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  1. Yes. Something's going on. May be related to an update problem I'm having on a client’s machine. Things are leading me to suspect a win10 update and possibly something forcing write protect as it fails trying to copy the new files into their folder. But I don’t want to hijack your thread. They may not be related. I have not heard of CbB updating without BA. Except for the early access downloads but they don't come from update notices. Did you check to see if BA is already running? Look for it's icon in the tray...
  2. The update must be installed from Bandlab Assistant
  3. BTW... This is Keni posting regarding Frankie’s system. The original post was me posting as/from Frankie’s place while working on his DAW... I’m surprised that no one has posted some obvious issue I overlooked as is sometimes the case. 🙏👽🎸🎶
  4. Thanks Martin... I tried that as well as ran BA as administrator, but it continues to fail the same way. I made sure I kept using fresh downloads. I have McAfee realtime disabled as well I discovered the related folder was marked read only for some reason and changed it, but still the same result.
  5. Especially at that age, they are non-stop balls of fun so it's great to have shifts with them! 😺
  6. Thanks again Steve... I just tested that it is displaying the correct icons top/bottom. I do still see that if I hold Ctrl-Alt-Click, the multi-lane split changes to a simple select (straight line)... This will be easy to get used to...
  7. Thanks for the reminder scook. It didn’t register with me when I initially read that post. Makes more sense now and I will try asap. Interesting that something is changing this tools status with a modifier key but I haven’t looked deeper yet.
  8. Ok... I’m sure it can be handy, but most often I’m looking to split only one clip. I believe that now requires holding a modifier key. Not thrilled, wish it defaulted the other way but I will get used to it (?). I'm having a bit of trouble though as the icon change is jittery so I’m hoping someone here can give me the facts. I’m typically holding the alt key so that a click will cut. I think I found Ctrl-Alt-Click cuts the single clip? What is confusing me is that sometimes it remains single clip cut. Is there some toggling method? Thanks 🙏
  9. So sad... but true. The majority of the population are reasonably good, but 1% of 7billion is a lot of nasty trapped in an ever smaller space while increasing at breakneck speed...
  10. Useless police... I discovered one guitar amp at a pawnshop and I'm 100% certain it was mine but the police won't even investigate the seller's name because I don’t have a serial number... A legitimate lead they won’t look into. I guess being a thief is safer than I believed...
  11. Keni

    Free reverb from Arturia

    I can’t load the page either
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