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  1. Jack Stoner

    Korg Nano Kontrol 2 Control Surface

    Got the NonoKONTROL2 and it sets up and works perfectly Thanks again. Jack
  2. Jack Stoner

    Korg Nano Kontrol 2 Control Surface

    OK, Thanks.
  3. Jack Stoner

    Korg Nano Kontrol 2 Control Surface

    I installed the msmcleod Mackie control (thanks for this). Which do I use with the NanoKontrol2? I see the extras noted in the PDF file (Mackie Control 1, 2, 3 or the XT or C4 subsets).
  4. Jack Stoner

    Korg Nano Kontrol 2 Control Surface

    Wow! Thank you. Looks like I'll be OK with the unit. Another plus for the Sonar Forum Also found this on Sweetwater: Follow these instructions to set up your NanoKontrol2 with Sonar. 1. Hold the set marker and rec buttons while connecting the USB cable from your computer. 2. Open the MIDI device window in Sonar, then select nanoKONTROL2 for Input and Output. 3. Open the Controllers/Surfaces window, then select Mackie Control for Control Surface. 4. Select nanoKONTROL2 for the MIDI In/Out ports used. Jack
  5. I purchased a used Nano Kontrol 2 from e-bay. I don't have it yet but how do I use it with Cakewalk? Can I use Mackie Mode? or another device? I don't see Nano Kontrol listed.
  6. Jack Stoner

    Closing Studio

    I'm still playing Pedal Steel Guitar in a weekly show and at Cowboy Church. Just giving up the studio.
  7. Jack Stoner

    Closing Studio

    At 81 I've decided to close my home recording studio. I don't know what the new forum policy is but here is a link to what I'm selling. Jack
  8. Jack Stoner

    I'm trying Windows 10 again.

    Going from Win 7/8.1 to Win 10 the first thing I noticed was slightly lower latency. The only "tweaks" I have are Fast Startup is turned off (I have an SSD and its fast bootup) , the power plan is set to High Performance and I never "turn off" (sleep) the PC. The monitor is "turned off" after 2 hours. I disable the internet (NIC) when doing any recording or mixing.
  9. Jack Stoner

    Behringer x touch overlay

    The motorized faders on my X-Touch are "dead" quiet. Not noisy like they were on a BCF 2000 that I had. (e-mail sent with overlay). Jack
  10. Jack Stoner

    CD Production

    I do my own CD production. I have a bank of 5 USB connected CD/DVD burners that will burn at 8X speed. I use Nero BurningRom and the "DAO" (Disc at Once) option to make Red Book audio CD's that also contain Disc Title, Artist and song titles. It will also burn the ISRC codes on to discs. Nero BurningRom is the only program I've found that will burn to multiple drives at the same time. All the others will only burn to one drive at a time. I burn at 8X to ensure the disc will play in almost all audio CD players. Older players will skip or not play at all if burned at higher speeds and this is an issue with most SATA interface CD/DVD burners as the lowest audio CD burning speed capability for them is 16X. Some of the commercial CD duplicator companies use high speed duplicators (burners) and that can be a problem, too. I worked 7 years with Tommy Cash (in Florida) and one year he brought copies of a new CD with him. He had them made at a Nashville duplicator but he was getting complaints about skipping discs and as it turned out the company burned them with high speed duplicators. I made him 100 with my burned at 8X and there were no complaints. I also use ink jet printable CD-R's and print labels directly on the discs with a Primera Bravo CD/DVD printer.
  11. Jack Stoner

    Behringer x touch overlay

    I have a graphic file of the overlay. PM me with your e-mail and I will send it to you. I printed it out on "card" stock and then laminated it. Its stuck down on my X-Touch with double sided tape at spots. Not the neatest way to do it but it works.
  12. Jack Stoner

    BandLab Assistant updated to 5.0.3

    I had to manually download the 5.3 version, too
  13. Jack Stoner

    Duplicating an audio track.

    You can do that two ways (or at least how I do it). 1. Copy the entire track and paste it into a new track. 2. Bounce the track to a new track.
  14. Jack Stoner


    I did the update, this morning, and after the update completed it took me to a page that described what the new update added/did.