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  1. Thanks for the comments! Interesting comparison. I'm a huge Purple fan but I've never listened to Queensryche. I think I'll go and check them out.
  2. Thanks Tom! Yes, the original recordings were done on 2003/2004. I wasn't doing videos back then.
  3. Thanks Andy! Yep, I wouldn't have taken on this remixing job if I didn't have Larry! Cheers!
  4. In 2003 my band, Off the Edge recorded our fifth album entitled Site Under Construction. The album was released on cd in 2004. The album was recorded in my tiny home studio at the time which didn’t allow us to use live drums All the drum sequences were programmed. Originally the album was recorded in Adobe Audition but I transferred the files into Cakewalk by Bandlab and remixed everything. Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the recording of this album and I decided to revisit the original multi tracks and replace the drum sequences with live performances. My good friend Larry Rose will be re recording all the drums for the album which will then be remixed and remastered. The difference has been remarkable. As much as programmed drums have their uses, one just cannot beat the real thing. The first song entitled “Taking it to Extremes” has been completed.
  5. Thanks Tim! Its all about the way one uses the tools...
  6. Always need promotion Andy, so thanks for that. Much appreciated! I'm glad you enjoyed the album!
  7. It's a labour of love, Jesse! I enjoy putting this stuff together and if it helps anyone with musical arrangements etc all the better!
  8. Thanks, Mark! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Believe me, Larry is holding back. I'm constantly having to tell him to keep it fairly straight. When he's finished his parts he always says that he could have done a lot more but I try to keep things as tight and concise as possible. I don't like overplaying, especially when it's a mix with lots of tracks.
  9. Thanks so much for the comments Andy. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm going to have to tell Larry that he has a fan!
  10. PJH

    Winding Down

    Really interesting track Mark! Nice groove! The bass seems to be a bit soft on my system. I like the guitar tone! Well done!
  11. Thanks so much for the comments Gary! Yes, the edit took a long long time. I had to go back and find the necessary footage from a couple of years back and then decided what to use. Cheers!
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