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  1. But it is not available anymore for those who jumped into Cakewalk from Bandlab and never had Sonar, right? No way to get it for us?
  2. But be aware that you are getting just the amp, which is already nice I know, but you are not getting the 1 x 12 cab needed for the presets to work. You will be getting the dreaded preset warning for all of the presets in the orange collection under Tiny Terror. I am not complaining, just stating how it is for others to know.
  3. Worked for me. Showed up right away when I opened Custom Shop. A message stated I hade received it as a gift. Did a 'restore my gear' just in case, then went to Amplitube and its there under Orange. Thanks IK Edit: I didn't even received an email about it. It just showed up in CS. I saw the news on BPB and went for it.
  4. I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd gen. Asio is the way to go with this interface. Make sure you have their latest drivers which were update a couple of months ago.
  5. This should be in the manual... and you should think about a career in writing! I now understand worksapces and screensets. Never used them before, will be using them forever now!
  6. Anybody have experience with King Oz records plugins? Never heard about them before. Worth investing some time with them? They are so inexpensive, there is no way I could ask if they are worth the price! 🙂 But any plugin require some time just to try them out.
  7. Finally made it to the cart page and got it! Thanks Larry! Where would we be without Larry? I don't know, but somewhere with a lot less free VSTs and VSTIs!
  8. All 4 of the Time & Tone Bundles plugins updated when I did my update.
  9. Their website says: "Also, we've included an .sfz version of the main orchestral patch."
  10. Surprisingly V-Vocal is not part of CbB but it is discussed at length in the user manual! 🙂 Kind of wish it was available for those that Melodyne is too expensive.
  11. It says 'demo' of faIRmageddon. I guess for those who have the free early access version, than that would overwrite it...
  12. I would love to have export settings kept as preferences. If I always export in FLAC, I want my sub format remembered and defaulted to the same I always use and the option to not even ask for it. The same for MP3 export and in this instance I would love the ID3 info be saved by project. Finally for export, I would like to setup batch export by project where I can choose multiple formats and have them exported in one single operation without any intervention other than run it and everything gets done while I go make myself some coffee! 🙂
  13. This is great to hear! I hope the Cakewalk developers are safe in these tough times and you all know how much we appreciate the work you do. Can't wait to try out any new stuff you throw at us! 🙂
  14. I conquer, 2560x1440 on my 32" is perfect for my eyes, but on a smaller monitor I don't think it wouldn't work.
  15. No you don't need same resolution monitors under Windows. Mine are: 32" 2560x1440 24" 1680x1050 Works fine and I am using a simple Intel on motherboard graphic card. Nothing fancy. Edit: While checking the resolution I saw the model of my top display is a Dell 2208WFP, so its not 24" but 22"! But for VST UI its good enough! 🙂
  16. I have the Asus VA32AQ. Its a few years old but still a pleasure to work with. It even looks great with its glass base. https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Monitors/VA32AQ/ What is tough to find is a pole high enough to hold the 24" on top of it. But I found one on Amazon. As you can see it is still a work in progress. I still need proper speaker stand. And working from home as a software developer has made a bit of a mess of my studio. Should be back to normal after this crisis.
  17. I love my 32" 2k monitor. It is center and leaves just enough room to have my audio monitors close by on each side. This makes an equilateral triangle between the speakers and my ears. And for good measure I have a 24" on top of the 32" so I can drag VSTs to it and keep the main Cakewalk window's on my main screen.
  18. Sanitized toilet paper of course! Nothing less!
  19. That's quite funny actually! 🙂 ...maybe not for the person that did the video though, little oversight...
  20. You can also skip the shareware on sale site and go directly to Paragon to get it: https://www.paragon-software.com/hdm-25-anniversary/
  21. I had the problem too. Re-authorizing fixed it. But, ya, it seems quite a few people had the problem unfortunately...
  22. We've been discovered! Hiiide everyone! 😲😂 Personally, there is no way I will wait that long to try it out. And, Peter, it is really nice to see a representative of IK reading this forum and hopefully taking cues from our comments.
  23. Wow, thanks Larry! This forum is a goldmine! I just saw Creative Sauce's latest video on mastering showing this plugin and thought it would be nice to try it out! Great timing!
  24. Thanks Mathew! I know the norm these days is for flat UI, but I am a sucker for a more 3d look like yours. Your theme is now my default! The changes you have made enhances the original Tungsten theme without making yours something completely different and unrecognisable like other themes sometimes do. It will not make it difficult going from one to the other.
  25. I am not sure your that old... you at least knew how to use a cell phone and how the turn the magnifying glass on! 😋
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