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  1. ...now if there was only some way of saving the actual bitrate settings!
  2. I'm pleased and impressed. I own a number of their' devices and love the sound and feel... But I have continually had so much latency from these plugins that I rarely got to use them. I just installed the latest updates on all of them and every one of them is running 400% better as far as latency on my system. Previously I had to raise the latency to 1024 to be able to use them and now they're all running clean as a whistle at 256. I have been running at 128, but I can leave it at 256 for general and drop to 128 when necessary. Wow! I'm so relieved. I've been so itching to use these more often. I own: Voltage Modular CA2600 Eight Voice Memorymode Stardust 201 Uh-Oh... Let's temper that a bit. Memeorymode (hungriest) still gripes a bit at 256, but still far better than before where it was useless below 1024
  3. Sure enough... That was a correct guess. The comment field had text in the Browser so opening the mp3 options dialog would be over-written... All is well in KeniLand... Thanks again Mark!
  4. Thanks Mark, That's what I tried, but closing Cake, re-opening the project and the edited info is back to it’s original instead of saved. One thing came to mind just before seeing your reply that I will verify tomorrow (system down for night). I know it picks up song title etc. from anything typed in the Browser. I mean to double check to see if the comment field is represented there as it would logically overwrite the info in the mp3 dialogue. I will post after looking in the am...
  5. I know I've been through this before... but it has not been reliable for a long time... I have a few options that I continue to use regularly and must always click through them. No way to save my selections... But the text areas? OK, Using the Browser I can maintain info for the Song specific info, but the comments area? I have a default sentence there that works for all my personal stuff and has been fine up until now. I can't seem to get it to remember an update to the comment (change of year). I've done this every year prior, but not since the new export dialoge and now I can't seem to get it to remember the change. What am I forgetting this time? Anybody? Thanks!
  6. I’m devastated. A brilliant artist on any instrument/medium ignite inspiration everywhere! I’m re-watching Ronnie Scott's for the hundredth (or more) time. Brilliant performances by Jeff and all three of his band mates and other friends. He's been a major influence and inspiration for me since the Yardbirds days! ❤️🎸
  7. Thanks again for the lead! Ha! I see I can duplicate an existing map and then using each map selected separately, I have managed two simultaneous articulations.. Not sure this was the best solution as I have barely scratched the surface here, but I am getting two on screen simultaneously. A bit uncertain how I made it happen 😉 So I've got some more learning to do but I'm on track and grateful... ---Edit--- A note here as I'm learning this. Different groups doesn't seem to allow simultaneous multiple articulations. I must use separate maps and I can add numerous articulations simply by duplicating a map and using each successive simultaneous event from separate maps... OK... I can live with that I think?
  8. Thanks Reginald... I thought I saw that in the release notes but haven't yet figured how. Thanks for the link. I'll do some reading and see what I can find!
  9. I couldn't find any other way, so i created a new event that included a few within. It works, but not particularly intuitive and certainly slower and less convenient. Am I missing something? Is there a way I simply didn’t find?
  10. Yeah... Subject really says it all but I'll expand. Why are Zooms and Screensets combined in Zoom undo? When I hit Alt-Z I am repeatedly taken to previous screensets instead of only undoing zoom in current window. This is almost always contrary to what I wanted or thought to expect. Changing screensets in not undoing a zoom. Too much screen unexpected screen changes can cause me to lose visible track of what I was looking at/for... ...or am I once again misunderstanding the "true" purpose of Alt-Z? Undo VIEW as opposed to undo ZOOM? If so, Can this be changed by user? If not, I will most certainly post a FR as I keep waiting for this to magically be "fixed" but it doesn't go away! Thanks Gang...
  11. Certainly Bitflipper... I love to help!
  12. I’d love to see dynamics added to he QuadEQ!
  13. Yup... If working in midi list. The event needs to be either key or channel (some different characteristics fir each) aftertouch to trigger that sound. In PRV, only channel aftertouch seems available via envelopes, but I’ve now created & posted Cakewalk Articulation Map to make it easy using key aftertouch inserted at each desired location. Much easier now. This has been irking me for quite some time now so I’m relieved to finally have an easy solution. There's a link to the Articulate Map in the Content forum...
  14. OK! This is better.... I fixed the crash 2&4 as well as the ride so they now perform correctly triggering at start and releasing at note end so that following notes respond correctly. I've replaced the link in the Top of thread message...
  15. Done! Got that quickly. Much thanks for the pointer! I'm about to post the updated versions.... Thanks again!
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