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  1. When recording midi in an instrument track - the clip is not displayed with "dots and lines" but show up as a audio waveform (see image below). I probably have done something wrong with the settings. Please, can anyone help???
  2. Hi:-) When opening projects I made some 6-12 months ago there is no other sound output than the vocals and the "frozen" tracks. All vsts/instrument tracks remain silent. Even after opening the vsts plugin window there is no connection between midi and vst. I'm changing settings to Omni, to Virus TI (my midi controller), try to play some notes or chords - there is no response at all. If I add a new copy of the same vst, and the same midi-settings it plays the new instance of the same synth perfectly. Going back to the original instrument-track/vst - there is no interaction between midi(controller) and instrument/vst at all. This is not only one project, but loads of them. What am I missing out on here???
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