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  1. As someone who owns, but never installed, BFD Eco who had recently contemplated upgrading to the full version of BFD, I've seen so many of these threads with nightmare problems for BFD -- and I've had nightmare problems with other software from the same parent company -- that I found the key word of Larry's original post that sticks in my head while reading these posts is RUN, which seems to be the smart thing to do when InMusic buys a plugin and has a sale (and I don't mean RUN towards InMusic).
  2. But the big question is...will they introduce a BUP?
  3. As I wrote in the original post, the same thing happens in sound on sound recording mode. Someone from Cakewalk offered an idea, but it didn't work. I have no idea what the problem could be.
  4. @Marshall I'm a former semi-pro drummer that also plays piano and writes songs. Many years ago I had a bad tendinitis injury that stopped me from performing. Although I was never good on guitar. So playing guitar parts on the keyboard are my only option. I am a marketing professional, well a business owner, but still do some consulting. I used to lead digital marketing at major brands before I went off on my own. But I've consulted to over a dozen sample library and plugin developers on branding, product development, marketing and promotions, including Orange Tree Samples and became good friends with Greg -- and frankly, I was a major fan of their libraries before I consulted and we developed a friendship. But I had early input on the Evolution libraries (as a user and business consulting, not as a programmer or anything else) -- I want to be clear about that so the relationship is clear. I've consulted to other guitar library sample developers over the years too. And I've done analysis on the various guitar sample libraries and VSTs. I have the latest version of KOMPLETE and do have and occasionally use NI's Electric Sunburst Deluxe and Strum, but they're the only non-sound design guitar libraries that I use besides Orange Tree Samples, and I thought it might be useful for you to know how I use them and the big differences between the Evolution guitars and the NI ones. The NI guitar libraries strumming patterns are collections of loops, so there's no possibility for customization. However, I tend to use them as kind of rhythmic place holders when I'm working on a song. For instance, if it's an original song, I may choose a very basic 8th note strummed pattern that I put in until I can replace it with something more customized to the song. Of course, because NI is using a collection of loops, there's nothing you can do to tweak a pattern, whereas Evolution uses extremely detailed single notes for its strums. And when it comes to arpeggios and any single note parts, there's no comparison between the NI guitars and Evolution. They're simply not in the same league for someone who cares about authenticity. I strongly recommend that you check out all of the options for tweaking the notes and strum patterns on any of the Evolution guitars. It's really amazing and, as I mentioned, early on, I provided a lot of input into the feature set and Greg (the founder) went incredibly far beyond everything I suggested and here it is, probably a decade since OTS launched the line and I still am finding out new things I can do, I seriously don't know of any other guitar library that goes as deep or sounds as realistic and is as customizable. I'd suggest, when you find the guitar you most want -- say Steel Strings -- that you check out the videos for it on YouTube and the manual. It's really mind-blowing, IMO. I'm not allowed to disclose names of users, but it's been used on final production on A LOT of TV shows and even in pop songs. As far as I know, it was probably the first guitar sample library that was making it to final production. And it's still not equaled by anything else out there, IMO. The next closest is Ample Sounds, but I don't think they've taken things as deep, and you're at the mercy of a small developer and their proprietary plugin if there are issues. I know that there has been a trend for small developers to make their own plugins, but frankly, I really am not a fan of it. I've invested in KONTAKT and I prefer LESS plugins to worry about conflicts, updates, crashes, learning curves and other issues not more. I completely understand why small devs do it, but I already have -- literally -- more than 200 plugins, I don't want more. When one small dev I was a fan of switched from KONTAKT to his own plugins, I stopped buying his stuff. That's where I'm at today.
  5. Orange Tree Samples are only available directly from their site. They often have Black Friday sales, so keep your eyes open for that. It's all dependant on what style you play, of you play, but if you play anything within the rock realm, I'd suggest you start with Evolution Rock Standard, which is a sample library of a Les Paul. That is my go to library. For the acoustics, it's a much harder choice, maybe Steel Strings or Songwriter.
  6. Okay, so Soundpaint is still not available for download. I just had a PM exchange a few minutes ago. Here's what they had to say: "The launch for soundpaint had to be delayed unfortunately. We discovered there were some bugs in regards to our web servers and how security keys are generated + some issues with older Mac OS systems. We are currently running a final web BETA and it just triggered some unfortunate web-flow discoveries we need to fix and improve in the next couple of days. If you like, we will be sending out live updates in our discord server which you can join at any time. https://discord.gg/8Mg6jAs3bW You can also find more information on our youtube page, which you can find here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGC9kjHgfuD93LlFiCpLB4A "
  7. It absolutely doesn't sound very realistic as a guitar sample library, listen to the improvisation at the beginning of the video, that's not going to fool a discerning ear. It's nowhere near the same league as the KONTAKT sample libraries like Orange Tree Samples Evolution or Ample Sounds. But it sounds pretty cool on fast notes, with some of the effects on it like the octaver you hear later in the YouTube video -- granted, it really doesn't sound like an authentic guitar, but it doesn't need to, I like some of the different sounds it makes and it's only twenty bucks.
  8. Okay, you guys successfully talked me down. I have other plugins from InMusic that have caused massive problems and taken around a year before they addressed known software problems. The company is a disaster when it comes to software. I mostly use AD2 and, once in a while, SD2 and KONTAKT (which I do not love for drums). You'd think NI would be wise to make a really good drum plugin like AD2 or SD3 by now. But yeah, my experience with plugins for InMusic is that they buy up old plugins and completely neglect them.
  9. Tiger, I'm split between looking forward to it and thinking, oh crap, I was trying to watch my spending!!!
  10. And, yes, I do realize that asking people in this group to talk you out of purchasing something is a pretty ridiculous idea on the surface of it. But InBrands has had a pretty horrible history of support / neglect with their software that I have experienced personally and I know that I'm certainly not alone in that.
  11. OMG, Larry, I'm a huge Beatles fan, a former semi-pro drummer trained on piano too, and the Hey Liverpool demo for London Sessions totally makes me want to get this. But I don't own BFD and but have other plugins from the parent company and they've been a nightmare and I've seen some posts about people having issues with BFD, what's the latest, this is so very tempting. I need someone to chime in with their experience!!! Talk me down if BFD still has serious issues, someone!!!!! The demos and price are sucking me in.
  12. Darn. I was looking forward to this. But let's be candid. I own several of 8Dio's libraries. Their greatest weakness, by most estimates, is their scripting. So I must admit, I do find it a bit odd that they're releasing their own VST when they don't excel at scripting KONTAKT libraries. I suppose that makes their delay after promoting this release date somewhat unsurprising.
  13. What is amazing about these Evolution libraries is that while you can start by just playing the presets, if you want to do more there's an incredible amount of adjustments you can do. I was a fan from the early days and ended up consulting to the business and becoming friends with Greg, the tree keeper. But I have been using keyboards to emulate guitar since the 80s. I own a ton of other guitar sample libraries and VSTs and other devs, and some are good for doing simple things. But none has the same depth to the point where I find I can get deeper into a library after years of having it. That may not sound like a big deal, but it's actually huge. I commonly start out sticking to presets and using the basics of a library. But the Evolution stuff -- even though I had early input into the line -- Greg did some genius things that were just way over my head, the depth of these libraries is amazing and I'm still learning about different things I can do with these libraries that are not possibilities with any other guitar libraries I own or know of. To those who own these libraries and have spent serious time with them realizing everything you can do, it's truly astounding. That's not me promoting a friend's business, this is me as a musician being analytical about these libraries. If you delve into them, you are going to find a depth that you don't find in other libraries. Can other users share similar experiences? I mean, I think it's been like a decade or so since Greg/OTS came out with this line, with Strawberry, and even this past weekend I was learning about new ways I can customize that library that blew me away. I suppose part of it is that I stuck to just using presets for so long and didn't venture deep into things. But I really don't know of another guitar library with that kind of depth or any other library beyond drum VSTs like AD2, and Superior Drummer. And I own probably a couple dozen other developers guitar libraries and VSTs, from the complex heavily scripted ones to the simplistic UJam VSTs (my least favorite guitar VSTs of all; they're just incredibly limited to the point that I have never found any of them useful; whereas NI's guitar libraries that come with KOMPLETE are limited, but nowhere near as limited as UJam VSTs, and I find them way more useful for basic strumming -- although they're no competition to the realism you get from the Evolution libraries, especially when it comes to playing beyond chord strums).
  14. The only way I've ever modified this setting from COMPING, OVERWRITE and SOUND ON SOUND is by right clicking on the record button at the top of the GUI, so that solution results in me seeing the identical, unchanged screen. I went into PREFERENCES to access the screen that way and it is indeed the identical settings there too. I take it that PREFERENCES is what you meant when you wrote "settings"?
  15. Except for one box, "New Takes on Top" our screen shots have the identical things checked. I unchecked that box to make it identical to yours but the when I press record, the previously recorded midi part on the track I'm recording on is silent. When I press play again, the sound returns.
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