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  1. Duplicate and Piano Roll view Note names is great!
  2. well it's a solution and this will now be a good reference post for others, thanks for contributing!
  3. oThanks all, @James ArgI know 0 about CAL except how to use it. Also I might have some of the same scripts you do but if your willing to share please post a link! @Gswitz, this method is why i'm seeking a cal script. The notes are not consistent and I just need a way for it to read left to right and select every other note no matter the pitch or length. CAL challenge for anyone interested!
  4. sadicus

    Mix in mono?

    oh, that is way easier than changing the "interleave" on all tracks. Will give it a try.
  5. sadicus

    Mix in mono?

    How to go about mixing in mono in Cbb? Is it a matter of changing each stereo stem to mono (with the button),mixing, then turning stereo button for each stem back on?
  6. What are some ways to Select every other midi note no matter the pitch, or duration? Just whatever note is next. perhaps a CAL script could do this?
  7. looked everywhere but there! Interesting "left" is the default, not sure how it changed. Thanks so much
  8. After using "split" all tracks to the right are still selected. Is there a way to invert the selection or only have the tracks to the left of split to be selected?
  9. I would like to just set numerical parameters and Fill in or draw a straight line with the selected pattern. Grid snap to is = on How to Snap to grid so the vertical stays consistent when drawing to the right? If I stray up or down it does not stay snapped. How to make consistent, repeating patterns? With Sine, Square, Triangle or any of the "pattern" tools. 1.Click to set the center position of the shape. 2.Drag up/down to set the vertical range of the shape. 3.Drag left/right to set the duration of the shape. Holding "Shift" kinda works, for a little bit, then freaks out.
  10. ...well paying attention not to checkbox "exc" helps. Duration min/max Whole Note = 4:000 Quarter note = 1:000 Eighth = 480 Sixteenth = 240
  11. What is the method used to select (and delete) MIDI notes by length? "Delete Whole notes only" or Delete 16th notes only" I was trying "Deglitch" and looked at the Event Filter but not sure the best way.
  12. "CSTranspose in your FX Bin" that was it. I opened a version before this project and everything worked as expected, then added the CSTranspose and it went crazy! Haha Good eye Blogospherianman!
  13. Key Switch is correct. after play head passes KS, a different KS is selected. What might cause this to happen?
  14. Feature Request (entering in custom MIDI notes) Key Switches - a way to color code and label Piano Roll Keys would be helpful. Drum Maps are ok, but the ability to completely customize the PRV "Keys" themselves would be epic! Color code, and Label the Keys, with the label being either On, Off, or only visible on roll-over (like it is currently) https://postimg.cc/gallery/sop0293q/ Or Make it to where Drum Maps and PRV view are split but it's the same MIDI lane. (instead of how it is currently selecting two MIDI lanes, one to see Key Switches and the other to work with MIDI notes.)
  15. Seeking tips & tricks to get a good string Legato - Portamento. Working with a Legato patch (Kontakt Tina Guo + default orch strings) trying to get a Portamento (slide up to the next note) effect. Does a longer MIDI note overlap equal a longer portamento slide? I'm not really hearing a long enough "slide" to the next note, it sounds to fast.
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