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  1. I also was very surprised to find that I wasn't subscribed.....unsure how this happened because i was subscribed in the past.
  2. I have Version 7 and it showed no updates and no analog V. After reading Matthew Sorrel's comment I uninstalled my Software Center and reinstalled the latest download and not only did analog V show up but virtually ALL my version 7 products had updates that never showed in the previous installation of the software center!
  3. it asks me for the second word on page 82 which is waveform, Keeps telling me i am wrong!!!!Help!!!
  4. If you are referring to the sonar eucon plug I followed the link directly from the avid eucon application set up page.
  5. Nevermind! It's through wifi and it is working well in sonar!
  6. Ok total ignorance here: you use your tablet via bluetooth? If so how do you get the bluetooth to communicate with sonar?
  7. yes it is still no go for me...no apps under apps setting and still getting the already registered message when i enter the reg. code provided by Novation. Very frustrating!
  8. Perhaps all the novation codes are identical?
  9. I hope you are right....however it seems odd that the very first time i entered the reg. code it said it was already registered.
  10. When i enter my reg code from novation the app says that it has already been registered!!!!
  11. Thanks for the help...I wish i could afford to get all 3.
  12. right now you can get an annual subcription to Musitech, Future Music or Computer Music magazine for $18. If you could only afford one of these 3 which would you choose?
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