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  1. Jack Stoner

    What was your first audio interface?

    First computer based recording interface was an Alesis IO26, along with Sonar 6. It had a lot of drawbacks and it was replaced by a Focusrite Saffire pro 40
  2. I've got an older version, but this looks like the replacement. https://www.amazon.com/Blitz-21024-Metal-Cloth-Original/dp/B01KVYVWZQ/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=blitz+cloth&qid=1560371250&s=arts-crafts&sr=1-3
  3. I use a Blitz cloth to wipe down the strings on my Pedal Steel. It would probably work for others too. The cloth seems to last forever. Paul Franklin, a "big time" Nashville session picker first told me about the Blitz cloth.
  4. I use GHS "Brite Flats" on my basses (they used to be called "ground wounds"). However they only make a 4 string set and I have to buy a separate string for the 5th string. I buy them at juststrings.com as they stock the separate string for the 5th string.
  5. Jack Stoner

    How long have you been playing the guitar?

    I've been "Trying" to play guitar since I got the first one when I was about 12. I'm 81 and still "trying". LOL
  6. Jack Stoner

    Bad Win 10 V1903 Latency

    As reported on another thread my Latency problems have been resolved by reinstalling 1903. I reverted to a Macrium Reflect disc image I made before upgrading and then downloaded/installed 1903 again. All seems well with the second install. I've ran Resplendence Latency Mon for over 10 minutes and no hits.
  7. Jack Stoner

    Windows 10’s May 2019 Update

    My latency problems were solved by reverting to a Macrium Reflect disc image I did before upgrading to 1903. Then downloading/reinstalling 1903. Latency Mon has run for over 10 minutes without a hit. FWIW on the first install of 1903 my MOTU 4pre interface unit drivers were corrupted. The MOTU CueMix program saw the 4pre but Sonar and Studio One did not. I had to do a repair of the 4pre drivers. On the second (good) install of 1903 the 4pre drivers were not corrupted.
  8. Jack Stoner

    Bad Win 10 V1903 Latency

    I also had an issue with my MOTU 4Pre USB interface unit on 1903 version. It was showing as working OK in the Device Manager and the MOTU CueMix program detected it OK but both Sonar Platinum and Bandlab Cakewalk and Presonus Studio One 4.5 did not detect the MOTU. I had to do an uninstall of the 4pre and drivers, reboot and then do a new install before the DAW programs would again detect the 4pre.
  9. Jack Stoner

    Bad Win 10 V1903 Latency

    I thought I was home free with the new Win 10 1903 version - Wrong! I came across a thread on the gearslutz forum of a user complaining about Latency problems with 1903. I didn't run the Resplendence Latency Mon program after upgrading to 1903 as I assumed all was well. As it turns out all is not well and I get hits/dropouts with 1903 that I never got with all the older versions. I have a dual boot system with the "Windows Insider" advanced versions. Running Latency Mon on the Insider version is clean with the same hardware. I restored to the older 1809 version and it too is clean, just 1903. I'll leave it on 1809 until a newer 1903 build is released before I try it again. If your one of the early upgraders and haven't checked Latency, best to do so now.
  10. Jack Stoner

    Windows 10’s May 2019 Update

    I installed the 1903 version, Wednesday. No problems that I know of. Some add-ons may have to be reauthorized which happens on most major upgrades. I checked my Isotope Product Portal and it showed all my Isotope products still activated. However my PC is relatively recent hardware. i7 6700K CPU, 16GB Ram, SSD, etc. Some of the Win 10 updates are not "kind" to older hardware and won't even be offered to some.
  11. Jack Stoner

    MOTU 4pre - No Monitor Mute Switch

    MOTU support told me there was no way; no switch or nothing in the CueMix program to do it. I don't want to mute everything - I want headphone audio - just control (mute) the monitor speakers when desired. The added Nanopatch unit between the L/R Monitor (Line) outs and the speakers works OK. It even has a volume control, so I don't have to mess with the volume control (encoder) on the front panel. I have it set for a loud signal and control it with the volume control in the Nanopatch. If I want to mute I press the "mute" switch. It is, however, an extra piece of hardware to get around what MOTU forgot.
  12. Jack Stoner

    Can't update BIOS on AsRock Z97 Pro 4

    The ASRock procedure lists two different ways to flash from a USB stick. Have you tried both ways? FWIW I had an ASRock board on one of my builds. Didn't have any problems with BIOS update. It was a "gamer" motherboard.
  13. From another recent thread, I recently sold off some high end equipment and "downgraded" my MOTU to a 4pre. It works as good as the MOTU 896Mk3 Hybrid I sold with one exception, there is no mute switch for the monitor speakers like there was with the MOTU 896Mk3 Hybrid or other interface units I've had over the years. Nothing can be muted in their CueMix control program to mute it either. This was confirmed by MOTU support. The only way, in the unit, is to rotate the digital encoder monitor volume control to "off". As its a digital encoder control it takes several complete turns of that control - a hassle. Fortunately, I found an old "Nanopatch" control unit that I forgot I even had. Its just the thing. It has a (push button) switch to mute and even a volume control. Its placed between the 4pre outputs and the monitor speakers.
  14. Jack Stoner

    Focusrite - UGH!

    CD project mixed and mastered (with Ozone 5) and delivered to a happy client.
  15. Jack Stoner

    Focusrite - UGH!

    The session went well today. Recorded 12 (Karaoke) songs for the singer today. The client is my best customer as this is the 8th CD project I've done for him.