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  1. I don't think so! You gain almost nothing if you have RX9 Advanced and RX10 Standard (it is also my situation). Edit: I had checked the differences of RX10 Advanced vs. RX9 Advanced and they are all included in RX10 Standard. Thus they want us to pay $199 for nothing! Very odd!
  2. Instant Flanger/Phaser $24.36 in JRRshop.com with code "group"!
  3. It would be cool if it was possible to exclude the selection range to be saved with export tasks and instead use the current selection, because: I often have a couple of clip selections that use the same export settings and I don't want to create that many tasks. The selection range is not clearly visible in the task list (even with recall task settings). I had quite some trouble when I had saved a task with an invalid selection to change this one. If you have to create for each selection another tasks, then the list of tasks might be growing and it is getting confusing (what task is for what). Now if you want to change the selection for a task, it is quite complicated. You have to Open the export dialog Recall the task settings Close the export dialog Make the new selection Open the export dialog again Change the task with the current settings
  4. That's the reason why I talked about sample standards that could be used of multiple providers. Me too, I don't like that NI has such a monopoly position in sample playing, even if I own Kontakt Full! I think common, open standards could help to provide more competition and would reduce absolute monopolies like this.
  5. Thanks! But I dare to say this is just another sample player! There are now so many out there! The problem is if I am in need of an instrument I only look up in my vsti catalog and in Kontakt! Most of the time I forget about the samples in other players! That's why I avoid adding more samples that are out of the most common players. It is sad that there are not, say about 3, sample standards so that any player could use them and you would be free to choose 1 single player (yeah, I am dreaming of a positive future, but I know that it goes exactly the opposite way! That's progress in the 21st century! 😄).
  6. How is it authorized? How many installations are allowed? Nowadays it is really painful that many plugin developers hide this crucial information. The last week I was searching this for several plugins without success.
  7. For me the kick is the most weak point of AD2. There is almost no old style pure kick sound available. Everything sounds hippi hoppy 😄! Short, hollow and too much room in the direct recordings! I tried to improve several kicks with volume envelope and FX. I did not really succeed. You cannot heal poor recordings! If I compare the kicks of NI or SSD, they sound much more realistic! At least as I remember the kick sound of our drummer's kit many years ago! 😆
  8. What I can tell about Aurora Choir: Definitely it cannot be used for short notes! I bought it for the usage in one song where they should sing a short 2-voice melody (mostly 1/8 and 1/4 notes, tempo=100). It was unusable because of the stretching artifacts! Maybe for longer notes (1/2, 1/1, ...) in a more cinematic style it can be used, but this is not my application area.
  9. Some? I have a lot of redundancy! 😄
  10. As far as I can see it's only that the preset library is larger and that the add-on packages are installable. But I managed to install the MIDI (loop patterns) also in Strum Session (made links manually), but you cannot access the guitar sound presets of the add-ons. Other than that I have not seen any differences.
  11. IMHO Strum GS-2 is much better than a lot of (most?) sampled guitars regarding rhythm playing! I don't mean the sound of Strum! I only use Strum as DI playing in combination with other amp simulations that are better! I agree that the amp sounds are not that strong. Also, it maybe that the playing is best with direct MIDI input using Strum GS-2 in "Guitar" mode. "Loop" mode is more for sketching something. But then the loops can be dropped into the daw to be altered. I am no keyboard player, thus I cannot judge how good it can be used with direct keyboard input.
  12. For me things like this induce more and more a reluctance to buy from these dinosaurs like IK! I was thinking of buying T-Racks 5 Max yesterday, but then I remembered all the hassles installing and activating IK products and thus I abstained from purchase. These big companies make it so elaborate to install on more than 1 pc and keep it up-to-date. For example I like Amplitube, but I hate those pseudo-updates that just add new packages to it that I don't own! So why update? And there are even those companies that don't show a full modification list (back in time), so you are not able to determine which version is enough for you! I don't know how many hours I have installed updates for Apple Silicon and Co., although I have only Windows computers! Also some vendors have these all-included installers that are so inconvenient if you just have some of their plugins. It is totally intransparent what is required for your situation.
  13. MarcL

    Native Access updates

    As far as I can see the installers still run on W7 and in a short simple test the plugins run with these new versions. I guess that the note means that NI just don't test on W7 anymore (like many vendors). IMHO the most interesting update note is: FIXED The plugin now runs again on X64 processors that only support SSE3 and below. It seems that the developers had gone too far and then they had to step back! 😆
  14. I do something similar. But I save the track stems in a separate, song-specific directory. I do this as soon I think that a track (without mixing FX) is okay. Like this I can create multiple projects that reference the finished tracks. In the end I create a mixing project that has almost no audio contents as it only references the finished audio tracks. The advantage of this is that I don't have dozens of copies of the same finished tracks and that the projects are really light. And last but not least it is easy to backup!
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