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  1. Yes the A-300 Pro. This is not the first time this has been used with the same hardware/software MIDI drivers were downloaded years ago with no notice of updates, but I'll take a look. Thanks
  2. The Prefs are set up correctly. The A-Pro device woks but This disconnect happens often. Other MIDI device work as expected. Choosing Yes or No with the same result = the A-Pro is not working in Cakewalk. Does selecting "No" mean to keep the current A-Pro connected? If "Yes" what other device would it connect to? I'm trying to find ways to fix this without a complete PC restart every time.
  3. I've got the 15 button Stream deck and have not programmed much into other than a few MIDI commands like +/- Transpose. As far as I know it will work as expected with any shortcut keys etc.
  4. Is there a way to automate exporting Clips as MP3 files with out the mp3 dialog for each clip? Name each clip in track view then Export each Clip in sequence with auto add number sequence
  5. Flatten Comp - that's been there since X3! had no idea.
  6. Just completed Track Comping a project and want to consolidate all the various take lanes to one track. Because there are several options, What's the best way to do this? so far I've just drag dropped the different takes to the first track (shown in the image) Then delete the empty track lanes like this, After Comping, "Bounce to clip" is used then drag the file to the first take lane, then delete the empty take lanes.
  7. Works Great! took me many-a-click to understand the empty track header, but this works great, thanks!
  8. I want to have the same sound but consolidate all the Track FX over to the Pro Channel. Which is processed first the Track FX then ProChannel?
  9. What is the shortcut to snap playhead to a selected clip (not the start/end of the project. also if a track is Zoom out to display entire track so all the clips are showing is there a shortcut to select a single clip, focus and maximize it?
  10. Did a recording session with "Takes create New Lane" There are multiple takes each with several take lanes. there was no click track, so many of the audio files do not line up since there was no loop. What is a good way to listen to each of the takes? Is this a good situation for "Comping" even though the files don't line up? Except for the first lane the take lanes are all muted so I'm looking for a quick way to listen to the track as it's selected without hitting "Q" to unmute.
  11. About to mix a song and thought I find out here at the forum about Console Emulation and how best to use it. Since there are both Bus and Channel If you have it on a channel would you also want it on the bus? do you calculate the amount of channels and do Drive fractions that add up to (1)? CHNL 1 Drive = .5 CHNL 2 Drive = .5 Open to any suggestions from anyone that has Console Emulation workflow. Not sure if it matters but the recording setup is: 48hz / 24 bit no dithering (Dithering is added when doing the Mastering in Ozone 6)
  12. You are so wise! I never used the Groove Clip Section before, only Loop Construction. Now I see the connection between them Thanks again!
  13. recorded (what I thought) was a simple 4/4 riff that spanned 2 measures and wanted to loop it. The loop is getting stretched to 4 measures. How to set up Cakewalk to record then loop 1 measure without it stretching?
  14. @fossilewill look into it, thanks for the idea! I'm trying to tidy up all the folders and Libraries before backing up the HDD.
  15. @Noel Borthwickthanks. that did work, I'll email and see if they can help. @John VereCommand Center is not sending the pass login. Scolding aside, yes I have almost all of my plugins but not this one, hence the WTF
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