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  1. Oh that does sound like a rabbit hole.. but agree a lot of fun! Was just reading up on analogue summing as well and also couldn't rule out adding a bit of extra hardware to the kit 🤣 Agreed on the CPU hogs.. although for one piece of hardware, if we all spent that on the computer/upgrade, it would be a non issue too 😎 I've been testing out Viridian2 and Amethyst4 so far. I think I'm preferring Amethyst, but I'll put them through a few more paces. I know stepped is common, especially for mastering, but I also preferred the EQs etc being non stepped in Amethyst and from a usability perspective it just seems like a slightly better workflow.
  2. Thanks Tom. That one does look good 🙂 I figured I might get one of the ones that are cheaper/on a bigger sale as that would then also get me the discount offers on the other ones. Because the ones I have were freebies, I don't seem to get any of those offers. I'll make a note of Gold though. What have you moved to instead of Acustica and why, or have you just trimmed down what you have?
  3. I've got Cream2 and don't mind it. Seems like a great price for Viridian2, which didn't seem to have bad reviews (apart from White Sea Studio, but the reviews of his review on that one were mixed anyway, with apparently not enabling the pres correctly.. ! 🤣) I guess that happens with his no manual approach at times.. I've also got these already which were freebies at one stage: Big Ceil Ceil Celestial Cerise I've considered picking up one and leaning more towards this order in preference so far: Viridian2 Amethyst4 Titanium3 Water2 Would Viridian2 be a good choice, or out of these, which would you choose/recommend and why? Any major differences in CPU usage between them as well? Thanks 🙂
  4. Thanks! I don't normally post anything as cclarry is too quick, so I'll have to remember to add URLs.. if there's a next time 🤣
  5. V-Clip by Venn Audio is currently 50% off as part of their Black Friday sale. They make FreeClip which is a great freebie, but V-Clip is much better. I did a shoot out with quite a lot of clippers a while ago and V-Clip was up there with the best. On some material it performed as good or better than StandardClip which I rate, although isn't on sale by itself for BF sales. It can be super transparent, but also includes a lot of other clip types/modes for creative uses as well. At $15US, this is a no brainer. Get on it 😎
  6. Too good a price to pass up.. Picked up TDR SlickEQ Mastering, which was even less than $9.99 with the DeluxeBucks, but you also get this Melda EQ free! Melda MFreeformAnalogEq
  7. MusicMan

    SIR Audio Sale

    So it seems that this is just the StandardPRICE for StandardCLIP 😎🤣 And it's only in sale in the bundles at the moment..
  8. Today is that day! 🤣 It's the cheapest I've ever seen it and a choice of some freebies if you don't already have them. I suspect you likely do though! Haha..
  9. $94 at Plugin Boutique now and get to choose one of the below free with it 🙂 https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/3187-Spire PUNISH Lite LEVELS AAS Player + 1 Sound Bank Autoformer The Orb PolyComp I wasn't supposed to be buying any more synths, but there is something really nice and somewhat different sounding about this one and I'd been eyeing it for a while.. so I guess it was OK to buy it.. on this one occasion 🤣 Thanks for posting it @cclarry!
  10. MusicMan

    SIR Audio Sale

    Does StandardClip ever go on sale by itself, or only bundled with SIR etc? I have enough clippers, but at the right price I thought I might still get it 🤣
  11. Hey Carl, I'd already registered before the date unfortunately... Glad to hear you held off and got lucky though! 🙂
  12. If anyone already owns them and ends up with a spare serial they can give me for any of these, please PM me and I would be very appreciative! 🙂 Relab LX480 Essentials - Four reverb model Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC - Focusrite's iconic console in a plug-in Brainworx bx_masterdesk - Simplifies the art and workflow of mastering I bought a Scarlett 3rd gen, but outside of that date..
  13. I just tried the Fender collection which wasn't high on my list of freebies, but it's actually pretty good! I ran it through the T-Racks EQ PA and I was pleasantly surprised 🙂 Now I'm wondering what other gems are in there!
  14. If you buy a pair of these, you can request them to be added as a supported model by Realphones directly on this page: https://www.dsoniq.com/standard 🙂
  15. Jumped in again to help the numbers and now own the Master EQ 432 (plus a new round of freebies!) As soon as I demoed it a while ago I'd instantly decided to buy it, but held off until the right time 🙂
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