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  1. Welcome back, Larry. As you can guess and see from, I think two threads about you, you were missed. Nice to see you around again. I hope your trip went well.
  2. I'm a huge Beatles fan -- together and solo -- and I know that I'm going to get some grief for this, but I must admit, when I first glanced at that meme, I was thinking, "I wonder why they're using Paul in that meme?" Anyone else see it too?
  3. One of my favorite places on the planet, Vancouver!
  4. Since this is a very off-the-wall thread, I thought I'd ask an off-topic question (it's not about Larry or his return). I know Larry lives in Michigan. I'm a Chicagoan. Where's everyone from? Because when I read your posts in my head I'm trying to get the accents right. This way. maybe we can do a map showing that people around the world are eager for Larry's return.
  5. I'm pretty sure that's ban-level talk here, mister!
  6. I feel like this thread is cheating on Larry. Infidels! Although I am in the Facebook group mentioned earlier and visit the Reddit group every so often. Yeah, we're a bunch of addicts.
  7. With all the mentions of GAS in this forum, I thought of this product. Seriously though, if someone was unaware of how we use the term or if English is a second language, these GAS references could be quite strange.
  8. Excellent video, @Reid Rosefelt. Kudos.
  9. Nah, Larry's a proud Michigan resident. I, for one, love that we have the ability to launch billionaires into space. If only we could keep them there.
  10. @Simeon AmburgeyI had given James, one of the founders, some marketing advice back when they were a fairly new business. As I recall, the two developers that started the business did samples for Yamaha instruments prior to starting their own sample development business. But everything these guys do is top notch. I own several of their libraries and they are all superb.
  11. @Simeon AmburgeyI suspect you'll like it. SonicCouture is an excellent sample developer that really sets the bar high.
  12. Thanks, Simeon. Ditto on the Cinesamples Abbey Road piano libraries. I only found out about them after they were discontinued, otherwise there's no question that I would have picked them up. Now go learn some Beatles songs!
  13. @Simeon Amburgey how do you feel this library stacks up to more costly libraries? (I would ask on YouTube, but I spend more time here; FTR, I always give your videos a thumbs up after watching). Also, the surprise in this video was Bare Necessities" (or was that Colors? I watched both yesterday). Although I was hoping you'd play some Beatles classics!
  14. You know I like you Simeon, but I think I'm going to need to block you in order to send my kids to college! All these piano libraries are triggering my sample hoarding tendencies.
  15. That's a really nice library. I have the original version -- which was just bowed piano samples -- and they're offering an upgrade for $25USD. I'll probably bite. SonicCouture makes great sample libraries; they're definitely one of my favorite developers. I'm definitely still getting Piano Colors as it was love at first listen, I'm just going to wait until the next KOMPLETE Update comes out. I'm a sucker for Galaxy Instruments piano libraries -- they really seem to know how to make piano libraries that greatly appeal to my tastes.
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