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  1. jack c.


    quantize the intro melody.some of voice noises are out of tune.nice chords/song and recording job.take that bass sound and put it on another instruments so ya can re=do a bass sound not so busy.jack c.
  2. jack c.


    Is this a re-mix, no.thanks for listen/comments.jack c.
  3. jack c.

    Need to Forget

    cool song.good recording job.bring up kick/snare. cut down on snare fills.i like octave voices.jack c.
  4. i love love love synths!!!!!!!!wonderful recording job.jack c.
  5. jack c.


    spooky and i like it. don't rely on those ears look at the led meters always.great drums!jack c.
  6. great recording job.good song/voice.jack c.
  7. i adore the south west.think i was native american in another life.nice song/recording job.jack c.
  8. it sounds pretty good to me ears.tighten up bass,piano a tad.lower voice a bit.jack c.
  9. ahhhhh love that progressive sound and weird time.jack c.
  10. jack c.

    lockport aces

    thanks for listen/comments.jack c.
  11. jack c.

    road No. 1922

    bring up snare/kick and less snare rolls.good recording.jack c.
  12. jack c.


    another great recording job and song.jack c.
  13. jack c.


    acoustic needs some high pass filter.i think lower the key a couple of steps.nice recording job .jack c.
  14. jack c.

    Such A Mystery

    GOOD RECORDING JOB/SONG AND CHORD CHANGES.check some vocal notes a tad off.also fatten up your voice.jack c.
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