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  1. ASIO4ALL works for some and not for others (and causes other PC system problems for those that it doesn't work for).
  2. ASIO4ALL is iffy. Works for some and causes system problems for others. I have the latest Insider version 22454 (issued 8/9) Windows 11 installed. The Insider versions are not looking for TPM or hardware compatibility. I have a Gigabyte Z390 Designare motherboard. I don't use the Realtek for recording but I just tried it and Cakewalk started with no problems. Windows updates have been known to corrupt Realtek sound drivers. To eliminate Realtek as the problem, reinstall the Gigabyte Realtek sound driver for your specific model motherboard. The Gigabyte EasyTune program has been known to cause problems. I do not have that installed. Finally if everything else has been eliminated, it looks like a bad Win 11 install. The Insider versions are "Beta" versions and can be buggy.
  3. Reports on the Windows 11 forum say Microsoft is going to start rolling out (RTM) Windows 11 on Oct 5. Then we will see what the actual minimum requirements are.
  4. On the Windows 11 forum there are reports of Microsoft to release Windows 11 on October 5. If they do, we will find out what the real minimum requirements are.
  5. Yes, new PC's are Win 11 ready. Microsoft's published requirements (for Intel CPU) is 8th Gen and newer plus TPM 2.0. Not sure on an AMD CPU.
  6. Use the free (and popular) Macrium Reflect to disc image (backup) the entire drive - all partitions, to a separate drive. I assume this is what you are referring to. You mean your new PC is Windows 11 "compatible"? Other than the Windows Insider beta releases, there are no other (official) Windows 11. The "final" version is slated for release later this year. If you bought a new PC with Windows 11 installed its a fake.
  7. I haven't had to do anything for years with Windows updates. Probably specific hardware and/or software configurations are affected. I just upgraded my Windows Insider installation to Windows 11 and the only thing I had to do was reset "Stereo Mix" as default input (recording) device.
  8. After a week with Win 11, I haven't had any issues. Even old "WinPatrol" monitor program that was last updated for Win 7 is still working.
  9. Check the Device Manager USB section. See if there is an unknown or unidentified device listed. If there is, chances are its the Presonus, uninstall it in the device manager then disconnect the device, restart Windows and reconnect. Many times this fixes problems of this sort.
  10. I didn't look up the specs on that motherboard, but on many an NVMe takes up two SATA channels. If that is the case with that MSI motherboard then you will lose 4 SATA ports. That old Samsung 840 has some age and relatively little free space; I would seriously consider a new replacement. You don't have to reinstall everything, you can "clone" the disc (my least favorite way to do it) or best way (and you should have a disc image backup anyway) is to make a full disc image to a separate drive and then restore the disc image to the new drive. If you don't have a backup program, the free and popular Macrium Reflect is suggested (what most techies I know use). Although I haven't tried it, Macrium Reflect is able to restore to different size drive and properly partition. If you just clone to a larger size, the clone will not use the full capacity of the new drive and a partitioning program will be needed. Another possible issue. if the RME you have is Firewire, you will need a PCIe Firewire interface card. Finally, if you are using Win 10, later this year Microsoft is updating to Windows 11. Published MINIMUM specs for Win 11 is an 8th gen Intel CPU and "TPM". This may change when Win 11 is released, but it is Microsoft's specs now. Based on that your old system is not eligible for the free Win 10 to Win 11 upgrade.
  11. Its rare to have the switch or wiring go bad. As someone that still does some PC repair (I'm retired) the switch, in a case such as yours, would be the last thing suspected. I've been doing user support on the Dell forums for 20 years and don't recall one bad power switch.
  12. The XPS line (new/newer models) are no different than the regular consumer Inspiron desktop line. Still proprietary. Dell abandoned the 24 pin power connector for an 8 pin and proprietary power supply on many. My recommendation of the Precision line still stands with Dell. OTOH my 2018 Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 5577 has worked well in my studio and use for on site recordings. I'm not a laptop fan but needed a portable PC. Bought the "gaming" model as it has better cooling and a higher wattage power supply. Most laptops use a 65 or 90 watt power supply, the gaming models use a 130 watt.
  13. I mostly agree with you. My recording system is a self built system with a Gigabyte "Designare" motherboard and an i9 9900K CPU. In ref to the Dell's, I do user support on the Dell forums. I can buy Dell at employee discount but as noted built my own. However, there are many using Dell's for DAW work. I have a friend with a ProTools studio in Nashville and he is using a Dell XPS8930, stock, and not having any PC issues. There is a recent thread on here from a user that just bought a Dell for DAW work. There is a recent thread on the Dell forums of a user with a new XPS8940 that is going to use it for DAW work. If I were to buy a Dell for DAW work it would be their "workstation" Precision line.
  14. Installed Win 11 on my Insider installation yesterday. Downloaded the Cakewalk update this morning. Loaded a couple of previous projects (one dates back to Sonar Platinum) and no issues. As a side note, the update would not download from the Bandlab Assistant, but downloaded without problems when I started Cakewalk and clicked on the update notification.
  15. I work the Dell forums (screen name fireberd) and opening the case won't void the warranty. My NVME is a 1TB model. Keep an eye on the Dell Support Assist as it has been known to cause recording audio dropouts. If you have any problems, disable it. Actually, we have seen various issues with Support Assist over the years. DO NOT do a BIOS update with SA. If you need the BIOS update, download and install manually. We have seen "bricked" systems due to SA BIOS updates.
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