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  1. It's a rite of passage and one that Waves rely on.. sometimes you need to stumble and fall before you learn to walk.. Waves is akin to stumbling and falling for newbies 🤣 I bought a handful, like you, not too many, but then luckily found so many better options and companies to deal with. They won't get another cent from me unless they change 🙂 Maybe not a bad thing.. I spend too much as it is! 🤣
  2. Waves is one of the few companies that will refuse to provide support if you don't have WUP. They also only provide one licence for each plugin unless you have WUP. I love getting random out of the blue updates from the likes of Valhalla, all free and still developed. I'd rather support guys like that and boycott Waves so they change. Plugin Alliance allow multiple installs, ongoing support and regular sales that are way cheaper than any WUP. They do charge for new versions, but they also make sure the old ones continue to work. The new versions like the others mentioned are generally full of new features. Not like Waves who just want more money for what you already have! I wonder how many more sales Waves would get if they actually listened/cared about their customers and the market. I'd almost consider this offer just for a couple of the inclusions. But with their current practices, there are better options overall for almost, if not every plugin they make. Support the Devs that care and listen 🙂
  3. Waves make some pretty good plugins... so do other developers.. the other developers don't have WUP and allow more than one install without messing around with USB. Other developers listen more to their customers, Waves just doesn't care and persist in their ways which alienate themselves from the industry 😉 If I had my time over I'd never buy a Waves plugin and would recommend newbies not to start with them.. unless they change, my money will always be going elsewhere 🙂
  4. MusicMan

    Melda 20

    To an extent.. although I just got MTurboEQ for free with purchase from ADSR 🙂 There was also their recent turbo compressor giveaway with purchase too. But other than giveaways, minus a few further discounts here and there from different resellers the discounts are pretty stable like you mentioned.
  5. A slightly more reasonable price for this one... The regular RRP is crazy! Are any of the bundled libraries they include worthwhile? I've only considered it for some well regarded third party ones, but I've spent a bit recently, so I did wonder about using this sale to at least grab N4 so I can buy the third party ones down the track.
  6. These sounded great too Simeon, although I'm sure your playing helped I can see I'll likely grab something from these at some stage as well! Very good point on the libraries having a different feeling to them and drawing different things out of us. That's why I don't mind owning a few, as I feel that way with them too Thanks
  7. Thanks Fleer, I picked up TVBO and WG2 MkII. Just downloading them now Interestingly it seems you only get 2 weeks of downloading and then the DL expires apparently. Do you know if it's possible to download them again in future? I always keep the original DL, but it would be good to know if I'm still covered. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Fleer and Cclary, I downloaded the demo for TVBO and quite liked it, so I'll probably get that one. WG Mk II could be interesting Fleer. I was considering Black Grand as well, but I'd like something for modern/pop as well on this one, so WG might be a better choice I guess.
  9. Thanks Doug, that's not too bad At least compared to some of the monster libraries these days, but always good to check first!
  10. Thanks will check that one out 🙂
  11. How large are we talking? Unless I missed it, they don't seem to list the DL/install size any of the libraries! Any other good recommendations from anyone apart from Vertical and Black?
  12. @RSMcGuitar You just go to their website, sign in and then you can add the serial. That links it up 🙂
  13. @Bapu Have you ran LatencyMon on it by any chance? I'd love to see a screenshot of the results after leaving LatencyMon running for 20 minutes, or so. I'm looking at building a new system and that is normally the thing that causes the most trouble, so it would be great to see what that motherboard and other components perform like 🙂 I'm trying to decide on Motherboard and CPU at the moment. Thanks!
  14. Would love a code if anyone has one spare that they can PM me 😀
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