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  1. This would often be very handy. Unfreezing large/complex freezes simply for a 1db tweak somewhere? Sad. I know we can re-use the pc after freezing but then we lose the unfreeze settings. Yes, many workarounds, but it would be great to simply enable post freeze PC with all that power!
  2. Let’s face it. Recreating reality in a virtual world is far from perfect as the tech evolves. Updates and improvements are necessary fir the foreseeable future. I for one am thankful the company puts in the time and effort to continue! Imagine if your hamburger is not perfect. Do you expect replacements continually? Would be nice, eh? Now I’m hungry! ...while it’s downloading.
  3. Thanks Team... Build 133 seems good here so far. ...and thanks for fixing the highlighting issue in the filename box of the export dialog.... Much better!
  4. No apology necessary. We all dance with some of the same demons? 👽 I hope you get your issue solved quickly!
  5. Maybe a level deeper then. An archived frozen track with solo enabled? ...just thinking.
  6. Any chance there's a track in solo but hidden? That would create such a scenario?
  7. Thanks technot... I’ll check it out...
  8. Yes... I’m sure we've all wished for this. I’m just thinking that dreaming and talking are first steps towards achieving. The Tool The ability to freeze/unfreeze individual outputs of multi-out virtual synths. Stars! What a relief that would be for human and machine!
  9. I just find it amazing that this isn't bothering others. It doesn't stop and is driving me mad(er)! I float the synth rack, but if I close it and save the program, next open and the synth rack is back in the browser docked!!! It is only remembered if I keep the synth rack open every time I save.
  10. build 123 Thanks. This item is a step in the right direction too. I appreciate it. Now, after receiving export success toast, the toast appears to go away when you open a new project. That helps. I know some may think it a tiny item, but adding strokes and mousing to everyone's workflow is a big item. Tiny though it may be, it gets repeated very often! So again.... Thanks...
  11. Keni

    Gone again!

    Happy Trails!
  12. build 123 Still can't see highlighting in filename box. Gray on Gray just don't cut it!
  13. There were earlier too. Sonitus, Z3ta... I hadn’t heard this about the PC modules though. The are only VSTs with conforming graphics.
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