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  1. Here is what I found. If I copy/Paste to a new project all that controller data copies over, but it sounds the correct volume. The thing is the original project also use to sound correct. I did not record with a sustain pedal so I'm not sure where all this data came from.
  2. Open Kontakt add a piano and it's loud. at first the track was loud but then some thing changed. and not the velocities are the same as when it was loud but the volume is to quiet compared to all the other MIDI tracks. all the other MIDI tracks are the same loud volume. What are some things to check? Restarted PC and reopening the project did not fix it. Also checke "Zero Controllers" but that did not help. I have worarounds, but I have no Idea why it happened to begin with. If the MIDI is copied to a new project, it works as expected.
  3. yes there are several workarounds, what I'm asking is it a bug, is it suppose to do that?
  4. How to scoll each Pro Channel into view and have it stay in the same position? Track 1 and 2 have the same Pro Channel Trying to match the compressors but when switching between tracks the pro Channel jumps to the middle of the Pro channel instead of remembering the placement. Have to scroll back up each time.
  5. It does not matter where I try to loop the audio in the same track, copied etc. every time "Loop"is enabled that "data will be discarded" message pops up. ...some internal setting that changed? oh maybe "comping is enabled and that effects it? No I just tried all the settings and still get the message. Something changed some where I don't remember it working like this.
  6. I'm not sure if there are suppose to be 3 DLL files, I only find the "Guitar Rig 6.dll"
  7. 1) Split the audio 2) copied to a new track 3) loop (data will be removed) 4) un-loop is there a "don't delete audio" setting ?
  8. ...i think something is not getting scanned. As per the instructions Installed Native Access Guitar Rig 6 Cakewalk vst scanned several times, yet the different files are not showing. there are suppose to be FX and MFX version. How to find the plugins and get them to show in the browser?
  9. Noticed this: 1) drag /audio to MIDI track 2) Melodyne Tuned Percussion 3) (after the conversion) the now marker line is missing I think it re-appears after after saving the project.
  10. that's what I thought, but lately when I make a loop ..."data will be discarded" then when I want to unloop it, the data is gone.
  11. is there a setting that allows getting the data back after looping a clip? just make a duplicate of the clip before looping?
  12. Automatic Picture Cache management https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.10.html
  13. SLOVED Something that happened is the Visual wav of the Track Audio is not correct. The beats do not match the actual Audio. I did a "recalculate Pictures" but in this case did not fix it. Is there another option? visually the beat is earlier than the actual sound. Bounce to Clip(s) will fix it.
  14. AMAZING! ..i've never looked that far down the list. lol
  15. How to find which track audio is associated to the project audio? in this example the track audio name is "H1" yet It's not listed that way in the Project Audio folder.
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