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  1. Very interesting. My test were done with the default preset. In the case of this Leslie patch, there doesn't seem to be a difference. I will try that and see how it fares on my machine. Thanks!
  2. You are right! Take me for example, I never knew I needed so many plugins before I came here! 😉🤣
  3. Haha, some company bought their mic from the other I guess! 😁
  4. No, the EMM-6 is not the same. Those are individually calibrated and the calibration are thus different for every mic. You need to enter your mic's serial on their site to get your mic specific cal file. These are two different mics as far as I know. Where did you see information that they where identical?
  5. The ECM8000 does not come with a calibration file. Behringer does not produce individual calibration file for these. I don't know if you can skip the calibration file step in ARC. There are some generic cal file for it that people made. A quick search in Google returns a few examples.
  6. Very nice Gilmour slide sound, incredible! Love the High Hopes demo!
  7. Cool! 👍😊 The difference between your machine and others, is that you are running Windows 7. I believe most are using Windows 10. That might have an effect, but I don't know, but it is info. Also you are running Sonar.
  8. That looks like a newer, and better I am sure, version of a past Computer Music freebie! https://www.pressreader.com/australia/computer-music/20190612/281595242029640 When I took a look at Vermillion, I knew I had seen something that looked like it before.
  9. Thanks for doing these tests. It is very interesting to see how it behaves on a top notch machine. BTW, congrats for a very capable machine for your DAW. It must be fun to work with. If you have a few minutes, I would really be interested to see how AT5 5.0.3 fares on such a beast. If you install AT5 5.0.3 on your machine and take the same readings, I would be very curious to see if the CPU usage drops in half on your beast. You simply run the 5.0.3 installer over your current installation. You can get it from your download area on IK's site, not the Product Manager, and under AT5 click 'Past Releases'. After you are done simply go in Product Manager and update AT5. You will be back to the latest without loosing anything. I have done it a dozen time and it worked fine. On my PC, 5.0.3 uses half the CPU than the latest.
  10. For AT5 taking very long to load on some system: yes! For AT5 5.1.0 taking double the CPU than 5.0.3 when running: nope Edit: I am not saying that it couldn't be system specific, I don't have enough data, but many post show the increase in CPU usage when running is independent of the power of the machine.
  11. I don't want to participate in the rant, I just want to give info. And it is what I have done from the start. I know you were responding to Kenny, but since I have been involved in reporting this problem, I do feel I need to clarify my position. First, I would caution people in blaming AT5 taking forever to load up. When an app is starting up, all of its files are checked by your virus scan! Depending on how efficient your virus scan is, this may have an impact and not AT5's fault at all. If you are up to it, you can temporarily disable your virus scanner and start AT5 so you can see which is really causing the slow load. I have opened a ticket exactly a month ago, about the CPU usage, not the loading time. The ticket number is #3712804. I was asked to send info about my machine, which I did. I was told they where looking into this with other users. I answered I would gladly offer more help if needed. If you want to check the status of the ticket, I leave it to you to decide, but would be grateful to get any news. My intervention in reporting this as always been to help, IK and its users. I honestly want AT5 to be the best product of its kind and if I see something that could potentially derail it from that, I will report it. If the devs want to test on my machine, either by sending beta versions that I test or even connecting remotely to my machine, they are welcome to it! I will be glad to work with them on this. The problem with this increase in CPU usage is that it probably affects everyone to some degree. But, if you have a recent more powerful machine you will probably not notice it. For example, if you have a recent, powerful machine and AT5 used to take 1% CPU usage and it doubles to 2%, it won't be apparent and you won't care even if you are made aware of it. If you have an older machine and it used to take 5% CPU usage and it then doubles to 10%, you will notice and will care that it does. On a multi guitar tracks song, it is of course even more noticeable and can bring your mix to its knees. Some facts about the problem: AT5 approximately doubled its CPU usage from version 5.0.3 to 5.1.0, at least on some machine if not all. There was no big functionality added, as per the release notes, for the user between these 2 versions that would warrant this. Support and devs have been made aware of the problem and responded they are looking into it. Some solutions proposed by me and others: Stick to AT5 5.0.3. Not the best thing since we all want the new stuff, especially the X-Gear, but can do while the devs look into it. Upgrade your machine. This would help in many ways other than with AT5, but is certainly not feasible for many and buying AT5 should probably not come with this requirement. At least, I don't want to upgrade just yet a machine that performs really well in all other aspects. Let's not send our PCs too quickly to the landfill, it is not ecological. Mine is an i7-4790. Old, but audio work is not as intensive as video work for example, and should still do fine for a while. Freeze tracks. This is probably the best solution, but it is time consuming.
  12. With the new export dialog, by default our exports end up in the projects directory under 'Audio Export'. The problem is that this directory is scanned when using the 'Clean Audio Folder' and, if you have exported as wav file, you run the chance of deleting your export. At least, it renders the 'Delete All' button useless and you have to delete your files one by one so you don't delete your wav export. I think that when 'search entire PC' is unchecked, the export directory should also be excluded. Or a second check box could let you decide if you want or not to have your export directory scanned.
  13. Wow, I had stopped looking at the counter since we had hit 25,000. Still going strong! Almost tempted to go in for another set of freebies... not that I need anything! 😋
  14. I agree wholeheartedly. I have not seen the problem, but gave a quick solution to @kennywtelejazz since he seemed quite aggravated and having a rough time. I am simply more aware than others what is in each releases and how to roll back I guess. But yes, support should always be the first place to report problems. No one from IK, not even Peter, has the job of looking through forums for complaints and turn them into bug reports for the devs. You must file in a support ticket. It is the quickest and best way to get the info to the devs. And if you think that someone already entered one for your problem and don't really need to enter it again, you are wrong! The more input they get the better. And if they see that many people have the same problem, the urgency goes up a notch. It is ok to report problems on forums so that people know they exist, but make sure support has been advised first. Or we can't complain they are not fixing something they have not been made aware of! Let's be part of the solution!
  15. I am confused. How can someone that offers plugins for free can get his hands on so many vintage equipment to emulate. If you are emulating this old Abbey Road preamp, how do you get your hands on one to analyse? Strange. There is obviously something I don't understand... The only thing missing from his plugins, is a good set of presets to get you started. Not everyone is familiar with these vintage equipment.
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