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  1. Mystery Were

    2019.07 appears to be available

    Works fine with me here. Try making a new project with the Normal template. If you might be using a particular plug which is common in all your projects might be suspect.
  2. Mystery Were

    Step sequencer changes

    Native Instruments Battery 3 & Battery 4 can do as requested.
  3. Mystery Were

    Massive X

    I got this Massive X with the whole upgrade package. Is this a bug in it....I select a preset. Record some stuff. Save and close the project. But when the project is relaunched, Massive X rather boring GUI is not showing the Preset name and Path name. It comes up as User as the directory and blank for the preset. The previously selected saved patch is playing. Is this a bug or is it just with me?
  4. Mystery Were

    Pentagon I not showing in CbB or SPLAT

    Apparently Pentagon requires you to install and also run Cakewalk/Sonar with 'Administrator' privilege.
  5. It might be a quirky thing where you might bounce to clips first. Other wise for me, it works as directed in the documentation.
  6. Mystery Were

    Can’t unfreeze midi drum track

    Something to look for. Have you "lost" AD2 since a recent windows update?
  7. Mystery Were

    What happened to the old Cakewalk forum?

    Kind of related to this. What is to happen to Command Center. And, will Bandlab ever sell stuff (like Rap Pro, Z3TA etc)