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  1. More and more of these ripoff sites popup selling clothes and linens and then some crazy low priced piece of audio equipment....this site will be gone in a few months and then a new site will pop up selling clothes linens and some crazy low priced piece of audio equipment....STAY AWAY!!! They always are so new that at first there is no bad feedback and then when everyone starts to complain the site will vanish.
  2. Surprised there haven't been any comments about this. Has anyone seen any of these videos? A lot of them look really good.
  3. The price for the USA is $105! Surely this isn't 55% off?!!
  4. Doesn't work for me; I receive the following message after applying the code "The promotion couldn't be found. Please call Customer Services on 01371 851882 for further assistance or continue shopping below."
  5. Just to relay that it appeared in my account without issue and I have Sampletank 4 SE.
  6. Thanks for the tips. I think I will wait till BF. The special upgrade pricing ($100) is good on the presonus website until Dec 31st.
  7. You can currently upgrade to studio one 4.5 pro from any previous pro version for $99.99. Can purchase from either JRR or Audiodeluxe for $84.99. Anybody know of any cheaper price?
  8. I give up....i'm sending this back for a refund. It is absolutely useless without serial numbers.
  9. No i actually only have one email but maybe i'll get a gmail
  10. Yes I have registered over and over and still no email.....its been over 3 hours. One of the reviewers on Musiciansfriend hadn't received an email even after 2 DAYS. I have checked my spam folder and no luck.
  11. It is very frustrating to have a new toy and not be able to use it for want of a damn email!!!!!
  12. I bought the producer bundle and have registered online but I am still waiting for a security code to be emailed to me to complete the registration. Anybody know how long it takes to receive the email?
  13. Whenever I buy something on AmazonUK I'm never sure if it's cheaper to let them charge my card in US dollars using their currency converter or to buy in pounds and have my Chase card do the conversion...both involve a fee.
  14. Yes...as a buyer they charge you a fee for converting euros (or pounds) into US dollars.
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