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  1. This has been an ongoing issue since the very first release. While I'm grateful and pleased with the continued development of Cake, The installer issues have have been continuous. Bandlab assistant always fails it’s own updates requiring a fresh download/install. The progress bar can not be trusted. Sometimes it works fine and other times takes very long times to download and gets stuck without completion successful or not. I don’t know what the issues are, but it scares me at every update on every machine/os. It is not only win10. I suffer it on win8.1 and some of my students have the same on win7. I keep hoping for a major revision on this system soon! I miss Cakewalk Command Center?
  2. Also note that most manufacturers require you to setup an account and include access to their' forums. Thanks ou need not use the forums. As to installs? Bandlab Assistant is their' download manager. Tiny with little if any time/attention to install. It offers many tools other than that should you ever chose to use them.
  3. ...Just a thought. It would likely be very handy to have a discrete Volume Slider for each Lane... ...Just Sayin'
  4. Keni

    Zoom Frustrations

    Hi Josh. I can’t make a vid at the moment but some instances are easy to see. Open Lanes on two adjacent tracks and try to zoom lanes (use zoom lasso) from both simultaneously. Or a simpler version. Zoom a small area of a few lanes on a track that has many lanes. Thanks for looking into this.
  5. Keni

    Zoom Frustrations

    Thanks Base57. Nice to find another believer. Mind you know though I would love that, I no longer even try to fight it. There are many new features they've added to Lanes that are not available with Layers and are important in many other situations. I’m only trying to regain what was lost and it's mostly two items. These zoom issues and the display of promoted clips on the track while Lanes are visible. You can see I've again posted that in a separate thread. The zoom issue is by far the more important, but the promoted clips issue I don't think difficult to implement. These issues have been all-day/night difficulties for me since silverlight and Lanes. How many years? Not headline grabbing new features, but incredibly settling and fulfilling to many users!
  6. Keni

    Zoom Frustrations

    Does anyone else ever edit Lanes in more than one track simultaneously? Try to zoom a few lanes on both tracks simultaneously and tell me what you get?
  7. Yeah... I’m sorry I started getting carried away in my zoom thread about this. They are very related. This is simple. Please. Some way to disable promoted clip view on track while Lanes are open. This is always so frustrating for me.. I'm looking at a screen of mixed tracks/lanes and having an image on the track simultaneously with it's Lanes displayed. The additional track image is totally cluttering in a very confusing manner. Maybe a simple switch to enable/disable the image? Thanks
  8. Keni

    Zoom Frustrations

    You just did! You tried to expand specific lane(s) portions and instead got something else! I guess if that's what you’re used to, you might not think of it but many of us old timers remember when this was not the case. An area zoomed is what you got. As for the "promoted" track image. I doubt there's anyone out there who hasn’t had their eyes confused looking at multiple tracks of Lanes with the extra promoted/track simultaneously!
  9. Keni

    Zoom Frustrations

    Thanks Guys... I'm very familiar with our assorted zoom tools. My issues are not with the toolset, but with the results. All is well if you stick to zooming tracks. The problems are all related to zoom and Lanes. For me, I've long ago accepted lanes (vs. layers) and other than zoom issues for it I could easily move on. Look at what results of a zoom in lanes. Instead of getting what I ask for, I get some never comfortable "interpretation" of my lasso. Sometimes I don’t even get any lanes instead having a full screen track. Complicating this even more is the confusion between the track portion (above the lanes) and the lanes. I rarely want to see ANY data in the track while Lanes are exposed. The promoted clips are obvious in each lane by their color/highlighting. A constant visual annoyance! I'm becoming more sure this is due to some complication of how silverlight handles the subset (lanes) along with parent (track). I just can’t believe after a decade (?) a solution hasn't been found and no one else is bothered. All other issues aside, this single, major item is still in my face everyday... all day and all of the night!
  10. I really find it hard to believe I'm the only person continually bothered by this. I've been complaining about it since silverlight was introduced. It is constantly in my face as it is used so often. Much like touching your face. You do it all day long. I spend far too much time mousing around to adjust my view. Is it really too much to ask for? Pre silverlight we had this and though there has been some improvement since, it is still a far cry from good. All I'm asking for is to see the area I select via lasso to zoom to fill the pane. Regardless of being track or lane data. No quantizing, no second guessing! This has to be one of the most fundamental tools we work with! PLEASE! (Excuse the scream. Too many years of frustration built in)
  11. Is anyone else seeing this? I've had this on occasion before, but the since the 2020.05 update it is happening most of the time. I am using all the same plugins I regularly have used for a number of years. It's win8.1, so very little changes with windows updates. My interface is using the same driver as well. Due to Presonus dropping VSL tech, I am frozen with that driver. I know it's an easy bug to work around, but it sure is annoying and I'm wondering if there is more control over this? Thanks...
  12. Keni

    OB-XD 2.0 - still free

    Any info on how to access other skins? The default is very blah... Just found it in the standalone. Now to see if that carries over if if similar setting is available in the plugin. Yup. Skin selected in the standalone carries to the plugin. Nice. Nice sounding synth!
  13. Keni

    Kawai K1 vsti

    So I found. I didn’t expect a synth, i was hoping for a good virtual Kawai ... oh well. I'll check today re:updates as there is a blank ui in the version i have Edit: I downloaded the app again and over wrote the old file. Now all is well...
  14. Keni

    Kawai K1 vsti

    It seems to work here but the UI is blank, so it's very limited... Also I was fooled expecting a Kawai piano which of course it doesn't have...
  15. Yes, these are all simply tools. What matters is how it works for each user's work methods. I have assorted copies of most though no longer on my machine (I do have lite versions of ProTools and Studio One installed) Except for a few rare situations, I only use CbB as I have since Cakewalk fir Windows. The real reason I chimed in here is To remind many that the new Melodyne 5 update now has chord tracks... Sadly for me the update requires win10 and my DAW is trapped at win8.1. Dual xeon 6 core processors (3.06) and 64G RAM is hard to abandon...
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