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  1. Sweeter deal! I just received an email Thank you for your recent purchase of the Fanatical Music Bundle 2 by MAGIX. This should have included a third coupon and we apologise for this oversight. Please find your new coupon below. <code removed> This coupon has a value of $20USD and can be used as additional credit against selected product in the MAGIX In App Store. These coupons are valid until the 31st of December 2022.
  2. RapidComposer, Melodya and Syne, and are available at a 40% discount during the Anniversary Sale until April 20 RapidComposer Full Edition $119 RapidComposer Light Edition $47 Melodya Full Edition $29 Syne Full Edition $53 http://www.musicdevelopments.com/shop.html And, if you already have it, RapidComposer has been updated to version 4.1.4. This is a maintenance update that includes several bug fixes
  3. For reference: after adding $20 worth of products to your cart, you need to add ETHERA Gold 2.5 LITE to your cart (it won't be added automatically) and the system will automatically reduce the price for you. I got vocal factory (70% off), a pretty good deal if you are interested in vocal libraries https://zero-g.co.uk/products/vocal-factory
  4. 10.0.5 does have the store integrated into the program (Menu: View > Store). To me, it looks like 10.5 and 10.0.5 are just two ways of describing the same thing (but I won't complain if they release something with more features and prove me wrong 😜) The integrated store is certainly convenient (it's simpler than browse-purchase-download-unzip) but I don't think ACID is more "powerful" for this...
  5. You need to go to File>Settings>Program Settings and click the "Rescan Soundpools" button (they are not re-scanned automatically at startup, you do need to click the button) In this dialog there is also a Folders tab where you specify the location of the Soundpools, you probably want to check it is set correctly.
  6. >Music Maker kept asking for my serial number, but it needs a serial number that starts with P3 For me, the MusicMaker serial numbers weren't in the email but they show up in my Magix account (log in to the website, then go to My Account > My Products) >[the basic version] does not have the Song Maker Feature I did use coupons for getting features from the in-app store (at the beginning I had many coupons from several promotions) . Yes It is annoying that they're "up to $20" for one item, you cannot get two $10 features with one $20 coupon (the $20 can be used for one $10 feature but you waste the remaining half). The "more tracks" feature moved very quickly to the top of the "wants" list after getting Song Maker. I also got other features like VST support which looked "essential", but actually they haven't been that useful, as I end up using the "export tracks to wav" and doing all the the creative effects, mixing and mastering in another DAW. Note that if you like the "object oriented" approach that Magix apps use, Samplitude can import MMM projects (drag and drop the mmm project into the main Samplitude window) >ACID loops work within Music Maker. Of course, they might not work with Song Maker, which is the only thing that intrigues me. Song Maker depends heavily on the multi-pitch loops in soundpools. It is possible to create your own soundpool using Acid but it does take a bit of preparation work, as you need to pitch-shift the loops and save the various pitches, copying the structure from another soundpool and tweaking the .inf and .xml files. You will also need some plugin/tool that lets you do the pitch-shifting by manipulating individual notes so that you can change loops from major to minor as needed (e.g., the Song Maker templates reference loops in: C d e F G a) >Maybe [use the coupons to] buy some sound effects. Just keep in mind that the coupons have restrictions, primarily they won't work for "3rd-party" purchases, and it is sometimes confusing because different Magix "labels" (e.g., MAGIX and ACID) are not unified in the store. I got coupons when I bought ACID that won't work for buying Soundpools, and coupons when I bought MMM that won't work for buying ACIDized collections (even though all the coupons begin with G3 and look similar) As an additional comment - the MMM in-app store doesn't have a sale right now but they run sales very frequently. Some patience generally pays off well (e.g., the larger soundpools where the commercial versions are $40, they are often 40%~50% off and can then be purchased with just one coupon, or a coupon and only a small amount of cash)
  7. I have quite a few versions of Magix Music Maker that I got over the years from promotions and bundles and I never paid much attention to it. Last year I decided to give it a spin and came across the Song Maker feature, which has been a total blast as an inspiration tool to get started on new music projects. Not clearly mentioned in the description: after registering the Music Bundle, the confirmation email will include 2 x up to $20 discount coupons, applicable for buying Magix Soundpools at the Music Maker in-app store or at Producerplanet. (if you already have too many soundpools/sample libraries, and don't care for the coupons, you can easily sell them for ~$2 each, see my sig 😉)
  8. 😍😍😍 Thank you! This contained EXACTLY the effect that I was looking for 😍😍😍 I added it immediately to my latest song, coming soon to the Interwebs near you...
  9. (quoted from https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/home-page/avid-pro-tools-2021-3) Who Is Eligible For These 2 Free IK Multimedia Plugins This offer from Avid and IK Multimedia for AmpliTube 5 SE and T-RackS 5 SE is for Pro Tools ‘annual subscribers’. This means Pro Tools subscribers with an annual paid-upfront subscription plan or an annual paid-monthly subscription plan only. Note that Pro Tools Perpetual Licence holders, even if you have a current upgrade plan and Pro Tools subscribers with a month to month subscription plan are not eligible for these two free plugins from IK Multimedia. This is the first time that Avid has restricted a loyalty reward to users with a rental subscription license. It would appear from the Avid Loyalty Rewards page that all other loyalty rewards are available to users with a perpetual license and an active upgrade plan as well as all rental subscription users. ☹️☹️☹️
  10. Warning: This is a rather "painful" upgrade on Windows a) Requires uninstall/reinstall, no upgrade-in-place. b) "Normal" uninstall doesn't work, it is necessary to manually launch the "old" control-panel uninstall and then uninstalling via the change button (uninstall button is disabled everywhere, modify button is also disabled in the modern settings app) Of course in the Avid forums all the Mac owners are doing the "you should use a Mac instead of a PC" routine... But it has some nice improvements IMO, like m4a support.
  11. For those who prefer scanning the highlights before clicking on the link, here is the list of topics (copied from the YouTube page) Sponsored by Performance Samples: https://bit.ly/3lCwhMD NEW RELEASES: Pad Therapy / Grainstates by Rigid Audio https://bit.ly/2PA0bGk Quantum -Emergence Audio https://bit.ly/3bvUMbD Synchron Elite Strings -Vienna Symphonic Library https://bit.ly/2PPpfZR Hainbach Landfill Totems -Spitfire Audio https://bit.ly/3fX2L3C Mrs. Mills Piano Originals - Spitfire Audio https://bit.ly/3fimbjd LA Modern Percussion v1.1. & Percussion In Motion Vol. 1 -Audio Ollie https://bit.ly/3wfHYOB ► Checking Out LA Modern Percussion 1.1 & Percussion In Motion Vol. 1 https://youtu.be/qtLmvarSfKs Continuum Guitars -Cinesamples http://bit.ly/3lIcjAw ► Review Continuum Guitars https://bit.ly/31zKwJi Berlin Character Strings -Orchestral Tools https://bit.ly/393ozqg Quadra by UVI https://bit.ly/3d3E16Q ► Review Quadra https://bit.ly/3u7gSHy Scarbo -Teletone Audio https://bit.ly/2PKoT6P 50% off Sake Bottle -Edu Prado https://bit.ly/3mpMPbo Bionic Plucks and Mallets -Riot Audio http://bit.ly/RiotAudio World Percussion Creator -In Session Audio https://bit.ly/2Pqcqor Maleventum 2 -Sinece+Other Sounds https://bit.ly/3wa2foX Designer Drums 3 -Rast Sound http://bit.ly/RastSound VENTO Essentials -Heavyocity https://bit.ly/2OTyQ1r ► Quick Look Vento Essentials https://youtu.be/K-bdYqlnVkE The Ruler & Ancient Greek Percussion -Soundiron http://bit.ly/37e8LwV Angry Brass Pro – Soloists-Performance Samples http://bit.ly/38rGkiD ► Review Angry Brass Pro Soloists https://youtu.be/3_FkpQeIz24 Angry Woodwinds Pro -Performance Samples http://bit.ly/3qzGASI ► Review Angry Woodwinds Soloists https://youtu.be/XVPAQw96FBA Raw Strings by Insanity Samples https://bit.ly/3nuUhRE ► Review Raw Strings https://bit.ly/2M5fZOS Interstellar Waterphone by Soundyan $36.75 w/code “W-A-T-E-R-6-9” http://bit.ly/38RJPPA Sunset Strings -Realitone https://bit.ly/3nEdOQ8 ► Checking Out Sunset Strings https://youtu.be/CmaNvWYvNr0 NEO STRINGS by Insanity Samples https://bit.ly/37ACWS1 ► Review NEO STRINGS https://bit.ly/2N4smM5 DOLLAR DEALS Rigid Audio + 10% OFF w/code “GIVEME10” https://bit.ly/39A0S9l 89% OFF Iris 2 by iZotope http://bit.ly/2zh1PlG UP TO 91% OFF Glitchmachines https://bit.ly/39DyHpR Colour Field by Mode Audio http://bit.ly/2npuLl0 LATEST DEALS ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cinesamples Bundle at Native Instruments https://bit.ly/2Ro1DMn 37% OFF Nagoya Harp -UVI http://bit.ly/_UVI_ 26% OFF Continuo Pro Collection by Karanyi https://bit.ly/39TQJnZ 74% OFF Bestseller Synth Bundle Karanyi https://bit.ly/3dkHa2d 30% OFF Mosaic Series -Heavyocity https://bit.ly/3cEjt5X ► Reviews Heavyocity Mosaic https://bit.ly/3sE6pTR Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 by Vienna Symphonic Library https://bit.ly/39VuBK3 50% Rengoku bundle -Stingray Instruments https://bit.ly/3lTpQ8F 71% off Drums Of The Deep 2 -Auddict 87% off Cinematic Traxx Bundle -Sampletraxx http://bit.ly/_VSTBUZZ_ 54% OFF Acoustic Revolutions -Impact Soundworks 80% OFF AcidBox -Audio Blast 83% OFF SIXPACK 1 -Image Sounds 91% OFF Insane Next Level Keys -Sampletekk http://bit.ly/PluginDeals 20% OFF Sonespheres -Soundiron https://bit.ly/3rIrriH 50% OFF Sounds of Mars -Rast Sound http://bit.ly/2SWpOx8 ► Reviews Sounds of Mars https://youtu.be/Oq8L5g8SpAg UP TO 36% OFF Have Instruments https://bit.ly/31z2vzt up to 35% OFF Have Instruments at PB https://bit.ly/38Rhb1N 40% OFF Rast Sound http://bit.ly/RastSound 30% OFF Fallout Music Group w/ code “SPRING30” https://bit.ly/_FalloutMG_ Time+Space Spring Sale https://bit.ly/3wcda1j up to 50% off Luftrum https://bit.ly/3piYCto 50% Fluffy Audio http://bit.ly/_FluffyAudio UP TO 40% OFF e-instruments at PB https://bit.ly/3rF9Tns ► Don’s Music Desk Bus Video https://youtu.be/-V3tN02rl9c PLUGIN DEALS: 82% OFF: SLAM2 (VST3, AU, AAX) by Beatskillz 69% Off BUTE Limiter 2 by Signum Audio http://bit.ly/PluginDeals Motor by AudioThing $9 (reg $19) http://bit.ly/3re2XNZ 83% off T-RackS tape by IK Multimedia https://bit.ly/39xKfuQ Audiority Effects Plugin Bundle by Audiority https://bit.ly/31FKoYL 75% off “MRhythmizerMB” by MeldaProduction http://bit.ly/_VSTBUZZ_ See all Plugin Boutique Deals – http://bit.ly/2cKEH4w 89% OFF Iris 2 by iZotope http://bit.ly/2zh1PlG UP TO 77% OFF RX 8 by iZotope https://bit.ly/31T9L9I 30% OFF ROLI https://bit.ly/3uwRz1H Energy Panner by Sound Particles Apr 11 https://bit.ly/3wbTvP4 41% OFF WORMHOLE by Zynaptiq Apr 11 http://bit.ly/2Lg6WXD FEATURED FREEBIES Rotary Free Big Band Horns Orchestral Tools https://bit.ly/OrchesrtalTools Cinematic Trailer SFX by GHOSTHACK http://bit.ly/PluginDeals Emotional Recorder -Fracture Sound https://bit.ly/2R4oDA1 Impact Soundworks Heritage Percussion http://bit.ly/3rS8XwZ ► The Download PLaylist https://bit.ly/3dKhYm2 Updated links: http://bit.ly/DealCompressor
  12. @donbodin maybe you can invite/interview cclarry when he's back
  13. $125 (75% off the unbundled price) https://www.lootaudio.com/category/plugins/United-Plugins/united-easter-bundle Includes: AUTOFORMER - add color to your tracks. Autoformer combines an analogue like pre-amp with automatic volume function and a gentle compressor. FIREMASTER - finisher and sonic exciter MORPHVERB - What type of reverb should be used on my track? Shall I use the Chamber or Hall? What about something in between? QUICK AG - Mix Channel plugin focused on mixing acoustic guitar, ukulele or mandolin TRANSMUTATOR - Transition between tracks, song parts or whole songs
  14. Warning: Things look pretty confusing right now... The page says 10.5 is available now however, after purchasing and installing the program shows as 10.0.5. The in-app store is supposed to be the new addition but it doesn't seem to be available (maybe it is in 10.5 which is not 10.0.5 and it is not yet available?). The voucher codes don't work at producerplanet.com or the Magix Music Maker (MMM) in-app store. The voucher value and expiration is also unclear. Update: I did find the store in 10.05 in the "View" menu, maybe in the end 10.5 = 10.0.5. The store initially errored out when starting up but, after restarting the computer, it worked. The Acid store is different from the MMM store, it has loop collections and it does not have soundpools. The "ACID In-App-Store Voucher" seem to work with the commercial-license version of Acid (brand) loop collections that are at $19.99. They didn't work with anything else (3rd party items, features, etc.). The registration email included a "Coupon code for an ACID Loop Collection" that I couldn't figure out how to use, every loop collection that I tried resulted in an error message indicating that the coupon wasn't applicable. Why is Magix not sending terms&conditions and instead forcing customers to guess about the coupons value and applicability is rather mind-boggling...
  15. $63.20 after EASTER2021 coupon https://www.magix.com/us/music/acid/acid-pro/?_oB=acid-pro The way Magix has been doing sales is that instead of reducing the"$79.00 Regularly $199.00" price they add some bonus items. Currently they are are $200 worth of producerplanet (in-app) vouchers and Convology XT. If you aren't particularly interested in these, you can "sweeten the deal" al KVR. The vouchers can be sold for $20 and Convology XT can be sold for $10 (search for recent sales to confirm) potentially bringing the total deal down to $33.20
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