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  1. Same here regarding Have Audio instruments. I have been considering them for a couple of years, but never pulled the trigger until today (it took one favorable recommendations from Fleer; man am I a sucker for strings). I couldn't resist at $33.80 USD. But I still want either their Nordic Cello or the Sonixenima Solo Cello. To be very candid, I don't even have enough hard drive space for this library, so it's time to buy another hard drive.
  2. This purchase is on you, Fleer! I need to curb my GAS. All it took was your posting it's good for folk rock. Thanks.
  3. @Fleer While I posted the sale, I haven't decided if I'm going to get the Kontrabass yet. It sounds great for doing effects, but I mainly want to use melodic patches that I play -- I have no interest in loops either. Basically, if I use this, I would want it to accompany piano for folk rock or rock pieces. What do you think of it for that purpose? I suspect it may be mostly useful for effects than melodic playing. I'd love to get your insights.
  4. @Reid Rosefelt Do you know if the Nordic Cello has ever gone on sale for a similarly discounted price? I realize it's a more recent library. But it's the one I'm really after. It's either that or the Sonixenima Solo Cello -- or both. Since I was a kid, I've been in love with strings, but especially the cello. Also, do you own either library? If so, I'd love to get your thoughts on it.
  5. @Music Software Deals I'm watching for two solo cello libraries to go on sale, Sonixenima Contemporary Soloists Cello and Have Audio's Nordic Cello. Could you add those to your site? I'd gladly set up email alerts. https://sonixinema.com/products/contemporary-soloists-cello https://haveaudio.com/collections/envision-instruments
  6. Same here. I'd love to see them have a similar discount on their Nordic Cello.
  7. NORDISK KONTRABASS reg $169 USD now $33.80 USD at Have Audio with Code: NORD_3YEARS. Requires the full version of KONTAKT. https://haveaudio.com/products/nordisk-kontrabass
  8. It's no surprise that any CEO or investor is impressed with Slate or any software company succeeding with the subscription model. It provides what every software company wants, a reliable, steady stream of income month after month. But I wouldn't be overly concerned about the impact of that related to this acquisition, as Slate was already using the subscription model and I doubt this means that Audiotonix is going to suddenly move everything to a subscription model. My instincts are that, for a lot of companies in this industry, we're more likely to see a mixed model. Personally, I don't like or use software subscriptions for music related software. However, when it comes to my business, we have a number of software subscriptions. If I was doing music for a living or owned a commercial studio, I would be fine with subscriptions. As a hobbyist, I avoid subscriptions.
  9. This acquisition, and similar recent acquisitions in the industry, reflect that investors see growth in the market. Steven did a great job building a very high quality plugin brand and I suspect that this will result in his legacy continuing, with more resources being allocated to the growth of his former product lines. Consequently, I think this is good news for all of us who use DAWs.
  10. Okay, today I made a project file of glockenspiels. I played percussion in the school band from elementary through HS and got to fill in for the kid who played glockenspiel and fell in love with the instrument. So how many glockenspiel libraries did I find I have? More than 20. Even worse, I still have my eyes on another glockenspiel library. So yeah, theoretically, having those project files keeps me aware of what I already own which would seem to lead to less purchases of libraries I already have sufficiently covered. Clearly though, it hasn't stopped my GAS.
  11. Yeah, imagine, PA's head of marketing reads this thread, sees my post and thinks, "That's a great idea!" I'd have to change my identity in this forum after that and hope Fleer doesn't track me down!
  12. While I wouldn't recommend engaging in such hyper intensive discounting like they're doing -- it wears out consumers and trains your market to only buy during sales. I think it shows that the new ownership is very hungry to grow Plugin Alliance's market share. Which, as a customer who wants these companies/brands to stick around, is a really good sign. As long as they don't introduce PAUP (that's a joke -- I hope -- Plugin Alliance Update Plan).
  13. I just bought this library last week. It was only the second time I've ever bought a sample library from a person reselling a library (Larry was previous person I bought a library from). It was only ten bucks. But I like it. It's not great, but it's nice.
  14. Basically, I'm trying to do the same to stop my endless stream of acquisitions. I could be fine with everything I already own and I still don't know how to use a heck of a lot of the effect plugins I own. So, of course, I'm no one to give advice in this area. But one thing I've done that helps is creating Cakewalk project files by instrument category and I drill down. For example, I have a file with all of my upright character pianos so that if I'm tempted by a new upright character piano, I'll go open that project file and spend time with those pianos to really understand if the library I'm looking at really would fill a need or not. That's mostly been effective this year. But the one thing where I've broken the rule? The inexpensive libraries along the way and figuring out how to create my own programs in SoundPaint. I think all of us regulars in this forum have the same buying habits.
  15. It wasn't my market analysis that I shared, it was from an industry analyst. I am a former strategist, so I definitely think like one. When I referenced Slate hiring, I was referring to adding new staff, not replacing turnover -- and that was earlier this year. Just a strategy 101 point that is a basic part of due diligence. Yes, the global economy is definitely straining right now. But tech is still strong. Hiring in the US is still strong right now and is forecasted by major analysts to remain strong into 2023. The "lack of enticement a the PA sales" is not something I would make the leap to the assumptions you're making such as reflecting the industry slumping or PA in trouble. PA was recently acquired by Soundwise and their new ownership clearly has a belief that they can grow their marketshare, like many acquired companies. It's very typical to see management of a newly acquired company expected to grow to adjust and try different sales, pricing, distribution, partnership and promotions strategies -- these are the very obvious, simple things you commonly see in the short term. So when you see a newly acquired company having these changes, it's not surprising under any economic conditions so you really can't make too many assumptions beyond that, particularly in the first year after an acquisition. I would add to that, that the competitive forces are a major factor in PA's strategies that you're looking at. Aggressive pricing and deep discounting is becoming increasingly common in the competitive environment, so that's the battle they face for marketshare, and especially for acquiring new customers -- and as the market is growing, that's especially critical, so it is to be expected that Soundwise wants to see PA focused on growing their marketshare. One might see it as a very extended bunch of rounds of penetration pricing that eventually became the norm. The fact is, when multiple competitors began doing deep discounting, it can put major pressure on a company, especially if sales are stagnating and the deep discounting competitors are grabbing the new consumers in the market. Okay, there might be three people here who enjoy strategy discussions. I used to have a publication on strategy and a forum where lots of business people and academics enjoyed deep discussions on strategy and really enjoyed that part of it. I just didn't love having to write about it every day, so I don't anymore. Consequently, it's more enjoyable to discuss strategy now that it's not something I'm obligated to write about regularly. Back to our regular programming. And whatever your thoughts on PA, one thing that's nice from a consumer/buyer perspective is that high quality plugins and libraries are more affordable than ever.
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