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  1. That in itself is an answer so I'll take it
  2. I skimmed through through the 32 page thread but gave up !!! I guess as it stands the answer is .... "We don't know "..... Suck it and see
  3. Greetings... So with the arrival of 'Next' & 'Sonar' what will happen with CbyB My understanding is that I will be able to continue to use CbyB as its already installed but say I get a new system will i be able to get access to the old CbyB installation files or is it at this point where a will have to look at paying for this software ?? Thanks for any help . . .
  4. If ive understood the countless DAW videos I've watched on YT then More cores is better if your composing Orchestral or Hybrid orchestral music and Single core speed is much more important for other types of music Am I right in assuming the I5 is the better option (I generally write songs in the 'Any other type of music' category i5-13500 Processor, 14 P Cores , 6 E Cores, Pcore Base Frequency 2.5 GHz i7-12700 Processor, 6 P Cores, 8 Ecores, PCore Base Frequency 2.1 Ghz
  5. So what is the better for music production i5-13500 Processor, 14 P Cores , 6 E Cores, Pcore Base Frequency 2.5 GHz i7-12700 Processor, 6 P Cores, 8 Ecores, PCore Base Frequency 2.1 Ghz Its a moot point if purchasing from Chillblast as their music production PC only offers the i5
  6. I'm based in UK and looking for a reasonable site/company to build this for me . . . . any suggestions
  7. Thanks for all your thoughts chaps Historically the stuff ive written in the past would fall into the '24-track song-writing demos' category (20 ish VST instrument ) but in the last year Ive written a few 'Orchestral ' tracks (30 kontakt) instruments all on a 6th Gen I-7 I just want to have a better machine than I currently have. So if my old system can deal with what Ive already done then a new one should be a great improvement The question then becomes do I do What Jack did and buy the biggest CPU I can but rarely use it to full capacity ? ..... or or go the I-7 route which will be less costly !!
  8. I have a fair number of questions but don't know where to start...? I'll put some context here though . I am about to retire and fancy a newer Windows based PC to make music with. I will only be recording myself so my needs are modest compared to some. And whilst it would be nice to have 13th gen i9 64 mb ram etc my first question is what's going to suit my needs But a little more specificity to my questions What cpu should I start with
  9. Watched a 'Creative Sauce' you tube video on this topic Can this be applied to 'Guitar Rig' I assume that there would have to be a 'Global' wet/dry mix option but havent found it yet Or ..... can this be done some other way ?
  10. O u t s t a n d i n g !!! Not sure why opening the midi file from the file menu worked when importing didn't but I'll take it Cheer !
  11. Cakewalk isnt as good at detecting audio file tempos than Cubase is.... (Don't hate me !) I have used Cubase to extract tempos from an audio file (City To City by Gerry Rafferty) but cant get it into CbyB My first choice was to export midi but although midi note data is imported from Cubase the tempo information isn't showing Cubase can export a tempo map but I think its only readable by Cubase (.SRT) Is there a way to achieve this . . . ?
  12. Thanks for the replies guys Its not headphone bleed.. Im just recording a Sire S7 S type guitar at present... the mic dosent even have phantom power on and so cant be active I'm using a focusrite 2i2 (2nd gen) and CbyB is 2021.09 build 145
  13. Greetings. The title says it all .. Its very low in volume and wasnt noticeable till I soloed the track and listened to the the Lead in to the track Not sure how thats even possible ?? Any suggestions Thanks
  14. Is that a personal preference or is there something that this method promotes or prevents ??
  15. If you have a project with just MIDI instruments and have set the 'Level' and 'Panning' (what I call a 'MIDI Mix) and then want to convert the midi to audio do you A. Leave the panning where it is ? B. Set panning to 0 and the Re-Pan the part as audio ? Is there a 'Right or Wrong' here ?? Thanks in advance for any help
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