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  1. On another forum (The Steel Guitar Forum) one of the members was trying to import a song directly from a standard audio CD (CDA) using Studio One 4.6 Pro and was unable to do it. He said he had done it before but as it turned out, previously he imported direct from CD but it was mp3's,which worked OK. +1 for Cakewalk, it has the "Import Audio CD" function that will import (rip) the CDA track(s) from the CD to Cakewalk.
  2. The last thing I remember seeing from the forum member who custom builds DAW PC's is Intel for DAW work and Ryzen for gaming.
  3. Jeremy, my NVIDIA experience on many different PC's were all the same. Some may work OK but none that I found. There was a thread a while back on the gearslutz forum about dropouts and general consensus was avoid NVIDIA.
  4. I use the built in Windows defender (and Malwarebytes) and that does not cause any problems on my DAW Desktop or Laptop.
  5. Run Latency Mon right after you boot up. No Cakewalk running, no recording interface attached, etc. Just basic PC with Windows. See if Latency Mon shows any problems. If it does you need to get that corrected before attacking any other (if there is other) DAW dropout issues. One issue is NVIDIA. EVERY PC that I've had and tested for DAW work had dropouts with NVIDIA Video. My own, the many Dell's that I do field testing for, others on this forum. On my DAW desktop If I use the Intel CPU Video or an AMD Radeon video card there are no dropouts. On the Dell test PC's (mostly laptops) if I disable the NVIDIA and force them to use the Intel CPU video there are no problems. The Intel CPU video is more than adequate for DAW work.
  6. No, but I haven't done any large (time) slices. I have realigned an edited track, using the "Nudge" process, but it was only off a miniscule amount.
  7. I have Goldwave, an audio editor. When I use that, I export the clip track as a .wav file. Import it to Goldwave and do what I want. Save the file and then Import to Cakewalk in a new audio track (that preserves the original in case I need it).
  8. I tried from the beginning and it didn't work. I guess I didn't hold my mouth right when I was doing it. LOL
  9. Got it! I was trying from the front of the clip, not the rear. Thanks
  10. I'm talking about the "Tempo". I would like to speed it up alightly. Maybe some specialty app is needed? and what is included with Sonar Plat and/or CbB can't do this?
  11. I tried both of your suggested CTL/Shift and CTL/ALT in Sonar Plat and CbB and neither changed the tempo (speeded up) the mixed down analog song.
  12. Is it possible, with either the old Sonar Plat or new CbB to speed up, slightly, a mixed down song? I realize it will no longer be in standard tuning, just needs to be slightly faster.
  13. I marked it "solved" as I know what it is, my Desktop DAW. If I do a clean Win 10 install, and my recording software including Ozone it would be "fixed".
  14. I have a graphic that can be cut out and used. One of the forum members made it and posted it. Not as fancy as Scott's but if you want a copy, PM me with your e-mail and I'll send it to you.
  15. Not a "recording only" forum, but the www.tenforums.com is one to add to the list. I've helped a couple with recording or related problems on this forum. Its the best Win 10 forum on the net.
  16. This has been happening for a long time, probably since the start of this forum but I just got around to mentioning it. That means many Win 10 versions, cache cleanings, etc. It also happens on a laptop I have with Win 10. BTW. I'm a computer tech. To add, Murphy's Law. It hasn't happened since I mentioned it.
  17. I have 1909. Its not all the time, but "most" of the time. I have the Edge Beta (Chromium) installed and it does it with that browser too.
  18. I did more testing yesterday with the standalone laptop with only CbB installed. I loaded some additional finished projects to see if I was missing anything. Other than some purchased add-ons such as Izotope Ozone, POD Farm, and a couple more I'm not missing anything I've used in the past on projects. Thus I will be OK with just CbB installed. Merry Christmas to all.
  19. I have Ozone 9 to dither when exporting as 16 bit 44.1Khz. My current clientele for recording is mostly Karaoke singers with tracks. Drums not needed for that as is most everything else. I have Nectar 2 for the vocal track if needed.
  20. Whenever I reply to a thread, my screen comes up with "I" (Italics) enabled. I have to key in and then highlight it and remove the Italics. I'm using Win 10 Pro V1901 and Edge browser.
  21. Mike, I had thought about the selective install. So far in testing, with CbB only on a laptop, I haven't come across anything I need from the old install.
  22. Many Dell 8930 PC's come with NVIDIA Video Cards. NVIDIA video has a history of causing audio latency and dropouts.
  23. Win 10 1903 initially had latency problems but that was resolved with a later build. 1909 does not have latency problems. Download and run Resplendence Latency Mon. This is a good tool for finding latency problems.
  24. The SR-18 expands on the SR-16 and even includes some 3/4 rhythm programs. For whatever reason, Alesis did not include any 3/4 programs in the SR-16 (I have one that a local music store loaded for me).
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