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  1. Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated!
  2. This Santana song is not one of his more popular instrumentals but has been one of my favourite songs for a really long time. I’ve always wanted to do a version of this and thanks to my two very good friends, Dave Sharp and Larry Rose I’ve been able to do just that. My first thought was to do a completely different take on the song but after listening to the original I realised that the playing, feel etc was perfect. This is therefore my tribute to a guitar player who had a great influence on me when I was younger and probably still does. The only change that we made was to lengthen the song. I felt that the original version is just too short. I hope that you’ll enjoy this version of a beautiful song.
  3. PJH

    Big Moving Parts

    Thank you Daryl! Much appreciated!
  4. PJH

    Barquentine's Gasp

    Really nice song! Excellent production too! Well done!
  5. PJH

    Big Moving Parts

    Thanks Starise! Yes, the video is just to make things a bit more interesting instead of just uploading the audio. I might look at adapting the visuals in the future and make it into a proper music vid. Thanks for the comments. It's much appreciated and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  6. PJH

    Big Moving Parts

    Thank you DA! When a track is as long as this one you have to try and keep things interesting by changing the parts slightly. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Cheers
  7. PJH

    Big Moving Parts

    Thanks so much to everyone for the comments! @Mark, well that's the first comment I've seen so far about a 12 minute track been too short 😀 Thanks for the kind words. @ Lynn thank you! I was a big Line 6 Helix fan but I have to say I think that the Kemper definitely has the edge. @Grem Thank you for your comments! Yes, Larry often doesn't get the credit that he deserves. Bear in mind he is a fantastic drummer who is capable of so much more but is always aware of over doing things in the studio. That's what makes him the ultimate session drummer. @ emerald soul Thank you for your comments. The profiles were created by me and are profiles of my Marshall JCM2000 TSL using the MI Audio Super Crunchbox, MI Audio Super Blues Pro and Marshall Drivemaster pedals. I have three Sony HD video cameras and use these in conjunction with a Go Pro which I mounted above the drums. I also have two colour bar lighting rigs in the booth which are permanently setup via a colour mixer. @Nigel Thank you for your comments. They are much appreciated. Cheers, Peter.
  8. PJH

    Big Moving Parts

    Thanks for your comments, Allan. I appreciate you taking the time to listen. I kept the bass simple as all the playing on the track is kept in check with very little "over playing". It's a very dense mix at times but the definition is retained by all the instruments being a bit restrained. Thanks for your wishes on the album! Regarding amount of replies - hey, you win some, you lose some. Cheers.
  9. PJH

    Big Moving Parts

    This has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things that I’ve done musically (for myself) during this lockdown period. Larry (drummer) and I had a lot of fun recording this. The track forms part of my next solo album which I’m busy with at the moment. It was quite tricky doing all the filming and playing but I'm quite happy with the result. I also showed which VSTs were used in the making of the track. I was able to use the Kemper Profiler for all the guitars in the way that I think it was meant to be used, in that most of the profiles were created by me. The profiles used in this track were created from my live rig using all the various pedals etc. This device has been a revelation for me in terms of guitar tone and ease of use. Please note, if you normally listen to three or four minute songs this is definitely not for you. The track runs for around 12 minutes and is structured into three parts. Hope you enjoy,
  10. Killer guitar playing!!!
  11. Nice track and very well performed!
  12. Very nice take on this version Daryl! Well done!
  13. Thanks Deering, the "additions" crept in over time after playing it many many times. @Billy ZeppaThanks for your comments. The streaming was setup by a local radio station who has a Youtube Channel setup for this purpose. I'm not exactly sure how it works and all I know is that once a ticket is purchased, about ten minutes before the show a link is sent to the viewer to access the channel. Cheers.
  14. Thanks Wookiee, yes you could say that. The band has been together for about 15 years now. Cheers.
  15. Thanks, Bob and Gary. Much appreciated!
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