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  1. man what a wonderful collaboration.great.jack c.
  2. jack c.

    Smooth Hard Jazz

    had to look that word up.thanks for listen/comments.jack c.
  3. jack c.

    OMD Remix

    simply beautiful.nice voice.i'd like to hear a bass guitar after a few minutes.jack c.
  4. jack c.

    Smooth Hard Jazz

    thanks mate.jack c.
  5. jack c.

    This is PISCES

    spot on well done.jack c.lower piano when voice is present.
  6. nice pat metheny chord in beginning.what fiddle is that on point.all around i got's up and did a jig.jack c.i don't hear mistakes.
  7. some real beauty with the instruments!!!!!up the bass and wonderful fade out.jack c.
  8. jack c.

    Blue guitar

    real nice guitar stuff.jack c.
  9. nice song.jack c.kick sounds fine to me ears.
  10. jack c.

    mix setup

    i like this.well done.jack c.
  11. jack c.

    Smooth Hard Jazz

    thanks for listen/comments.jack c.
  12. spot on.fine job.jack c.nice chords.
  13. ya needs that booming 808 bass line.some different sections with colors/tones.on the correct track.jack c.
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