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  1. So you are using MIDI from the drum module to your laptop or is it audio over USB? Does your drum module have a headphone output? To be honest, to have multiple audio outputs you would benefit from using an appropriate audio interface (one with at least two audio pair outputs). Kind regards, tecknot
  2. Hi Chris and welcome to the Cakewalk forums. How are you connecting your output of your drums to your laptop? Do you use an audio interface? Kind regards, tecknot
  3. Hey Eric, There are two different kinds of linked clips. Say you want to edit some notes in one clip and want that same change in other copies of that clip, then you are wanting to choose Linked to Original clip. On the other hand, if you want to make a change to one clip without affecting other copies of the clip, then choose Linked Repetitions in the case you only want to change the note(s) in one clip without affecting the others, but say you want to move the linked clips by only moving one clip (or you want to mute them by changing the state of only one). All linked clips will follow. Kind regards, tecknot
  4. Hi Erik, It comes down to do you want edits to affect all linked clips or do you just want the clips to be linked? Kind regards, tecknot
  5. Hi jkoseattle, Try looking in you VST folders: C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\VstPlugins\Session Drummer 3; C:\Program Files (x86)\Cakewalk\Vstplugins\Session Drummer 3 Kind regards, tecknot
  6. Hi gmp, Try setting your Workspaces to none. Kind regards, tecknot
  7. Hi Phil and welcome to the Cakewalk forums. You can designate your HDD as the Global Audio Folder under Preferences | File | Audio Data: Kind regards, tecknot
  8. Hi Keni, If you don't get any confirmation here, try the new BFD forums: https://forum.bfddrums.com/ Kind regards, tecknot
  9. Hi Syphus, I don't have the solution, but it appears that it should be doable by the context menu (right-click/pop-up). You can insert a Track template in between tracks within a Folder, but the track template will not be "in" the folder (just in sequence with the other tracks already in the folder). Seems this is either a bug or a feature request. Kind regards, tecknot
  10. Hi Scott, Would you happen to have Ripple Edit active? Kind regards, tecknot
  11. Hi Mark, Unfortunately, offline Help is not available within CbB. You'll just have to open it as a pdf. Kind regards, tecknot
  12. Hi Max, I would zip up the file and upload it to google drive. Kind regards, tecknot
  13. Hi Indrajeet, Please don't cross post (https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/33089-midi-learn-function-in-matrix-view-for-chordstriads/). The moderators do not like it. Kind regards, tecknot
  14. Hi Indrajeet, You certainly can MIDI learn columns in the MV just the way you asked. Kind regards, tecknot
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