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  1. That's exactly what I've been thinking too Lars.
  2. Have they made any progress in updating their plugins to VST3 yet?
  3. The Ultimate Producer bundle includes all the packs that the Serum presets come from, so it might be better to go with this bundle instead for all different presets for a few dollars more ($4.69USD): https://glitchedtones.com/products/12x12-presets-bundle-glitchedtones-exclusive Or go cheaper to just get the Producer bundle for $1.30USD with: https://glitchedtones.com/products/the-panda-kit-chill-lo-fi-drum-samples
  4. Yeah I try and buy his plugins to help support him. His prices are very reasonable to start with and then he still has crazy sales! No stupid copy protection and some of his plugins I really like. Analog Stage, Tape and Multicomp are all surprisingly good and insane value. He's got other good ones too, but those came to mind right now.
  5. It's personalised. If someone is sure they won't use it, I don't believe it's tied to their account though.
  6. Unless it's released in the next few days and there's no promo code required on launch, I think we're out of luck there: 10% promo code discount valid on all hardware purchased at softube.com between June 11 and June 18, 2024. Promo code cannot be combined with other promotional codes. Unique promo code valid to be used twice following the terms specified above.
  7. I read all the marketing blurb and decided it was too much of a game changer for me. This is clearly the best digital EQ ever made and they have solved all of the problems that normally plague all other EQs and physics! (Just to be clear as sometimes it gets missed in text... This comment is dripping in sarcasm 🤣)
  8. The challenge might be if/when you want to upgrade to the full bundle. You might end up paying lots more for the upgrade for the second part of it. UA favours new customers more and doesn't always give you any credit for what you already own, so outright purchase are often better.
  9. You came to the exact same conclusion I did. I think it was $225 for everything before and $199 for the remaining ones with the 2024 bundle. For me, what it added that I would actually want and use, the cost per plugin wasn't that amazing compared to what we were paying in sales a while back. A monthly voucher on top of that which is what I did last time might have just made me consider it. No voucher stack, no dice PA! Probably better to just cherry pick the best and wait until they're on a deep enough sale.
  10. I for one definitely knew what you meant.. This time around I couldn't even bring myself to claim it again and have multiples of the ones you mentioned too 🤣
  11. I don't believe you can combine vouchers unfortunately...
  12. Very generous freebies and it works for them. I've bought just about all of their paid GE versions after first trying the free ones. Reasonable prices, no stupid and annoying piracy protections that cause trouble. Great developer.
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