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  1. I though the same thing, but it won't work. Both the Ozone offer and the current freebie end on August 1st. So if you wait for the next freebie, which will be on August 2nd, then the Ozone deal will have expired. Strange though that the current freebie is not ending end of July...
  2. I solved it by going into Custom Shop and doing a 'Restore My Purchases'.
  3. Cakewalk looks great on a 2K 32" monitor. I have been using one for a few years. The resolution on mine is 2560x1440 though, so less than what you are specifying. Here is how it looks on mine. It works very well, nothing is two tiny, plenty of room to work.
  4. With all the money we are saving with Larry gone, maybe we could chip in and get the internet available where is at! Can't be more than our collective savings! 😋
  5. Hi ikelly, I use a Scarlett 2i4 to record my guitar. Here is a few tips and a video to hopefully get you up and running. Let me know if you have more questions. I was also a little confused at first when I started out with Cakewalk, but it is easy to get past this small hurdle and get into enjoying Cakewalk. To hear your guitar, you must have: 1. Your Scarlett input in which your guitar is connected must be correctly selected. Which I believe it is since you see the meters moving. 2. Input echo button must be active to hear anything To record: 3. You must arm the track using the track's record button before you start recording using the top toolbar record button. Here is a screen shot of these: If this does not get you to hear and record your guitar, take a look at this video which is more in depth: I hope this helps you out!
  6. This new video from Creative Sauce just came in this morning. It's a review of IK Multimedia's interface for guitarist. A little more expensive than the Focusrite, as you will see at the end of the video, but you get more features for guitarist and Midi connectors.
  7. Also to consider: not all interfaces have Midi connectors. If you intend to use an older keyboard that only has the 5 pins connectors (no Midi over USB), you may not be happy with the cheaper interfaces. For example, the Scarlett 2i2 does not have Midi connections. The 4i4 or the previous generation 2i4 do. Although I am a guitar player, I have an old Midi keyboard I use as controller. I settled on the 2i4 a few years ago.
  8. Played both when they came out. I still have the boxes for both. I played tons of point and click games and these broke new ground at the time. That was some great story telling.
  9. Being Canadian, what I like about jam points is that 30% is about the exchange rate between US$ and CAD$. So when I look at a price on IK's site, I can say that it is what I will be paying in CAD$ after using jam points, no need to calculate the conversion. So I guess I am thankful to IK for saving me the brain hurt of doing the 'what will that be in CAD$?' thing. Hey, every little bit counts in saving those rare little brain cycles! 🤪
  10. Thanks Fleer! Before going ahead with the install I saw this in the agreement and wonder what it entails. Anyone knows? "TECHIVATION LTD products use Google Analytics™ to receive statistics data about their usage. TECHIVATION LTD products never transmit any private data, especially names, email and street addresses. TECHIVATION LTD applications and effects don’t access your private data at all. Agreeing with this License Agreement you agree with the transfer of some non-private data from TECHIVATION LTD software to TECHIVATION LTD server (such as versions of the installed SW to allow to offer updates etc.). "
  11. Wait a minute... In all the video games I've played: X always marks the spot of a great treasure! I predict we will be getting tons of free stuff! But since all my predictions turn out to be wrong, make of it what you want... 😏
  12. So true! Just went back one page and there it is! Thanks Treesha! In my own defense: it was a few months ago. It has nothing to do with my aging brain of course! 🤣 I have the latest Melodyne Editor and am using the leveling macro to quickly adjust vocal volume. Melodyne is not only for tuning vocals. Just wasn't sure this shortcut was a good alternative and could have drawbacks I hadn't noticed.
  13. Could the Melodyne amplitude tool be used for this? For those who have Melodyne of course. Is their leveling macro a quick way to get more even vocals, with one tool on all notes?
  14. Sometimes we just don't know a functionality exist! I sometimes move faders accidently when scrolling the console using the mouse wheel and inadvertently overring over a fader. Now I know how the undo it. Thanks @Noel Borthwick !
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