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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to All. My "Snowbird" brother was coming over for dinner but that got cancelled as my wife came down with a cold (going around in this area). We'll celebrate at a later date.
  2. According to Fender the 200 watts (solid state) is equivalent to the 85 watts (tube) of the original black face Twin. The amp has a switch on the back panel for lower wattages. I had the volume set on 4 and I could just about blow everyone away, if I wanted, last night at our regular Monday evening gig. We compared the sound of the Tone Master Twin with the guitar players black face Pro Reverb last evening using the guitar players Fender Strat Plus guitar and couldn't hear any difference.
  3. I bought one from Sweetwater about two weeks ago. Amazing solid state amp. 33 lbs and sound is very much like a real Twin Reverb. I'm using it for Pedal Steel Guitar and my Telecaster but primarily for Pedal Steel. I used to lug around a 100 lb Twin Reverb with JBL D-120F speakers (AB768) and switched to solid state Peavey steel guitar amps. As I age weight becomes an issue so a 33 lb amp fits the bill. I used it on the first job yesterday and our lead guitar player who is a "must have Fender tube amp" type was impressed. Power out is 200 watts but it has a control for lower power settings. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/TMTwinRev--fender-tone-master-twin-reverb-200-watt-2x12-inch-combo-amp
  4. I taught at Thompson Hall. Ground Radio (Morse Code) Operators and later Tech Controllers (the military version of a hardware help desk).
  5. I was in the Air Force, Feb 1955 to June 1963. I started playing music in bands in 1959 while stationed at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Ms. I was a Tech School Instructor while at Keesler.
  6. I have two and always had two. As previously mentioned in case one breaks in the middle of a (paying) session. I recently downsized my home studio but still have two, and MOTU 4pre and a cheap 8 channel Behringer for backup or if I need more than 4 channels.
  7. The event viewer shows it as Ozone 9 "problem", but I have no idea what it is telling me.
  8. I'm using the Windows Defender, its not intrusive like some AV programs. The one that works OK also had Windows Defender enabled for testing and it didn't interfere. It falls back to some issue between the OS and Ozone. And the only known issue I have with this system is the Ozone issue. No other application or device has any problems. Ozone 6 was completely uninstalled (PC rebooted) and reinstalled and the problem remained. I haven't uninstalled/reinstalled 9 but based on it not helping Ozone 6 I don't see where it will fix the problem. Like Ozone 6 (that I don't use) I don't foresee me using 9 very much. Ozone 5, Country Basic, is perfect for 99% of what I do.
  9. Update, I replaced the 16GB Corsair memory with 16GB GSkill memory. Didn't make a difference so memory can be eliminated. I know a clean OS install will fix it (since my other PC works OK) but I'd lose too much (paid and unpaid add-ons that are no longer available) plus the hassle of recovering MS Office/Outlook files, etc. I'm not going to do it just for this one Ozone 6/9 issue.
  10. My DAW desktop has Win 10 Pro 1903 (with all current updates). The laptop, a Dell Inspiron 15, 5577 has Win 10 Home 1903 (with all current updates). The DAW desktop is an ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero Z170 motherboard with an i7 6700K (no overclocking) and 16GB of Corsair RAM. A Samsung EVO SSD. Resplendence Latency Mon shows no problems. I can run recording interfaces, reliably, at 64 samples. I use Windows Defender and Malwarebytes (paid version). There is no "garbage" in startup, only what is needed. Very "vanilla" system.
  11. I finally got a chance to work on the problem. 1. Izotope allowed me to install Ozone 9 on a second PC. Its a laptop that I use for off-site recordings. It does not do it on that PC (also Win 10 like my Desktop DAW). 2. I tried scrolling through presets while playing a project with Ozone 5 and Ozone 6. It does not do it with Ozone 5 but it does with Ozone 6. I've turned this info over to Ozone support and I'll see what they have to say about that. 3. Known things it (apparently) is not. (a) not DAW specific as it does it with both Cakewalk/Sonar and Studio one 4.5 Pro (b) it does it with the Ozone 9 standalone app. (c) It does it with both my AMD Radeon RX580 and the Intel CPU graphics. (d) It does it with both the PC audio (Realtek) and with the MOTU 4Pre. (e) It does not do it with other VST plug-ins.
  12. As previously note, it doesn't happen if a project isn't playing. UPDATE: Izotope support asked me to try it with the Standalone application. I loaded a wav file and played it and started scrolling through presets and after about 15 presets it aborted and closed. Using the Standalone and playing a wav file uses the PC's audio (Realtek) not a recording interface unit. In ref to video, I have an AMD Radeon RX950 (with latest drivers) and I disabled that and tried to the Intel i7 6700K CPU Video and did the same thing. Ease of Access is at Defaults. I tried turning off the options but that made no difference. My Win 10 version is the latest 1903 (with updates). It should be reiterated that no other VST (2 or 3) has this issue. I can load any other (all that I've tried) and scroll through presets while a project is playing and it does not cause the problem. As noted, I'll be off of this problem for a while to do a CD project.
  13. It won't do it "every time" a preset is switched while playing. The fact it will also do it with Studio One 4.5 Pro (latest version) says its something other than the DAW. Ozone 9 is the only VST I've found that will do this. I switch presets often when trying one and have not had the problem with any other VST, just Ozone. I have Ozone 5, 6 and now 9 installed and have only had the problem with 9, although I rarely use 6 so I can't say if it will do it. I'll have to hold off testing for a while. I have a (paid client) CD project I'm working on (more recording today). I'll wait till after the project is completed.
  14. Have you tried different factory presets while a song (or track) is playing? That's when it will abort. Might not do it on the first one you select but at some point it will do it. That's how I originally got the aborts. I installed Ozone 9, loaded a finished Cakewalk project (song) that I had used Ozone 5 for mastering. Disabled the 5 plugin and opened Ozone 9, started playing the mix and started trying the presets. Same thing happened with Studio One 4.5 Pro. If I select a preset and then start the song or track there is no problems. Its not the recording interfaces as it does it with either my MOTU 4pre or Behringer U-Phoria UMC1820
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