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  1. Yeah... I remember and had Project 5. Probably still installed on one of my old machines in storage. I vaguely remember when it ended and a number if it's devices were bundled with Sonar afterward. Many of the fx still appear in my plugins list. Probably from such bundle? It was an interesting idea, but nothing in it really did much for me. I did have fun with P5 for a bit.
  2. Yup... very possible. No wonder it never got "fixed". 👽 Right now, I’m just thrilled to have a few long-awaited fixes resolved at last! 🎸
  3. Ha! You say that as if anything can be expected? I started talking about this years ago. So I’ve been suffering needlessly? This must have changed somewhat recently? It’s logical, but until now, disabling snap caused screen to lose time based grid lines. What a relief!
  4. Another new benefit I'm finding related to this... When snap is disabled, the grid continues to be visible. Excellent! I use them as visual reference points while editing and always disliked how they disappeared when snap (set at grid follows snap) was disabled... This too will be a help to me. I hope it's not just something snagged due to the change of shortcut binding? I only unbound the single entry...
  5. OK... That sounds easy... Doing it now! Thanks again! Excellent! That worked at last! I now remember that in some update N got assigned to something entirely different. That's when I reassigned it to N...
  6. Can anyone suggest a place I can download the default bindings for CbB? I have only old Sonar bindings saved not thinking when I installed and updated to my customized bindings... Foolish human! 😉
  7. Very likely... It's been frustrating me for a long time... This is some new news to me though and I will investigate. Thanks David I did change the binding so I will see how that affects things. I changed it I'm sure, because it wasn't toggling snap in some manner... OK... Why can't I find such a variable in either global or PRV keyboard bindings???
  8. OK... Frustated in my search. I do remember seeing such an item (follow global snap) somewhere... But for the life of me I've been unable to fine it in any drop down menu, Nor in Preferences snap settings, so I've also looked elsewhere such as in keyboard shortcuts, but it's not there either... I guess I'm going blind faster than my eyes.... my brain too! Can anyone offer any pointers? Thanks! I'd love for this issue to go away. I do a lot of midi editing... According to the help docs, Note: The Inline Piano Roll always obeys the global snap resolution. The only option seems to be to enable/disable PRV snap which overrides it... Again, I'm still stuck with multiple switches to totally enable/disable snap while in PRV... Maybe what was being referred to was the grid follows snap resolution? Nah, that didn't change it either... It's plain and has been for quite some time on my machine. If there is a way to solve this, I still can't find it. Using the N key only toggles global snap... not prv snap. That requires a mouse click away in the upper corner of the prv where the snap settings reside... ...goin' back to looking more for what I'm missing. I tried adding "FollowGlobalSnap" to the cakewalk.ini with either a 0/1 setting... no change there either.PRV always requires mouse toggle separately from the N key which is set to toggle snap... Still can't find any other options but I continue to search... Somebody please stop me if they know there currently is no way to do this... Thanks...
  9. Thanks Will... I'll find it. I even remember seeing that setting before...
  10. Mine are typically the same and I too use the n key to enable/disable snap. But when I’m editing in the PRV snd hit the n key, PRV snap disables and the track is snapping to my global so I must manually disable that each time as well. I work with my snap pretty light so I can usually do my tweaks without doing this, but sometimes...
  11. It is still currently necessary to enable disable both global snap as well as PRV snap when working in PRV to turn snap on/off. If you simply disable PRV snap, the system reverts to using the global snap. A bit of a pain most of the time for me as I essentially never want to use my global values in the PRV. If I turn of PRV snap, I mean for snap to be off completely. It would be nice. Maybe an option for off vs revert to global?
  12. I believe decent sampler has some current issues . I’ve run into a number of problems with it myself. The last straw was when it prevented the project from opening. I’ve since stopped using it.
  13. That’s a thought. I'll see if I still have any other DAWs that allow vsti (entry level frequently as I don’t ever use these DAWs) Thanks for the idea...
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