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  1. Hi Arthur, If you turn on Snap, you can set it to snap to any increment (measure, quarter note, eighth note, etc.). You can also use Aim Assist (press "x") and the will tell you exactly where you cursor is along the ruler. Kind regards, tecknot
  2. Hi Gavin and welcome to the Cakewalk forums. You can edit a SS clip during playback. However, you cannot edit a MV clip on the fly. You must stop playback to edit/update the clip. Kind regards, tecknot
  3. Don't you mean $149.99 At $49.99 I thought it was an offer I could not refuse. Kind regards, tecknot
  4. Hi, You can do this by going to the Inspector (while the desired clip is selected) and go to Clip Properties. In the Length section, double the amount and then you should have the looped clips at twice the length. This is assuming you have already converted the clip to a groove clip (Ctrl+L). Kind regards, tecknot
  5. Hi Jean and welcome to the Cakewalk forums. I believe you will have to take ownership of the parent folder and change permissions on subsequent folders in order to delete your duplicated files/folders. Kind regards, tecknot
  6. Hi tdehan, What kind of pickups do you have on your bass? If you have active pickups, then I would check or change the battery. Kind regards, tecknot
  7. Hi Volodymyr, Try pressing Ctrl+Tab to toggle through any open windows in Cakewalk. It's possible that the virtual controller is behind the Track View. If that doesn't do it, try setting Workspaces to none. Kind regards, tecknot
  8. That looks like a graphic annomally.
  9. I was glad to see the updated control bar when to new look of SONAR was released. However, I was greatly disappointed to find that we could no longer customize the control bar the way we could in previous versions. I wish they would bring back that level of customization, but after working with themes I am not sure it can be done. Kind regards, tecknot
  10. Hi dwf2008, Why not convert your metronome audio track into MIDI? Kind regards, tecknot
  11. You can add the Performance toolbar to any screenset or workspace, but you must save it in order for toolbars to persist. Kind regards, tecknot
  12. tecknot

    Custom toolbars

    Hi dwf2008, Unfortunately, the Custom module in the Control Bar is all you get to customize commands. Kind regards, tecknot
  13. Hi Dev, You are seeing audio instead of MIDI because that is the way CbB is designed, so it is not a problem or an error. You can still edit MIDI in the source MIDI track. Kind regards, tecknot
  14. Hi grannis, Unfortunately, the MV and SS run independently with no interconnectivity. Sounds like a good idea though. Kind regards, tecknot
  15. Hi Jerry and welcome to the Cakewalk forums. My only guess is that there is volume automation on the track (or corresponding audio track). Kind regards, tecknot
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