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  1. I like how they say for the "non-bundle" version of Spire INCLUDE 900+ FACTORY SOUNDS ONLY 😂
  2. Standalone "toy" synth/loop sequencer. Primarily useful for getting the kids into music production, but the results can be exported to wav so it might have additional uses (please do read the comments on steam to get a better idea of what this can actually do and what are its limitations) https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/rytmik-ultimate-bundle Various bundle tiers from $4 to $12
  3. I had no plans to buy these but it looked like too good a deal to miss ssl 400G + bx XL + BX-XL-2999 + SSL-4000G-4999 + monthly -$50 = $29
  4. Well... you could also get a couple of copies of Kaleidoscope, to have some extra to give to friends 🤠
  5. a good time to upgrade? E.g., https://www.scan.co.uk/products/native-instruments-komplete-12-ultimate-music-production-software-collection-upg-k8-12 even though it is ~$130 more expensive than a K12 -> K13 update it is probably a better deal
  6. Aren't the "free"plugins provided by Waves directly? (depending on registering new plugins but not on depending where you got the reg codes). In the past that's how I remember it worked. You may want to check the details at the Waves website.
  7. but... at an average 70% off retail price that means a savings of at least $3,264 Thy choicest gifts in store, Oh him be pleased to pour, Long may he reign. May he defend our deals And ever give us cause To sing with heart and voice God save the king.
  8. Note that this discount replaces the bundle discounts (the final price is 50% off the unbundled price, not 50% off the bundle price)
  9. >A medium-sized ensemble of harps struck with a hammer. Sampled in insane detail in a stunning concert hall, with 8 in-house custom presets What? Only insane? not "painstaking detail"?
  10. I was trying to find what limitations are there for the free/demo versions of the various synths at discodsp but it wasn't very clear. It looks like it could be a commercial vs non-commercial use limitation but GPLv2 doesn't really allow limiting the use, only the distribution
  11. Wrt modulation effects, don't miss Arturia's bi-tron (the hardware mu-tron biphase was itself an evolution of the uni-vibe)
  12. Sounds like a nasty joke about the current gap in our purchase histories at JRR... (which btw, Eric Dahlberg has mentioned it is expected to be fixed in September)
  13. And, update plan coverage for this plugin expires 6 months later than the previous... 😜
  14. https://new.steinberg.net/promotion/dorico-crossgrade/?utm_campaign=315637515412_dorico_crossgrade&utm_content=crossgrade_us-de-es-fr-row_en-de-es-fr-ja&utm_medium=dorico&utm_source=newsletter Regular crossgrade price $279.99, now $140. Available at some dealers as well (e.g., Sweetwater https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Dorico35PCg--steinberg-dorico-pro-3.5-crossgrade-download). Not discounted (yet?) at JRRShop Email just says "for a limited time" without a specific date but Sweetwater indicates "Effective now through September 16th, 2020."
  15. Since you're asking... Yes I bought it and I like it. I also bought the "exit aisle deal", Etherealwinds Harp II for base price, which I also like.
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