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  1. Virustotal never hurts, but as for source, they're all official links by Loopmasters/Loopcloud πŸ™‚
  2. That makes total sense and I've had found that before with some other instruments too. I've used a placeholder instrument just for convenience and for locking in a riff and then replaced the instrument entirely. Looks like there was no need to rush at all with this one. It did look like it might be a permanent freebie and it is. "no, Vivace Legacy is now permanently free"
  3. Not sure how long these will stay available for, but with it bit of digging, I was able to locate where they still have the V6 installers 😎 Might be best to download a copy while you still can if you don't have a one already. They might be Dev versions, but still could be a better option than nothing once you're locked out by V7! https://www.loopmasters.com/cloud/autoupdate/win/dev/versions/ These should be the regular installers here: https://loopmasters.wetransfer.com/downloads/2fac0c15767ef7a96fccc7408cd8f8a320221004112702/505a20
  4. You can do some really creative and interesting stuff with drums with this thing. I definitely didn't think I'd bother, but after watching a walkthrough of it and then giving it a demo, I bought it a while ago. It's good for experimental sound shaping / design.
  5. That's really helpful, thanks I very briefly skimmed the page while I was waiting for it to add it to cart and that's the rough idea I got too. Will check it out more tomorrow.
  6. "We’re upscaling the server some more, give it a few minutes" "Is this offer limited to a certain amount of available serials?" "No limit this time around!" Take your time https://vi-control.net/community/threads/sonokinetic-12-days-of-christmas-day-2-vivace-legacy-free.132105/page-9
  7. It was you! That's why it wasn't working 😜 Haha..
  8. That was painful.... I love freebies, but I'm not entirely sure that was worth it! I'm not actually sure what it is either, but I'm not going to browse their site right now to find out, as I'd rather be one less person hammering the site!
  9. Thanks Nick and that's pretty impressive in itself as well and you should be very happy with that achievement already. I'd be stoked and it already shows you've got the ear for it as it is πŸ™‚
  10. That makes total sense to me and I'm very much the same and would say "genre agnostic" too and same with art. Although I've had friends in death metal bands, so I've even got an appreciation of them too in ways! 🀣 Haha.. Aside from that, I reckon there's a genre to suit every emotion in life, so it's always great being able to pick a genre to suit πŸ™‚
  11. Congratulations Philip, that's super impressive and glad you shared it! I gave one of your tracks a listen and really enjoyed it πŸ™‚
  12. I did pull the trigger as I was curious about their reverb too. The cost for that might just be worth it anyway and it seems to get some good reviews. I figure that Trinity could go either way, but maybe for some different one shots, or patterns that I might chop up, it might have a place. Haven't had a chance to install and test the reverbs yet, but looking forward to it
  13. That is hilarious!!! Nobody is ever going to fall for an excuse like that from them... I bought Atlas as I didn't want to be dependent on Loopcloud in case they did something like this. I've got enough samples really now. Vocals are still handy, but I have been wanting to work with a vocalist instead anyway, as it allows a lot more freedom in the lyrics and story, etc. Sononym does look good as well. The free ADSR sounds one is another free option for people as an alternative. I did find the earlier versions a little prone to crashing, but I was throwing a lot of samples at it, so maybe it's normally OK 🀣
  14. Dear United Plugins User, We would like to introduce a time-limited bundle, which is available only until the end of the year. United Reverbs Bundle 22 5 plugins at the total cost of €545 for €169 Are you not sure which of our reverbs is the best? Then grab all of them at once. United Reverbs Bundle 22 contains: Hyperspace by JMG Sound Verbum Entropic Hall MorphVerb which gives you a chance to blend two reverb types. Our classic style reverbs are accompanied by the recently released Cryostasis which can be used as a very creative reverb, And the reverse snare wonder - Mirror. Got any already? It doesn't matter. Any plugins in the bundle that you already own will generate additional discount on United Reverbs Bundle 22 you when you log into your account. You can use coupon UP9198165 for an extra 20% off AND it will add €10+ to your account to use towards your next purchase with them if you haven't brought from them before (Note: link isn't referral link) https://unitedplugins.com/UnitedReverbsBundle22/
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