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  1. PJH

    Lockdown Blues

    Thanks for your comments, Makke! Glad you enjoyed it!
  2. PJH

    Bayou Bill

    Nice song and really good recording, Mark!
  3. PJH

    Desert Scenes - video

    Lovely piece of music, Bjorn!
  4. Really good song and great production, Nigel!
  5. Really nice song Lynn! I would tame the frequencies on that Hi Hat though. Especially the open Hi Hat seems to be crowding out the vocal and the other instruments. IMO it's very harsh and very upfront in the mix. I reckon if you took it down and eqd the harshness out of it, the vocal would jump out a bit. Just my opinion of course...
  6. PJH

    Lockdown Blues

    Actually 2 profiles. The first profile (the bluesy parts) was my Marshall JCM2000 set clean but driven by an MI Audio Super Blues Pro pedal. The second profile was the same amp set clean but driven by the MI Audio Super Crunchbox. This was used for the (heavier) part in the middle of the track. Both profiles were captured with pedals included in the chain.
  7. PJH

    Lockdown Blues

    Thanks, Tom! I've got quite a few profiles on my Kemper but the ones that I use the most are the profiles that I made of my own rig. There was a lot of volume adjustment during the track in order to get the various gain stages. The Kemper really excels when rolling off the guitar volume. Makes things a lot of fun when playing blues.
  8. PJH

    Lockdown Blues

    Thanks for the comment, Bapu!
  9. PJH

    Lockdown Blues

    Thanks for the kind comments David! Much appreciated!
  10. PJH

    Lockdown Blues

    Thanks for commenting and listening, Wookie! Cheers!
  11. PJH

    Lockdown Blues

    Glad to hear that! Thanks for the comments! Thanks Bjorn! Thanks so much Nigel! Much appreciated!
  12. PJH

    Lockdown Blues

    Thanks so much for your comments, guys! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!
  13. PJH

    Lockdown Blues

    I decided to revisit the blues with this little instrumental. Once again had the pleasure of playing with Dave Sharp (Hammond C3 and Leslie as well as the bass) and Larry Rose (drums). Guitar once again was the Kemper direct into the DAW. I think that it came out really well. It was great fun putting this together. Hope you enjoy! Cheers Peter.
  14. Unable to update. If I try from within the program, it downloads and then gives the message "ready to install". If I tell it to install nothing happens. If I try to update from Bandlab Assistant I get the "installing" message and that's how it stays. Any ideas?
  15. Well Jack, At least you can see that it was completely live. No post production.
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