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  1. ^^^^ exactly that. Just got it. Haven't installed or tried it yet, but it is in my account.
  2. But you did say 'For free'. Your good, carry on... 😉
  3. Why do you need to enter your PayPal account for something free?
  4. It says 'sold out', which is kind of funny for something that can be downloaded! A picture of an empty warehouse would add realism.
  5. I am no expert, but as what stated in another thread, you might want to play with the time base setting for your tracks. This will have an effect on things moving around or not when applying tempo. I believe that if you leave it at the default of 'musical', things will be moved because the tempo changes and it is trying to keep things at the same measures, and if you select 'absolute' it will keep them at the same timestamp independent of the new tempo. Try it and see if it helps.
  6. I can't tell you what it looks on 4k, but I can tell you what it looks like on a 2k 32" since that is what I have. I also have a 22" on top of it, on a pole, which I use to put plugins so that they don't overlap the Cakewalk main screen. The 2k 32" is on my desk at about the same distance that you would put any PC monitor, a few feet from me, at the back of a normal desk. Cakewalk is a blast to use with it. I do not have any scaling and so no blurriness at all, just a ton of usable screen real-estate. A pleasure to use, even with my old eyes. I have Presonus Eris e8 studio monitors, which are large with their 8" woofers, on each side of the 32". I am very satisfied with that setup to work with.
  7. Thanks Noel and the bakers! I am unsure we would have survived 2020 without all the great new stuff you added in Cakewalk, to spend time playing with, and taking our minds of the madness of 2020... but feel free to continue through 2021, we are not finished feeling low just yet! 😋 Since Noel is french for Christmas, I must wish you: Joyeux Noël!
  8. I thought they would all be free BECAUSE of Lars! 😁
  9. Happy holidays from Montréal! May 2021 bring all the plugins you want and may they all be free! 🙃
  10. Did almost as above ^^^ Got it to work using Spotify to login. No questions asked (hire or be hired), so I guess I won't end up in their listings. Then went to member benefits and got the code. Thanks to OP and others that chimed in. As Soundwise has put it, this is a more limited version which should not overwhelm a guitar player.
  11. Thanks for bumping, I had missed that one. Merry Christmas!
  12. Anyone knows if the crossgrade price will stick after the 30th? Still trying to figure out which edition to get and it's family time of the year more than studio time. I would rather wait in 2021 to decide.
  13. Yep, I have been using it for quite a while solely as track insert without problem. Running on a 5 year old i7 workstation running Windows 10 Pro.
  14. Well, honestly, I have Pro because the HP workstation I use for Cakewalk came with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled! For me, there is no benefit of using Pro. I don't need to access it remotly. I don't use any of the Pro's features.
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