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  1. I think that's a great idea. I have no problem with some one not learning English. My attempt to learn French years ago was....tres mal. 🥴
  2. 由于这是英文网站,很少有人会用中文回复您的帖子。 您可以使用Google翻译翻译您的邮件。 这就是我为此所做的。 Yóuyú zhè shì yīngwén wǎngzhàn, hěn shǎo yǒurén huì yòng zhōngwén huífù nín de tiězi. Nín kěyǐ shǐyòng Google fānyì fānyì nín de yóujiàn. Zhè jiùshì wǒ wèi cǐ suǒ zuò de.
  3. Just how much porn do you need to store?
  4. I couldn't come up with a pun! Oh well, nutin to worry about.
  5. Is it possible you have sticky keys turned on by accident?
  6. Pretty good. You're just missing the rim shot!
  7. A crazy idea.... On one verse record a tambourine over the clicks. On the next verse, record a high-hat over the clicks. etc. It might add some musical texture to the piece.
  8. I could prove you wrong but that would entail effort on my part and you being wrong doesn't bother me. So, have a nice day. 😀
  9. Really, you are able to set the volumes (not the velocities) of individual notes in a single MIDI track? Please tell us how.
  10. But the current MIDI spec cannot. There is currently no way to put that information into a MIDI file.
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