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  1. So close! If anyone uses Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 + Cbb please show tutorial how to connect everything. Also Without nested Folder Structures how do other composers organize Complex setups like Orchestral templates? MIDI + Instrument tracks labeled VEP 7 connected Kontakt Multi Out set up MIDI data transmitting on correct Out channels
  2. ah yes afew updates, Nested folders, Color Coded Keyswitching, Updated Tempo tools... thanks for explaining!
  3. Hey, 20 years later ZBrush 2019 finally did it this year, maybe Cbb will!
  4. Will you please Please explain how to do this. The Tempo window is not showing any Snap tools.
  5. should the prepare buffer stay default 250, or leave it at 1024? I've never changed that setting before. Only buffers ever changed were ASIO depending on Playback or recording.
  6. same PC used many years Tempo Change is the only time this happens. Project = 1 MIDI Piano Track 1 Instance of Kontakt Player 6 with Piano patch. ASIO Sample rate 48000 24 bit 64 bit Engine on No dithering Audio Data record 24 / Render 32
  7. tried 250, 500, 1024, no difference. thanks for the idea! Export audio plays back as expected, and it only happens when during the Tempo change it's self.
  8. 250ms is the default, I've never changed it. Is it specific to Tempo changes?
  9. Not sure why this is happening but wanted to mention it in case someone else noticed the same thing. When Tempo slows down, playback is noticeably "stuttered" Export the file plays back as expected. 1) Also the Left Click Drag up/Down does not work in the Tempo Window the way it does in other windows.
  10. Tempo Window - the main view allows Left click Drag up/down to zoom. in the measure bar, It would be helpful to have that consistency in the Tempo Window ~ thanks!
  11. ...what a 2019 tutorial for Cakewalk? ! THANK YOU!
  12. the PRV Show note name is a great start! Now Let's Color code and write custom names on the Piano keys directly OR Anything to make MIDI key-switching less tedious. THIS built into Cbb would be great: https://www.syntheticorchestra.com/articulate/ also, ...where is the feature request page?
  13. My eyes and ears are bleeding from all the other DAW tutorials other than Cbb 2019 tutorial request If anyone actually has updated tutorial for how to connect all this, please post here. Cbb + VEP 7 Server Template using Kontakt Player 6 (basic Orch Library Kontakt Multi-out to Cbb The multi-outs are created in Kontakt Player 6 , but cannot figure out how to connect them in Cbb. MIDI data is showing, but can't hear anything other than Out 1/2.
  14. Thanks for the reminder, Yes I learned starting notes at measure 2 a long time ago. Thank you for the advice tried both without success. The ONLY way I've found to solve this stupid problem is to: convert the MIDI to a "Groove Clip" File> Export as "MIDI Groove Clip" Win Media Player Plays clip at correct tempo and file can now be used in other app or Cbb project with adjusted tempo. Haha, Because I suk at math, the original 1999 project is at 200 bpm to help place notes. I Am now wanting to move the piano to a new project with a more reasonable tempo yet preserve the tempo map! Next will be experimenting with Squishing time. I really appreciate this forum!
  15. This seems way more complicated than necessary. I just want to export 1 single piano midi file not a project and not merging all other midi into 1 file. What is the advantage of RIFF MIDI 0 and when / why to use it?
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