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  1. Perhaps your firewall is blocking some needed messages. Can you check it's log?
  2. Incredible. To increase their market share, Bandlab is going to be PAYING musicians who use Cakewalk. Every time you upload a song to their website....you will get 5 dollars! Details...
  3. RobertWS


    This thread is nothing but
  4. Are you sure? That looks like the current KEY of the song, not the current chord. You can look at the Staff View and see and discern what chords...nay, even what notes are being played!
  5. That IS ironic. BTW: You misspelled polarization. Perhaps you can turn spell checking on in your....browzer.
  6. Well...You're Still a Young Man.
  7. RobertWS

    Midi won't play

    The first thing I would check is the track's output:
  8. PBS had a special recorded live performance by the Tower of Power....OMG. By comparison, all of today's music sucks.
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