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  1. Twice now I posted at the close of thread and received no response to the post. when attempting to edit volume envelope on parent track (not lane or envelope lane) Switching edit filter to volume makes wav file images disappear with display muted clips unselected. defeats my reason for editing there.
  2. OK... This is still a new issue. Both EA1 and EA2 are the same in this. If I have all lanes and Envelope lanes closed and via the edit filter select volume, The wav images (parent track) disappear. This should not happen... Should it?
  3. Thanks, but it’s not that issue. The image files are intact. If I switch the edit filter to clips I see the images. This happens when I change the edit filter to volume intending to draw envelopes on top of images in parent track with all lanes/envelope lanes closed. I believe this is related to the hide muted clips option somehow.
  4. Still on EA1 I can no longer see wav forms while editing envelopes on top of the parent track (not envelope lane). This isn't good as it is interpreting not to display because the clip is muted (which it is not)? Ooops...
  5. Funny how our workflows vary. I am thrilled to be able to turn them off. Though I was happy with Layers, I've since adjusted to Lanes as they periodically get updated to clear up some issues. This parent track image has been and is still an issue for me. When editing a single track with lanes displayed is mostly ok, editing with two or more tracks displaying lanes has many issues and cause me of lot of constant minutiae to deal with. This issue hiding the muted clips from the parent track addresses my other side (when lanes are not displayed) Now if we could simply get an option to not display the parent track images while Lanes are displayed! 😎
  6. Thanks Promidi... OK, I think I got it. I have many such and have always accessed them other ways. Good example is my guitar controller being able to map different sounds to picking zones and ranges of a string by frets. I'll toss the idea around in my head and see if I can understand how this method relates for me.
  7. Is There an explanation of typical uses for midi articulations? Is it something I've never done before or simply another way of using something I already do? Thanks.
  8. I don't yet know about any of the other features but I'm grateful for the do not display muted clips option in track. A Good step in that direction. ...now to add an option to hide ALL clips from track while lanes are displayed! That will Really make my day!
  9. Thanks John... I kind of figured this. I’m just not used to spec'ing a minimalist machine. So an i5 3Ghz 4 core with 8G RAM, would be a reasonable machine. I've always been too nervous of anything below an i7. Ha already has a Presonus USB or some such which I know will be sufficient. He has a Presonus Studiolive 24 on his other machine.
  10. I have a friend with a pc setup for CbB which he leaves at his band's rehearsal space. He wants to setup a small system at home just as a scratch pad of sorts. Few if any plugins and maybe a handful of audio tracks. what is considered the lowest realistic specs for such a machine? Thanks
  11. I’m trying to install on a machine that once had both Sonar Plat and Cakewalk by Bandlab. it is win7 the c drive was partitioned by asus when built with 4 partitions on this drive. Two of them being designated as C and D. C no longer has enough space to run CbB so I installed an extra drive and thought I would delete the D partition, expand the C partition and relabel the new drive as D. But I've been stopped at every turn. I can’t delete the D partition. I resized it to minimum but I cannot expand the C partition? So I next opted to install CbB on the D partition but 3 attempts to install (only allows me to redirect cakewalk core) fail during an attempt to install some version of TH3 due to insufficient drive space? What's going on here? What does the old TH3 have to do with a new install? The D partition has approx 500M free space? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Ok. Tried this and got slightly better result. I can insert smaller than 1/4 but I keep getting dotted notes though dotted is not selected
  13. OK... I admit that I haven't used staff view in a long time, But how do I replace a rest? I thought they auto changed when inserting notes but that isn't working either?
  14. Thanks Helene... I'm getting the exact same results in aud.ini or cakewalk.ini ... I can't edit or insert any note values smaller than 1/4
  15. OK... Some other issues with staff view snap after adding the new command in aud.ini... snap... I did this after Helene reported that finally worked for her. I will go back and try editing the cakewalk.ini file again to see if the results are different? Now in staff view. No value smaller than 1/4 will insert. My global is at measure. I tried using both the value in the toolbar and the values in Staff view itself. Whole, half, and quarter all work but eighth, sixteenth, and thritysecond all insert 1/4?
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