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  1. Thanks Mark! Ahhh! Thank you thank you! I forgot to look there. I remembered having bounce to tracks but couldn't remember where it was! I'm gonna try this now... So far not working. It is only bouncing the audio... I'm gonna check my settings more and try again... Success! yes! Second try.... Simply didn't have track fx selected... Nice! Thanks Mark! both for the excellent creative tools work and for reminding me!
  2. Thanks... Easy enough. You seem to think as I do saving original tracks... I keep all my Melodyne work tracks live and archived while usingcloned rendered copies.... So I can always go back!
  3. Yeah... Something I haven't tinkered with in a long time. Today I used the TAL Vocoder to create a track and I'm now trying to freeze it with no luck. Is there some way to do this? Though not created a a pair of tracks for an instrument, it uses an audio track where the vocoder in inserted and a separate MIDI track to feed the correct pitches to the synth sounds but neither freeze nor bounce to clips (didn't we also have a bounce to tracks? I can't find that)) Anyone have any thoughts or knowledge on this? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks!
  4. Funny, yes. ...because I still have O set to toggle offset mode. Never gets in my way as there are so many visual clues
  5. Unless something's changed that I don't know of, you can edit any of the keyboard shortcuts by either adding commands to unused key-combinations or re-assigning existing links. Be Safe, safe your current shortcut settings prior to changing anything? Naming a track? When I double click on a track's name area in either CV or TV, it highlights the current text. Allowing access. if you use a single key such as arrow left. home, end, etc. the current info remains and can be text edited. If you simple begin typing while the original all is highlighted, what you type will replace what's there. Very standard fare. Am I missing something?
  6. Not sure if this is the same or related, but I continually have to reset pre/post status of the PC. I save a template with the PC set to Post. Then at other time or place, insert a track using that track template (or using the song template to start something new. Depends on which I save) The PC is set to Pre (instead of Post as it was saved). This isn’t new though, it’s been that way in CbB as long as I can remember too.
  7. Very true! Thanks Gregy!
  8. Thanks Leadfoot... Yes. More than I can count!
  9. Thanks treesha... Very true!
  10. Thanks Bill. It doesn’t feel real yet. We were artwork and filing fees from releasing his new (3rd solo) album. I’ve still got all that on my brain feeling as current work in progress. First 2 albums recorded by him with Sonar (Gibson era). New (3rd) album recorded with CbB. 1st and 3rd mixed by me using same. 2nd album mixing happened while I was in the middle of losing my home/studio so he found help elsewhere. Came out great there too! After spending more than 50 years of entwined life with someone...
  11. Thanks pwal... as well as many recordings!
  12. Thanks pwal! This will be more difficult to sink in for me I'm sure. We played in bands together, built studios, and recorded music together for near 5 decades. He was a good man!
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