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  1. RobertWS

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    Do you have a song open? Did you try Alt-8?
  2. When using Control-D to duplicate notes, the selection is getting reset after every duplication. It is truncating the 'white space'. The selection has to be manually adjusted to a full bar after every duplication. Control_D.mp4
  3. The wheel is old technology. Have you stopped using wheels?
  4. None of the notes you sent were grayed out. The Pitch Wheel events are gray, but they can still be edited. I'm guessing the Guitar/Midi transducer is trying to reflect slurs, pitch bends, vibrato, etc. in your playing. You can see a visual representation of them in this view:
  5. War, disease, famine....but this is beyond the pale! I'm glad I didn't point out how the word 'foreign', with it's stupid silent g, caused me to not get a perfect score on a spelling test in the 2nd grade.
  6. Could you attach a sample midi file with the problem notes to your posting?
  7. One annoying glitch to watch out for, when adding a new controller....it always defaults to channel 1 no matter what track is active. You have to always set it.
  8. I wish I was a moderator on this site.
  9. Did you check your anti-virus and fire-wall programs? Maybe they decided to block the traffic.
  10. What ever sounds good....is good.
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