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  1. Sounds very cool Noel. I’ll check it out for sure. I suspected something of this nature to be on the horizon. I’m glad to be seeing it come to life. Many thanks to You, Noel and all the Bakers who work so hard to make this stuff happen and the foresight our beloved owner has shown in directing the plan!
  2. I don’t know if it is still available, but back in Sonar days, 12Tones released an ios app called Momentum (?) which allows 4 track recording and direct xfer of tracks to Sonar. I believe it still works but might not be available? just a thought.
  3. Thanks Jonathan... Worked this time and all is well!
  4. Thanks Jonathan... Problem seems to be the main link continues to show the original build not rebuild 2. I'll bootup my DAW again. Maybe a refresh will show the updated link. I know I already have the CA2a so it’s not that I need it but verifying the update works correctly. Edit: Update worked. This time I received the rebuild 2 version for download and now the PC2a works just as the CA2a does in the ProChannel... Thanks. I know this will bring joy to many CbB users!
  5. It's only the ProChannel Module. Run a VST scan if you do so manually. Then you will see it in your available ProChannel Module list. Do note that it's currently not working for everyone even when it does appear...
  6. Interesting... I notice that the error message popup regarding incorrect installation of Concrete Limiter pops up every time I add or remove the PC2A (non working) ProChannel module. The Concrete Limiter itself (which I own) is working fine.
  7. I believe the same entry in the list is a toggle
  8. I get it here, but though I've downloaded and installed from the main link twice, the pc2a does not function. The led next to it's power switch shows some signal, but nothing else... I did notice there was no difference in the filename for the download so I'm guessing I got the second file as my original but still not working here. I do have the CA-2A if that makes any difference... It is performing correctly as usual...
  9. Thanks gang... Always happy for progress... I was curious what was gonna happen for those of us who have the CA-2A prochannel/vst plugin from previous purchase. Thanks for handling it as it appears two separate plugins. I doubt I'd notice a difference, but I feel better this way....
  10. Thanks again Matthew! That solved the problem very nicely. V10 is up and running fine and I'll never know what v12 has that I'm missing. It preforms as I expect just the way it is!
  11. Thanks Matthew! That sounds like a good solution. I'll give it a try later this morning when DAW is up and running...
  12. Yeah, my fault. But trying to see if I can find a way... I bought the waves puigchild 670 without thinking. No returns on software. v12 plugins require win10 and I’m trapped at win8.1 so, I forced the install but it doesn’t appear after a vst scan so I searched for the plugins, found them and copied the dll to my vstplugins folder. Still no luck. Does anyone know of anything I’m missing or some trick, I would love to know. Thankfully, not a huge amount of cash to throw away, but.........
  13. Thanks Craig... I'm looking into flac now. Me desire is to decrease file size for internet friendly sizes, but retain a higher quality. I'd like to start storing 24bit copies online, but while wav supports up to 32/192, file sizes are typically too large to be web friendly. Hoping to store 24/48 lossless. Right now a 24/48 4 minute song is about 40M and a 16/44.1/192 mp5 shrinks it down to around 5M.
  14. Thanks Colin... What are FLAC variables? I thought FLAC to be full fidelity, not compressed. I guess I was mistaken? Does FLAC have a 24bit compressed format? I’ll start looking around. I will see what CbB's FLAC export offers...
  15. Yeah... what an nested loop of diminished thinking. I was simply wondering if there is an audio compression technique that yields a compressed 48k/24bit playable file akin to mp3? It's a funny thing in my mind, but I was thinking I would like to share a higher quality online than mp3 as compressed 44.1/16 yet more expediently (smaller). Kind of 3 steps forward 2 steps back, but better none the less? Anyone have any thoughts?
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