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  1. Thanks Tim! Its all about the way one uses the tools...
  2. Always need promotion Andy, so thanks for that. Much appreciated! I'm glad you enjoyed the album!
  3. It's a labour of love, Jesse! I enjoy putting this stuff together and if it helps anyone with musical arrangements etc all the better!
  4. Thanks, Mark! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Believe me, Larry is holding back. I'm constantly having to tell him to keep it fairly straight. When he's finished his parts he always says that he could have done a lot more but I try to keep things as tight and concise as possible. I don't like overplaying, especially when it's a mix with lots of tracks.
  5. Thanks so much for the comments Andy. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm going to have to tell Larry that he has a fan!
  6. PJH

    Winding Down

    Really interesting track Mark! Nice groove! The bass seems to be a bit soft on my system. I like the guitar tone! Well done!
  7. Thanks so much for the comments Gary! Yes, the edit took a long long time. I had to go back and find the necessary footage from a couple of years back and then decided what to use. Cheers!
  8. I thought that this might interest those with home studios like myself. I recorded my fourth solo instrumental album over the past few years and decided to film as many of the sessions as I could. I've have uploaded videos from my album over the past few years and have received many kind comments from everyone on this great forum. The album is finally finished and was released last week. I was lucky enough to get sponsorship from a high end audio/visual company who covered the costs of making a limited run of cds and Blu Ray discs as well. Having all this video footage available has enabled me to put together a “making of” video using a lot of the footage that I captured during the recordings. This video gives an in depth analysis of three of the tracks and how these songs are constructed in terms of the instruments, parts, arrangement, production etc. Certain instrument parts are highlighted to provide the viewer/listener with an insight into how they fit into the final mix. As you'll see, the entire album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Cakewalk. All the guitars parts were recorded with the Kemper Profiler directly into the DAW using my own profiles from my pedals and a Marshall JCM2000 combo. The Hammond organ was recorded at the keyboard player’s home studio. This has been a massive job to put together and I'm really happy with the results. I hope that you enjoy this as well!
  9. Thanks, Kevin. I've always liked longer pieces of music. I don't subscribe to the norms that dictate that music should be a certain time length.
  10. Thanks Paul! Yes, I can't remember when last I had to do any drum programming!
  11. Thanks for listening/watching and for your comments! Cheers!
  12. Thanks so much Tom! Thanks for your comments, Kevin! Cheers! Thank you for the comments treesha! That's interesting Kevin! I also sold a Gibson LP Studio to by my second Tokai.
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