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  1. This answers my other question. It feels weird without it.
  2. I haven't played witn ToneX's UI much yet, because it sounds real good and simply couldn't put the guitar down to move the mouse! But I have the same question as @Sidney Earl Goodroe. My understanding is that with ToneX CS you get 20 devices (amps and pedals), those are not too hard to find. But you so get 20 user models, I guess you choose from many more models available, and add them to the list for a total of 40 devices. Where to you find them, pick the ones you want and add them?
  3. I'm curious, what would that achieve over using the drive knob on the console emulation ProChannel plugin? Or the ProChannel Tube plugin?
  4. Thanks for the reminder! I was gonna miss on those! 😬
  5. I agree wholeheartedly with @bdickens , don't waste more time reinstalling Windows, it is not the problem. Streching in Cakewalk can work well, but because it is very powerful and flexible, it is also complex. If not set correctly, it can yield unwanted results. One way of simplifing the process is to have all tracks the same length and occupying the full lenght of the song. When stretching with tracks that have clips, with some settings the clips may not move as desired. Here are a couple of videos that may help you. They did when I wanted to adjust the bpm of a song I was mixing. Both of these YouTube channels have a lot of good info on how to use Cakewalk. Hopefully this will help you out.
  6. I went from 11 to 14 for TrueVerb using this freebie. With Waves freebies, you must not only check if you have it but if you have the latest version.
  7. This is for the iRig HD 2 interface which has an USB connection. If the interface is the iRig 2 (not HD) it does not have a usb connection and is not usable under Windows.
  8. I am talking about the next version. They have started an open beta, so anybody can try them out and report bugs, which I did. An open beta is available to anyone and usually mean that they are a month or two before a final release. If you search this forum you will find info about it, that is how I learned of it. You are correct that the current release (5.3.7) does not contain VST3 but the next release (5.3.8) will.
  9. Yes, for 'Replace If Possible on Project Load' you need support from the plug-in developer. But to clean up the list of plugins by eliminating VST2 when a VST3 is present ('Hide Related VST2 Plug-Ins' option) it might be possible to enhance it.
  10. And the important word in this title is 'may'. I don't want to imply anything, just want to relay info to the devs. Sometimes Cakewalk will show the version of a plugin, sometimes not. Sometimes it will show only the VST3 when both VST2 and VST3 is installed, sometimes it will show both. I am talking about the plugin browser. This happens with the upcoming versions of Soundtoys plugins, which will now include both VST2 and VST3. The version is not shown for both VST2 and VST3, and for some plugins both VST2 and VST3 are listed in the plugins when 'Hide Related VST2 plug-in' is ticked. I have communicated my findings to Soundtoys and they had this to say:
  11. Us humans are such strange animals! We are more affected by people that disagree with us, than those that appreciate us, when it should be the reverse. But we can't change a couple thousand years of evolution unfortunately! 😒 We miss you Lars!
  12. This is a more complicated route but may help you out. It uses an extension to what Cakewalk offers. It is more powerful but less user friendly. I used it for my Oxygen Pro. M-Audio Oxygen 61 3rd (blue) But I hear you when you say it should be simpler, but alas it really isn't. 😞 I spent quite a bit of time getting my Oxygen Pro working as I wanted it and I am a software developer. Bonne chance!
  13. @Jeremy Oakes; That works for playing the keyboard and is as you said, easy to setup. @Yves Chaput: Is that what you are asking or are you looking at getting the sliders, knobs, buttons, to control Cakewalk as a control surface? If so you may want to start here: Connect a MIDI Control Surface I have done it for my Oxygen Pro 61, but it is different than yours.
  14. Yes I hope his familly and he is alright. I miss him. What I fear the most is that he realizes and cherishes all the free time he now has by not checking the deals for us. That may be a big deterent to return! 😬
  15. Luckily, winters are long and cold here. Many coats and many pockets to look into. 😁
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