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  1. I also own Sampletank 4 SE (I was a customer since the first version, but got SE when I recently purchased their mini 37 key midi keyboard). Sampletank 4 shows up at $199 USD for me also, which is a pretty steep upgrade price considering the normal retail price differences between the two products. I didn't think it was worth it to buy the full Sampletank (I own KOMPLETE). My whole reason for Sampletank was that I own a lot of older SampleTank libraries I like, and its libraries are commonly a lot smaller than those of KONTAKT, which makes them easier to run on my laptop as opposed to a much more powerful dedicated DAW PC.
  2. I can use some advice and since people usually love to give their opinions, I thought, "why not just ask?" I don't have a DAW at the moment or even a computer hooked up to decent speakers, but I still got into the IK Group Buy due to Gear Acquisition Syndrome and can only listen to demos through my laptop speakers. I'm interested in getting one of the IK piano libraries to use in rock and folk rock music and was hoping to get some insights into these libraries from musicians/producers who've actually used them for their opinions on which they feel would likely fit best in rock and folk rock mixes (and I realize that's highly subjective, I just want your take). I was thinking of either the Alan Parson's or Art Deco piano library (only one of the two), but am having a hard time deciding between the two and would love to hear from people who own one or both of these libraries which they think would be a better fit. Thanks in advance.
  3. Haha! Thanks for sharing that. But the suspense over the next couple weeks of not knowing for sure is going to be tough!!! I really want the NOIRE piano library and even more, I'd like it as part of a free update. The library sounds great in the demos.
  4. I registered my KOMPLETE 12 Update yesterday. I received a $25 voucher, but nothing with a mention of a FREE UPDATE to KOMPLETE 13 when it's released in October. Can anyone who registered their KOMPLETE 12 weigh in and share whether or not they received a message stating that they'll receive a FREE UPDATE to KOMPLETE 13? Because I'm wondering if there was something I missed doing and need to do. Thanks.
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