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  1. Digital modelling has certainly come a long way since the first Pod Bean. Our band recorded a track in the late 90’s using a POD2 and I remember being pretty happy with the results. The band is Off the Edge and the song is entitled "Just Another Band". During this Covid lockdown I’ve had a bit of time on my hands and just for fun, I found the original multitrack and decided to replace all the guitars with the Kemper using my own profiles. While the POD sounded great for its time (and still isn’t too bad) it just shows how far things have come in the modelling/profiling world. I’ve added the link to the original POD version as well for comparison. This is just for interest sake and the fact that since we can’t perform in a live situation I had to find something interesting to do. The link to the original song with the POD2 guitars is: Just Another Band (POD 2)
  2. Thanks for the responses! @reginaldStjohn - Thats exactly how I normally crossfade but it doesn't seem to work anymore. @JL Thank you for your tutorials! I'm going to try them out. I will report back. Cheers Peter
  3. Hmm... no replies. Is there anyone out there that can possible help with this problem? I've just started to record a new album and if this feature no longer works I might have to look at another program - something I really don't even want to think about. Thanks.
  4. OK, I've tried this in the last version of SONAR - exactly the same thing.
  5. I've been trying various processes to get this right and it seems that the cross fade behaviour is quite bizarre. If I even try to cross fade 1 split across 11 tracks, some of the tracks have the cross fade on them the others only have a fade out. This is a bit of a train smash for me if I now have manually cross fade every drum edit. I'm going to try this in SONAR and see if it does the same.
  6. I'm trying to apply multiple cross fades across 11 tracks after editing drums and it doesn't seem to be working. This is something that I have been doing for a long time and now nothing seems to work. Is this a bug or has the process changed? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I must be going blind. Found it and fixed. Thanks everyone!
  8. Ok, I can appreciate that it's been there forever but I don't have it on my screen. I've never had to use it. My layout always stayed how I left it. Where can I go to load it on my screen again? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the thread but it's not helping at all. I must be losing it because I cannot find the workspace drop down menu.
  10. I'm not sure if it's just me but I've noticed that after saving and reopening Cakewalk my screen layout has changed and I have to rearrange everything again. Anybody else have this problem? Thanks
  11. Yes, that's exactly right. Reducing the Resolution to 1080 and setting the DPI to 100% does fix the problem. However I would like to be able to retain the sharpness of 4k. The Higher DPI paired with 4k res works great for me in my other applications as well. Cakewalk is the only software I am stuck on currently.
  12. Hi, I hope that somebody can assist me. I recently upgraded to 2x 4k Displays and am running at Native 4k Resolution, with increased DPI settings (150%) I have found that the mouse cursor is offset when trying to select the Control Toolbar. I have to run the higher DPI settings due to a Vision issue so reverting to 100% DPI is not an option. Has anybody been able to find a workaround for this? Thank you
  13. Absolutely outstanding! Thank you Noel!
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