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  1. I haven't seen the stats for this GB but, from what I remember, typical budget reset dates (e.g. 1st or 15th of the month) have some correlation to purchases ramping up If that's the case, maybe a last-minute extension of 1 or 2 days (for those people with their May budgets maxed out), to be announced on the last day, would help for this GB to reach it's target. Hopefully this is already in @Peter - IK Multimedia's mind
  2. another essential from DDMF is metaplugin
  3. Even lower (as expected) if you already have some of these Nx's and do an upgrade For me, it ends up at $24.99 from everyplugin. It would pay off as soon as one plugin is added to the bundle, but I'm on the fence. I already have too many mix checking plugins and I'm thinking that having more will just slow me down significantly for a tiny potential improvement.
  4. This weekend - House: Bassdrum Echoes - Part 2 $4.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $2.99 for the non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/bassdrum-echoes-part-2-12438/?license=commercial_unlimited
  5. From the coupon text, it's probably $79.99 which will be a good price in a very narrow range of cases (this one plus the soundwide intro bundle minus a $75 voucher, get everything for $55?)
  6. At fanatical.com https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/the-soundtrack-loops-massive-bundle Tier 1: 5 Products for $1.00 Tier 2: 15 Products for $10.00 Tier 3: 25 Products for $15.00 Tier 4: 50 Products for $20.00 Up to 10,000+ files, supplied with a commercial usage license. The "Massive" in the name refers to size, not to the NI product. Proceed with caution. Any damage to your available disk space is your responsibility, don't blame me!
  7. or for $83.16 from JRR with code group https://www.jrrshop.com/cherry-audio-year-three-collection
  8. $50 for the update sounds quite compelling... until they add GR6 to PA's 29 forever or PA's $15 after voucher! maybe it's wishful thinking but it sounds to me like the Soundwise strategy is to seriously explore the supply/demand curve and figure out if they can increase total revenue at much lower price points (the classic saying that you make more by selling a million trinkets at $1 instead of a thousand trinkets at $100). If that's the case, the "exploration" may bring some insane deals Now... I need to take a look at what is new in GR6 since GR5
  9. @patriciocs what plugins would you have bought with the voucher ($75 off a min purchase of $125) ?
  10. Looks like these are the changes? The "old normal" ============ Typical in a hurry prices (e.g., business needing something "right now") - hundreds of $$ Typical price for those with patience to wait for a sale, or for people with not so much patience regarding new releases and with vouchers - around $30 Good price for people with patience for waiting for a sale and holding on to vouchers until the right moment - around $15 The "new normal" ============= Lazy "don't want to read" prices - hundreds of $$ Normal price - $30 Typical price for those with patience to wait for a sale - around $15 Vouchers - useful for cases of many license transfers, but little else (so far)
  11. Conversation about this topic already started at (not complaining about it being re-posted, just trying to keep conversation threads in one place)
  12. So, on the topic of the differences between Max and the GB, but asking more directly In addition to the presets for individual instruments, does Syntronik 2Max also have presets for multis? If the answer is yes, is there some way (e.g., a free download) to get those Syntronik 2 multis if you have purchased the corresponding instruments separately?
  13. That extra 10% off moves a few of the prices from not bad to good. E.g., smart:compressor and other sonible products, beastsamples packs
  14. Oh yeah, I did. I didn't want to miss that Discombobulated Bloom Lead!
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