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  1. AES Show is back at Jacob Javits Center in NY Free Exhibits+ Pass, courtesy of Eventide, with code 22EVENTIDE153 https://aesshow.com/registration
  2. This weekend - House: House Nation $4.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $2.99 for the non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/house-nation-1978/?license=commercial_unlimited The Soundpool contains loops from 'House Vol. 10' of 'Soundpool DVD Collection 16'. The full Soundpool DVD Collection 16 can be found on eBay for $15 (+free shipping in the US), includes commercial use licenses, and it may be a better deal
  3. PA_EXT is described here https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/news/article/items/pa-ext.html I don't see any iZotope products there and the exclusion is specifically PA_EXT (not "External"). FWIW, the F29 vouchers DO work with previously added iZotope products (e.g., RX9 Elements), so it may be a matter of waiting (or contacting support, as suggested) @Bapu no, I'm not talking about the more recent final offer. From what I can tell (based on emails) Soundwide was announced on 4/12/2022 and Forever 29 on 4/14/2022
  4. No, PA_EXT are sales with a limited time that don't become part of the permanent catalog. Forever 29 was actually released 2 days after they announced the Soundwide partnership and the first bundle of PA/NI/Izotope products. I was playing around with different products in my shopping cart, and the voucher works for some iZotope plugins but not others (e.g, it works for RX9 Elements but not for RX10 Elements)
  5. Plugin Alliance has added Rx10 and Ozone 10 to the store https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products.html Ozone 10 adv $299 (when not on sale, $499) Ozone 10 std $199 (when not on sale, $249) Ozone 10 elements not available RX 10 adv $799 (when not on sale, $1199) RX 10 std $299 (when not on sale, $399) RX 10 elem $99 (when not on sale, $199) <end of deal part, start of the rant part> I tried using a Forever 29 coupon and it didn't work, the error message is: From the conditions for Forever 29 in the PA website: For RX 10 maybe the "is not a plugin" logic applies but, now that izotope has removed standalone mode from Ozone 10 it shouldn't be applicable Before the addition of Rx and Ozone, the most expensive plugin was bx_console AMEK 9099 for $449, currently more expensive than O10 (or just $50 more if you look at the price when not on sale) so it wouldn't be that unreasonable to expect the voucher to work (other than because the $499 price tag for the AMEK 9099 feels more inflated than the Ozone prices). Besides "because it would be too good a deal", what reasoning would you expect for the exclusion?
  6. the first time I read it too quickly and it looked like "politicians can analyse, synthesize, and manipulate speech"...
  7. Back in the day, I got the E-MU Proteus Pack Complete Bundle for Cakewalk Dimension (also by Digital Sound Factory)
  8. For video editing with Davinci Resolve you DO want a GPU with plenty of memory HD: 4GB VRAM 4K: 8GB VRAM 6K-8K: 20GB VRAM https://motionarray.com/learn/davinci-resolve/davinci-resolve-system-requirements/ For smaller budgets some of the recent "enthusiast entry" level cards meet/surpass the requirements for 4k (e.g., RTX 3060), or a 2nd hand flagship card from an older generation (e.g., a Maxwell or Kepler Titan) is also a good choice, but trying to use a low cost card is probably not a good idea
  9. It looks to me like there is a rush to reduce unsold inventory of current generation cards before the RTX 40xx start coming out in October
  10. If you really feel like paying for it... you can always WUP it and Waves will happily charge you a price
  11. This weekend - Deep House: Touchdown Miami $4.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $2.99 for the non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/touchdown-miami-1948/?license=commercial_unlimited
  12. So, for those of us not subscribed to anything yet, it sounds like the loyalty vouchers probably exclude the VR plugins, and if we're interested in those then we're better off getting a few Forever 29 coupons (if we're not planning on Mega B)
  13. Actually, sounds like something useful for people doing multichannel audio (in the sense of more than stereo, e.g., surround). Btw, one of the changes in Pro Tools' recent lineup reorg is that Pro Tools Studio ("middle tier") now supports multichannel projects. Previously only Pro Tools HD ("higher tier") supported them.
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