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  1. Thanks again Steve! It was there and waiting. Update ran easy... ...but I still don't know why this was happening. Using win10 windows defender I was unable to add bandlab to the exceptions list. Cakewalk is already there both local and public. I'm sure I can deal with it but my friend is not that computer savvy... so I will continue to look into this each opportunity I get...
  2. Thanks! Good thought. I didn't think of that as I only use windows defender these days which doesn't seem to interfere the way McAfee & Norton often do. I don't know what he's running, but I will check that as well... [edit] I was just thinking... When I originally installed on his machine, it worked fine. Maybe a win10 update issue?
  3. Thanks scook... You're always here with valuable info and ideas. I'll ty this tomorrow if I can get access to his machine or later if not... I did think of looking but didn't...
  4. Today I ran into a problem while helping a friend. He had not updated in a while. i updated Bandlab assistant then clicked the Cakewalk update button. When it reached 100% it did nothing and the update button still said update. I repeated the update with the same result then rebooted and tried again. Same result... What might be happening here? Win10 machine just updated prior to doing this update. Any info or ideas would be appreciated very much... Thanks!
  5. Cool! πŸ™πŸ‘½πŸŽΈπŸŽΆ
  6. I think I remember needing to download (or authorize?) kits other than install the plugin... Check your account on xln...
  7. Timing is everything! I imagine the second hotfix (build70) was not released when you performed the first update. He mentioned it a couple of days ago but it wasn't available until sometime last night/this morning.
  8. Hotfix for the hotfix. Noel mentioned it the other day.
  9. Wow! Am I dreaming or has the zoom on lanes been changed? I just zoomed some lanes and was delighted to find the comp track reasonably smaller than the zoomed lanes.... I hope this is real! πŸ˜‰ Thanks Bakers!
  10. I believe this has been true for a long time ...
  11. I see what you're thinking. Could be. Honestly I installed chrome only to checkout bandlab. Which seems very cool though I don't use it. Not enough hours in my day...
  12. Don't know. But it's not a show stopper...
  13. This was the second update in a row that failed for me and I was forced to do it manually. Not a big deal. Just saying
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