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  1. Jack Stoner

    Ozone 5 left?

    I have Ozone 5 and 6 but find I mostly use 5 for my "traditional country" mastering. 6 seemed to be a step backward compared to 5. Because 5 does what I need, I haven't found a need to upgrade.
  2. Jack Stoner

    Ozone 5 left?

    If you still own it, you can download it from Izotope. I had a problem with mine and contacted Izotope and they sent me a link to download it again.
  3. Jack Stoner

    Apollo 11 - a true story of failure

    The Univac (I think either 640 or 1218 don't remember) computers had a "4 microsecond memory cycle time". The telemetry processors, which fed data to the Univac's had a 4096 core memory and a slower memory speed. In 1966 speed wasn't a pressing consideration. The Univac's were connected to the 4800 BPS "High speed" trunk lines to transfer data to Houston control center and to Goddard Space Flight Center. Most of the data, tracking and telemetry was written to mag tape and the tapes sent to Houston. Both the Univac and the Telemetry processors were discrete component (transistors) machines. The I/O console on the Univac was a Teletype machine.
  4. Jack Stoner

    Apollo 11 - a true story of failure

    Ed, if I told you I'd have to do you in. LOL
  5. Jack Stoner

    Apollo 11 - a true story of failure

    With all the humor about Apollo 11, I actually was involved. I worked at the NASA Ascension Island Tracking station for Apollo 7 through 12. I worked in Telemetry. The Ascension Island tracking station and the tracking station in Spain were the two tracking stations that tracked the Eagle to the moon landing.
  6. Jack Stoner

    My wife passed away

    Condolences to you and the family.
  7. Jack Stoner

    Win 10 V1903 Saga

    If you re-read my post you will see that KB is incorporated in the current 1903 upgrade.
  8. Jack Stoner

    Win 10 V1903 Saga

    The original issue of 1903 caused dropouts and Resplendence Latency Mon showed system problems. I fell back to V1809 and then reinstalled 1903 and it seemed to be OK. Wrong! it still had latency and dropouts. I again reverted to V1809 which is OK. There is a long thread on the gearslutz forum about this and then another thread on the tenforums.com about the latency and dropouts and along with affecting audio it was also affecting video processing and gaming. Finally, Thursday 6/27, Microsoft released KB4501375 and that fixed the latency and dropouts for audio and video processing (and probably gaming). If you have an early 1903 version installed, install the KB4501375 update. If you have been waiting for a fix, the current 1903 upgrade includes the KB4501375 update. The "fixed" 1903 will show build 18362.207. I ran Resplendence Latency Mon for over 15 minutes and no reported problems. Prior to the KB fix it would show problems at various timeframes after about 2 minutes. Here is the link to the post on the tenforums with information on the release and direct links to download KB4501375 if its not offered in Win 10 updates. https://www.tenforums.com/windows-10-news/135597-cumulative-update-kb4501375-windows-10-v1903-build-18362-207-june-27-a.html
  9. Jack Stoner

    What was your first audio interface?

    First computer based recording interface was an Alesis IO26, along with Sonar 6. It had a lot of drawbacks and it was replaced by a Focusrite Saffire pro 40
  10. I've got an older version, but this looks like the replacement. https://www.amazon.com/Blitz-21024-Metal-Cloth-Original/dp/B01KVYVWZQ/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=blitz+cloth&qid=1560371250&s=arts-crafts&sr=1-3
  11. I use a Blitz cloth to wipe down the strings on my Pedal Steel. It would probably work for others too. The cloth seems to last forever. Paul Franklin, a "big time" Nashville session picker first told me about the Blitz cloth.
  12. I use GHS "Brite Flats" on my basses (they used to be called "ground wounds"). However they only make a 4 string set and I have to buy a separate string for the 5th string. I buy them at juststrings.com as they stock the separate string for the 5th string.
  13. Jack Stoner

    How long have you been playing the guitar?

    I've been "Trying" to play guitar since I got the first one when I was about 12. I'm 81 and still "trying". LOL
  14. Jack Stoner

    Bad Win 10 V1903 Latency

    As reported on another thread my Latency problems have been resolved by reinstalling 1903. I reverted to a Macrium Reflect disc image I made before upgrading and then downloaded/installed 1903 again. All seems well with the second install. I've ran Resplendence Latency Mon for over 10 minutes and no hits.
  15. Jack Stoner

    Windows 10’s May 2019 Update

    My latency problems were solved by reverting to a Macrium Reflect disc image I did before upgrading to 1903. Then downloading/reinstalling 1903. Latency Mon has run for over 10 minutes without a hit. FWIW on the first install of 1903 my MOTU 4pre interface unit drivers were corrupted. The MOTU CueMix program saw the 4pre but Sonar and Studio One did not. I had to do a repair of the 4pre drivers. On the second (good) install of 1903 the 4pre drivers were not corrupted.