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  1. $29 at pluginboutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/17-Reverb/6529-NIMBUS-Upgrade-from-PhoenixVerb-or-Excalibur (and get a free reason rack if you haven't already)
  2. Here are some nice coupons for Drums on demand Co-Writer libraries. These are libraries of add-your-melody royalty free tracks, available in various formats https://www.drumsondemand.com/collections/my-co-writer-backing-tracks Coupon START gives a discount of $31.95. This allows you to get the mp3 format for $1 (use once per account, if multiple libraries are purchased the discount will be split among the libraries) Coupon MULTI gives a discount of $54.57. This allows you to get the multitrack stems format for $58-$75 (can be applied to purchases of multiple libraries) Discount codes expire Midnight, June 30 You can use both discount codes, but you will have to checkout twice.
  3. Lol, the demo video does an awesome job of reminding me of everything I absolutely hated about cassettes... In my teenage days tape cassettes could "improve" sound by using them as compressor/eq effects when setting different bias and emphasis when recording and when playing back (e.g., record with CrO2 Bias and Dolby-B pre-emphasis, play back with Fe bias and no de-emphasis). Unfortunately only very few cassette emulations allow for this.
  4. SUMMER coupon not applicable to upgrades ☹️
  5. Is this sale geofenced and not available in the US?
  6. Maybe it will be a good time to upgrade Virtual Bassist 1 to v2 (if it doesn't get excluded from the "nearly everything")
  7. $20 discount for modernproducers.com Code: MIDIMONEY No minimum purchase Expires tomorrow
  8. At a previous job the product that we were developing had a customized serial key generator that excluded 0 O 1 l 8 B from the keys it generated. Too bad that not many companies decide to implement details like this.
  9. the v9 -> v10 -> v11 could be considered updates In general it's the bundle updates that are more interesting, if you have a bundle that gets plugins added from time to time. An additional point to consider is that plugins under WUP can be transferred (gifted, sold)
  10. I don't know if they were able to get it back from whoever misused the code but Nigel Williams from MVP Loops did send a new code. It's details like this that encourage buying more of their products. 💸 Now Falcon is even more fun than before!
  11. The serial for my copy of Urban Vault DID fail, at mvploops, because it was already used 😒. The box was clumsily taped and it looks like an openbox from someone who did a "register and return". I contacted MVP loops and provided proof of purchase to see if they can do something about it. Since it's iLok maybe there is a way to revoke the license from the "clever openboxer". It's not an expensive item at all but it is the principle of trying to see punishment if possible for the evildoer coming up with "clever" schemes that screw over the next unsuspecting buyer. Other than that, I'm happy with my "new" Synth Legacy and Vintage Vault
  12. Interestingly it does include AAS Tassman, a modular synth, which is not in the current modeling collection (and I don't see any mention of 32/64 bits in the AAS site so it may be 32-bit only)
  13. Looks like a nice uviengine library. Buying direct from mvploops (download instead of boxed) is even cheaper than MF, just $15. https://www.mvploops.com/bundles/sound-platoon/
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