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  1. As far as isolating vocals, I took a listen to their demo and there is a lot of artifacts. At least to my taste and compared to Supertone Clear (Goyo Beta). I feel Clear gives much better results at isolating vocals.
  2. There is an article about them here, but the link to download them does not work anymore. Maybe that is where you read about them a while back. EDIT: And also discussed on this obscured, not well known site 🙂 But yeah, it seems they have taken them down unfortunatly.
  3. I think it is only available to those who already own it. The email states that it is a free upgrade. I received an email like this for the AVA Mastering EQ which I had picked up in a giveaway. That worked, although like others it hasn't showed up yet in my iLock account. But this one I haven't received an email for it, probably because I don't own it, and I can't get free of charge either, which makes sense.
  4. Sometimes I think this site is being spammed again. Then I realize it is just that Larry came back from vacation!
  5. I read that UAD does not allow tweaking R37 on this LA2A, but that they have it fixed at a useful setting. Whatever that is.
  6. I was using Mixbus before Cakewalk free jumped on the scene and I moved to it. I did like Mixbus and still have version 5 installed. It might be an avenue for me if Cakewalk Sonar is too expensive for me. I imagine I could upgrade to the latest Mixbus for a reasonable fee.
  7. But, but, but, I need a model for guys with little to no talent! ðŸĪŠ
  8. It is the silver model without a mix knob, the high frequency emphasis knob and, I would assume, less presets.
  9. .. or is the industry overbought/saturated to the point that sales are slowing down? It seems hard to sell plugins for $100 to $300 anymore.
  10. I am late in the game here, but a few things (if they have not been stated before): 1. when unfrozen, do the audio of the track plays? 2. if you right click an area where there should be audio on that track, do you get the full popup menu with the last entry in the menu as 'associated audio files'? 2. If it does, it might mean that it is a simple graphics problem. You may want to try selecting everything on the empty track then right click, select 'associated audio files' and then 'recompute picture(s)'
  11. epicPLATE mkII released Variety Of Life Sep 18 epicPLATE mkII – next level plate reverberation epicPLATE delivers a modern recreation of classic plate reverberation. It covers the fast and consistent reverb build up as well as that distinct tonality the plate reverb is known for and still so much beloved today. Its unique reverb diffusion makes it a perfect companion for all kinds of delay effects and a perfect fit not only for vocals and drums. The mkII version introduces a slick new user experience, VST3 support as well as higher quality processing. The update is available for Windows 32&64bit in VST2&3 format as freeware. Download your copy here.
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