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  1. Some great free plugins there. I love everything Valhalla pretty much and hadn't realised that NastyDLA Mk II was now 64 bit. Have just been testing that one now. Starting with the 201 tapes preset I've tweaked that to get a sound I quite like. Thanks for sharing 🙂
  2. Electrum Core - 50% off - now €24 Almost everything these guys sell is great. For some, Electrum, our all-in-one guitar solution is too complex. Electrum Core offers a much more straightforward attitude. We simply took Electrum's amazing amp and cab simulations and stripped them from the additional effects to give you a fast way to get straight to the desired guitar tone. https://unitedplugins.com/ElectrumCore 300+ cabinets Free-for-life updates Upgrade to Electrum at a special price No iLok, no dongle nor internet access is required for activation. Our software uses licence files to activate your software. You can freely use the purchased software on all your computers as long as you are the user. You can use referral coupon UP9198165 for an extra 20% off your entire order AND it will add €10+ to your account to use towards your next purchase with them if you haven't brought from them before 😀 PC and Mac, VST/VST3/AU/AAX/x64 Also still on sale are: https://unitedplugins.com/Expanse3D (which is €49 instead of €99) https://unitedplugins.com/3rdAnniversaryBundle (4 plugins at total cost €436 for €39) - Royal Compressor, Hyperspace, FireCobra and Front DAW
  3. Sounds a lot like WUP 🤔😉 I do get the peace of mind, but I can't help but think it's a case of legitimate paying customer's of software being penalized and charged further for software they already paid for which I don't like. I Googled to see what they annual charge was currently and stumbled across this old, but likely still current and somewhat humorous take explaining the costs and process even with Zero Downtime 🤣 https://www.reddit.com/r/WeAreTheMusicMakers/comments/tw594/your_ilok_zero_downtime_and_you_a_primer
  4. That requires an annual cost for the cover though doesn't it?
  5. I figured you likely would've, but doesn't hurt to check. Interestingly, I just signed up as well and mine ended up in spam!
  6. You've probably covered it, but have you checked your spam folder?
  7. Maybe they're adding TMT to the meters so there will be some variation between them too 🤣
  8. I like it 🙂 I picked it up the other day with that same voucher and it's not needed, but there's some things I really like. It's got very fine grained controls, so you can adjust the gain in very small increments which is great for mastering. The high shelf sounds really nice. It has a limiter built in, with soft clipping and saturation options including an algo from VintageWarmer and some analogue emulation controls. I'm sure it will be seeing quite a lot of use for me 🙂
  9. MusicMan

    PSP Twin L

    I use a limiter frequently on bass instead of a compressor and some other melodic instruments. Sometimes even on cymbals. Drums I'll actually more often hit with a clipper and/or compressor instead, depending on the source material and sound I'm after. But I also use them at times on some of the busses, so drum buss, guitar buss, etc. I find limiting at that stage can help glue things together at the stereo buss stage a bit more. They can be handy as a quick check in production/early mixing stages on the stereo buss to see how levels might be changed by final limiting. They're really great for sound design too. So to completely smash a single element, or a dedicated FX buss for one instrument.
  10. MusicMan

    PSP Twin L

    Very different use cases. This is zero latency for tracking, producing, instruments and busses, whereas I generally wouldn't use Pro-L for that. I normally use that more on the stereo buss. This might be more of an option for creative or vibe style limiting too. It's just another flavour 🙂
  11. Yeah that's not a bad way to be. I like supporting some of the good devs like that too. What sort of things do you normally use the plugin for?
  12. That's interesting feedback on it. Did they add more features, or is it just the way they rearranged things for the PA release?
  13. MusicMan

    PSP Twin L

    It would be rude not to really... 🤣
  14. This one is actually tempting me.. Although part of me would be then kicking myself for not picking it up for $25 with voucher including Audio Damage EOS 2 Reverb. But that aside, I've given it a quick demo and it does have some differences to some of my other tools and effects in that space.
  15. Agreed on the $25 vouchers not having the same impact. I was more referring to the Mega Sale ones where they give everyone a few rounds of $20 vouchers with no limits. If these continue as they were, then there could be some good deals still. Like you, I waited on a couple of things for Black Friday sales and unfortunately they have increased their regular price! That is pretty uncommon though luckily. It's actually very true about having everything we need stock... but I like the other ones more.. Haha.. That Larry guy does do a pretty damn good job at that! Could almost be his slogan.. "starving families around the world, one audio deal at a time" 🤣 We are grateful of course though!
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