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  1. one more tiny bug detected with Export: audio export folder doesn't immediately change after project is saved into a new folder To reproduce: Start Cakewalk and create a new project based on a template (I use a customised Normal.cwt). Add some content to render to the project. Export audio to %PROJECTFOLDER%\Audio Export set as Location. Rendered file is stored under Cakewalk Projects\Audio Export\ which is a valid folder given the project hasn't been saved once yet and thus doesn't have its own folder yet. Now save the project, name it, say, Project Name, so that it gets its own separate folder. Export audio again to %PROJECTFOLDER%\Audio Export set as Location. => Rendered file is still stored under Cakewalk Projects\Audio Export\ instead of Cakewalk Projects\Project Name\Audio Export\ This is automatically resolved once you reopen the project.
  2. I've been using export features quite extensively in the last couple of days. I wanted to share my gratitude - the Tracks Through Mix and Task Queue features are absolutely gorgeous and helped me streamline and easy my work a lot!
  3. Thank you very much @scook . The problem is indeed in that it doesn't work for VST parameter automation. But that's a great idea about assigning it to some MIDI CCs. I think that would be good enough. I'll just need to remember the map between the CC numbers and the plug-in parameter names used and pass it to the friend together with the MIDI file.
  4. Hmm, I realised I don't know how to get this done. I have Massive X loaded inside Komplete Kontrol which is loaded as an Instrument track. I've recorded automation by pressing W button and playing it along the track. Now I have 5 envelopes recorded. I need to share them with a friend who's using another host and I realise I have no clue how to achieve this. I tried right-clicking on the Envelope and choosing the Convert to MIDI Events, menu but it's greyed out I tried splitting the Instrument track into MIDI and Audio tracks. And once I did I made sure the recorded automation appears in MIDI track. But that didn't help. The Convert menu is still greyed out. Am I doing anything wrong? Is there a way at all?
  5. The upgrade this time didn't run smooth. I might have forgotten smth crucial in the following scenario, especially in the first half of it as I wasn't paying it much attention since it's never been an issue before. It all could also be a one-time glitch. Clicked on Toast notification that new update was available to get it. Some time later got a notification that the executable was still running. Closed the installer. Tried to reinstall with Bandlab Assistant - it was showing that as if it started downloading but no progress. I then noticed Cakewalk.exe was still hanging in the process list - killed it. Restarted Bandlab Assistant - same issue. I actually had an older version of BA as it never succeeded to self-update - would never restart itself after I'd let it do it in order to self-update. Downloaded a new version of BA manually and installed. Latest version of BA was also hanging with the Downloading 0/0. I then downloaded the CbB installer from this thread and now finally got 2021.11 build 18 running successfully. And another annoying issue with export - the mp3 options are now always set to cbr=256 q=2. In the past the consequent exports would remember the last used settings, now they don't do it any longer, so now I have to set cbr=320 q=0 every time myself. Is it possible to somewhere set the default export options? Maybe some ini file? Same for FLAC, I use it mostly to export 24 bit content, occasionally 16 bit, but never 8 bit which is used by default.
  6. Yeah, I guess I have somewhat of an edge case. I have Sends from the Master bus to three more buses - each for a corresponding HW output, which is currently two pair of headphones and speakers. Point is that each can be processed with FX independently, e.g. for room correction, adapting the sound for the vocalist needs, etc. So when I do audio export of a project, most of the time I only want the Master bus output, not any other buses out there. What could perhaps help if, say, there's an option to only select the Default Bus for export when source category is set to Buses. But if that also implies a lot of coding/maintenance and blah, I can survive)) I sure did so far))) These are certainly some very helpful ideas. I'll probably stick to CTRL+SHIFT and/or master bus solo for now. Thank you.
  7. A very sweet update! Thank you so much for implementing file import to a single track with CTRL+SHIFT drag'n'drop! And all export features are certainly welcome. Haven't really tried much of it yet, but creating timestamped versions alone is worth it! Some further related improvements that I would highly welcome: Remember the checkboxes for the Sources in the export preset. I typically export using Buses as a source category and have to deselect all buses first and then select the Master bus. So for me, saving the sources selection in the export preset is something I still really miss. This also currently prevents from using the Quick Export menu in the Control Bar. Since %PROJECTFOLDER%\Audio Export is the default location for audio export, I think it'd be an easy and useful feature to add "Reveal Project Folder in File Explorer" item to the Project Menu. This would be a quick way to all your project exports after the export completed toast notification is dismissed.
  8. In order for some VSTi to work without relying on virtual MIDI cables, I'd love for CbB to be able to send and receive sysex to and from VSTi.
  9. Yes! Might try that out actually, thank you! Quite curious how well it's gonna work with CbB.
  10. Actually, that's probably another option to simplify the process indeed! Place all files in one folder and navigate to that folder in the Browser Create a new audio track Select the first clip in the browser Press Enter (or double click) - it'll load it to the Now time on the selected track Press Ctrl+End - this will move Now time to the end of the project, which in this case will be the end of the first clip Press Down - this will select the next wav file in the browser Repeat steps 4-6 99 more times This will actually create just one track with all clips following each other one after another. Since this doesn't potentially involve any mouse clicks, I'll probably try this option, ty!
  11. it will place the first clip to the existing track and create tracks for other 99 clips, putting them one under another. Actually, you just landed me on the idea of (ab)using Nudge feature to set to "Follow Snap Settings" and setting up Snap to Clips as landmarks only. It's still tiring but a little less error prone: Load 100 clips all under one another (that's how it loads them anyway) Set up Snap and Nudge as mentioned above Select all tracks Deselect the top, press Nudge Right (this will place 99 clips to the end of the 1st clip) Repeat step 4 99 more times 😅 Yeah, thanks, but I'm afraid I don't have control of the recording in this case. In fact this could be multiple separate recording sessions each containing 20 files. Then I'd get 200 files from 10 such sessions dropped on me.
  12. Hey there, sorry for intruding in this thread, but since I've also experienced multiple MIDI ports being selected in the past, I thought it'd be good to have all of them collected in one place and fixed. Most likely all of them are related to the same root cause. But if it's not OK, please let me know and I'll distribute them to other topics. Scenario 1 Unplug your USB MIDI keyboard from the computer (I'm using NI KK S88 MK1). Launch Cakewalk. Start a blank project. Create an Instrument track using any synths (whether "Enable MIDI Out" option is ticked or not doesn't matter for this scenario). Note that by default MIDI In is set to Omni for this track. Arm the track for recording (I don't have auto-arm enabled for MIDI tracks in Preferences). Note that MIDI In port is changed to "All Inputs" (or "All External Inputs" if "Enable MIDI Out" option was ticked at step 4). Plug in your USB MIDI keyboard. Wait for the popup asking if you want to enable the newly connected MIDI device and press "Yes". Click the "MIDI In" dropdown on the track to see what is now selected. Expected to observe: "All Inputs" (or "All External Inputs") entry is still selected. New ports related to the USB keyboard should be present in the list but not marked as selected. Actually observed: "All Inputs" (or "All External Inputs") entry is no longer selected. "All Inputs" - should be selected. All other MIDI ports available to the system before the USB keyboard got connected are now selected with checkmarks. "Maschine MK3 Ctrl In" - should not be selected. "Virtual Controller" should not be selected. New ports related to the USB keyboard are present in the list and are not marked as selected. Scenario 2 (partly fixed by 2021.04 Build 175) - related to "MIDI Ports from synths should not be exposed to their own inputs." Originally (prior to 2021.04), the reproduction scenario was the following: Plug in NI KK keyboard. Launch Cakewalk. Make sure all MIDI In devices related to KK keyboard are checked under MIDI Devices tab in the Preferences (at least "Komplete Kontrol In - 1" and "Komplete Kontrol DAW In - 1". Start a blank project. Create an Instrument track using Komplete Kontrol VSTi with "Enable MIDI Out" option ticked. Note that by default MIDI In is set to Omni for this track. Arm the track for recording (I don't have auto-arm enabled for MIDI tracks in Preferences). Start recording. Play some notes on the keyboard (actually play just one note once to simplify the whole thing). Stop recording. Click the "MIDI In" dropdown on the track to see what is now selected. Open the Event List and note how many notes are present now? Prior to 2021.04 you would observe the following: After step 11, three ports are marked as selected: "Komplete Kontrol In - 1" - HW port 1 "Komplete Kontrol DAW In - 1" - HW port 2 "Komplete Kontrol 1" - SW port from "Enable MIDI out" feature After step 12, as expected, you'd get two notes instead of one (with the second note coming after a short delay equal to your full system latency. The duplication kinda makes sense: The pressed key arrives as MIDI event from HW port 1, It is recorded as a note for the first time. It is then passed to KK VSTi. KK VSTi plays it through to its virtual MIDI Out. And it is then picked up and recorded for the 2nd time via the SW port from "Enable MIDI out" feature. I once described it briefly here: Now, 2021.04 is supposed to address this feature as "MIDI Ports from synths should not be exposed to their own inputs." However the following is observed instead: After step 11, only one port is selected: "All External Inputs" After step 12, I still have two notes recorded! This shouldn't happen as the 2nd note coming from "Komplete Kontrol 1" shouldn't have made it to the recording, but it did. There's a way to "fix" this: Select "None" as MIDI In for the track Now reselect "All External Inputs" again If you now repeat steps 8-10, only one note will be recorded So it looks like for an Instrument track which has "Omni" set as its MIDI input, "Arming a MIDI track + Recording a track" changes the MIDI In port to "All External Inputs" not properly. Only manually selecting "All External Inputs" does the trick.
  13. I have >100 wave files which are bits and pieces of a whole recording. I need to load them one after another on a timeline. Is there a quick way to do that? Currently they are loaded on 100 audio tracks one under another. I wouldn't mind them being still on 100 tracks, but all shifted so that each next clip would start where the previous ended. Currently the only solution I see is a manual one - choose Clips as snap landmarks and then drag all those clips manually. Doable, but I certainly would prefer a more automated way if there are any. Can something like this be coded in CAL - does it support audio events?
  14. My issue was resolved by the hotfix! Thank you so much bakers, you're the best!!! 🤗
  15. Thanks, you're a life saviour! Rolled back, the project is opening fine again! btw, I did use arranger track in it to visually highlight different parts of the track. So perhaps improvements to the arranger track feature have something to do with the problem above.
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