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  1. One thing, their copy states that their vinyl samples are recorded from commercial vinyl albums. That's copyright infringement for sure. It's certainly the AnyDayLong guy and he's affiliated with Past To Future. I've bought PTF stuff for years, but don't know anything about them, so I can’t vouch for how legit they are. But it's clear neither are great respectors of copyright laws when it comes to samples lifted from vinyl records. Their drum samples seem fine. They're not detailed and I don't think they lifted them from vinyl records, but I don’t know for sure. This dev does seem rather shady.
  2. Someone needs to tell this developer that you don't avoid trademark infringement by changing a letter or switching a word. For instance, their drum kit has the name, "The Beatle." Look at what EastWest did with "Fab Four." That said, the demo sounds nice.
  3. The demo song Zach does at 9:30 is super cool. It's the same demo song on the OTS website, but I found it really interesting to watch Zach walk through how he did the demo. https://www.orangetreesamples.com/products/evolution-rubber-bridge
  4. "The Crunge," for 100 points. Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands.
  5. This is the video that made me a total fan of the rubber bridge guitar, and of Madison Cunningham.
  6. Things that make you go hmmmm… It's a free product that's always been a free product, and yet, next to the button that reads "free license" is another button that reads, "free trial." Apparently they're anticipating the plugin user who's not fully ready to commit to downloading a free product and feels more comfortable downloading a free trial version before making a final decision.
  7. Exactly. I never heard of a rubber bridge guitar until recently and absolutely love the sound. I can't wait to download this library and play it.
  8. +1 A super talented musician friend of mine had been telling me how much he liked the RC-20 for a long time, so I picked it up on a sale earlier this year and think it's excellent.
  9. In all fairness, if the forum had penalties for bad jokes, I fully deserve a stoning for that post you responded to. Thank you, Larry for liking my post out of a sense of compassion.
  10. I've never heard of this developer before, but they sound insane! Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  11. But after that you still end up with carpal tunnel syndrome from clicking all of those legal boxes. However, they have that base covered, as one of the boxes represents your releasing them responsibility for damages related to carpal tunnel syndrome caused by checking legal release boxes. Funny, on serious note, this reminds me of the daily battle between the legal team in a big brand marketing department and the marketing staff. While this is just a small developer, this is pretty much what things look like if the lawyers get their way.
  12. I have one of their piano libraries and it's very good. This is a no-brainer, ridiculously huge discount from a pure deal level , it's from a high quality developer, and it does good for a very important cause. So that makes it irresistible for me. I'm in. Kudos to SONUSSCORE for this.
  13. Wait, you know I'm a fan of your videos too, @Simeon Amburgey. I love your videos. It's a blast to watch you enjoy a library and just fall in love with patches -- it reflects the joyful child in all of us when we fall in love with instruments /sounds. Your videos are really great at that -- you just have to be you to keep them enjoyable. I think that's real secret to your YouTube success, you're just being yourself and it works. Although, to be completely candid, when I buy the same library, it sounds greatly inferior, although that can be completely due to quality of the guy playing it (me compared to you!), not the libraries themselves.
  14. Cory is the most fair, upfront, honest YouTube reviewer of sample libraries there is, IMO. I'm a fan.
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