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  1. Something else noticeable is; for as long as Cakewalk has been around no one cares to make orchestral templates. not even a 'woke' cool company like Spitfire. I'll add that to the request list. I'll pay to have some one else do the work. I've asked on forums for years.
  2. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dark-background-light-text/
  3. So glad this is being discussed! It's the most important feature I need for my workflow. It would be nice to hear from anyone that understands the different Key Switch techniques implemented by different DAWs and which works best and why. The way I understand it CC program changes would be one of the best ways to change articulations? Perhaps any experienced will comment.
  4. Feature Request - Dark Theme the Plug-in Manager. Better yet, Dark theme Everything
  5. Request: something similar to Logics 'Articulation IDs' or 'BRSO Articulate' - The Color Trigger Keyswitches
  6. Does Cbb have something similar to Logics 'Articulation IDs' or 'BRSO Articulate'?
  7. Cakewalk has built in Melodyne. Upgraded to Melodyne 5, how to make sure it the default converter in Cbb and not the older version?
  8. Thanks for the confirmation, just wanted to make sure there wasn't a simple OS solution. VLC Player will work. in Details it did show "768kbs" ~ thanks for the chart! I like RC menus, thanks for that, MediaInfo works great!
  9. Win 10 Users - How to find Audio Bit/Sample rate? without opening quicktime or Cbb, how to find the Bitdepth and sample rate of WAV audio?
  10. Don't want to menu hop, or PRV. What method would allow to make a Hotkey (Shortcut Key?) press button> Transpose +12 press button> Transpose - 12 Process> Transpose ...also I can see the little underscore but what key combo is used to access the "n"?
  11. I keep forgetting about "Send" to send audio, I've only ever used SENDS to Effects, things like delay or reverb. @Lynn and @David Baay ...so all my Synths currently go to a BUS, will a Record armed Track see a BUS as an input? I'm guessing BUSes don't work like the AUX, or else AUX would not be necessary.
  12. Duplicate BUS, What is the equivalent of this?
  13. I would like to record live (not freeze or bounce MIDI) All the Synths to one track. How to setup multiple simple instruments to output to a single track? The Record input can be set to listen to only one Synth at a time, so how to set this up? *i think* patch point, or AUX is how this is done?
  14. This has been moved Feature request, Thank you.
  15. How to record MIDI Arp sequence? KONTAKT> Settings> Send MIDI = Script Generated = ON KONTAKT Turn ARP on and Record Arp pattern KONTAKT Turn ARP Off Playback (This has now recorded the Arp sequence) Make sure the MIDI is on the correct channel. Delete any non-arp Long notes, or use them as Keyswitches
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