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  1. Hi Jonathan... I got stuck at this version due to hardware/OS limitations and at first I was miffed, but it turns out that while 8 was a PITA.... 8.1 works great and without the myriad of forced downloads and such that 10 has....
  2. Thanks scook... I was about to post a question of this issue too...
  3. I guess another good reason I'm glad to be using win8.1 ... In firefox's settings I simply select "ask each time" and all is well allowing me to select download folder each download and defaulting to which ever was last used.
  4. With which browser? The location of a browser downloaded file is set in the browser's settings.
  5. Not certain this is only this update and it's intermittent, but not older than 2020.4 I've been unable to pinpoint or replicate on demand. I've been (suddenly) having some trouble with moving clips with/without select envelopes. Sometimes, when I try to move a clip grabbing the top of the clip with shift (constrain), it is changing to clip gain envelope. If I click lower, it works as expected. Has this been reversed? Related. I just had a situation where selecting and deleting clips (select envelopes with clips is Not selected), it repeatedly deleted volume envelopes. Selecting them one at a time did not do ths. Is it me?
  6. Nice work Morten! Kudos to you, the team and all the users who pitched in! Downloading in a moment...
  7. Wow! What an ordeal! I think it's resolved, but I'm not thrilled. We installed a wifi dongle, connected to web via phone hotspot. Uninstalled the driver. turned off board and disconnected the usb cable. reconnected usb cable and turned board on. installed driver which was named the same, but in advanced sound settings now offered a dropdown list allowing me the typical choices and was able to get it stereo and cd or dvd quality. Stereo again at last! ...but no line in option shows, only microphone??? Better, but did I miss something somewhere? Thanks!
  8. Gotcha. There is no driver rollback for this driver. So the driver wasn't updated. But it shows only mic input and no (stereo line) so you may be correct and the mono input option has been enabled. Too bad I can’t find it where all pointers lead. Though it might not work, I'm hoping removing then reinstalling the driver will rest this. During this he will be online so we can also try further updates for win10. I do know about updates dependent upon which updates are already installed and could be related. This is an incredibly difficult situation at every turn... Thanks again! He's expecting to buy a wifi dongle today.
  9. When was the update released? He just allowed the update a couple of weeks ago when he had to re-authorize Cake setting this situation into motion. All was well and system working fine. If I did a rollback, it might affect Cake as well... so I think I'm gonna opt for a wifi dongle and hotspot then uninstall/reinstall the board allowing it to find a driver. After the upcoming update is released and I get him updated to it using the hotspot, it will get easier with the return of offline authorization...
  10. Thanks Mesh... I think I've come up with a method/solution. I will have my friend buy a wifi dongle and connect online via a 3rd party hotspot. Disconnect the board and uninstall the driver. connect to hotspot connect board and allow the system to install the appropriate driver Not sure how quickly I can get this done, but at this point it seems a good approach?
  11. Thanks scook... I haven’t looked yet but wondering is the uninstall from control panel cake, or a dll specific icon in a unique folder?
  12. I know I can remove the DLLs and re-scan, but I was wondering if there is a "correct" way. Thanks
  13. This is driving me crazy. This is driving me crazy. I found an option listed online under ease of access audio options for enabling mono audio. Problem? There are no audio options under ease of access win10pro Anyone shine a light? This machine changed the driver to mono mic only and no searches find other solutions. One in Ease of access the other in device manager but both locations do not show the options described in the online info.
  14. Thanks Jonathan... I understand. I know this current predicament for my friend is not caused by Cake. It was due to being forced to move the pc off location without the board attached as I've not heard of this type of incident from win10 updates. Thankfully, once I get this resolved and get him updated once more this way, he will be able to use offline Activation at last. It's an issue I've not run into and without web access I couldn’t manage to change it. My other elements being not having win10 myself so I'm far less familiar with the OS, and my friend is pc illiterate and 3000 miles away without even a cell phone for me to look at anything. I've now discovered 2 more locations in win10 that deal with forced mono and tonight when he has a cell equipped friend visiting I will explore these. The problem is stereo playback works fine and the board is putting out stereo. Cake is configured to record a stereo track but records a mono track. Investigation shows the driver as a single mic input with no stereo line input available. The 3000 mile distance makes it impossible for me to get hands on... sadly
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