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  1. larry ya warm me heart with these lovely thoughts.jack c.
  2. jack c.

    Sand Piper

    outstanding all around.jack c.
  3. jack c.

    Give Love a Try

    boy your are pushin em out.wonderful chords and melody.jack c.
  4. wonderful chord changes.jack c.
  5. too many times i can't understand why so many people view our songs but never listen to them.record your voice 2 more different times to make your voice more full in and tune.nice song.gary duncan quiclsilver.jack c.
  6. out there babe.jack c.do ya script your songs on manuscript?jack c.
  7. nice.add a couple of different company saxes blend toghter and for fuyll sax tones.nice voice.jack c.
  8. rock out.nice horns.jack c.
  9. jack c.


    truly wonderful.jack c.
  10. jack c.

    Tender is the Light

    great great song.jack c.
  11. all your songs are the same.how about some singing?jack c.
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