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  1. I got it and I like the approach of "planes" (compared to the "focus" in e.g., Neutron, to compare MM to another mixing system with "learning", but note that Neutron has other strengths, I'm referring specifically to mix levels). This video may help you understand what it can do and what's the workflow when using it
  2. Yes, it's getting increasingly challenging to use the vouchers What would you do with a $75?
  3. Reminder: In past occasions iZotope upgrades have been full licences, with no restrictions on reselling prior versions, The prices you're joking about may sound completely different once you factor that in. E.g., asking prices for MPS4 in knobcloud are $250, in theory you could upgrade MPS4 to 5.2 for $149, then get back $250 (this is where the "in theory" part can fail, you may need to sell it cheaper) and not only get guitar rig but also make some money while doing it
  4. Probably the ones subject to the corresponding local law are the distributors. If you got the code from a distributor in the US or Europe you may be able to get a refund from them when the code no longer works. If you got the code as a promotion from Waves.com it should be Israeli law that applies (otherwise international e-commerce would be a nightmare of legal requirements)
  5. Ah, bummer! The original message didn't have an expiration other than "the month" but yes, I found an email saying that they expired on the 24th.
  6. If anyone would need a $75 voucher (min purchase $99) to sweeten their purchase just ping me... (this should be stackable E.g., 2 plugins on sale for $34.99 plus one eligible for the any-2999, $99.97 minus $75, total 3 plugins for $24.97)
  7. $ 25.94 and 0.87 Best Coins https://www.bestservice.com/en/beatmaker_circuits_crossgrade.html
  8. @kitekrazy If you liked these, you may be interested the New Nation Unlimited MIDI Bundle at APD https://audioplugin.deals/product/unlimited-midi-bundle-by-new-nation/
  9. Note that the $5 coupon code APD-NWVBBYY9-5-OFF that was posted earlier by Leok85 can still be used in addition to the current promotion (although I got a message noting that the minimum purchase is $50). E.g., Note as well that the Unlimited MIDI Bundle comes with $125 in vouchers (Look in the "bonus" folder for each of the 5 midi collections, each has a $25 voucher, no minimum purchase necessary but there are restrictions on what's eligible, e.g., not applicable to discounted bundles) Additionally, since getting Ghosthack UPB2021 from APD doesn't give you the product directly (it gives a voucher that you then use to buy at Ghosthack's website), the purchase qualifies for the current "Buy One, get one 50% off" promotion, and e.g., you can get UPB2022 for $40, a good deal if you are interested in these kinds of libraries
  10. Thank you @msmcleod for the info! I'm using the latest Firefox but it could be something else in my Firefox configuration and/or extensions (Noscript, Chameleon, disconnect.me, etc) If possible, please add this to the wishlist, for devs to take a look and add it if it's reasonably easy.
  11. In my PC I have configured Firefox as the default browser. When I launch CbB it tries to log in (oauth) and fails with Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at localhost:4342 If I change the system default browser to Edge and re-launch CbB it works ok It is a pain that whenever I want to use CbB I need to start tweaking with the system settings and then change them back. Is there a configuration option in CbB for selecting which browser it will use for oauth (instead of the system default)?
  12. They claim that because of an upcoming update to their registration system, codes issued before March 26 2023 will no longer work afterwards. The information was sent by email and discussed in other posts in this forum. Infuriating, illegal, and many other negative adjectives, but you probably don't want to risk it. If you buy it you'll be better off not hoarding the registration code.
  13. $24.35 at everyplugin https://everyplugin.com/dreamsynth.html
  14. Also, for reference, the $99 is for the bundle with Black Octopus Leviathan IV Without bundling it is $69 https://plugindeals.net/product/algonaut-atlas-intuitive-sample-navigation-and-sequencing/
  15. If you were referring to the link mentioned by Zolton, that is from January last year.
  16. $40 at Plugin Boutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/manufacturers/232-Orb-Plugins Note that this is the old product, new development is being done in Orb Producer, and there is no crossgrade path, but at this price it may be worth it, compositional aid tools rarely get big discounts. I think at this point Plugin Boutique is the only store that still sells licenses for this (not even Orb's page)
  17. Welcome back indeed!
  18. Companies taking totally illegal actions to see if they can get away with it is nothing rare. Then if they get sued they can backtrack, but they are counting on the fact that bringing a lawsuit is a pain in the rear, and people won't do it for small gains (small claims courts exist to make these lawsuits simpler but they are still a chore). Sometimes companies get punished through punitive damages and/or class action lawsuits, although often the ones making big money in these lawsuits are the lawyers and not the consumers. If it can be shown in court that they did know that their actions were illegal but they still went ahead (e.g., they were receiving emails warning them of the illegality of their action but they still proceeded with it) there would probably be bigger damages.
  19. Abandonware? at least IronAxe seems to be still the 32-bit version
  20. $16.80 with code GROUP After registration, my corresponding bundle upgrade prices went down by $37 Very nice deal!
  21. Looking around the ircam site, this page has additional free downloads https://forum.ircam.fr/collections/detail/technologies-ircam-free/
  22. For a stand, shockmount & pop filter, if you're not in a hurry you can get it from aliexpress for $12.10 https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256804966204284.html
  23. Installed!... ...and found out that the licenses haven't yet been added to the new "All 2023 subscription" 🙄 Authorized it as a 15-day trial and contacted support.
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