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  1. Don't want to menu hop, or PRV. What method would allow to make a Hotkey (Shortcut Key?) press button> Transpose +12 press button> Transpose - 12 Process> Transpose ...also I can see the little underscore but what key combo is used to access the "n"?
  2. I keep forgetting about "Send" to send audio, I've only ever used SENDS to Effects, things like delay or reverb. @Lynn and @David Baay ...so all my Synths currently go to a BUS, will a Record armed Track see a BUS as an input? I'm guessing BUSes don't work like the AUX, or else AUX would not be necessary.
  3. Duplicate BUS, What is the equivalent of this?
  4. I would like to record live (not freeze or bounce MIDI) All the Synths to one track. How to setup multiple simple instruments to output to a single track? The Record input can be set to listen to only one Synth at a time, so how to set this up? *i think* patch point, or AUX is how this is done?
  5. This has been moved Feature request, Thank you.
  6. How to record MIDI Arp sequence? KONTAKT> Settings> Send MIDI = Script Generated = ON KONTAKT Turn ARP on and Record Arp pattern KONTAKT Turn ARP Off Playback (This has now recorded the Arp sequence) Make sure the MIDI is on the correct channel. Delete any non-arp Long notes, or use them as Keyswitches
  7. Will look into that thanks! ...what exactly am I looking for? Here is a vid showing the issue. I Have never had this happen before. WTFMIDI.mp4 found this, KONTAKT PLAYER 6 AND it's the culprit. So now the question is: HOW to record ARP sequence?.This was asked in another post, and was suggested to turn this on to record Arp MIDI notes.
  8. the screen shot is showing the before and after. I turned off / on all grid settings, with the same result. The Red and Yellow notes are the same thing. The RED NOTES "checkmark" is the real time recording, the YELLOW NOTES "X" is what happened as soon as the recording stopped. All the notes smeared to the right.
  9. Thanks for that idea. It's a simple instrument track, so not something I turned on, at least not anything I can see. I have one MIDI track and that feature is not "on"
  10. Realtime recording looks correct but MIDI notes change after recording stops.| Some kinda quantize I did not purposely turn on. any ideas what cakewalk feature does this, all the snap grids are off.
  11. Time Ruler Format - turn off HMSF? the two checkboxes will not turn off, al it does is switch which is on top.
  12. On a single track, Split repeat and change each split clip to a unique color.
  13. Ah, yea I know I changed something (i'ts an older project) but didn't remember what. It would be helpful to have the "Marked as correct answer" reaction icons
  14. Does this feature already exist? Macro to split repeat and change each clip color
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