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  1. ... and no problem in that other DAW, what's its name again? Cakewalk I believe! 😉
  2. Hum, I didn't see any options in the Waves installer about VST2/VST3, but is it possible that the VST2 was not installed, or not in a path Mixbus is searching for? Mixbus does not support VST3.
  3. With Mixbus, I got a warning message in the log: [WARNING]: Ignored VST plugin which is newer than cache: 'C:\Program Files\Vstplugins\WaveShell1-VST 11.0_x64.dll' (cache: 'C:\Users\Jacques\AppData\Local\Mixbus5\cache\vst\9af9eac4a9bf3ee865efb88f49e450d99498c75a.fsi64') Here is how I fixed the problem: Open the 'Preferences' window Click on 'Plugin/VST' Click 'clear' on both 'VST Cache' and 'VST Blacklist' (Although I believe only the cache is really necessary) Go back to 'Plugins' and click 'Scan for Plugins' Finally: go make yourself a coffee, it's going to be awhile..
  4. It's no that bad, and it may still be useful for your needs, but it has some glitches. Here is a portion of it at 150%. if you look closely at the boxes around ST/DUO/MS and at the filter types below them in DS2, you should see some of the artifacts of resizing. It is still quite usable, and if you have a high resolution screen it may not be much of a trade off to see things better. I hope this helps you decide. Cheers!
  5. I updated this morning. The resizing is so so on some plugins, good on others. It is pretty bad on the Scheps Omni Channel. The preset browser is quite nice for me. On the Scheps Omni Channel it makes it much easier to check out presets and zero in to the best preset (starting point) for a particular track. ex. just typing 'el' makes it easy to find all the presets for electric guitar. Very very nice! One feature not mentioned in the upgrade info: I got a ton of new presets for the Scheps Omni Channel which was well worth the 13$ I paid for WUP. Very nice surprise! All in all, I find v12 worth it.
  6. Great to see your back Larry!
  7. The link is broken, but the text of the link is correct. Here is a functional link: Drum replacer video
  8. I don't see it either. Can you give us a heads up Fleer? What plugin is it?
  9. You can go on their forum and you will find discussion threads about VST3 support. In short, they are working on it, but no time frame is given. But they say it is at the top of their priority list. My opinion: VST3 is a really important feature, especially since the likes of Melodyne is VST3 only, and it probably will hurt sales if not added asap. That said, if you like a workflow similar to an analog console, I certainly do, Mixbus is a very nice DAW to work with and sounds great! For 19$, it's a steal!
  10. Just saw the news before dinner. Dawn, what a loss! 😔
  11. Yes, the GT-1 sends and receives audio through USB. I do presently run the analog out of the GT-1 through the 2i2 so that I can hear everything through my monitors which are connected to the 2i2. If I want to use the GT-1 digitally through its USB interface, then I must use the GT-1's headphone out for monitoring. I wish I could use the GT-1 as an input to Cakewalk and use the 2i2 as output. That is not possible presently. The idea of using the GT-1's USB interface is to eliminate analog conversions and getting the best signal possible. Being a world renowned guitarist picky guy, I always look at the best way to get my audio into Cakewalk. Might not make much of a difference, who knows...
  12. After you have the serial number and you entered it on the Waves site, its the same as if you bought it. It is registered with Waves and the site that gave you the serial for free is out of the loop at this point. Updates are through Waves.
  13. This looks very interesting. Never knew it's existence until now. Thanks @msmcleod for sharing. I am trying to understand if it can help me in one area. I have a Focusrite 2i2 as my main interface and I have a Boss GT-1 guitar multieffect that also has a usb interface. Of course presently it's one or the other in Cakewalk. Could I use Odeus AsioLink and have the Boss GT-1 as an input and the Focusrite as the output?
  14. Up to you, but the original post contains a direct link to the site to subscribe to. It's the second link.
  15. No it won't. You have subscribed to the wrong site. On the other hand, subscribing to BPB site is a very good thing! 🙂
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