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  1. I can think of plenty of uses for a 5-channel, surround-sound toilet flush. You could play it at someone's birthday potty. Of course, you would charge a small feces.
  2. You only told us one..five times! 1) Nitpicking.
  3. I can't list everything I'm guilty of...because the internet would fill up and shut down.
  4. That's offensive to people who identify as cats. You're hurting their felines.
  5. I still have my 4-track Dokorder reel-to-reel in a box in my basement. I can't bear to throw it away!
  6. I love their "Sharp Dressed Gender Neutral Individual".
  7. Oh, I'm enlightened baby, I've got enlightenment up the ying yang! "Sympathy for the Unspecified Religious Icon".
  8. It takes just one snowflake.... They'll have to ban Led Zeppelin's Black Dog from the radio.
  9. Yep, just fixed it while you were posting. Go to bed.
  10. I wonder if it's named after Jeff Beck....master of the whammy.
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