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  1. Here’s a thought always bothering me. I want to add an effect to the input of a virtual amp, but after other plugins. An insert point for 3rd party VST... Is there such a thing? Even better would be a virtual amp with post preamp sends? I guess I don’t sleep much...
  2. I have that one too, but I’ve not really used it much yet to notice. I’m glad so many people are having better time with these than I. Fills me with confidence that one day, here too!
  3. Yeah. I know they tried a while back and it did improve a tiny bit. I can’t believe an enable/disable button would be complex to control displaying promoted images. For me, the only time I need/want that image is when Lanes are Not displayed.
  4. Yeah. Another try. How many decades? When more than one track is lassoed with Lanes displayed, please prioritize the Lanes and minimize the track/promoted view. Or even better Remove the promoted view which only adds visual confusion here. Why can’t we once again have wysiwig? Please?
  5. Yeah, I know the other synths are very low, but to counter that, my bass and b3 VSTis are both 32 bit running via bitbridge. But I also use arturia's minimoog which has a tiny footprint and a few free OB & Roland clones I’ve found. Although I have Kontakt player, I never use it. I have others from Air Addictive Keys free, but I typically use Lounge Lizard more often. I have some new breed synth things from a few companies giving select, limited editing patches free, but I seem to lose my patience with them as once a synth is selected, only limited adjustments available. Doesn’t work for me too often as I can’t remember which patch in which synth is what's in my head. I prefer to go to a synth of choice for sound, then create/edit the patch to my heart's desire. That's why I’m so drawn to the 8 Voice and 2600 having spent so many years programming the hardware. I’m right at home. I ran LatencyMon again and all is still comfortably in the green leaning light. I'll experiment more. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks abacab. From the info you supplied here I think I understand what you’re referring to. I already have latencymon here and used it a while back. I haven’t changed anything related and all was well then, but I will look again as you suggest.
  7. No. Not sure what that would do for me here. Thanks though. My typical band runs clean is a whistle with drums, bass, one live guitar (Vamp), and keys. Most often an epiano or b3. I an add another such as DimPro, Rapture, zeta, etc still no sweat at buffer size 128. Memorymode forces me to 256 when it is all by itself.
  8. I’m running at 24/48. I tested a bit today. Loaded as only item in a CbB project. My cores are barely tapped. I can run a 256 buffer size and it performs ok as long as I don’t change patches too quickly or loop for too long. The audio gets corrupted in such cases. Gotta open it to 1024 before that goes away. This is running at default 1x sampling. Raising that rapidly diminishes performance. Interesting about no load balancing for VSTi. I didn’t know that. I wonder why? My clock speed is 3.06 and the performance meter shows cores barely touched in above scenario, but still I feel it struggle.
  9. Thanks abacab... Though I’m using Mac hardware. I only run Windows 8.1 under Bootcamp where is replaces the Mac OS with Windows. I find my Cake experiences quite good for many years. The machine never breaks a sweat until I add any if my Cherry synths. BTW I misquoted my specs as this machine is dual xeon 6 core (12 total). Knowing me, I’ve set it to its HQ mode if such a switch is available. I’ve been thinking of this since posting but unable to research this idea the last few days. If I find such I will lower the setting and raise it only immediately prior to freezing. That would be much easier so I’m hopeful but unable to check yet.
  10. Thanks Tim. I considered posting there but thought it more about the synth than it’s integration in Cake. I love the sounds of these synths and they appear to model+ the hardware. I still own the remains of an SEM and have owned a 2600 in the past as well as having used many others. I feel right at home programming these synths as they feel like home... and the SEM doesn’t drift! The MemoryMode (Mood?) is stunning though I’ve only used the hardware once in my life. I get frustrated every time I decide to add one as it forces me to freeze all other synths and increase latency which is not usually convenient. I find I keep watching and waiting for an announcement that a more optimized update is available.
  11. I’m just wondering about others' experiences with their plugins. Notably, the vSynth variety. I own the MemoryMood, OB SEM modular, and ARP2600. I’m very personally familiar with the later 2 owning/have owned hardware. I'm very impressed, but with all three, I find them so resource hungry, that even on my (modestly speaking) powerful machine, I’m forced to increase my latency almost to the point of impossible performance. I must remove (freeze) all other synths as well. I just can’t get comfortable. Typically I run Superior Drummer, VSampler (32 bit), B4 (32bit) and Amplitube (input echo enabled for live guitar) as well as adding Addictive Drums, Cakewalk's DimPro and Rapture all simultaneously at 1/4 the latency needed for one instance of the Moog by itself. My machine is a Mac Pro dual Xeon quad core (8) running at 3.06 I believe with 64G RAM using a Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL interface. I’m feeling somewhat frustrated as I really enjoy the sounds and abilities of these wonderful synths.
  12. BTW, As I lost my house/studio a number of years ago, it took a bit to remember. I had dual 2-track light strips with 4 independent switchers. No potentiometers as inexpensive ones bring noise. Each strip can have multiple fixtures on each line so as a group of two short 2’ parallel dual-line tracks in any given area enabled inexpensive control of each area's lighting. Always one straight white for utility, and the other three set to different colors using glass lenses. Lots of variety.
  13. Personally, i found the most cost effective method I discovered was using a dual track strip with 4 mini spot lights with adjustable shades and color lenses, thus I could control 3 quick lightings with no noise.
  14. Though I’m not a customer/user, that sounds much better!
  15. I’m guessing it’s due to the fact that though it carries and was made for cakewalk. It was a product of Peavey hence not a part of the official sale? The other point is that the file is useless unless you own a studiomix so I see jo reason to protect the dll from public distribution?
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