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    How to get more volume

    I am recording pretty much at full volume but my final tracks are nowhere near as loud as commercial tracks. Is this where mastering comes in?
  2. Thanks. I have been looking for that setting but can't find it.
  3. This has been working fine but suddenly when I play the song it starts on measure 63. Did I accidentally create some sort of loop?
  4. Nice summary. I think what has tripped me up is the dragging part. I couldn't get the clip to drag. I found that I had to experiment a lot to get the cursor into drag mode.
  5. I tried that but I still have the empty section at the beginning of the track.
  6. I split a track in two and deleted the portion on the left. Now I want to either trim the empty section or move the remaining portion to the beginning of the track.
  7. Yes on both. So I active input Echo, play the track in EZD and hit record in Cakewalk?
  8. Thank you! I will probably stick with the WAV file because I don't have the patience for the PRV but I like knowing about this option.
  9. But before this freezing process, how do I get the drum track from EZ D to Cakewalk? The track is created in CW but when I try recording while playing the drum sound in EZD nothing records. So I am asking for the very basic steps in capturing sounds from EZD into CW.
  10. I created a drum track in EZ Drummer (from within Cakewalk). Now how do I turn it into a track in my Cakewalk project?
  11. The pan flute notes in CSC end abruptly, so they sound electronic, not human. Is this a matter of 'you get what you pay for'? Are there other instruments out there that are more realistic?
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