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  1. Selected the midi clip Select by Filter = RPN, OK ...then hit Delete on the keyboard? nothing happens.
  2. It only happens with the MIDI, the Audio clip d/d act as expected best driver is already installed. reboot did not fix the issue and I'm about to ask help solve another strange issue to do with audio.
  3. yea, usually when this type of thing happens i do a system reboot.
  4. d/d from browser is only allowing placement in the track below the target track.any ideas why?
  5. I will post an updated file + images asap.
  6. ah yes, typo. How to record the control data in the Piano roll window? CC:1 Modulation, where is the "W" or way to record, not draw?
  7. this is what I just did to get the map out of the physical controller. A-Pro LCD Window = CTRL MAP 19 "Sonar ACT Map 2" CTRL MAP 19 is the default that has all the basics. 1) set physical A-Pro to CTRL MAP 1 2) open AProEditor Options> midi devices IN = A-PRO 2 OUT = A-PRO 3) Click Revieve 4) after the map is loaded save it to the hard drive
  8. Looks like there are two different MIDI controllers, the track lane and the Piano roll. I tried the "W" button I can Draw the info, but I really want to use the mod wheel real time to record the data. how to rrealtime record Modulation to a MIDI track?
  9. Hey the post was very helpful, thanks! I have the Editor Installed, current win 10 drivers, but no control map. and it should not be the case to program the very basic start/stop/ rec/ etc. on the physical A-Pro, is "ACT" suppose to be on? ..."Sonar ACT Map 2" = 19 How to save that out of the A-Pro?
  10. ...also where to know which "type" to assign to the basic Stop, Play, rewind, etc?
  11. thank you. Downloaded the "Sonar" control maps, The Control Maps do not have anything listed for Cakewalk or Sonar. This is exactly why the request is for Video or Images. not more words on a page. Do you have a control map for Cakewalk to share? Why would Cakewalk make a controller and not have a default Control Map?
  12. a different controller window
  13. Hi, anyone have this and know how to set it up in CBB? I've read all the forum advice, looking for images or a video of it working and what the actual controller window is suppose look like etc. A-Pro300 CTRL MAP 0 + ACT button is on, now what? CBB> Utilities (Where is the "A-Pro-1" in the dropdown list?
  14. So close! If anyone uses Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 + Cbb please show tutorial how to connect everything. Also Without nested Folder Structures how do other composers organize Complex setups like Orchestral templates? MIDI + Instrument tracks labeled VEP 7 connected Kontakt Multi Out set up MIDI data transmitting on correct Out channels
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