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  1. Well Jack, At least you can see that it was completely live. No post production.
  2. Thanks for watching and for your comments! Cheers!
  3. We recorded our CCR tribute in my studio and filmed it as well. This was done during lockdown as a live stream back in April. A bit strange to not have an audience but it is what it is. We decided to put it up on Youtube for viewing if anyone is interested. The link will be up for 48 hours. Happy New Year to all! Hope you enjoy!
  4. PJH

    Free Flight

    Thanks for the kind comments, Tom! Yes, Larry gets a lot of comments about his guitar face (live and in the studio) 😂
  5. PJH

    Free Flight

    Thanks guys! @freddy j thanks for the comment!
  6. PJH

    Free Flight

    Just had an interesting spin off to my video. A top end Hi Fi company wants to use my music (starting with this one) to use as a demo in their showrooms and on their website. The best part is that they're paying a decent amount for this. In this music climate I'll take any kind of new business model for my music.
  7. PJH

    Free Flight

    Thanks, Starise! We certainly do play gigs, unfortunately due to the Covid restrictions our gigs have been cut to a minimum.
  8. PJH

    Free Flight

    Thanks for the comments, Paul! Thank you Douglas! Much appreciated! Thanks DC! Yes, I am fairly hard on guitar strings. I use quite heavy gauge acoustic strings, so in order to get any kind of vibrato on a wound third requires an aggressive approach. Cheers.
  9. PJH

    Hate Me

    Maybe think about dropping the reverb a little on the drums. That will bring them forward a touch.
  10. Your arrangement is excellent! Well done!
  11. PJH

    Free Flight

    Thanks for your comments, John. It's pretty much my sentiments too. Glad you like the video. It was a lot of fun putting it together. Cheers
  12. PJH

    Free Flight

    Thank you so much for taking the time to listen/watch and for your comments everyone! @Lynn, thanks for the comment. Glad to see that you enjoy the videos. @ Andy - thanks for the comments. I'll be sure to tell Larry. @ David - Thanks for the comment. Yes, I had to somehow "hide" my poor piano playing, Lol! @ Gary - thanks for your comments! Yes, Larry is a perfect session drummer. @ Wookie, thanks for your comments, cheers!
  13. PJH

    Free Flight

    Thank you Bapu and Marshall! Glad you liked it!
  14. PJH

    Free Flight

    Thanks so much, Kurt. Yes, it was a lot of work but very rewarding at the same time. Thanks for watching.
  15. PJH

    Free Flight

    This is the fourth track from my upcoming album "Big Moving Parts". I decided to create a rough theme to this video. I think it works in the context of the title etc. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
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