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  1. sadicus

    Synths don't playback

    that is a great checklist!
  2. sadicus

    Synths don't playback

    This is not specific to one kind of synth. (in this case it happens to be NI Absynth 5) The synth played back when the project was saved and closed. Opening the project and the synth is silent. Open a new instance of the synth and it works as expected. all the routing is the same. Now 3 instances are in the project, the original two that are useless, and the new instance that works as expected.
  3. how exactly to remove the warning? WarnSilentBus=0
  4. sadicus

    How to set custom DimPro Library?

    Thank you for the information. Do I need a "directory junction" app to fix this? Do or Don't edit the reg path? I'm looking for a way to fix this duplicate issue, is it an issue? Haha, no idea!
  5. sadicus

    How to set custom DimPro Library?

    There might be unnecessary duplicates, search found several locations that DP has a list of sample libraries. Which are safe to delete? How to get Dimension to find the custom Lib path: E:\Dimension Pro Library\Multisamples C:\ProgramData\Cakewalk\Dimension Pro\Programs C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Dimension Pro\Multisamples E:\Dimension Pro Library\Multisamples I must be confusing the Lib structure and the Multisamples. example, The '11th Dimension.prog" references the "Dimension Pro Library\Multisamples"
  6. DimPro is not listing all the libraries. How to set custom DimPro Library? E:\Dimension Pro Library\Multisamples
  7. sadicus

    Audio to MIDI

    Most apps have new ways of using them, that's kinda the point of upgrading. Unless Cbb wants to make a list indicating 4 year old tutorials "still work" . Would you want to do a random search and watch a 30 min tutorial only to find out the info is dated and does not apply? Thanks for letting us know that it works the same.
  8. sadicus

    Audio to MIDI

    Thank you. Melodyne usually sends an update email. It is now updated to Melodyne Version: I though Cbb used a different app for audio stretching and editing, similar to Melodyne. Tutorial search "Cakewalk Melodyne audio to MIDI" are 4-6 years old!
  9. sadicus

    Audio to MIDI

    First test of the day: 2019.07 simple 3 note audio clip *D/D to MIDI track, is not converting to midi. A message warning it may take a long time depending on, pops up but nothing happens. tried with combined instrument track and plain old midi track, same result. *(Drag, Dropped)
  10. sadicus

    2019.07 Feature Overview

    Appreciate the animated mini-tutorials, very helpful! An in depth "Cakewalk Workflow" video series showing the differences would also be helpful. Good Job!
  11. sadicus

    2019.07 Feedback

    +1 on the above requests Vid tutorials showing the "why" of workflow for changes would be very helpful. ~ thanks!
  12. sadicus

    DMM for GPO5 WTF

    scook you are a wealth of Cakewalk info, you might even be part of the matrix.
  13. sadicus

    DMM for GPO5 WTF

    Drum Maps WTF BEFORE I dive in the the glorious world of DMM, I'd like to work on music not type. is this really the only way to do this, No maps already exist for these patches? GPO5 chart shows B1 = 35 the DMM shows B2=35, how exactly does this work?
  14. when a search is made Sonarx 3 is the result. Any updates or tutorials on how to use Track Manager tutorial efficiently?