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  1. @Echo Sound Works I'm one of your customers and was just curious how you discovered this thread. Developers seem to be posting at this forum a bit more recently and I'm wondering if you found out about the thread from googling, social media or another customer?
  2. One of the truest things ever written in this forum.
  3. @Kiloteq A video from @Simeon Amburgey helped me decide and I purchased the library (although I don't have enough space on my current drives to download it; I might delete some other libraries and report back). As Simeon noted, this isn't another straight Rhodes clone -- and I have a bunch of those. I especially like the clunk of the keys that Sonuscore recorded. I have Rhodes libraries I love -- notably, Orange Tree Samples Famous E -- but this library has more clunk in the keys and goes into unique sound design territory. So, for only $13.80 USD and supporting a talented developer...why not??? How about you? Did you pick it up?
  4. Exactly. That's why it's smart for companies to do stuff like this. You lose money on the current transaction, but you look at things long term, over the lifetime of the customer. In this case, the customer went on to a forum to tell others about his great experience. A company can't buy advertising that is as powerful as that.
  5. I don't have Serum, but I've been an Echo Soundworks customer for a few years and the developer is talented and very nice to deal with. HIs sample libraries are not "deep" sampled / detailed sampled, but I think they're pretty good for what they are, which is tailored to pop, hip hop and EDM, and they have their own unique charm. https://www.echosoundworks.com/free-downloads
  6. Wow. This is quite nice. The developer is very generous to give it away. He appears to be a teenager, a talented young man. Very cool. Great find, satya!
  7. My heart goes out to the man. Back in the early 00s, I'd given Michael Kleps of reFX, who Markus worked with around that time, some free advice after he violated a Roland trademark, got a C&D and had to rename a synth. I don't know Markus, I just know of him from back then. But my perception was that Markus was a talented developer and a nice guy. People in forums can be pretty toxic and I've known a lot of developers and musicians who've shared that they need to take breaks. He's clearly very stressed and he might just need a break. Developers are human like anyone else and dealing with toxic behavior day in and day out can get to you. I've managed digital marketing at companies before founding my own dot com -- including leading social media globally (which includes forums) -- written about it, spoken around the world about managing this stuff and how companies should manage this area. People often think that because you've managed this area or are seen as an expert that suddenly toxic behavior doesn't bother you. But that's not reality. People can behave terribly in social media and I'm not immune to the toxic behavior getting to me either. It can take a toll. I regularly take breaks. According to his statement, Markus isn’t planning on abandoning his products. After a break, he may end up feeling inspired enough to create something new. He's just saying that he doesn't feel like making new products now. Support is still being offered through his website, just not on KVR. I've always thought he was talented. I wouldn't avoid his work because of this announcement.
  8. Hey, you're the one who found it, so I blame you! lol. We're a bunch of sample hoarders enabling each other. But at least this one's cheap. Under $15 USD is hard to resist.
  9. I don't even have the hard drive space and I wish it was a Wurli. But this is a talented dev and that price!!! I have a bunch of great Rhodes libraries in KONTAKT (the Famous E), SoundPaint and other formats. So why I am a still a sucker for a deal on a nice electric piano library? Here's a preset playthrough video I found useful. I'm going to have dinner and think this one over. I'm leaning towards getting it at the price just to have some cool additional presets. I really like the "slight edge" preset largely due to the clunk of the keys.
  10. I'm sure it's a false positive and this developer, Cherry Audio makes some really nice plugins. I think this one regularly goes $49 USD, but is presently on sale for $29USD, so getting it free with the magazine is a superb deal. I'm pretty excited about it. If you like that vintage Korg sound, you should pick it up. EDIT: I just installed the PS-20 and I really like it.
  11. I love Rush, but talk about trademark and copyright infringement. This is textbook trademark and copyright infringement, exploiting a band's intellectual property. It's not so much a compliment as it is an exploitation of band's IP -- from their logo, name, photos and work for a developer's profit. I can't say I'm a fan of that. It's one thing to create a library in tribute to an artist, but to blatantly exploit them for a profit. Not cool. I very much would not support this developer. He has to be aware that what he's doing is unethical, illegal and deserving of a C&D by Rush's management. I would urge fans of Rush and fans of ethics to steer clear of this.
  12. Thanks so much for taking the time to write all of that outcase, Aidan. You convinced me. I appreciate you and everyone being so helpful. I needed to get this a while ago and am trying to get this stuff in fiscal 2023. If anyone has advice on a camera for video and lighting, I'm also shopping for that too.
  13. Your inner Ron Burgundy beckons.
  14. FLUTE WARS!!! Oh, this is awkward. And, Bapu, your thread title literally made make me crack up. I'm good friends with Greg (Orange Tree Samples) and I'm also friends with Tawnia (8Dio/SoundPaint). I didn't know that Greg had a flute coming out (OTS has another flute library that's superb, BTW, like all of their libraries). And no, these developers are all really nice people and it's not really flute wars, just me finding the idea funny. I'm definitely going to be using the phrase "flute wars" in texts to both of them because that's how I roll. It's clearly a great time to be in the market for a flute library. Orange Tree Samples doesn't put out any libraries that aren't superb. Their libraries are as good as it gets, IMO.
  15. No, I thought it was Beat that once made an announcement that they were limiting their magware freebies to subscribers only. So knowing that's currently not the case, I definitely want to pick up this issue. I love the sound of vintage Korg synths. I used to own a DW-6000 (yes, I wanted the DW-8000, but couldn't afford it) and another Korg (I can't recall the model) back in the day. I've always loved their sound, but also owned Rolands, Yamahas and other synths. EDIT: @satya I just got the magazine and picked up the PS-20. Thanks for posting the deal!
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