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  1. No, I don't think I want to start Larry on this! 🤐
  2. That would mean, if you take the GB out of the equation for now, that someone who would buy synths through the custom shop and ends up, after a while, owning everything would never have the multis even if he paid much more than for Syntronic max. I know it is a not a real scenario, but the possibility is there and seems a bit unfair if someone ended up buying all the synths through CS and not have everything.
  3. Now it has to go all the way!
  4. And they sent another GB promotion email today. 👍
  5. Nice job! I am a big fan of Crowded House and love your cover.
  6. I wouldn't know. In solidarity with Larry, I don't read KVR! 😏
  7. Hey, we are beating KVR in number of GB thread pages.... again! 😄
  8. Connects fine from Canada...
  9. ... or friends of Larry! 😁 (I took for granted Larry had posted this without checking)
  10. Check under the products tab. You may only have Syntronic CS like me:
  11. Strange. I made sure Silver was up to date, installed the free volume 1 and then Silver shows it needs an to be updated! Confusing!
  12. No it can't be that. We all have a fund that will still buy plugins after we are dead! 😋
  13. For sure! But we need 1000 more participants by the end of the month.
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