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  1. Praying for the Alzheimer's to kick in.
  2. I guess it's true. Incredibly brilliant, talented, creative, genius, great minds do think alike.
  3. Can't we just fix it in post production?
  4. I've heard the phrase....phoning it in....but for mixing analog audio? I just don't see it.
  5. Two more words: Carlos Santana.
  6. Bada bing.... Rim shot! I'll never tire of puns.
  7. A better notebook will do things faster. It won't make anything sound better. All else being equal.
  8. My muscles have Alzheimer's disease. When I was playing (l lot) I practiced to maintain a skill level, both dexterity and mental focus (and finger callouses).
  9. Oh the other hand (to steal an old joke): "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" "Practice, practice, practice". Most people are completely unaware of how much time elite musicians dedicate to their art. It's almost like they devote their lives to it!
  10. The upper frets is is where you use lots of vibrato!
  11. Example: Tune the G String with a digital tuner. Press 3 frets up on the G string, a B flat, and adjust the intonation screw to a perfect B flat. I've never heard of this either. But it makes sense, if most your chords are played in that area.
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