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  1. Is there a way to create sub bass drops in cakewalk by notes? For example the initial hit starting in C before “dropping down”. A second type would be just a sustained bass hit in C that’s basically just a steady boom? Also once created is there a way to reverse the bass drop kinda like a reverse cymbal? Seen people using audacity tone generator in the past but I’d like the drop to be the same note/key that’s being played in the song when it hits. I’d also like to stay in the box. Genre: Metal
  2. Your awesome, I believe that is just what I needed! Thanks scook!
  3. I have sends on several tracks, when I solo a track, the sends still play.. I tried highlighting the tracks with sends, holding ctrl and click the power button on any send. But, it will still only turn off 1 send at a time.. Am missing something or do sends not have “bulk on/off” method?
  4. Much appreciated guys! I will give this a shot!
  5. I imported a live version of my song. I had melodyne find the tempo.. I then synced melodyne with host tempo.. I have 1 midi track (AD2) and the rest audio. I tracked bass, guitars and a midi drum track. The song ranges from 190-214 bpm. The tempo map moves correctly with vs, chs, etc. I’m trying to slow a rushed transition from chorus to verse, a small section is too fast, basically it doesn’t slow down fast enough. If i mess with the tempo of midi anywhere within the song the audio obviously doesn’t follow tempo changes . I can cut all tracks audio/midi and make room for the slower tempo. But doing so throws all midi out of sync from there forward? Hope this makes sense, I can’t exactly delete the bass/guitar tracks and track again..
  6. You are correct. Nothing in the manual and I also searched through the td11 interface for the midi send notes and there’s nothing for cymbal chokes or after touch. Actually each pad/cymbal only list 2 midi note slots. One for the bell/edge and rim/head. Looks like I’m out of luck here. I can always do as you suggest and manually enter the choke midi note via piano roll. Just sucks to have to go back and add it that way. Thanks for your help! Looks like I need to upgrade my td11 brain. 🤦‍♂️
  7. Using the Addictive Drums 2 drum map. I can’t seem to get cymbal chokes to work on the Roland TD 11kv. I’ve googled and found there is not much info to seek.. I found forums suggesting some daws don’t support midi cymbal chokes via e drums. Does BL support “after touch”? I’ve tried toggling the after touch settings on and off in AD2 to no avail. Hi hat pedal works as it should although when I click the instrument with the mouse to preview the sound it always defaults the hi hat closed instead of open. As if the foot pedal is in the down position. I should add I use midi out on the Roland not the USB input if that matters.
  8. Awesome, I will give it a whirl! Thanks again guys!
  9. I appreciate that. I’ve have tried it several times to no avail in the past. I suppose I can dig in one last time Thanks for the link!
  10. Using the Piano Roll view (PMV). There is a bunch of piano keys down the left side “the midi notes”. I’d like to rename these respectively with Addictive Drums 2, or name them at all? Their blank and have always been to my knowledge.. Also, essentially if I change “kit pieces” within AD2 they would also follow suit on correct names on the keys? Thanks ahead of time
  11. I agree. I sit down with it some more last night. My genre is metal, which for the most part is that “squashed” sound. I had to back quite a bit of compression off my L2 to get the wlm to act as it “should”. Not very happy with its results. Ended up deleting and turning the compression back up. I dug a bit deeper researching and it seems this plugin is essentially for podcast/tv. Sure it can be used for music but I’d say it’s more so for sound effects/music tracks for broadcast like Matthew suggest. I misinterpreted its use when purchasing. Oops 🤷🏼‍♂️ While it’s cool to compare or take a look at, it really doesn’t help me much for my application. Appreciate the input guys, hopefully if I’m missing something here someone will chime in. Otherwise another impulse buy just because it was on sale lol Oh and it’s said the EBU presets are industry standard for music. That’s what I used to no avail.
  12. Any one familiar with how to use this? Not many videos go into detail. The one that does is in Portuguese. When I get short and long in the right range using trim and true peak, it gives a check mark on those boxes. But it affects my master output to a very low volume? My master fader stays at 0. The Output before using the plugin is -1.0 db. Use the plugin my output volume drops to -19 ish.. Then turning my master fader up the max 6db, It’s still really low? Should I add a plugin after the loudness meter just to use its output gain to get my master output back to -1.0 for export? Hopefully this makes since. Thanks ahead of time. By the way before applying the plugins trim and true peak my “short” was hitting in the red -10ish.. after applying it sits fine with the check mark, but I loose lots of overall volume. Do I have maybe too much compression maybe? Thanks ahead of time
  13. Some great info in this thread! I appreciate the help/advice. While Like to consider myself a serious solo artist, I don’t make serious solo artist money to afford 3500.00... at the moment.. As I quietly check my shoulder and add it to the wish list lol.. While looking into Neve, I also noticed Steinberg has partnered with Neve on there newer interface for 599.00.. Honestly for the time being I need to stick it out with my Tascam 2x2. It’s been a great budget interface. Planned to get the Roland octa rack mount interface I believe it’s called.. But would rather have usb 3.0 if I’m going to upgrade. Its true I need to work on my guitar signal coming in the interface. That could be playing a huge role in my tone. With all the editing possibilities to “fix” things I never really considered it. I do usually slightly compress/EQ the signal before the amp sim. Recently got the neural amp sim, been through a few of them. While it’s sounds great stand alone, it’s been a task to mix with. I seemed to have found a better tone with all you guys help. Mainly singled out a few things with Multi band eq, realized I had one of my buses muted. Opened a bit of space with slight reverb and panning. I also reconsidered the drums placement, compression and reverb tails. I noticed the issue why it wasn’t collapsing to mono very well. Seemed to have worked most the kinks out. Which basically boiled down to the guitars and cymbals. Was strange cause from my phone it sounded great. Laptop speakers are a different beast. Bluetooth speaker - slightly distorted with max volume, no distortion turned down a notch. Bluetooth in the car sounds a bit bassy still.. and lined in in the car, The search continues for my “go to guitar settings” I’ll never move on from this song if I don’t press forward! Plan to release a single a month once I release this one. So I’m trying to speed my workflow. Thanks again everyone.
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