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  1. Tom has decided he wants it so its gone. Jack
  2. I just excessed a fully functional Frontier Tranzport, wireless DAW controller. The drivers are old Vista era, but installing in a compatibility mode in Windows works. I had it working in Windows 11. Free for shipping costs (est $20). PM me.
  3. A new issue has recently cropped up in Windows Defender (anti-virus) for Win 11 and I believe Win 10. Defender's "Memory Integrity" function has been updated and is now flagging some drivers ".inf" files as security risk and the memory integrity function cannot be turned on until the flagged drivers (and/or .sys) are removed. My list included some drivers no longer needed and they were deleted. However, I still have a fully functional Frontier Tranzport (wireless DAW controller) and the drivers for this are on my list. Frontier is gone so no new "secure" drivers will ever be issued. Thus the Defender memory integrity will never get enabled. Maybe a 3rd party AV is an option, but I've had some DAW problems back in Win 7 times with 3rd party AV's (tried several). For others, if you run across this you will be faced with doing away with DAW hardware (or software) or keeping them and not being able to enable memory integrity.
  4. You really need a "real" recording interface unit for recording and recording playback, along with studio monitor speakers. PC sound cards are not very good with latency and along with PC speakers tend to "color" the sound so you don't hear the full recorded sound fidelity.
  5. I know basically nothing about Ryzen CPU's. DAW guru Jim Roseberry, a couple years ago, stated Intel for lower latency and Ryzen for gaming and video. I don't know if that still applies.
  6. I've tried several (maybe 6 or more and last one was a "Logi") Logitech mice and after 10 to 15 minutes of use my hand (palm) is sore. I have a Microsoft mouse and no hand pain. The Microsoft only has left/right click and scroll button. I like the Logitech's with the extra mouse functions that are not on Microsoft mice.
  7. Speaking of drum kits. Funny story. The first year I toured with Johnny Cash's brother Tommy Cash (I toured 7 years in his Florida band) Jimmy Peppers came out of retirement to play drums. Peppers was the road band drummer for Ferlin Huskey in mid 60's (and went on to be band manager for George Jones and a somewhat successful Nashville songwriter and producer). Peppers didn't have a drum set and was loaned a Sonar set. Peppers started with a full set and started send parts back to the owner, said he didn't need them, and wound up with bass drum, snare and hi-hat, nothing else. The Sonar set got full use as the owner, who was also an ex Nashville drummer, toured with us the next 6 years.
  8. In actuality for what I do with Cakewalk, very old hardware would probably do as I use it basically as a computer based "tape recorder" as everything I do is analog. But if I was building a system for full blown DAW it would be "latest and greatest". One reason is hardware obsolescence with Windows OS'. We have seen this with the Microsoft hardware requirement for Windows 11. Within Win 10 Microsoft has dropped device hardware support in newer versions and I would expect this to continue with Win 12 and beyond. Thus to build now, even though old is still good enough, go for latest.
  9. Sort of off subject. The ref to Apollo 13. I never watched the movie since I was involved with it. I was a PCM Telemetry processor programmer working at Goddard Space Flight Center. I generated a lot of Telemetry processor "erratas" for Houston so certain parameters could be displayed on the tracking station Telemetry processors, and reported to Houston, but really have no memory of what all they were. Back in those days, the "high speed" data links to Houston (and Goddard) from the tracking stations was 4800bps. Telemetry data came down from the spacecraft at 51.2Kb/sec so it all couldn't be sent in realtime.
  10. If I were to build a new desktop, now, it would be a "Latest and greatest" with a 12th gen CPU. 10th gen is two versions behind.
  11. When I do DAW work, whether recording, tracking, mixing or whatever that is all I have running. I have internet (NIC) disabled to prevent dropouts. I have a relatively high end desktop (i9 9900K CPU) but still limit multi-tasking.
  12. I haven't done a clean install of Win 11, but I left Sonar Platinum and all my plug-ins installed when I converted to Cakewalk by Bandlab. I tried the old Sonar Platinum about a month ago (I have Win 11 Pro) and everything still works. I suspect it will install without problems. At worst, install Sonar in a Windows 7 compatibility mode if you run into a problem with the install.
  13. At least in our opinions since no one, including myself, directly answered his question on that Lenovo.
  14. I agree with the others on a desktop. But, if you must have a laptop consider a "gaming" laptop. They are usually more robust and have additional cooling, the bane of a laptop. When I added a laptop for mobile/on site recording I chose a Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 5577 model for the cooling. I've had it powered on continuously for over 6 hours at times and no overheating or noisy fan problems.
  15. If you don't have the latest version, get it since you now have Win10. There were some updates for Win 10 compatibility.
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