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  1. Free samplers are good, especially the one you mentioned but I think a built in one that's more oriented towards the workflow of cakewalk would be better. The sampler in ableton fits well with abletons workflow for example
  2. Looks as if the kick wav forms cannot be downloaded here in the forums, have I been doing it wrong or is there another way?
  3. bad kick.wav Zetta kick is what happens before and bad kick is hat happens when I drag the kick onto the playlist Zetta_Kick13.wav
  4. I think this bug has been in cbb ever since I used it. I wanted to record it using my screen recording software but for some reason theres no audio when I play back the footage So everytime I would drag a kick onto the play list it would distort and stretch. Not sure how this is caused but any help would be appreciated!
  5. True, but those plugins are quite expensive think a built in sampler in cakewalk would be better
  6. Nice! Any word on when the official release will be out?
  7. So, every time I would try and log onto the bandlab assistant to test the new update, it would show this screen Do you guys have a fix for this? Thanks
  8. Hmmm... I think once that true sounds studios guy finishes his new studio and starts making tutorials alot of people will watch and as a result his channel might gain some traction! I think the key to a good daws success is to make it a good all rounder for all kinds of music producers. Like logic pro is very versatile when it comes to it. Has professional recording artists to electronic music producers using it! 😀
  9. Thanks scook! got it working had to press the views browser as you said
  10. Heya! Cakewalk does have a built in browser to browse your sample folder which is nice, however, there are certain directories that i am not able to access. Most of my samples that i use are located into the program files (x86) folder but for some reason, I am unable to access this even though in other daws i am able to. Is there way to fix this so the directory can appear? Thanks in advanced!
  11. Ok, so that worked somehow. I don't how how it caused problem was caused but thanks alot!!
  12. I mean the view in which you usually see your midi tracks. I pressed h and nothing has changed unfortunately
  13. When i press h, it brings up this window. what do i press?
  14. For some reason, when I add a midi track it won't appear in the sequencer view but only in the mixer. It's kinda weird, do u guys know how to solve this? Thanks!
  15. Also, here's the quote that I'm specifically talking about from the employee "Nobody will open their wallet for "we fixed a bunch of sh*t" but they will for "shiny new button that makes music". That is a flaw with selling one version each year. With rolling updates all of that went away and more effort went into fixing long standing bugs. The last 3 years of SONAR imo were the best years of SONAR for stability and effort applied to bugs."
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