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  1. jack c.


    tremendous!jack c.
  2. jack c.

    wireless brudes

    thanks mate.brude sort of made up word.jack c.
  3. jack c.

    Drags and Squares

    rock me----- great all around sound and recording job.jack c.
  4. jack c.


    woooooooooooow i thought ya was just a jazz!!!!!great great sounds and sax and song.jack c.and ya say it's hard for ya to mix.welp your what on the money.
  5. king crimson with adrain.rap.nice all around job.jack c.
  6. jack c.

    so here i was

    thanks mate:jack c.
  7. jack c.

    so here i was

    thanks for warm thoughts.jack c.
  8. does this have to be purchased or where is it located in bandlab?jack c.
  9. jack c.

    so here i was

    ahhhhhhh thanks so much!jack c.
  10. jack c.

    Warp 6

    great music for a horror movie.jack c.
  11. ya need to tighten up drums/guitars.the bass needs more bottom.check some of the voice notes as they are a tad off.jack c.but still a nice job.
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