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  1. TONEX is where its at, IMO nothings come close. I wasn't expecting much from this, but good to see them have a crack at it, and now I've run the demo my expectations came true. You can mess around tweaking and get something passable, but that will be my first and last outing with Snapshot Player just as I thought it would be unfortunately. Melda, well I'm not a Melda fan to put it mildly, although I did buy MGuitarArchitect, after giving it a look for a couple of days, never opened it again, I doubt they will come near TONEX, just that none of thier guitar stuff has really done anything to date, but if they do well good on them, it will be the second Melda plugin I own. 😉 Always up for something better.
  2. Well, you might be waiting a while, not long ago they added to MGuitarArchitect, in their own words "the third-party Neural Amp Modeller (available as a free amp profiler plug-in from Steven Atkinson)" . So they added a third party solution to their latest and greatest Guitar plugin, which was only recently-ish released, make of that what you will. Then again, who knows?
  3. With Snapshot Maker you get both Maker and Player, so purchasing both wouldn't be needed I believe.
  4. Except it's pure DSP Snapshot Maker Is the new software that will convert your physical guitar rig into a digital version. Our pure DSP automatic modeling technology will recreate you entire signal chain (Tube Screamer, Amp, Cab and, Mic, for example) with an incomparable and realistic quality. The capturing process will take only 30 seconds, after that you can enjoy the digital version of your Rig. After capturing your signal chain the Snapshot Maker will generate a file that can be used with the Snapshot Player to reproduce the capture of your Rig, then you just need to Plug and Play! You can use the Snapshot Player as Amp Simulator in your Daw's guitar track, loading it with your own "Snapshots" or our own. In the image above you can see the simple setup you need to capture your Physical Rig. The Reamp Box is for optimal circumstances, but without it the final result is still as good as with it. Snapshot Player The Snap Shot Player is the software that allows you to load the captures, you can use it as "Amp Sim" insert in your Daw's guitar track. The Stand Alone version can be used to playing around without a Daw. Snapshot Player is loaded with 20 captures of different rigs for Clean, Crunch and High Gain tones. If you want to try out more tones, we have 2 Snapshot packs captured from physical amps: VT-PB C100 Pack, captured from a VHT Pitbull 100 and RockBlast Pack with captured of a EVH5150, Randall Diavlo 45 and a Bugera 1990. https://audioassault.mx/collections/snapshots
  5. My local baker always has a soft roll out, I have half a dozen on permanent order for Thursday night's, Hot Dog Night🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭
  6. I've been going mad trying to find this post where the dude puts it better than I could, but I was looking on the wrong site, I was looking and looking, going off my tree, then the penny dropped It's a little long, and I guess in 'jibba jabba' territory, but seeing as it's not actually me, I'm fine It was all sparked off by the 'cryfest' comment, but the dude is far better than me with words, and covers it mostly. https://gearspace.com/board/showpost.php?p=16968211&postcount=72
  7. It's practically all there, and available at other 3rd party vendors, https://www.jrrshop.com/presonus?dir=desc&order=special_from_date it's as you were for us perpetual License people, it is all good on the home front 👍
  8. and now it appears a new store is in the works, but apparently not ready yet, and the 3rd party bit was a stop gap measure, whatever . . .
  9. It looks like things could be turning, or perhaps were originally meant to be that way but poorly communicated, I'll go with the former. With regards to Studio One addons, they wont be available only to subscribers, they will be available to all but not through the PreSonus shop, for non subscribers they will be made available via 3rd party means. I have withdrawn my knee jerk reaction to dump Studio One, and will stick it out and see how things pan out, there are just to many things I don't want to leave behind, many of which can't be found elsewhere and/or in the way they are implemented in Studio One, and the workflow is just unmatched imo.
  10. You might just find it's a little bit more than that. I own practically everything there is to own that is worth owning, everything I want. How will you be when you go to buy your upgrade to Studio One 7, when the only way to do it is via Subscription? Beware at the fair.
  11. Beware at the fair. I was a HUGE Studio One fan, that all has come to an end with the release of this and recent maneuvers by PreSonus. After 9 years away I'm coming back to Cakewalk\Sonar, sad really, so many things left behind. If it doesn't work out with Sonar, I'll give REAPER another try, I left it the same time I jumped ship from SONAR Platinum, sort of a 2 for 1 thing going on.
  12. Well well well, I'll be purchasing Sonar today, shortly in fact, after what PreSonus has just pulled I'm afraid that's it for Studio One for me, so it's either Sonar or REAPER for me, I'll take a shot with Sonar first I still got all my files for all my stuff for SONAR Platinuim and x3, and installation stuff all the way back to ProAudio 9,so if worst comes to worst I got something to fall back on but i'm sure Sonar or REAPER will see me through to the end, only a few years to go.
  13. I thought about doing that, but I'd always forget, so I just leave it be.
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