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  1. Thanks Whitecat! just what the doctor ordered... I found it in program files (x86)/waves/v10 (maybe another folder deeper but I don’t recall) Renaming did the trick!
  2. Never mind... I didn't finish the authorization as there was no prompt to do so. Now I've got that basic list... Very skimpy. So I can see why they give it for free... It seems pretty necessary to buy a number of things to make this really useful. The older version that we got free prior to Peavey came with much more. I guess I'll continue to stick with Amplitube...
  3. Thanks Larry... I can't seem to find the included modules. Everything is marked with a D and emits the beeps... Any hints on how to find these?
  4. Thanks Michael... <Ouch>! Getting hit twice in a row. Nasty. Sounds like maybe an inside job? No matter. There's little to do. Nothing is secure and insurance is largely superficial. As in the past, standing guard is futile if the thief is determined. Thanks for your feelings
  5. Thanks Everybody... I apologize for not responding to each. As you might expect, I’m quite overwhelmed with it. I'll try to give some responses here. I may have to edit it once or twice reviewing the messages. I do appreciate the ideas, suggestions, and good wishes. Bitflipper... Yes you’re right. I’m not running myself crazy thinking I will get anything back. This isn’t my first experience of this nature... I have already written off the gear but will finish scanning the surveillance videos on the remote chance. Notes... Thanks. I carried Clarion insurance most of my career. Ed... thanks. Craig... thanks.
  6. Interesting. I have never had problems with VV other than rare words too guttural to edit. I've gotten better with Melodyne since upgrading to Editor, but I hear little if any quality difference and periodic issues which Celemony eventually addresses. If I’m in a hurry, VV is much faster to work with for me still and my results are fine.
  7. Thanks Notes... With how my life has been unraveling the last few years, this is a crushing blow I may never recover from...
  8. Thanks Patrick. I’m in a similar position. I will be dead long before I could find cash to replace this gear... BTW, A few more items added to the list. So much was taken that it's hard to think of everything. 2 Behringer mdx4600 quad compressors Custom built 2x12 speaker (Celestion) cabinet ...and the Fender 2x12 closed back cabinet is loaded with EVL speakers.
  9. I still use VV most of the time as I can get my desired results much easier. I upgraded Melodyne to editor but I still find it more difficult... ...and it has far fewer problems such as the no-blob mentioned in the OP. Too bad Roland didn't continue it's development. They have dabbled with software but never followed through and stick to hardware. I remember Muse (?) which was one of the first pc based midi sequencers before windows. It disappeared quickly. As did R-mix...
  10. Good thought Craig... This is gear I bought over the last 50 years or so. Much of it before credit cards and internet. I live in a one horse town. The nearest music store is over a hundred miles away... ...but I am spreading the word wherever I can. Thanks...
  11. Thanks Robert... I've reported it to the police here, but after losing my house, it appears I can’t find the folder with my receipts and serial numbers, so it's gonna be difficult...
  12. Thanks Chuck... I'm glad you got yours back... As mine was the only unit robbed, I'm guessing whoever stole the gear had some knowledge it was there. The number of people who knew that as well as the unit number can be counted on one hand. All family who helped me move in. I can't imagine any of them doing this so I'm reasoning that it was someone who passed by while the door was open? I've posted in a few places and checked craigslist each day and a few friends have posted elsewhere. I am in Northern California... I have little hope as my life continues to unravel.
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