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  1. I believe it's in the song. It's mostly in the second drum loop clip, but also in the Fireworks track and Noisy clap track.
  2. Anyone got it to work with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd gen interface? I can choose it as the interface in the hardware tab, but there is nothing in the i/o settings tab and playback is still disabled. If I click on the Asio Control Panel Show button nothing happens.
  3. Ah! Matane famous for it's shrimp industry! 🙂 I was born in Montreal, but now live in Laval. Not much difference, just a bridge away. Like your Expos baseball. I was gifted an autograph baseball bat by Rusty Staub as a very young kid. Unfortunately it was lost somehow. But I know my mom would clean up our rooms with a bit too much zeal while we were away in summer camps. I can't seem to know where that baseball bat went along with a rug with the faces of the Beatles on it, my Beatles black and white mint original card collection and my Batman mint card collection. Loved my mom, but wish she hadn't done that! I was of course a big Beatle fan back then. When I saw them on the Ed Sullivan show as a very young kid I had two take away: one, I wanted to learn English so I would understand what they were singing and two, I wanted to play guitar. I did both! Great influence. Here is a shot of my 1974 Strat. It is far from original since I played it a lot and experimented on it. Although I still have the original parts, it is now outfitted with a Callaham vintage tremolo, locking tuners, a graphite nut and older, not available anymore, Seymour Duncan stacked pickup. Changed the 3-way for a 5-way. I have a wiring that has volume, a master tone and a blend control that enables me to mix in some of the neck while in the bridge position for a little fatter sound. Great for the Comfortably Numb second solo. Changed the knobs a few years ago since I couldn't read anything on the old ones anymore. I know I lost in value, but hey I was young for some of the changes and didn't know better, but gain so much in playability. I have no regrets.
  4. Wow, great story. The stars were aligned that day. 👍 Being from Montreal, I'd be curious to know what that small french canadian town was. Not the same, but I still play my 1974 Olympic White Strat. I have had other guitars through the years, but always come back to my first real guitar I bought used for 300$ some 45 years ago. Jamming with my band this afternoon with it.
  5. To clean up unused files, you can also use 'Utilties > Clean Audio Folder' to have Cakewalk list unused files and delete them.
  6. This is not an installation manager. It does not install a manager. It is simply a global installer that has the ability to install any or all of their product. You pick which ones you want to install and when it is done installing the installer closes.
  7. Luckily here in Montreal, it was clear skys for the duration. I got to watch 2 minutes of total eclipse, quite a sight.
  8. I do the same but call the category ".Favorites". That way it appears at the top of the list.
  9. I am not in the know, what happened? Edit: Nevermind, I just read the other thread...
  10. If it is just to take a look, you can load an existing project, play a little with it. You just can't save any changes though. But at least you'll have some idea of what is coming. You'll be nagged that it is not activated once in a while, but that can be dismiss.
  11. The labeling of your screen shots is reversed, no?
  12. Less CPU load? I don't know if correction software is CPU hungry.
  13. Yes if you buy the 299$ package since the hardware box is external by definition. But I assume your question is for the software only version and I don't think they have a system wide driver. I think they would have advertised it if they did and since they have a solution for this through their hardware box, I don't see the point for them to develop a system wide driver.
  14. ... and we want it now! (sung to the tune of Queen's We Want it All) 😋
  15. Totally agree with you Brian. I just can't understand how offering this service for free makes financial sense for them.
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