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  1. All went well except my browser opened to release notes for 2020.11?
  2. Thanks scook! I manage to remember bits and pieces. I worked with fxteleport back then. It was cool being able to move audio around that way but yes. Latency was a battle. I guess the new solution is Dante or such?
  3. Teleport was doing this years ago. That's not quite the right name and I think it is now somehow related to our 32bit bridging software.
  4. Keni

    Zoom Frustrations

    OK. What is Cakefolk (real or joke) and if real, where do I find it?
  5. Keni

    Zoom Frustrations

    I don’t understand. What am I missing?
  6. I think I get it. As I don’t use the social end of the system at this time, I forget signing into Bandlab as yet another related space.
  7. Thanks Noel. OK. So that is done. I should never be asked for activation again? That sounds too easy! 👍 Just trying to understand. Activation was a login. Many different logins keep me a bit confused.
  8. Thanks Jesse. I was hoping it to become that simple. Now time will tell how easy maintaining my unusual scenario setups go...
  9. Thanks Noel. That’s good to know. Logging into forum suffice? Does launching CbB while online qualify as logging in or must BA be run to create the login?
  10. Ah... That last one finally nailed it down for me. Thanks. I’m not particularly active on the social sites theses days though I have presence pretty much everywhere. So this will be mostly un-noticed for me. If our machines remain online, might they one day automatically re-authenticate? Thinking again that wouldn’t change anything. The issue is not so much for me but for other systems with unusual situations.
  11. Thanks Mark... I'm trying to grasp how to his works. So now that I've installed the update, is it working? I saw some complicated process to determine if it is working but lost it. Does this alter my need to periodically re-authenticate CbC? Why would logging into Facebook have anything to do with Cake?
  12. Could anyone provide me with a bit of explanation about SSO? Purpose? How does it work? How is it controlled? How/Does it relate to periodic CbB re-authorizations?
  13. I've only installed CS here but it found all my earlier gear and everything is working great right "out of the box" Just spent my first hour oblivious to the world learning my way around. I have 3 and 4 and found I usually used 3? Now it will be 5. Gonna take some getting used to the tuner though... 🙏👽🎸🎶
  14. Happy Holiday to you Noel, and all the Bakers, Bandlabbers and families! I'm sure many agree with me when Thank all of you for all you do for so many!
  15. Ok. This fixed it. Very CPU hungry. I normally run with a 2.7 ms latency forced to up that to over 14ms to run clean. This is a reasonably powerful machine. Mac Pro dual Xeon for a total 16 cores with 64G RAM...? Interesting. It changes rooms very quickly and clean. My first listens were only for a drum kit so it will require more exploration to test the personal fit. Strange looking interface controls?
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