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  1. To keep things in perspective, Billie Holiday sounds good on scratchy, mono 45's. Real good.
  2. I think a month celebrating sarcasm is fantastic! You reserve the party room and I'll order the decorations and champagne!
  3. You might be able to access/edit/delete the volume change events in the Event List view. As a workaround. (At least when working with midi files you can).
  4. So they are protesting the sun heating the earth? Good luck with that!
  5. Oh man....why did I get a Threatin tattoo? 😲
  6. How did you get to that screen? I have the latest version of cakewalk and mine looks like this (and it works):
  7. Ahhhhh. (funny, I was sure I tried that. )
  8. Num-5 unselects? Not on my box (I wish it did!).
  9. Here's a shot in the dark..... Do you have any plugins, effects, third party tools that are in 'demo mode' because they aren't paid for? Demo mode being they only run for a few minutes until you buy and register them.
  10. FYI: (To others who may find this thread) TTS-1 and VitualMidiSynth both work with those RPNs and values.
  11. Thank you! I'm glad no one told me to RTFM because it ain't there.
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