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  1. nice drums.what vst plugins effects did ya use.jack c.check some of your voice notes as a tad off.
  2. wonderful sounds.how do ya get those huge drum sounds?what vst plugins and effects?jack c.
  3. jack c.

    My New Song

    nicely done mate:jack c.
  4. jack c.

    wonderful life

    thanks mate:jack c.
  5. really nice piece.jack c.
  6. jack c.

    I'm Back

    larry carlton--rippingtons simple love it.ya gotta take this beauty to a few more sections.jack c.
  7. wonderful sounds.jack c.
  8. jack c.

    Cave Paintings

    good all around recording job.jack c.
  9. thanks mates for listen/comments.jack c.
  10. jack c.


    i like the vinyl but turn down a tad.i do many songs in this vain.make it longer add some other stuff.jack c.
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