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  1. I do not have collection 3. I have the legacy bundle.
  2. Thanks! I installed the software pass and using that was able to update. Interestingly the website for ME does NOT have the new versions (https://id.korg.com/users/products)).
  3. Where do you download the updates. When i go to my downloads on korg website the downloads are still for the previous version (M1 2.2.0 and wavestation 2.2.0)
  4. Well I never got the download link to work on the free essentials page but after digging around I downloaded their installer for all their products. By using that i was able to download all the freebies AND snap heap. I didn't pay for anything!
  5. Yeah, for whatever reason the download link simply doesn't work for me....it is kind of greyed out and nothing happens when i click it. Maybe it's firefox.
  6. How do i download this?....clicking the download button does nothing!
  7. Very confused how you do this....no matter what i do it is in my cart for $4.44. Where and how do you change this to zero? When you say close out do you mean remove from my cart and try again?
  8. Ok I'm confused....where do I download this???
  9. Bought this last night...after signing in to newegg the coupon worked fine for me!
  10. The neewer nw-700 bundle at Amazon (I left out the link) https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Condenser-Microphone-Suspension-Recording-dp-B078XZ4KKN/dp/B078XZ4KKN/ref=dp_ob_title_ce
  11. slightly less on Amazon. Also, the neewer nw-800 with shockmount and power supply (no mic arm) for $27.99 on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Neewer®-NW-800-Microphone-Phantom-Power/dp/B01JRU34R4/ref=sr_1_31?crid=3PWL2YULDZGOQ&dchild=1&keywords=neewer+microphone&qid=1623956143&sprefix=neewer%2Caps%2C273&sr=8-31
  12. There are great deals on prime day but they are scattered among many so-so deals. Plus the deals come and go so quickly that you really need to be checking constantly (and resist the temptation to get stuff you don't really need or truly want).
  13. Yes i see that now....however i can't find anywhere on JRR a simple base update to Komplete 13 (NOT ultimate which seems to be the only update they have on their site).
  14. So i can update to 13 for $99 directly from NI or for $98 on Time and Space but on JRR it is $399? Very confused. Apparently JRR doesn't sell the base update.
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