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  1. Hello all, I'm also getting crashes from the new Cakewalk update. None of my projects will open and I'm getting the message below. When loading a project, everything seems normal... all the plugins load up, and then when it gets to "Loading automation" it stops and displays the crash message. When I click OK, the message goes away but then it says "Project successfully opened"... but the project does not open. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm on a MacBook Pro, Windows 10 Bootcamp, UAD Apollo Silver (Thunderbolt). Also, where do you find the minidump file?
  2. I tried for hours two years or more ago and then gave up. I don't remember if I submitted a trouble ticket back then, but after Cakewalk went out of business I figured it was a lost cause. Maybe the BandLab team will give it a look?
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