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  1. I have a 7th gen CPU Dell gaming laptop. I only use it for mobile recording but would probably work good for general recording DAW, It works fine for what I use it for but not officially Windows 11 compatible due to 7th gen CPU. Win 10 is fine for CbB so no need to replace it. I selected the gaming laptop as it has more cooling. Most "general" laptops have poor cooling and that can be an issue for a DAW machine that is on for long periods. Drawback to your price range, gaming models are pricey, but like most items you get what you pay for.
  2. It is an upgrade, but may not be a direct replacement for an 8700K, depending on motherboard. The gamers like the i9 9900K with all the cores. The 9900 runs hotter and needs efficient cooling.
  3. I don't think its Win 11, as Pro Channel works OK on my Win 11 (no difference from Win 10). I'd install and try the Octa-Capture to see if the test with Realtek was the issue before going any further..
  4. What are you using for a sound device? The PC sound or a separate recording interface unit? On the Dell forums we are not seeing many sound problems but on the models Dell has certified as Win 11 compatible, reinstalling the sound driver fixes the problem.
  5. All are old and limited in upgradeability (Intel chipset is one limit). Most factory built PC's have proprietary items that can limit choices for upgrading and swapping components. The memory in those models is all outdated and getting harder to find. Whatever you could do to any of those systems and you will still have an "old" PC. Best option is to bite the bullet and build a new desktop. Intel CPU's are now up to 12th generation. You probably don't need an i7 12th gen CPU. A 10th or 11th gen will do well for many years. The Intel CPU video is more than adequate for DAW and general PC work and a separate video card isn't needed. However if you do install a video card make it an AMD to minimize potential DPC latency problems.
  6. There are many ways to install Win 11 on "non compatible" to Microsoft's requirements. But they have made known there is no guarantee on these systems getting fixes/updates and security updates. There is also talk about wondering if Microsoft will disable these installations at some point. What I would suggest is make the PC a dual boot with Win 10 and the Windows Insider Win 11 versions. They are offering Win 11 versions to Insiders with older hardware. My "mobile" recording laptop is a 7th gen i5 CPU and I'm leaving it on Win 10, not losing anything for recording. The laptop is a 2017 model, Win 10 will be supported for another 4 years, so another 4 years if it lasts that long and it will be due for a new one.
  7. I agree with John, IF your PC is fully Win 11 compatible.
  8. As I noted I have full paid version and a free version. The free does everything I need but we have to support software companies or either they stop development, or the free versions go away.
  9. I've used Macrium Reflect, free version, to clone, make full disc images and to restore disc images. I haven't "moved system partition" operations, its always the full drive, a lot safer and less messy. I have both a paid copy of Macrium and a Free version and for clone or disc images both work identical. I have a USB flash drive with the Macrium for restoring. My OS is Win 11 on my DAW system desktop and Win 10 on a Dell laptop that is used for mobile recording.
  10. I and most techies I know use Macrium Reflect. There is a new V8 recently released. I make full disc (all partition) backups alternated to two different USB connected drives. I don't use the Incremental backup, it can be confusing if you need to restore. I'm a retired Network and Hardware Help Desk Manager. We tried incremental backups on our servers but found just doing a daily full backup was the best and safest option. It was also a quicker restore if needed.
  11. I got an iTunes update last week. Did you get it? Maybe a fix? I don't have an iPod to test but my iPhone 12 works OK with iTunes.
  12. Probably not enough to warrant a new PC.
  13. Thanks, but my question was directed to Alan Russell who mentioned a Dell with problems. The Latitude's are nice machines. I bought a Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 5577 four years ago for a mobile DAW. The "gaming" laptops have more cooling, which is good for long recording sessions.
  14. What model Dell? XPS8930 or 8940? Inspiron model? (I do some support on the Dell forums). If you have the Dell Support Assist running, Disable it in startup. Support Assist can be an issue. I know of one XPS8940 user, with Win 11, that is using it for DAW work and no problems. However, he removed the NVDIA video card (that was causing latency problems) and is using the Intel CPU video. Run the free (and popular) Resplendence Latency Mon and see what it shows.
  15. I was hoping they would ease the CPU requirements and at least 7th gen, but so far not. I could install Win 11 but not a must on my 7th gen laptop so it will stay Win 10.
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