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  1. Brian, I don't know if I'll ever be asked to make "commercial" music flash drives. Started this thread to find out how they are formatted/created in case I am asked.
  2. The wav files have the song titles. They show on my car system. I don't use MP3's unless an absolute must. MP3's are "something less than full fidelity".
  3. Tried a flash drive with just wav song files copied to it and it works in my 15 Flex. Guess that answers my own question, with the help of this site. Happy New Year
  4. I'll experiment with just putting the wav files on a flash drive. I have a 2015 Ford Flex that has a USB port, but not sure about its use, May only be for software updates.
  5. On a computer forum, audio flash drives replacing audio CD's was mentioned. I had thought about that, but how are they formatted? Is it just the wav song files are copied to a flash drive? or is there some sort of formatting? Could or should both wav and MP3 files be put on the drive? Inquiring mind wants to know. Jack
  6. Jim Fogle has it and now hosting it.
  7. I've sent the file to Jim and he is going to Host it. Now we need a forum sticky for it. Thanks/Jack
  8. I get PM messages with requests for the Behringer X-Touch Overlay for Cakewalk/Sonar. It would be great if it could be hosted on-line where users could access/download it instead of my e-mailing it out. I don't have a web site so I can't host it. Jack
  9. Did you download BandLab assistant, as I did, direct from BandLab and install it? What I had to do. Also try running as Administrator. RIGHT click on the install file (bandlab-assistant- windows-latest.exe) and then click Run as Administrator.
  10. I know this is not a Cakewalk problem, but didn't see anywhere else to post this. I have a new Win 10 2004 installation and installed the Bandlab assistant so I could download Cakewalk. The version I had was outdated as a notice that an updated version was available. I clicked on update and it started but never completed. Tried several times, including restarting Win 10 and trying again. I finally had to go to the Bandlab site and download the assistant and then it installed. I've had similar update problems in the past on my old DAW system the same way.
  11. On another forum (The Steel Guitar Forum) one of the members was trying to import a song directly from a standard audio CD (CDA) using Studio One 4.6 Pro and was unable to do it. He said he had done it before but as it turned out, previously he imported direct from CD but it was mp3's,which worked OK. +1 for Cakewalk, it has the "Import Audio CD" function that will import (rip) the CDA track(s) from the CD to Cakewalk.
  12. The last thing I remember seeing from the forum member who custom builds DAW PC's is Intel for DAW work and Ryzen for gaming.
  13. Jeremy, my NVIDIA experience on many different PC's were all the same. Some may work OK but none that I found. There was a thread a while back on the gearslutz forum about dropouts and general consensus was avoid NVIDIA.
  14. I use the built in Windows defender (and Malwarebytes) and that does not cause any problems on my DAW Desktop or Laptop.
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