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  1. Nice of you to share. I don’t have need, but if you wish to reach others with it, you might post this in the appropriate forum. There is one for articulations. I will look and then edit this to show you were it is if you haven’t already found it. Ah, yes. In the Content forum, there is an Articulations sub-forum
  2. Another thought? Using the show selected option, then opening the controller view (alt-c) inside the PRV would show all velocities?
  3. Thanks Mark! Congrats! Kudos! Happy Everything! I hope you and the Bakers all had wonderful holidays and with much excitement congratulate all of you on getting this happening! This part of the wait is faaar easier! Waiting extra days or even weeks or such after waiting with no progress bar! 😉 I'm hoping I get accepted for testing. I'm so looking forward to this!
  4. Thanks for the heads up Jeremy!
  5. Yes, maybe... I don't sweat it... I'm too busy being excited that it's this much closer to on my desktop! I'm praying with all my heart that they accept me for beta testing.... One never knows! 😉
  6. Yes! It's true! They are accepting applications for doing Sonar Beta! This just opened. This is not the beta for Next. I signed up as fast as my typing would allow! It's coming!!! 🙂 Happy camper... Excitment rising...
  7. Interesting stuff... Clap, huh? I've managed to avoid that one these days. 😇 Funny, but I always use Cake's preset mgr. so much easier to me than a dozen different systems. I guess Microsoft is determined not to upgrade WDM to pick up the slack. It always worked fine for me. Oh, and I did contact Cherry about their latency issue. The did improve that considerably not long after. If I use the vst2 versions I can operate at 128/256 which is ok with vsynths most of the time. We're really due a major improvement in digital audio processing speed (latency). It’s truly a severe roadblock.
  8. Only one day and I'm already happier... Switching back to vst2 is working great for many things here... I'm so glad this came to light!
  9. Thanks Starship! That was some good info and observations. I didn't know about Cherry's association with Acoustica. Not that it would have mattered to me as I have no 1st hand experience with them... The dll location is of little importance to me between the vst2/vst3 systems and with what you said about the sidechaining not being restricted to vst3, what then is the point of the vst3 "update"?
  10. just an immediate thought is that no demand when audio not passing may save something, but that doesn't mean the plugin will perform better. Needing to constantly turn on/off may have it's own issues. All the calls needed to do this may actually increase the system demands. But I'm not a programmer. I don't know... What I do know is that repeatedly if I replace my vst3 devices with vst2 equivalents, My system runs leaner/better...
  11. Yeah... I hear you! I too use direct monitoring when recording via mics, but I now use virtual guitar/bass amps which lay in the demands and increases latency. I've often wondered about what changes there are between vst2/vst3. The only feature I know of is side-chaining which is something I rarely do these days. I don’t remember the last time I did. So what else fhanged causing them to be so much more resource hungry? I've switched back to all vst2 except the few items that now are vst3 only.
  12. Interesting... My usage meters hardly light yet I get problems relieved only by increasing the latency. I'm running 12 cores with multi-threading which Cake shows as 24 cores. Mine barely show any height. A nudge up from none. So it's not my processor having the difficulty. I'm believing it's the audio interface itself. Mine is somewhat old, but claims a latency of 5ms peak. I can run very little at 64 but run normally at 128 for most things. Some of the new Synths coming out are proving to be very vst3 resource hungry so that's changing things. I'm very happy with running the vst2 versions instead where available. I have no known need of the vst3 features such as side-chaining very often if ever... I freeze all my tracks prior to mixing so I mix most of my stuff at 128 as well. Only some of these new issues spoken of have begun upsetting that but now knowing to default to vst2 when possible, I should do better... I hope. This latency dancing is just too much constant fidgeting!
  13. We already KNOW what a great DAW it is! ...simply finding it's way back into the mainstream. ......but Ai, Ai, Ai! It's all too much!
  14. OK... Blindsided me... I thought about it on occasion but somehow let it pass... It seems there's a huge difference in resource demands of VST3 and VST2 plugins. For a long time I've been having a lot of trouble with a number of plugins resource hunger and others tell me they aren't seeing that... I don't know if this is the reason, but I just realized that when I upgraded to this win10 (from win8.1) system I decided to start using vst3 versions of everything when available. Not for need, only to be more current... Now I'm discovering many, if not all vst2 versions operate much more efficiently... MUCH more. Previously work running Cherry Audio's VST3 Memorymode I was forced to 512 or 1024 latency for even simple operation all by itself. Just now I loaded the vst2 version into a song with Session Drummer 3 (active) and 4 frozen tracks (still live feeding some bus fx etc.) and I can cleanly play most of it's presets at 128! The light is finally on in my brain again? Addendum... Just found that monophonics play fine at 128 in above scenario, but polyphonic reqiores changing that to 256. Not fabulous, but way better than the vst3 version!
  15. I was thinking along those lines as well... I even tried some of the temporary forums setup during the Gibson dumping. Of course long closed down... I left a post of the Cakewalk Community page on Discord, but ...
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