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  1. There's another glitch btw πŸ˜… Browser width may become no longer adjustable: Open a project. Expand MultiDock to the full window height and collapse it. Collapse Browser if it is not. Now that both are collapsed, expand MultiDock first. This will restore it to the full height. Now try to expand the Browser by pressing the "B" shortcut -> it doesn't show up because the full-height MultiDock takes priority if you will (actually I think something else happens there). Press "B" again to collapse the Browser that's not visible anyway, but just do so. Now collapse the MultiDock. And now we are supposed to expand the Browser since MultiDock should no longer prevent the Browser from being displayed, so press "B" Expected: Browser is expanded and its width is adjustable Observed: Browser does get expanded but I can no longer adjust its width and there's some glitch in rendering on its edge where it was supposed to be hold and dragged for width adjustments.
  2. Nope, the collapsed state is properly saved. But, the height of the multidock or the width of the browser are not saved. Here's what I mean: Let's say we have some project opened and Workspaces is set to None. I adjust the browser width to my liking and then collapse it by pressing the "B" shortcut. I adjust the multidock height to my liking and then collapse it by pressing the "D" shortcut. Then I save and close the project. Reopen it. Expectations: Project is opened with both multidock and browser collapsed. Expanding multidock and browser restores their sizes as I adjusted them to my liking in steps 2 and 3 of the scenario. Observed: βœ…Project is opened with both multidock and browser collapsed. β›”Expanding multidock or browser restores them to their default sizes as opposed to those I set in steps 2 and 3, so I have to adjust them again after every project opening. Here are the screenshots. 1. Browser and MultiDock prior to project save&close 2. Browser and MultiDock after the project is reopened and browser and multidock are expanded by pressing "B" and "D" keys respectively.
  3. Woohoo!! Merry xmas, me πŸ˜‚ With this I can confirm that I can no longer reproduce issue #1, #2 and the part of issue #4 which goes about the tabs. Meaning, Cakewalk no longer crashes when I open projects; the browser state is properly saved with the project and recalled; tabs opened in MultiDock are also saved and recalled. The issue #3 and the part of the issue #4 about the size of MultiDock (and the browser width too btw) are still reproducible here. But well, I don't mind the actual xmas surprise πŸ˜‚ Thank you so much once again!
  4. The Christmas did come early this year - no more crashes when opening projects! And the browser state is remembered correctly! This is bliss! Thank you so much for listening to us! 😍😍😍 Speaking of which, it seems RME ASIO driver does use MMCSS properly as I see the audio engine thread getting the Realtime (18) priority. Really LOVE the darkened controller events on clips! Although it seems in my case they are rendered above the notes πŸ˜…
  5. Woah!!! Looks like Christmas's coming earlier this year! Thank you so much! 😍It's been a real pleasure and a lot of fun too! Love the WinDbg! πŸ˜‚
  6. Thank you so much for your assistance @Noel Borthwick To clarify the scenario: Launch Cakewalk -> this creates an Untitled project based on a Normal template. Without closing the Untitled project, open an Existing project from the Startup Screen. The Existing project is also based on the Normal template, but is a proper project with all the tracks, plugins, and other data in it. The crash occurs the next moment Cakewalk says the Existing project is successfully loaded using the toast notification, probably when it tries to draw the loaded Existing project in the UI. The Normal template in question is my customised file, that has some tracks, effects, and buses set up for input monitoring, room correction, and the basic mastering chain. I thought that maybe some of these VST effects in the Normal template are causing the problem, so I removed all of the effects and saved it as another Normal template (renaming the previous one to smth else). This didn't solve the issue, i.e. the crash would still take place. So I sent you that modified Normal template, the one without the VST effects, so that you wouldn't need to have them installed. Yes, so I removed all iLok-based effects from the Existing project. This way debugger no longer fails during the VST plugin loading, but at the attempt to draw the project in the UI. And this is exactly the dump I have sent you.
  7. This is unfortunately not caused by an ASIO driver (would be quite unlikely for an RME card, besides I had this crash with Focusrite card in the past too). In fact, I did the suggested test by switching to WASAPI Exclusive and the crash was still reproducible. While running the test above, I did spot something interesting - the issue is clearly timing related. If I somehow interrupt the project loading, then it will likely not crash. This is why loading a project in Safe Mode and choosing to load all plugins prevents from crashing. This is also why switching to WASAPI at first also didn't cause a crash - I was asked to map ASIO outputs to WASAPI outputs during the project load. So to actually reproduce the issue using WASAPI, I had to save both my normal template and the project with buses outs set to WASAPI outs. As suggested, I have also installed WinDbg and tried to dig for the possible root cause using it. While reproducing the issue under the debugger, I was consistently getting a crash while loading bx_control.vst3 from Plugin-Alliance. I then created a version of a project without it and tried to reproduce with it. This had a weird change -> The project did load without a crash this time, but I've had severe UI issues - here you can see the inspector reflects the track from the loaded project, while the TV still renders the untitled project. I also noticed the MultiDock has no tabs, double-clicked it to Undock it and indeed everything inside MultiDock looked unrenderable. It looked like some memory corruption was taking place after I removed the PA plugin. Anyways, I tried to load the same project inside a debugger again -> got issues while loading another PA plugin. Removed that. Started getting issues with SoundToys plugin somewhere in Pace/ilok init. Kept on removing other iLok-protected plugins -> at some point I had no more of them in the project. And this would still render me an Access Violation in the debugger and a crash if executed without a debugger. This time it seems to happen somewhere within CbB itself but while loading some Microsoft modules. I will send the WinDbg output via PM.
  8. Yep, Event Viewer has two Application errors for Cakewalk. The first one is Access Violation (Exception Code = 0xc0000005). Followed by the Unhandled Exception (Exception Code = 0xc000041d). I've tried to remove all FX and disable all ProChannel instances from the template, but it didn't help. Another possible root cause could be that the template was originally created in quite an old version of Sonar. I mean I've saved and resaved it million times over the years in newer and newer versions, but maybe it still has some data in it that causes a crash now. I have PM'd (for privacy reasons) the link to the Normal template. Ty.
  9. Hello @Noel Borthwick The folder \AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\MiniDumps\ has no crash dump unfortunately or should I be looking in another folder? What actually happens is that when I see all project plugins have loaded successfully, CbB suddenly disappears from the screen for good. If I load the project in Safe Mode, it succeeds even if I choose "Yes to all". However in this case I can see the heights of all tracks are reset. I have a feeling there's something in my template that's breaking it. I could PM the template.
  10. Thanks both of you, I didn't even realise I had a workspace selected 🀯 I do disagree that #3 is expected behaviour. It would be, had I opened the PRV with a shortcut. But double-clicking on a clip should focus on the location regardless of the workspace used IMO. But even if it is... I have now tried both options: Disabling "Apply Workspace on Project Load" option. Switching to "None" workspace. Issue #2 has been resolved by option #2 (the first one didn't fix it) Issue #3 appears to be resolved (more like workarounded really) by both option #1 and #2 Issue #4 is resolved by neither option #1 and option #2. The max I could achieve with option #2 were the following actions/steps: Open the project - at this point I only have Console in the MultiDock with its default height. Select "None" workspace. Open PRV by double-clicking the MIDI clip and adjust the height to the desired level. Switch to Console View and apply some settings there, e.g. hide some buses, narrow some tracks, etc. Switch back to PRV - all this time MultiDock remained with the desired height set at step 3. Press D twice to make sure collapsing/expanding MultiDock restores it to its new desired height set at step 3. Save the project. Close the project. Reopen the project. Which resulted in the following observations: MultiDock is opened with PRV with the same track, height as it was saved at step 7 - brilliant. However. The location is slightly moved so that Now time is strictly on the left side of the PRV. Not too bad, but not exactly how I had it saved. Filter is disabled so I actually see all tracks unless I re-enable the filter myself, which takes an extra click. Press D to collapse the MultiDock. Double-click on some random MIDI clip in TV. PRV for the clip is opened in MultiDock but MultiDock has the wrong height now. See the screenshots below. Before closing: After reopening: After collapsing and reopening PRV for another clip:
  11. Here are a couple of bugs, that have been annoying me for ages. Christmas is coming in two months, so who knows, maybe Santa brings me some bug fixes this year - I've been a good girl, I promise. Cakewalk crashes when opening an existing project if the Untitled project hasn't been closed. Browser is expanded upon project opening even if it was collapsed upon project save. Piano roll always opens at 01:01:000 when double-clicking on a clip for the first time after project opening. Can't save the multi-dock size and its tabs. Automation nodes for VSTs loaded inside Komplete Kontrol all show the same value (likely NI's issue). Yeah, that's it, just 5 small issues that are happening on day-to-day basis and are killing a bit of motivation every time I open CbB. In fact, I'm not gonna be surprised if the first four have the same root cause as all of them are related to opening a project. If more information/data is needed, please feel free to get in touch. Sorry if any of the lines below are confusing, incomplete, wrong or misleading in some way, that is not intentional. #1. Cakewalk crashes when opening an existing project if the Untitled project hasn't been closed. Reproduction steps: Go to Preferences / File / Advanced. Untick "Allow Only One Open Project at a Time" if ticked. Tick "On Startup Load the Default Template" if unticked. Go to Preferences / Customization / Display. Tick "Show Start Screen" if unticked. Hit Apply/OK to save and close the preferences and close CbB. Start CbB again. You should see an Untitled project opened with the Normal template and the Startup Screen. In the Startup Screen switch to Recent Projects and open the last project you worked on. Expected: Untitled project remains loaded. The project selected from the Startup Screen is loaded successfully. Observed: Cakewalk crashes while opening the selected project. Notes: Workaround: before opening the recent project, close the Untitled project. Not sure, but it could be that this has something to do with my Normal template (I have it modified quite a bit, incl. 3rd-party plugins dropped here and there). I can provide the template file if necessary. #2. Browser is expanded upon project opening even if it was collapsed upon project save. Reproduction steps: Close all projects but keep CbB opened. Create a new project. Make sure you have: Control Bar displayed on top, Inspector docked at left and expanded, Browser with help module, synth rack, and the browser itself docked at right and expanded. MultiDock docked at bottom and collapsed. MultiDock may have some tabs like PRV or Console View in it. Collapse the browser. Save the project and close it. Open the project you just closed. Expected: Project opens successfully and the Browser remains collapsed as it was upon saving and closing. Observed: Project opens successfully but the Browser is expanded, i.e. its collapsed state was not saved. Before closing: After re-opening: #3. Piano roll always opens at 01:01:000 when double-clicking on a clip for the first time after project opening. Reproduction steps: Close all projects but keep CbB opened. Create a new project. Create a synth or MIDI track. Drop/record some notes so that you have at least one MIDI clip on a track. Move the clip somewhere to the right, say, at bar 16 or 64 or wherever - important is that this position doesn't fit the current horisontal zoom level of your PRV. Typically my PRV fits no more than a couple of bars. Make sure that double-click on the clip is set up to open the PRV. Save the project and close it. Open the project you just closed. Double-click on the clip to edit the notes in PRV. Expected: PRV displays the notes of the double-clicked clip. Observed: PRV displays the the contents of the selected Track but at 01:01:000, i.e. it's not horisontally scrolled to the location of the notes in the selected clip. Notes: This only happens once after the project is opened. All consequent double-clicks on the clips open the PRV at the right time. So the workaround is to close the PRV and double-click the clip again. The position of the Now time marker seems to have no effect on this, i.e. I tried to set the Now time to the position of the clip before double-clicking it, but that didn't help. #4. Can't save the MultiDock size and its tabs. Reproduction steps: Create a new project, e.g. based on Empty Project template. Press D to expand the MultiDock which has Console view in it by default. Drag the top border of the MultiDock to the as far to the top as possible, so that it has all the available display space. Press D twice to collapse and expand MultiDock - notice that it expands back to the "fullscreen" view, which makes it a very easy way to switch between TRV and MultiDock which typically has your current editor in focus. Save the project and close it. Open the project again. Press D to expand the MultiDock. Expected: MultiDock expands to the same size as it was prior to closing the project, i.e. it stores the full height. Observed: MultiDock expands to the default size vertically, keeping some parts of the TV still visible. In fact, MultiDock is completely reset, i.e. all tabs but Console view are gone after the project reopening. Before closing: After re-opening: #5. Automation nodes for VSTs loaded inside Komplete Kontrol all show the same value. This one is likely the bug on the NI/integration side, but would be sweet to get a confirmation that CbB treats all the data coming from KK in line with the standard. Reproduction steps: Create a new project. Make sure the values are set up to be displayed for the automation envelopes in the View / Display menu of the TV. Create a Synth Track with NI Komplete Kontrol as the synth. In KK, load an actual synth of choice, e.g. I used Synapse Audio Obsession for this purpose of the demo. Once the synth is loaded, close the KK plug-in window and focus on the synth track in CbB's TV. Click the button to create/open automation lanes - by default a lane for Track Volume is created. Change the automated parameter from Track Volume to that of the Synapse Audio Obsession within KK - these usually start at Controller #101 with the first 100 being reserved and used for automating the parameters of the KK instance itself. Now start adding some nodes to the curve. Expected: All nodes get their corresponding values. Observed: All nodes get exactly the same value displayed - it is the value corresponding to the envelope value at the Now time. Notes: This works correctly for plugins loaded without NI KK or for the parameters of the KK instance itself such as Scale Type, Chord Mode, etc. So it seems that the bridge between the plugin inside KK and CbB is somehow broken.
  12. Tried to fix that - hopefully this is clearer now Yeah, except I'm using Cakewalk since like 1997. I'm fully aware it's not a new bug, hence I'm not posting in the 2022.09 feedback thread. Just having automation heavy projects this year and grew tired of this bug. Not saying it's necessarily a problem for every one. Whether it's known to the devs - don't have access to their JIRA, so who knows. But it's a pain when you need nodes at exact timings either if the related VST sounds drastically depends on it (key switches, or other switch-like synth properties) and/or when copy-pasting clips with automation. Overall, there are some pain points when working with automation and controllers in CbB, so I believe reminding about them here might eventually get them fixed and make CbB a little better. Have a nice day.
  13. Funnily enough that's exactly the settings I have myself but clearly it doesn't help If there's anything I can do to help debugging, let me know. I'm on Windows 11 atm but have had the same experience on all Windows 10 versions in the past too. To avoid any project-specific data, I can reproduce as follows: Start CbB. Close the untitled project (that's based on the Normal template). Make sure preferences match the settings on the screenshot. Create a new project using Empty Project template. Enable Snap "To", Smart Grid, No Landmarks. Create an audio track. Expand the automation lanes for the track -> this should create the lane for the Track Volume envelope. Make sure Smart tool is selected and Aim Assist with line position readouts (Show Aim Assist Time) is enabled. Start adding nodes to the curve.
  14. You may be terminologically correct, but the issue is still a legit one. From the documentation (https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Arranging.29.html) So yes, with Snap enabled, Aim Assist line follows the snap settings, but so should the Smart Editing tool that is used to add nodes to the automation envelope. And that is broken, i.e. the Smart Editing tool ignores the Snap Settings when applied to automation envelopes. That was the whole point of the Aim Assist as a feature - to give visual cues where your mouse actions will land on a timeline.
  15. So, here I'm trying to add a node precisely at 17:01:000 As you can see, Aim Assist points exactly at that time. Snap Settings should work fine: "Snap To" + "Smart Grid" which at this point is 1/8 (480 ticks). What did I expect - the new node to land at 17:01:000 precisely or +/- 480 ticks had I bin really inaccurate What did really happen - I've got a node at 17:01:174 This has been annoying me for ages. Can't this be fixed for once? Just why, why doesn't it respect the Aim Assist? When the feature was introduced years ago, it worked so great, but then got broken and has since been such a drag in the daily workflow. Always right-click the node and fix the timing manually. Duh.
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