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  1. This forum is the best! Thanks for taking the time!
  2. How to select 40 audio clips (from desktop) and have them line up in 1 audio track with out dragging one at a time?
  3. "Chord tool and adjusting to "C7" "Am7" etc..." more like that. I've yet to mess about in the lyric staff view, but i think the second image might work, but I don't need the staff view at all. Only words with chord name (not chart). D Am I hear the south wind moan A C The bridges getting lower D A Shrimp boats coming home Thanks!
  4. I'd like to add guitar chords over lyrics, Em, Am, etc.) Does Cbb have a way to do this? If not what is a good freeware to do this? HAPPY NEW YEAR! (...I hope)
  5. Looking for setup help for an external Drum Trigger for use in Cbb. I'd like to map it to a floor tom but not sure where to start. VDrum (TD-10 snare)---> Edirol 3 port USB---> Cbb VST Superior Drum 3 Currently tapping the external drum does not trigger any VST drum.
  6. the interface and settings have changed in both. there are several ways to consider a setup with Keyswitches, and it would be interesting to learn from those that do know how to set it up and why .
  7. Does Cbb support switching MIDI channel inputs as described in this? https://medium.com/pragmatic-sound/how-to-create-expression-maps-for-cinematic-studio-strings-ae8963cf1896
  8. Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 + Cbb Setup most tutorials are about SONAR, looking for advice on setting this up with Cbb. Also Simple Instrument setup or not?
  9. the Theme editor looks a bit to involved thanks for the notice! If it's not addressed in an update I'll look into it.
  10. Seeking advice to normalize tracks to each-other. 21 tracks of the same voice. What's the best way to Normalize all of them to each other? The CD burning software has a "Normalize" feature but I would rather do all editing in Cbb.
  11. this looks really good! Currently using the TUNGSTEN theme, how to install and use this?
  12. Feature Request - Background Color for Markers or any text field. Color coded markers might also be helpful at least change the BG from being white. and thank you for all the great changes that have already been made!
  13. I'm sure you could get them to 8bit Museum
  14. Works if you hold the SHIFT key down, thanks!
  15. Goal: 1) Track1 Move all clips to their own track 2) Add 3 sec silence to all clips I really want to leave all the clips in Track 1, but need an easy way to select the ends of each clip and extend it to the right to make the clip longer (adding equal amounts of silence)
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