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  1. In most states and Canada, 2nd hand stores and pawnshops, turn over a list of the items they bought that day to the police who compare it with their list of reported stolen items. (I wrote the software for one of the chain stores). That being said, there is a special place in hell for those who steal from musicians: Muzak is piped in 24/7.
  2. It not only cares which cell you are clicking in, it cares where in the cell you are clicking!
  3. You have snap to grid on. If you click in the left side/half of a cell, the closest line is the left one and the note is placed starting on that line. If you click in the right side/half of a cell, the closest line is the right one and the note is placed starting on that line. (I hope I understood your question correctly).
  4. RobertWS

    Thanksgiving Humor

    Shouldn't this thread be in the coffee house? Well, it might be a little latte for that.
  5. I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. Channel 1 might be bass, Channel 2 might be piano. Putting everything in one channel means everything would be the same instrument.
  6. Say I have a track selected. If I add events in the PRV, and I forget to set the channel to the correct track, the events go to the wrong track. And sometimes, I am looking at a track and seeing events the belong to a different track! What good is that? It could be much better.
  7. Suggestion: When viewing controllers on a track in the PRV, when you go to add another (by clicking the + in the lower left corner) it would be very helpful if the channel defaulted to the current channel instead of always being Channel 1.
  8. RobertWS

    guitar instrumental

    Chet Atkins...is that you?
  9. When I listened to the intro I felt like I was about to see a movie...it was like a really good sound track. Then it got seamlessly got funky...what a great musical trip! I could see adding something near the end...wah-wah guitar?
  10. Isn't the correct spelling Hoser?
  11. Electric heaters, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and refrigerators are the main users of electricity...not lights.
  12. I would like to suggest a new musical genre celebrating the 2nd amendment.....Glock and Roll!
  13. The song hooked me. I had to keep listening to see what was going to happen next! Nice.
  14. Thanks to all those who served. And to all those currently serving...be safe.
  15. As I get older, I find ALL print media is using smaller and smaller print!
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