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  1. No. CW/Bandlab support sent me the same standalone installer I was using. Same error code. A few days ago they decided to get back with me to suggest the novel idea that some earlier plugins needed SONAR to be installed to work. Of course I knew that was the case with many but was under the impression that CL wasn't one of those. CA2A installed fine without SONAR present. They suggested maybe I should install SONAR as tho that was an idea that had never occurred to me 😄. It was not a very solid exchange with the ole tech support. I had already installed Bandlab, had it all customized and stability tested....wasn't inclined to then go back and do a SONAR install along side and risk the solid performance I had going with my fresh Bandlab install. I opted to pass on that idea and find another plugin to use on track level, non master bus limiting and abandon CL. Too bad. I liked it and it was present in hundreds of past projects 😏
  2. So CA2A installed fine via Control Center. Concrete Limiter throws this error. Same if I just use an standalone installer. Still requiring SONAR? Will contact support and update....
  3. Helpful, thanks ( good thread referenced, too... thanks). Wasn't sure if "best practice" had changed in the last few years, but sounds like it's generally the same.
  4. 3 years on my current OS and feeling it's time to wipe clean and re-install. The only items a really use from SONAR days: Concrete Limiter & CA-2A Can I just install those and not have to do the whole "SONAR" install? I thought those 2 may have been standalone, if so I could skip the SONAR install. Thanks in advance!
  5. I've had a version of this issue for literally years (across various updates, computer builds, OS refreshes,etc) I've traced it to graphic remnant from how CW draws data in folders; seems to leave lines when you change views. They exactly line up with the folder draws from pervious view. Very persistent. Why they sometimes go away and sometimes stay is too random for me to track. I've given up trying and I just look past them. Annoying issue tho. (PS: I just picked a random file in my current work list. Starting view>view 3 specific tracks> lines appear. I did not have to work hard to grab a screen shot of this issue. Literally any file I choose. )
  6. May or may not be related: I started noticing things very loud in rendered file that were correctly mixed on playback. Traced it down to groove clips that had been modified using Clip automation ( usually to spot lower a few things quickly). Upon rendering, these clip automation moves were not being represented. Odd problem and I've never seen it before. Found I had to bounce the clip w/ automation in place to proceed but have never REALLY understood WHY that happened ( yes, correct boxes were checked in the mixddown/export panel). If you have any tracks using clip auto's, look there to see if they're not mixing correctly. Will post a dedicated thread on this issue to see if it's common or some setting in my system ( never happened until recent update)
  7. BTW, thanks for the prior thread links...very useful
  8. Curious if you've used the curved monitor for any length of time while using your DAW. I get the intended purpose for gaming but wondering what it adds in DAW experience. Thanks for all the input here. I've got a lot of options to look into.
  9. Read the post; specifically how CW readability/clarity rates across different monitor types ( I do this everyday for a living, so it absolutely feels pretty relevant). If you're using a setup that works great with CW, I'd love to hear about it. If not....feel free to sit this one out Thanks for the helpful replies already. Good to get some input on how the ultrawides are working for CW users, as well as the curved. I've also noticed a trend of people using smaller monitors very close and angled up, usually with larger ones placed elsewhere. So many options... Thanks again for the replies!!
  10. My 2012 LG 37" TV ( used as a computer monitor) is getting up in years. Tried a few various sized dedicated monitors/and or current TVs and have been surprised to find most of them look great on traditional sites, mail, apps, etc. Open CW and they look....fuzzy ( especially all the text). I sit approx 3 feet from the screen/sit/stand desk so it's bolted down and moves w/the desk at all heights. While I like having a large TV so clients have some visual, I'm wondering if "smaller but better quality" might be the road. But it's not like trying on socks. It's a major production to keep buying TVs or computer monitors to "test" until you find just the right one. So tell me what you use? Single BIG TV Multi Smaller Screens? Curved? LCD/LED/UHD/4K/Touch? ( it's entirely possible that my eyes are just bad, but that's a whole nuther thread " TIA
  11. Never had it happen on a VST, only audio tracks. I've had 10-12 tracks of backup vocals all through an aux that suddenly goes dead. Never mid project. Only after a re-open of the project at a later time.
  12. Yes, I've seen this before. Very rarely, random enough I don't bother and just create new aux, reassign, etc. Seem to recall it happening on some occasional track templates (multiple bax>aux track w/ misc processing). Aux track is dead for no reason. ( Yes I know about the echo being on for aux tracks to work)
  13. This is a really good point. I've been looking at some of those plugins to see if there's common culprits. Every project I have probably has Fabfilter EQ, Maag EQ, RenComp, Concrete Limiter ( this is often in place before real limiting on mixdown, and I try never to have this on during tracking but worth chasing down to be sure). There are others, but those are literally on every project in some measure. I've had it happen on a project where no software instruments are in place, so I think I can rule those out.
  14. OP here. I get what you are saying...but the setup I'm using is not unusual. Apollo USB is the only interface my system is seeing. The Presonus 192 is being used simply as a set of converters for 4 (nice) outboard mic pres. That way my Daw sees the analog ins of the Apollo along with the optical ins supplied by the 192. Not sure why externally clocking the Apollo would be the culprit, but I might try the test just to be sure.
  15. Yeah, I'm not seeing round trip latency issues offset by 128 samples or something. These are wholesale "off by 10 seconds" issues. Then the next immediate round of recording (literally seconds later) ...everything fine. Odd issue. Yesterday happened mid session, which I haven't encountered. It's a tough one to explain to clients ( when we already labor under the "why not ProTools?" dogma 😆
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