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  1. RobertWS

    How to change the Pitch Bend Range?

    FYI: (To others who may find this thread) TTS-1 and VitualMidiSynth both work with those RPNs and values.
  2. RobertWS

    How to change the Pitch Bend Range?

    Thank you! I'm glad no one told me to RTFM because it ain't there.
  3. RobertWS

    How to change the Pitch Bend Range?

    Someone from the soft synth site sent me a midi file with an octave pitch bend range and it worked. Here is what it looks like in the event window: My updated question is...how/where do I insert the "Pitch Bend Sensitivity" event? It is not listed in the Event Manager:
  4. RobertWS

    How to change the Pitch Bend Range?

    Thanks for the response and link. I swapped the order and it still didn't work. I tried using TTS-1 and that didn't respond either. I want to bend it (the note) like Beckham!
  5. I checked the Soft Synth software and supposedly it is supported. Is this the right way to do it?
  6. RobertWS

    Another bad music joke for Notes

    Yellow = video. Red = right audio. White = left audio. Stevie Wonder has no video (only audio). Beethoven has no audio (only video). Van Gogh, of one ear fame, has video and only one audio channel.
  7. RobertWS

    Music pun cartoon (groans are appreciated) ;)

    Great. I was up all night worrying about that.
  8. RobertWS

    Music pun cartoon (groans are appreciated) ;)

    Orca-straw. Meh.
  9. RobertWS

    Universal Audio with Cakewalk?

    Did you know about this list? http://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013101/Open-Audio-Hardware-Guide
  10. RobertWS

    2019.07 appears to be available

    It seems to be working fine for me.
  11. RobertWS

    Missing You, popper

    I've read some professional mixing engineers bring their own speakers into the studio!
  12. RobertWS


    The instructions don't say so but brown rice takes more water than white rice. About 1/3 more.
  13. Warning: Thread hijack! Speaking of long lists...if you are using the Custom module in the control bar and right click it and select "Commands" the list fills the screen and scrolls extremely slowly making it difficult to find the command you're looking for. Are there any workarounds for this?
  14. I got an email notification....First One Ever!
  15. RobertWS

    A music store was robbed last week...

    The crooks didn't measure up, soon they'll be behind bars, attended by prison staff. (a triplet!)