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  1. @bdickens help or hinder, which will you choose? Perhaps in your god-like omniscience you've calculated every reason imaginable as to why someone would want to do it that way. ...to anyone else interested, Chord images and Chord names drag and drop solution would also be helpful.
  2. Can you show an example of LibreOffice would be used for this purpose? TuneSmith has a built in drag drop chord system and formatting that is almost good, but it's a bit clunky and dated looking and has other stuff I don't need. One thing TuneSmith does I learned is chord names can be put in brackets [Am] and it will show in the correct place above the word. Anyone know what this formatting is called? It seams like this could be done with HTML. T[Am]his is a song lyric wi[Emaj]th chord name placed above the w[G]ords Am Emaj G This is a song lyric with chord name placed above the words
  3. I was hoping Cbb could do this. looking for a simple non subscription app for PC that will create chords over text. F Am C Chords over lyrics are a common way to write chord chart
  4. zPlane response: "PEEL would need the support for insert plugins to have more output than input channels."
  5. With all the routing features Cbb has I'm curious why it won't work with zPlane's PEEL? Does it need to be a Cbb feature request? https://products.zplane.de/peel?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=peel&utm_content=email_210304
  6. Wanted to change the Piano Roll to Note Names. The options displayed do not match the content in the two different Drum Map paths. Which path is Cakewalk actually reading the Note Names from? Are "Note Names" the same as "Drum Maps"? I would like to consolidate the drum Maps to one location and archive what is not used and have ALL of the files shown in the Note Names window.. 1) PATHS C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\Drum Maps C:\ProgramData\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\Drum Maps 2) Note Name Content window is only showing a few of the 500+ "map" files. 3) C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\Instruments
  7. Pressing the ACT button on the A-Pro Controller (apc) is acting as a reset. not sure why.
  8. Checking a few things and A-300 is USB powered + The switch is set to "ON" and even with the PC turned off. I have a set and forget cabling setup, once Every thing is working Cables are labeled and I don't move them! Over the next few days I will really take note of when this happens. Currently it's all working as expected. I did notice one strange thing when creating a new MIDI track, sometimes the INPUT settings have more than one device checked on and it won't work. Yet setting it to "NONE" (Omni) still does not fix the issue. My other controller is sending data, but the A-300 does not. Also is there a visual App to show in/out MIDI besides this ridiculously small icon?
  9. Roland A-300 Pro Constantly Disconnects from Cakewalk and even thought the controller itself is sending midi data Cakewalk is not receiving it. Divice Manager shows the device as working correctly. As far as performance (latency, etc.) Is there any difference to using the USB connection vs Regular MIDI cables? It's currently connected via USB, but this issue is making difficult to get anything done. If the USB is physically disconnected then re connected, Cake walk will ask to keep settings or route to another device, both options are hit or miss.
  10. You need a CAL script to do it in Cakewalk. This video will have the link to download the script and shows you how to install and use it.. Hope this helps.. https://youtu.be/PfHIwZvB3wY Thank You X.E.L. OHH
  11. Feature Request - PRV - Snap to Scale DARK THEME allow a custom color or a at least bit darker.
  12. found a tutorial that said "CTRL+U" would split a selected whole note into quarter notes, but it's not. What is this process called and what is the actual shortcuts to split a whole note into smaller sizes at one time?
  13. This forum is the best! Thanks for taking the time!
  14. How to select 40 audio clips (from desktop) and have them line up in 1 audio track with out dragging one at a time?
  15. "Chord tool and adjusting to "C7" "Am7" etc..." more like that. I've yet to mess about in the lyric staff view, but i think the second image might work, but I don't need the staff view at all. Only words with chord name (not chart). D Am I hear the south wind moan A C The bridges getting lower D A Shrimp boats coming home Thanks!
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