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  1. On the right of the time line is a plus and minus button.Click the plus then add MBT ruler.
  2. A timely post! Last week, for the first time ever, I imported a video file into cbb. I was asked to record a bass track to it as part of an ISO music project. I wondered why I couldn't slide the video clip along the timeline a bit to allow me more time between hitting record and starting to play. Some good information here, thanks Noel for explaining some of the limitations you guys are up against. Let's hope there's a possibility of a workaround sometime that would allow one or two basic video functions to be added.
  3. Firstly, there's no more weird characters on my Izotope Neutron track names anymore - thanks! Secondly, there appears to be some weird mouse behaviour using the new Pro Channel top icons. I can hover over any of those ie collapse, show/hide arranger, docking options, etc and the hover text will randomly be that of another option. For example I hover over the 'Show/Hide Pro Channel' icon and the text may say 'Undock'. Sometimes it may say 'Docking Options' or sometimes it correctly says 'Show/Hide Pro Channel'. Anyone else seeing this?
  4. I just had this happen to me yesterday also. The project just shut down and vanished as I was scrolling through presets (whilst playing the project.) I have Ozone 8 and Neutron 2 both on the project, but I can't remember which one I was using at the time. I've tried to replicate it today with either plugin but no luck.
  5. 4.2.4 is now out. I havent updated and used it yet but I've been notified that it is available.
  6. Open the clip FX rack (right click on the clip and select) then right click on the FX rack and make sure "Bypass FX Rack" isnt checked.
  7. One easier way I can think of is to get the Mute tool and just mute the sections of the top clip. Will be quicker than trying to split and delete the sections of the clips.
  8. You know it's a big publication when the table of contents goes for 48 pages!! Awesome work, this is great. Thanks to everyone involved.
  9. Absolutely - that is actually how I thought this would play out with Bandlab acquiring Cakewalk. Same here Larry, I'm not seeing it either. You would think there's a massive opportunity to leverage the Bandlab user base, even for the promotion of Cakewalk somehow. Even if the collabarative nuts and bolts are still to be worked through, you would think there's a massive marketing opportunity here in the mean time. I'm not seeing that either.
  10. I find it interesting there's no link to, or mention of, Cakewalk on the Bandlab site (unless I've missed something obvious.)
  11. Here's to a ripper year ahead!
  12. I tend to agree. I'm Australian and we grew up watching Benny Hill, Dave Allen (brilliant story teller) The Two Ronnies, and shows like On The Busses and Love Thy Neighbour. I definitely relate more to Pommie humour than American. Having said that, Arj Barker is a seriously clever comedian!
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