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  1. Not a "recording only" forum, but the www.tenforums.com is one to add to the list. I've helped a couple with recording or related problems on this forum. Its the best Win 10 forum on the net.
  2. This has been happening for a long time, probably since the start of this forum but I just got around to mentioning it. That means many Win 10 versions, cache cleanings, etc. It also happens on a laptop I have with Win 10. BTW. I'm a computer tech. To add, Murphy's Law. It hasn't happened since I mentioned it.
  3. I have 1909. Its not all the time, but "most" of the time. I have the Edge Beta (Chromium) installed and it does it with that browser too.
  4. I did more testing yesterday with the standalone laptop with only CbB installed. I loaded some additional finished projects to see if I was missing anything. Other than some purchased add-ons such as Izotope Ozone, POD Farm, and a couple more I'm not missing anything I've used in the past on projects. Thus I will be OK with just CbB installed. Merry Christmas to all.
  5. I have Ozone 9 to dither when exporting as 16 bit 44.1Khz. My current clientele for recording is mostly Karaoke singers with tracks. Drums not needed for that as is most everything else. I have Nectar 2 for the vocal track if needed.
  6. Whenever I reply to a thread, my screen comes up with "I" (Italics) enabled. I have to key in and then highlight it and remove the Italics. I'm using Win 10 Pro V1901 and Edge browser.
  7. Mike, I had thought about the selective install. So far in testing, with CbB only on a laptop, I haven't come across anything I need from the old install.
  8. Many Dell 8930 PC's come with NVIDIA Video Cards. NVIDIA video has a history of causing audio latency and dropouts.
  9. Win 10 1903 initially had latency problems but that was resolved with a later build. 1909 does not have latency problems. Download and run Resplendence Latency Mon. This is a good tool for finding latency problems.
  10. The SR-18 expands on the SR-16 and even includes some 3/4 rhythm programs. For whatever reason, Alesis did not include any 3/4 programs in the SR-16 (I have one that a local music store loaded for me).
  11. I tried other drum alternatives and couldn't get them working for what I wanted. The old Alesis SR-16 and 18 do what I need for drum tracks. I've done two CD projects for two different drummers who sing and they were perfectly happy with the drum machines. I've done about 12 song demo CD's for a retired Nashville songwriter and major label producer (for example he was the producer on the last Mel Street Album) and he too was happy with the Alesis. Actually, I haven't had one client over the years that wasn't happy with the drums.
  12. I'll keep that in mind if I have to install Platinum, later. Maybe a custom install of Platinum VST's will be all I need.
  13. As I mentioned, I use mine primarily like a multi-track tape recorder. I record traditional country and thus no distorted guitar and basically no MIDI. If I need drums I use an Alesis SR-16 or 18.
  14. I installed CbB on a new PC, to see what it has. I loaded a couple of old projects and other than some 3rd party purchased add-on's such as POD Farm, Ozone, etc I don't see anything that I can't live without. I'm not going to install Platinum. If I find down the line I need something then I'll install it.
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