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  1. I could easily make longer songs, but that's not what I want... πŸ™πŸ‘½πŸŽΈπŸŽΆ
  2. All part of the same plot! Now I'm thinking to split the twelve songs into two groups of six. File 2 registrations, then title the cd as a combination of both Part 1 and Part 2 sold as a single package?
  3. I don't understand? Pun regarding value of a copyright? I'm not so worried about protection as I am the ability to sell (or at least try to) at locations that require a copyright. The 10 song issue now lowers the amount of songs that can be on an album for those of us too poor to do otherwise. For the future I could limit my album sizes and adjust some selling costs, but I just finished an album and do not see dropping 2 songs after all the work and planning. Maybe I should file as 2 separate 6-song albums? Then create a package deal to sell the two together?
  4. It used to be relatively simple. If one person owned all rights to all songs on an album including the sound recording, a single $65 registration covered all. Now as of March 15, 2019 this has a limit of 10 songs ($55) with no apparent way to add more. Their guidlines claim that if there are more than 10, the only method is to file each song individually ($35)... So a 12 song album will now cost over $400! Outrageous! I'm hoping to find they have some way to copyright 10 as one and add 2 more? But I have little hope. I filed a question to them regarding this but past experience tells me they will not help or reply with anything useful. Is Trump somehow involved in this? I am angry beyond words! I was about to copyright my new album but was stopped by this new arrangement. Does anyone here know of this and have any advice for struggling artists who don't have that kind of money. It seems my only option is to drop songs from the album to meet the 10 song limit... Ugly for the buyers. Makes a 10-3 minute song album a limit for 30 minutes. I am stymied!
  5. Keni

    Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 Plugin

    Thanks... I was not real comfortable when I tried reaper so I can't say... It's easy to do this in CbB too... but I ran into some naming procedures that made it unwieldy... Too bad I can't run VSTs in the presonus mixer. That would be the best for me as it would allow all sound through it (instead of only within the DAW), but presonus punked out of their' development and dropped mixer support due to changing OS instead up updating the driver. So I keep what I have with no updates so that I don't lose this important part of why I bought it! sorry for the rant...
  6. Keni

    Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 Plugin

    Hi Scott... Yes, I'm using it here with no problems. Some more info about your song setup?
  7. This is not new to the current release... Maybe not even a bug but something I'm unknowingly doing? At all kinds of odd times I suddenly find my fade in/out settings (my default verified in all my templates) change to all linear... Am I accidentally hitting a keyboard command? I am unaware of such and haven't noticed my fingers hitting unusual keys at those times... Thanks...
  8. Keni

    Forum members /home country ?

    Willits, Ca. USA ... near 200 miles north of San Francisco
  9. Keni

    2019.07 Feedback

    Yes... I'm not sure of comp mode, but in sound on sound...
  10. I know... I continue to post on this and related issues... but it is so in-my-face with every working day that it's hard to ignore... Why Does the zoom continue to focus on the track when it is obvious that it's the open lanes that are of needed attention? If I have two tracks showing lanes and I'm trying to do something related to data in the lanes, I want the lanes zoomed large... NOT the tracks! I continue to spend more time twiddling with zoom issues than I did back in the pre-Lanes days... Note that I'm not commenting or raising issues regarding layers/lanes.... Though it has obvious relations... This is all about zoom! I know you have made some fixes to this issue since, but it is still (for me) my biggest outstanding pita... PLEASE! I can think of many ways to address this and I'm sure you guys can come up with far more. I'm also fairly certain that if it was easy, you probably would have done this already, but it is a very sore spot! Thanks! Keni
  11. Thanks Noel ! I couldn't agree with you more !
  12. Thanks Jesse... It appears to have solved that issue... Though I did get a crash during one test, I believe that is due to the Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin and the nx head tracker they force open with it even if not used.... Love the plugin, but these are issues I would not expect of a mature developer... Edit: BTW, I love the returned ability to click within the project instead of the time line! I know some prefer the other paradigm, so I'm glad you quickly resolved that so we can all have what we prefer! You Guys Rock!
  13. Keni

    2019.07 Feedback

    Thanks Steve ! Easy work around...
  14. Keni

    2019.07 Feedback

    Thanks Noel ! You guys are always on top of things!