nicely done pop groove!
  23. KSband

    The Love

    Good groove going on this one, and some nice changes.
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