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  1. The best soft-synth is the one that attaches to your key-chain and makes cool phaser sounds... Pweeooo, Pweeoo!
  2. RobertWS

    Banned from KVR

    You do look like a machete-kind-of-guy.
  3. The spoon lady is hot...I would SO hit that!
  4. I still think I won.
  5. My first PC: Did I win?
  6. So, you experimented with acid in your younger days? My Aud.ini: *ThickHeadOfHair=0* Well that explains it.
  7. In the comments the tabs vs spaces debate lives on!
  8. The less code that needs to be written, the less bugs are introduced! Microsoft does push hardware changes. They were the first to go from 5-1/4" floppies to 3-1/2" hard shell disks. They were the first to go from 3-1/2" hard shell disks to CD-ROMS. They were the first to go from CD-ROMS to DVDs. Like it or not, they do keep pushing the envelope.
  9. One good thing about Alzheimer's....you can enjoy the same joke over and over! And even if you are married, you can sleep with a different woman every night!
  10. No worries! Nature will take care of everything. There will be a real inevitable pandemic which will decimate the population since there is so much travel and people living in cramped conditions. Or a natural occurring weather event will obliterate the supply of food and there will be mass starvation. In the meantime, I'm going to play some golf and then drink some beer. 😀
  11. My wild ***** guess: Since everything else is working...I would focus on looking at the high hat. There must be a sensor on it and a wire that connects to it and then to the module. Look for a bad connection.
  12. Naaah, they do crazy things so people talk about them, create a buzz and get some free publicity. You sell more that way.
  13. It is possible there is a dialog window that is waiting for someone to click OK: And it is hiding behind another window. You could try cycling through the windows to see if that is the case. I think the shortcut is Alt-Esc.
  14. Step 1: Make what you posted public so the link works: (Content unavailable The page you are trying to open may have been made private.)
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