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  1. Because we have different preferences? I've been using Cakewalk for roughly 25 years too, so what? My global snap is often around 1/4 or even 1/2 or 1 as I'm basically using the Smart Grid option and need a bigger perspective in TV. In SV, however I need higher precision to enter notes, therefore 1/32 has always been the best option for me in that editor. What you suggests implies enabling/disabling the snap every time I switch between SV and TV. This is inconvenient and a big workflow disturbance. And I know I'm not the only one.
  2. Tried that, didn't help unfortunately((
  3. Good luck with cakewalk.ini, hopefully it's gonna work for you eventually. I'll try again tomorrow too. Tired of this for today.
  4. That's weird. LOL. I added the entry to cakewalk.ini via Preferences->File->Initialization File Closed CbB Updated and saved the Aud.ini to remove UseGlobalSnapForStaffView=0 from it Started CbB And now no matter what I do, I can't get the old behaviour back, i.e. it's all broken for me and Global Snap is used all the time. I tried adding it back to Aud.ini as per my own comment above, but to no avail. There are clearly some bugs left around it.
  5. Oh yes, you're right - I keep forgetting about that menu item in the Preferences.
  6. The feature is about the Staff view, not PRV. It is to ignore the global snap settings in the Staff view. For PRV there's its own Snap Settings in the top right corner of the PRV. And it has nothing to do with the value of UseGlobalSnapForStaffView.
  7. So, I managed to make it work, but there's a bug. First of all, the file editable via Preferences is Aud.ini, not Cakewalk.ini. And yes, you don't need to close CbB, not even to restart it to apply the changes using the Reload Config Settings buttons. I tried restarting CbB merely to be absolutely sure it's using the new config. Now, the file that actually needs changing to enable the feature is, again, Aud.ini, not Cakewalk.ini. So, the order of the right steps is Go to Preferences -> Audio -> Configuration File Click Edit Config File In the opened text editor, add UseGlobalSnapForStaffView=0 as the first line of the Aud section of the file. Save the changes made to the file. Either restart CbB or click Reload Config Settings and Ok to close the preferences. Make sure global snap is enabled, say to 1/8th Add a MIDI track and open its Staff view The bug is, the notes added to the editor now would still be dropped with the global snap settings, i.e. 1/8th instead of 1/32nd. HOWEVER, if you edit one of the existing notes, the 1/32nd mode will get enabled, so that all notes edited or placed after the first edit will get the 1/32nd resolution regardless the global snap settings.
  8. First of all, thank you so much for the bugfix release, bakers! I also really appreciate the fact that you've heard my complains about the staff view and global snap. I have tried to add this line in a number of places, restarting CbB after every change, but I still couldn't make it behave the desired way - staff snap keeps using the global snap resolution. I was probably doing something wrong, so any clarification on that would be helpful. What I did try: Add UseGlobalSnapForStaffView=0 to Cakewalk.ini, at the end of the file. Add UseGlobalSnapForStaffView=0 to Cakewalk.ini, to the [Staff View] section of the file. Add UseGlobalSnapForStaffView=0 to Aud.ini, to the [Aud] section of the file. Add UseGlobalSnapForStaffView=0 to Aud.ini, to the [Wave] section of the file. All of the above but with UseGlobalSnapForStaffView=1 My steps for each attempt: Open the ini file in a text editor. Add the line to the file and save it. Close CbB. Launch CbB. Start a new project. Add a MIDI track. Open Staff View. Make sure Global Snap is switched on (and defaults to 1/8 in my case). Try to add notes with a hope of 1/32 resolution in the Staff view. Any suggestions?
  9. I appreciate the workaround, thank you. It still however implies clicking/hotkeying the global snap button every time one switches between Staff and TV. That's a lot of unnecessary, and thus unwanted, extra clicking/key pressing.
  10. Respecting the Global Snap for Staff view is very inconvenient. Normally the precision of editor and track views are different. PRV has an independent Snap options exactly for that reason, e.g. I always have it at 32nd in the PRV and Smart Grid globally. With Staff view it's even worse as there's no way to zoom in horisontally in a hope that Smart Grid would pick the right snap resolution, so you have to change the Snap all the time as you switch between SV and TV. I think a good solution would be to add the same independent snap settings to the staff view as there are for PRV, i.e. this I know this has been a workflow showstopper for a couple of colleagues of mine, and every one of them has reverted to the previous version.
  11. After I'd read the section one point one of Bandlab's Terms of Use, I came to conclusion that that document is pretty much the EULA for CbB too. So in case anyone's looking for it, here it is: https://blog.bandlab.com/terms-of-use/
  12. Looking for the License Agreement and having troubles finding one - where is it located these days?
  13. This is brilliant and works great! Thank you so much! And a very smart idea to work around the limitations!
  14. Is it possible to break from a (forEachEvent) function? I know (break) and (return) do not work, and (exit) ends the script execution entirely. Perhaps there's a (goto) at least? Or, is it possible to (delete) an event outside (forEachEvent) function, e.g. by its index in the selection? Or could I iterate over events without calling (forEachEvent)? The reason for the question is that the default, bundled undupe.cal doesn't work with polyphonic sequences. So I wanted to write my own, but it seems it's pretty much impossible at this point. My last hope is for some undocumented features of the language to be there like a loop break I asked above. Any other ideas are welcome of course. I guess the edit commands could be useful but I feel lazy to dig into those if there's a way to avoid them.
  15. Yes, I think this depends on the workflow which is probably different for many of us. This is probably the reason why Logic has two types of Stack tracks - those where audio routing is implemented and those where it is not (used purely for organising tracks). On the other hand I don't really see how having my proposal should affect you tbh. Imagine that ONLY WHEN NEW audio tracks (or the audio part of the instrument tracks) are added to the Folder track, THEN they are automatically routed to the Folder patch point where they are summed together. IF you use the Folder track purely for organising other tracks in your project, THEN you're not going to add any FXs to the Folder tracks's FX bin/pro channel, and that will essentially output the sum to the Master bus or the bus set up in your project as the default output. Which is practically the same as it is now except the fact that it goes straight to Master/default out. EXISTING audio tracks when moved to the Folder should not change its output, so that the rest of your project routing is not immediately f**d up when you move the track into the folder. Although I could see two menu options in the Move To context menu: Move To Folder & Route to Folder Output, Move To Folder & Keep Current Output And OF COURSE you should still have the option to change the output of the track within the Folder to a different output if needed. If you ever worked with NI MASCHINE, it's the same there. By default, Sound (Instrument) is routed to a Group (Folder), which is rooted to Master (Bus). But you're free to change the output port of the Sound to any other available destination, so that, say, 15 sounds are routed to its group, while the 16th is routed somewhere else. Also, as I mentioned, MIDI track outputs (and MIDI parts of Instrument tracks) should not be affected by the Folder - it doesn't make a lot of sense. I only mentioned MIDI patch points above because having those is something I wanted for a while now (for MIDI Sends), but it really is a different feature. Or perhaps I didn't understand you. Anyway, I hope bakers will find the best solution to this as they have resources to properly think it through and test it.
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