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  1. Now you're talking.. Sign me up for one of those too!
  2. I think that's the only reason I'd consider buying it too. The free version is really decent and very generous, so it would be good to support his development of it. Apart from that, I already have a bunch of metering options as it is. His price is reasonable as well. Love developers like that. That seems like a crazy about of updates coming also!
  3. Didn't you already post this one the other day Lars? Don't know much about this limiter at all..
  4. I did the same and grabbed and grabbed MSoundFactoryLE as it also seems to include ALL of the instruments of the full version, including I believe being able to use the sounds from the drum machines as well from what I gather. Somebody else might be able to confirm that, but either way it's great value. Not being able to edit those deeply doesn't both me, as I'd normally be applying my own effects etc to drum samples anyway and some sounds like pianos you don't always need to go deep with the virtual instrument itself, as I'll also apply my own effects. Plus it already includes a crazy amount of instruments with more being added and I'll get them too. New customers can also use MELDA57625915 for an additional 20% off. Also for anyone that purchased this, is it possible to install the sound libraries to an external drive?
  5. That's my understanding too. You would only get it if you had the hardware to use them now, or to wait and get each plugin as they convert it to native. But there are a truckload of plugins that most of us already have the PA versions too, or Sonnox, etc. There are still some good looking plugins in Complete that I wouldn't mind. Personally I don't think I'd want to spend any more money with them for a bit. Who knows where their prices and treatment of customers is going at the moment! New customers will probably get complete for $150 in the not so distant future 🤣
  6. Overall I'd say it was definitely worth the $150 upgrade to Signature to get the good ones I wanted, but the whole bundle definitely isn't full of standouts and many are somewhat filler and I have better too. But there are some great ones in there that will get a lot of use.
  7. I'm seeing a lot of lowest prices ever this Black November so far. Maybe some of them are getting less sales and starting to feel the pinch.
  8. I didn't plan on buying that yet just in case I want to buy all the expansions, it's better to get them all at once. I'm not planning on that, but there could be a really tempting offer at some stage. These are what the other freebies on top of the 3+GB of Factory sounds ChamberTron Extras 89MB Compute-a-Tune 53MB Piano Bass 2 48MB Isolation Choir 2020 552MB
  9. Thanks Carl, that's REALLY helpful! I do have Komplete 14 Ultimate (thanks to their temporary price glitch) so it includes the Factory Library, but also includes the Pro versions of Session Strings and Session Horns along with a bunch of Symphony Essentials libraries. From what I gather, none of them are top notch, but should be fine for a lot of my stuff, which is why I hadn't jumped at the 8DIO stuff already. Like you said it's probably a case of digging through them and finding the gems in there, as I have stumbled across parts of them that I like. I'm also somewhat considering Musio1 so that's a consideration too. I really haven't checked out Audio Imperia, so I'll definitely check them out and the Youtube you shared as well.
  10. That's a REALLY good upgrade price from them for one of the their newer VST3 plugins.. while I was waiting on the larger factory library to download I installed some of the smaller free expansion packs and the first preset I listened to alone made it worth £29.99 🙂
  11. I have a feeling this might not be quite right, so already installed! Haha..
  12. I haven't tried the other two, but I do really quite like the IK. I didn't mind some of the sounds in the basic version, so Pro for this price seems like a no brainer.
  13. Not sure why so cheap as I only had LE / Select, but you might want to try just adding it to the cart as well 😎 We are delighted to bring you an all new M-Tron Pro IV Artist Expansion Pack along with a time-limited upgrade offer to M-Tron Pro IV. Designed specifically for M-Tron Pro IV, Dust-O-Tron* is beautifully sculpted by organic texture master Pendle Poucher, a.k.a Sound Dust. This hugely inspiring set of 29 new tape-banks covers a variety of unique acoustic and electronic instrument recordings along with over 200 factory Patches from Sound Dust, and 'Tron experts Dave Spiers and Tom Wolfe. For a limited time, you can upgrade to M-Tron Pro IV for just £29.99 (+VAT). An automatic discount is applied in your Basket in our shop. M-Tron Pro IV upgrade with Dust-O-Tron for just £54.99(+VAT) Thank you for your continued support. The GForce Team https://www.gforcesoftware.com/products/m-tron-pro-iv/
  14. I actually think that so far on initial tests, I prefer the Kazrog 747 to the UA 737.. not sure if that's just that I would prefer the 747 hardware as I've never used either, but the Kazrog seems better IMO.
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